12 Types Of Patio Chairs: Most Comfortable Outdoor Chair

It’s hard finding a fitting piece of furniture to complement the space that you already have, just as it is hard to plan a new space from scratch.

The chairs are necessary furniture for any relaxation or social gathering environment.

Patios are known to be a place where you sit by yourself and relax, but also where you plan your afternoons, lunches and evenings with friends.

There are many types of patio chairs that you can decide to get for your outdoor space, but it all depends on the intention. If your goal is to simply have a chair if someone stops by, you can look through some of the examples down below and choose a simple plastic or folding chair.

If you go for a more industrial look, we have an example of a metal chair, and if you are a rustic enthusiast, there are wooden chairs. Another option that is very popular is wicker chairs. They look like they are made out of woven wood, but are actually made out of plastic which makes them easy to clean and treat with weather-resistant coatings. If someone looking for white patio furniture for them they can choose from here without any hesitation.

If you are looking for a choice that will provide comfort and be perfect for afternoon naps or reading, lounge and rocking chairs are an ideal choice. For more specific occasions, there are also dining chairs, bar stools and some more. We have reviewed some of the best patio chairs from each category to help you decide.

Plastic Patio Chairs Features:
  • Color: These types of patio chairs come in 5 colors: White, Black, Gray, Green and Red.
  • Place: They are a good fit for kitchens, living rooms and outdoor spaces such as yards or patio.
  • Material: They are made out of polypropylene, and they have a new design which will increase the durability of the product by preventing the bending of the back of a chair.  The polypropylene is also a material that is easy to clean. This is one kind of white patio furniture you know!
  • Portable: They are stackable and very lightweight, which means that you can easily carry them and store them in your garage or a small space.
  • Easy Setup: The chairs are already assembled, so you don’t have to spend your time reading instructions and putting them together.
  • UV Protected: The chairs are coated with UV protected coat.

2. Wooden patio chairs

Wooden patio chairs Features:
  • Easy storage: Those chairs are foldable, allowing for fast, easy storage in the small spaces. It would help the product to last longer if they wouldn’t be left outside during the rain.
  • Unique style: The looks of the chair will add an organic, rustic component to space, also making it look warmer.
  • No assembly required: This product won’t consume your time! It’s foldable, and you don’t have to indulge in reading instructions and manuals.
  • Lightweight: Apart from being foldable, it’s also very lightweight – another feature that will do your cleaning or putting away process much more comfortable.
  • Design: This chair has an ergonomic seat. Together with the low profile of a chair, those features make it a very comfortable item, easy on the back that many people have problems with. Not many types of patio chairs have profiled this low.
  • Material: The chair is made out of a sustainable Acacia tree, it weighs 18 pounds, and the maximum capacity is 250 pounds.

3. Metal patio chairs

Metal patio chairs Features:
  • Materials: This outdoor chair is made out of iron. Iron is made out of sturdy, firm material, and it’s tough to break and deform.
  • Design: The design will give an urban look to your outdoor space. The seat is reinforced with an X-brace which adds support and prevents deforming. The maximum load-bearing of this product is 340 lbs. This feature gives you an opportunity to easily store them away in a shed, corridor, garage or just somewhere where it doesn’t rain. It’s a feature that some of the types of patio chairs have.
  • Rubber feet: The rubber feet on the chair will keep your patio floor, tiles or your living room floor without scratch. It’s also a very convenient feature on slippery surfaces, apart from scratching, it prevents sliding as well.
  • Dismountable back: The chair back is dismountable and transformable to a small stool. It can also be dismounted and stored in a different way if the stacking options don’t work well for you.
  • Water and rustproof: This product is both waterproof and rustproof. It’s double varnish and fadeless paint secure the longevity of the product. They also make it easy to clean.

4. Wicker patio chairs

Wicker patio chairs Features:
  • Foldable: The chairs can be folded so that they can be easily stored and transported. The folding allows you to optimize space usage. They can easily fit in the back of a car or the garage.
  • Design: The simple design ensures that the chairs would fit in most of the everyday environments. They come in brown color and weight only 11 pounds, which makes them ideal if you need to store them and take them out or transport them very often, for example, if you go to your weekend house often.
  • Material: The chair itself is made out of polyethylene wicker, and the frame is made out of steel. Those features are waterproof and rustproof.
  • Easy to clean: Waterproofness, rustproofed along with the PE Wicker makes these chairs very easy to clean. Materials of the chair are designed to withstand different kinds of weather and last for a long time.
  • No assembly: No assembly is needed, as it is usually the case with this type of patio chairs. You only need to unfold them, and they will be ready for use.

