16 Tips on How to Keep Bugs Away from Patio

If you’ve been down about bugs preventing you from enjoying your patio space, start smiling now. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know to get rid of them so you can enjoy your patio in peace. We’ll talk about everything from things you can burn to simple recommendations that will immediately get rid of your bug problem.

  • dangerous bugsMosquitos

  • Bees

  • Wasps

  • Spiders

Good news, most of the flying bugs that you’ll encounter at your patio aren’t very dangerous. They’re just annoying. The flying types that are dangerous are mostly located in places like Africa and Australia. So if you’re not located there, you can take a deep breath. And if you are in Africa or Australia, don’t worry. You’re about to learn 16 new ways to get rid of bugs.

But there are a few bugs that you should watch out for just in case. Mosquitos are very common in personal spaces like patios, and they will usually only give small bites and not do much harm, but they could also carry diseases. This means that you don’t want mosquitoes to be free-flying around your patio.

Bees are another common yard bug that you should watch out for. They are not too harmful, but they will sting if bothered and it might hurt, especially for children. Wasps are a bit more dangerous because they are aggressive and territorial, which may cause them to use their long stinger more often. It is best to try to eliminate spiders, mosquitoes, bees, and wasps from your personal patio, though it’s not a big problem if they exist in your yard.

What Attracts Bugs And How to Keep Bugs Away from Patio?

Surprisingly, specific colors can actually attract bugs. They will gravitate toward white, yellow, and orange but be less attracted to colors like green and blue. In order to prevent bugs from taking up your patio, you can strategically choose the colors that you use for it.

As you will see below, bugs can also be called on by dirt, moisture, decay, and leftover food and drinks. Overall, the best way to keep them away from your patio is to keep it clean in every way possible. By following the steps below, you will see that there are many additional ways to control bugs when you are finding too many of them.

1. Minimize Dirt and Moisture

One of the easiest measures you can take a right after reading this article is to move any pots or other plants that may currently be housed on your patio. This will immediately encourage bugs to move to a different environment, and lessen their attraction to your patio space.

If you want your patio to be a place that you and your family and friends can thrive in or relaxing retreat patio, try not to create an ecosystem that bugs would increase. By decreasing the number of plants and other living elements on your patio, you will reduce the likelihood that bugs will surround your patio.

Simply move your living creatures to a separate area of your yard, and you will see a major improvement. Try keeping the number of things on your patio to a minimum so that there will be fewer bugs.

2. Grow plants that repel bugs

If you were disappointed by our first tip to eliminate plants from outside, cheer up! There are actually plants that repel bugs. By growing these specific types of plants, you will still be able to enjoy beautiful greenery on your patio, and these plants will also keep the bugs away themselves.

There are numerous plants that work well for repelling bugs. Depending on whether your patio is more exposed to the outdoors or more screened-in, there are specific plants that will help you keep out bugs.

For outdoors, plant lemongrass, chrysanthemums, marigolds, petunias, and pitcher plants. If your patio is more shaded, try bromeliads, citronella, catnip, jade, and Venus flytraps. These plants are a beautiful addition to your patio and a great way to minimize bugs.

3. Plant your garden on the opposite side of the yard

Since flourishing ecosystems attract bugs, it’s best not to plant a garden right next to your patio. If you haven’t yet created a garden in your backyard and you want to make one, just think about putting some distance between the patio and the garden. That way they can each happily coexist, and you can enjoy your patio without distractions.

If you already have a garden planted near your patio, don’t worry. You don’t need to destroy it or replant it all over again. One thing you can do to control the bugs in your garden is to release some ladybugs there who will eat the excess bugs and keep them away from your patio.

4. Use physical measures to separate the bugs from your space.

A very efficient way to eliminate bugs from your patio is to put up a screen to divide to enclose the patio from bugs outside. This is an effective measure because it actually keeps the bugs from entering your space.

Screens can be quite easy to install, and they don’t distract you from enjoying nature. You may find that you like your patio more now that it is enclosed and protected from the outdoor environment. Physical barriers help to secure your patio and make you feel like you can spend time there during all sorts of weather.

5. Wear a bug repellent spray or a wrist band.

bug sprayIf you’ve had an issue with bugs on your patio, try using bug spray when you’re outside so that the bugs won’t be attracted to you. For those who don’t want to spray themselves, repellent wrist bands are a great option.