5. Hanging patio chair

Hanging patio chair Features:
  • Material: The frame of this patio swing chair is made out of powder-coated steel. The seat itself is made out of synthetic rattan that is woven in such a way to form an ergonomically shaped structure to provide comfort and support to your lumbar area.
  • Longevity: This chair is also weather and UV resistant. This makes it easy to clean – apply mild detergent and rinse with water. The UV&Weather resistant feature should keep the chair good looking for a long period of time.
  • Style: It will absolutely fresh up the look of your patio and make a statement if your architecture allows for a place to hang this type of a chair. Solely the feature that it’s hanging will be the eye-catcher, but the woven rattan and comfort will make people love it.
  • Cleaning: The powder-coated steel is easy to clean, as well as the cushions that can be left outside in all weather conditions – they are both water and fade resistant! Also, the cushion covers can be washed in the washing machine, which is an important feature for this type of patio chair since it is likely that the cushions will get dirty over time, possibly from the dust, mud, or other outdoor elements.

6. Patio lounge chair

Patio lounge chair Features:
  • Convertable: This sofa can be be used in three different modes, as both sides can be put up and down. If you put both sides up, you make a one-person sofa that is great for drinking coffee, socializing, or reading a book in your free time. If you put one, or both sides down, you can convert it into a comfortable bed and make your afternoon even more relaxing. It’s also a convenient feature if you are not sure where to place the sofa. If you change your mind and you lack a few inches, you can always put one or both sides up to save some space.
  • Colors: The frame is brown, and the cushions are green. Those colors go well with other earthy tones and create a relaxing, nature-like atmosphere. The green color is known to have a soothing effect for the mind; that’s why it’s often featured in spas or hospitals.
  • Material: The pillows are made out of polyester fabric, and the stuffing is polyester fiber batting and polyurethane foam. Furthermore, the cushion fabric is treated for durability.The frame is made out of the hardwood, and the maximum weight it can support is 550 lbs. Assembly is required.

7. Patio Rocking chair

Patio Rocking chair Features:
  • Design: This chair comes in the blue and green colors, and it’s ergonomically designed to maximize your comfort and relaxation. Since it’s wrapped in wicker, it can also be combined with other wicker furniture like benches, dining chairs, or tables. It’s perfect for outdoor spaces, just like patios, backyards, or terraces. Another feature that this design provides is a loop that will hold the cushions in place so that you can relax without inconveniences of the cushion slipping or falling out. The specially designed back angle of the chair allows for smooth rocking that doesn’t require constant pushing with your legs.
  • Materials: The frame is made out of powder-coated rust-resistant steel and wrapped in wicker that prevents the frame from rusting when it’s exposed to the rain for a long time.
  • Easy to clean: Rust-resistant frame is convenient for easy cleaning.
  • Assembly: The assembly is needed. The chair comes with all things necessary to assembly it fast – the tools, instructions, and parts. The manufacturer estimates that you need from ten to fifteen minutes to assembly the rocking chair.

8. Patio Dining Chair

Patio Dining Chair Features:
  • Stackable: Those chairs can be stacked, which is a feature that will allow you to store them efficiently in case you decide that you need to store them away for some time. The coating on the chairs prevents the damage and scratches when the chairs are stacked, promoting the longevity and pleasant look of the product.
  • Detachable: You can detach the back of a chair to make a stool. This is another feature that is convenient when it comes to efficient storage.
  • Material: Those chairs are made out of high-quality steel. They are polished extensively and coated so that they prevent rusting and enable more natural cleaning.
  • Design: The design is modern, and it can fit into any kitchen-like environment. It’s great for patios because of the rust-resistant coating and variety of colors that you can choose from and fit the other patio furniture that you have. Cross braces strengthen the seat which will lower the possibility of deformity, the coating prevents scratches, and the rubber endings on the chair legs will prevent the damage to the floorboards or tiles that movement of the chairs is known to produce. No need for assembly.

9. Patio folding chairs

Patio folding chairs Features:
  • Materials: The frame is made out of heavy-duty steel. The frames made out of that material last long and don’t break easily, so you don’t have to stress over the damage that usually occurs after the prolonged use. The textile material that is used for the backrest and seating is breathable and elastic. Those qualities make those chairs very comfortable and adaptable to different body shapes.
  • Design: The chairs are, as the title says, foldable. That’s a very suitable feature for outdoor furniture as it allows for very easy storage and mobility. They can easily fit in the back of the car if you decide to carry them for, an example, a weekend away at your vacation house. The back of the chair is slightly angled towards the back and ergonomically designed. They come in the gray color, which is known to be able to fit any environment or color scheme. The chair also has the footrest, and it’s slip-resistant.
  • No assembly needed.

10. Hammock chairs

Hammock chairs Features:
  • Material: The non-metal part of this chair is made out of 100% handmade cotton. The ropes are made out of handmade cotton as well, while the hoop is made out of iron. The chair seat is fashioned using the macrame technique. This special looking hammock chair that features macramé, hanging component and boho-look is sure to leave an impression. The maximum weight it can handle is 325 pounds.
  • Design: It comes in the gentle beige color that can be combined with most of the color schemes. The fringe tassels are hanging from the side of the chair, giving it a more bohemian look.
This hammock chair has two modes in which it can be set: -Swing: In which case you need two bolts or a branch to provide two hanging points. You can sway gently on it and enjoy your patio time with a good book in a comfortable, swaying hammock. -Pivot: In this case, the ropes are attached to the one point so you can spin 360 degrees. Wherever you hang it, it’s going to be a great addition to space. Be careful not to place it near delicate, breakable items if you plan on spinning or swaying.
  • Easy to store: It’s very light, it can fit in the back of your car and it’s easy to relocate whenever the need arises. When you want to relocate it, be sure to wrap it or pack it to save yourself a job later and avoid the light color getting dirty.

11. Adirondac chair

Adirondac chair Features: Adirondac chair is a type of outdoor furniture. More precisely, it comes from a family of lounge chairs.
  • Materials: On an eco note, this outdoor chair is made out of Plywood lumber, which is a mix of plastics (some of it being recycled plastics such as detergent bottles). This type of material is very durable and not prone to rust or chipping.
  • Design: It comes in many colors, so it’s sure that you will find that some of them fit for your patio, porch, or backyard. It’s designed to be very comfortable as the seat is inclined, and the backrest is slightly angled. This type of chair is often used as relaxing furniture that’s placed next to the pool or in the lounge areas.
  • Foldable: It can be folded for easier storage, and it’s very light for an adirondac chair, weighing only 34 lbs so it’s very convenient in case it needs to be and relocated from time to time.
  • Easy to clean: If you want to clean it, just wash it with soap and a soft brush and rinse thoroughly.
  • Durable: This adirondac chair is cover-painted with a paint that provides UV protection, fade and corrosion resistance. It’s built to withstand all types of weather and seasons, promoting the longevity of the product.

12. Patio bar stool

Patio bar stool


  • Materials: This chair is made out of rust-resistant cast aluminum and it’s coated with weather-resistant paint – Wrought Iron copper finish. Those features make it an ideal full-time outdoor attribution. The UV and fade protection will keep it from looking worn out despite the time that has passed by and the best part is that it doesn’t require meticulous care.
  • Design: The copper finish makes this outdoor chair easier to blend in the natural, outdoor environments because it gives it more rustic and less industrial look. The backrest features a very interesting abstract symmetrical design.
    This bar stool also contains a footrest which is a characteristic that will provide short people a lot of comfort. It can carry up to 330 lbs.


Those were some of the examples of different types of patio and outdoor most comfortable chairs. Which ones do you want to incorporate into your everyday environment?

As you can see, there’s a wide spectrum of outdoor furniture types. It’s a question that has bugged people for a long period of time. The oldest remains of the garden furniture were found in Pompeii, which means that the questions regarding outdoor furniture had been present back in the day just as they are now. They may have had different materials but the problems remain the same – usability, aesthetics, durability and, of course, comfort.

You could choose to spend your summertime relaxing and swaying on the hammock chair or to read a book on the lounge patio chair. Whichever choice you make, one thing is sure – patio chairs are a necessary part of the outdoor furniture.

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