To make it fun and decorative, you can put a few bug repellent wrist bands in a jar and keep them on the table. That way, you and anyone who joins you outside can simply slip on your wrist bands and enjoy the weather, without worrying about bugs. These repellent options are simple and effective, and who knows, maybe your friends and family will like wearing their new accessory. Another best option is ultrasonic bug repeller that is amazing.

6. Weed out your plants regularly.

When trying to control bug presence, it’s also important to minimize weed presence. Your yard will have more bugs if it has much dead matter, so the best policy is to clean out your plants regularly. A clean yard makes a happy yard, and it won’t attract too many bugs.

7. Water plants early in the morning.

The early morning is the most efficient time to water plants because they use the water for photosynthesis, which occurs during the day. So this is good practice even if you’re not worried about bugs, but it has other advantages.

Watering during hot temperatures means that during the evening, the leaves will be damp during the cooler evening, which is the ideal environment for bacteria and fungus. And since we know that dirty or dead material encourages bugs, bacteria and fungus could potentially attract bugs. To ensure that the leaves will be dry by the evening and that the plants will remain healthy, water as early as possible.

8. Water the soil instead of the leaves.

We just talked about how wet leaves can promote bacteria and fungus in plants, so an additional measure that can be taken to avoid this growth is to keep the leaves dry. Plants soak up water from the roots, so it is best to give them water there.

By watering the soil instead of the foliage, you will make it easier for the plant to absorb the water while preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus caused by wet leaves, and this will help keep the bugs away.

9. Burn sage.

A great way to deter bugs is to throw sage into a burning fire. Sage smells good to humans but, thankfully, not to bugs. If you want to build a fire, just add some sage to the pile. During the summer months, when it’s too hot to stand around a fire, you can still burn sage by itself.

For easy bug repellent with sage, just get a plate or bowl and light a bushel of sage and let the smoke come out and fill your patio. Sage is a cleansing scent, and this is a simple way to distract bugs from your personal space.

10. Light citronella candles.

Citronella is a sweet-smelling fragrance that is unattractive to bugs and can help keep them away from your patio. Candles are a great way to repel insects if you enjoy burning them. Just light to or three citronella candles around your space and they will naturally keep bugs out. They can also be used indoors if the bugs seem to follow you inside.

11. Keep your porch very clean.

While it may come as a surprise, even just sweeping your porch more often can help keep bugs away. These animals thrive in dirty environments, so try to keep your porch as clean as possible. It’s best to sweep the floors and shake out the furniture cushions once a week.

Another important way to make sure that your patio keeps out bugs is to clean the surfaces of tables. Whether your patio has a coffee table where you set your drinks and cheese boards or you sometimes eat dinner at the outdoor patio table, these need to be wiped clean after every use. Any leftover residue from food and drink will attract bugs and should be minimized.

12. Seal cracks in the floor or screen.

If you’ve already installed a screen door and you still see bugs inside your patio, you might be frustrated. A simple way to improve the situation is to try to seal cracks in the screen, so that bugs don’t have a way to come in.

Bugs can also come in through cracks in the floor or walls and ceilings, so a bit of repair wherever needed could go along way. Both tape and construction glue can be used to fill the inconsistencies.

13. Turn on fans to repel winged bugs.

Install or place one or more fans around your patio so that the wind will keep bugs from being able to hang out in your space. Having air circulation will help freshen up your space and keep the bugs away. This is a great way to improve the overall environment of your patio while solving your bug problem.

14. Put sticky traps in specific spots.

If there’s one corner of the patio that always seems to have bugs hanging around, setting up a sticky patch can eliminate the problem. This sticky solution is best for ants, cockroaches, and other wingless bugs. Simply let it catch the bugs and replace it when the patch gets full.

For winged bugs, you can also use sticky traps that hang in the air to catch those too. Try hanging them in the corners of your patio if you’re worried about them creating too much of a visual distraction.

15. Keep water bugs away with a natural solution.

Baking soda and powdered sugar are the only two ingredients you need when trying to learn how to keep water bugs away. This is an extremely simple, two-part mixture that specifically targets water bugs.

Just mix together equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar and sprinkle it on the areas where you see lots of bugs. You’ll be thrilled once you see your patio responding so well to an easy, natural solution.

16. Take the trash out frequently.

As you can guess, having trash around your patio is a bad idea if you don’t want to have bugs. While you may not want to take the trash out daily, you certainly shouldn’t be leaving the house trash can right next to your patio. If you do, you may find a swarm of bugs near the trash that could spread to your patio. Instead, isolate your trash collection from your patio and take out the trash as frequently as possible.

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