How to Decorate A Canopy Tent for a Wedding: 13 Exclusive Ideas


Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to get married. Cheers! So, now it comes to making your wedding day memorable. One way to bring enjoyment and satisfaction to the wedding day is to decorate the wedding canopy tent. But how do you start the decoration? There are many different ways to decorate the tent, including using … Read more

9 Brilliant Tips to Instantly Brighten My Solar Garden Lights!

How to make solar garden lights brighter

Recently, however, I noticed that my solar garden lights were less bright than they used to be. The light seemed to dim after each night, and I was frustrated. Then I explored how solar garden lights could provide more brightness for our patio. If the existing solar light is placed in the shade, moving it … Read more

How did I protect my gazebo from rust?

How do protect gazebo from rust

I love sitting in my gazebo on a sunny day, listening to the birds chirping and watching the clouds roll by. But I’ve noticed lately that it’s looking worse – rusty spots are everywhere! So I started researching ways to keep my gazebo from rusting any further. The first step towards preventing rust on your … Read more

What are the benefits of a Gazebo Ventilated Double Top?

Gazebo Ventilated Double Top

I recently installed a Gazebo Ventilated Double Top in my garden, and I am loving it! It has been an incredible addition to my outdoor space, providing shade and ventilation. I am here to tell you about the gazebo ventilated double top.  First, what is a Gazebo Ventilated Double Top? Let me explain A Gazebo … Read more

How To Secure A Gazebo From Wind? Shield Your Gazebo!

Secure A Gazebo From Wind

Do you live in an area where there are frequent storms or cyclones? So, securing your gazebo from high winds is very important. If you plan on spending time in the gazebo during rain, wind, or snow, you’ll understand the importance of keeping it secure from windy and stormy weather conditions. Most common weak spot for … Read more

6 Tips for creating a beautiful and functional patio

beautiful and functional patio

Are you dreaming of the perfect patio? Whether you have a lot of space to work with or are constrained by a small area, you can consider many options when planning your perfect patio. This blog post will discuss the six key factors to consider: space, surface, furniture, accessories and more. We’ll help you figure … Read more

Can You Keep a Refrigerator Outside? Is It A Wise Idea?

Can You Keep a Refrigerator Outside

Ah, nothing is better than spending a hot summer day outside with friends. As we relax beside the pool and giggle over jokes and gossip, our thirst and hunger start to kick in. Wouldn’t it be great to grab a cold drink or a snack without going inside? Well, with a refrigerator outside, that dream … Read more

Can Patio Furniture Get Wet? Do You Need to Cover Them?

Can Patio Furniture Get Wet

According to a 2021 ICFA survey, over half of Americans [53%] will buy multiple outdoor patio furniture pieces in 2022. And if you are among this half and going to buy the most gorgeous, comfortable pieces of patio furniture, you might wonder if you leave them outside. Can outdoor patio furniture get wet? Well, your patio furniture can … Read more

Can You Put An Artificial Tree Outside, Is It Worth?

Can You Put An Artificial Tree Outside

A well-designed and executed garden can enhance the aesthetic of your property greatly. However, maintaining all the trees, plants, and shrubs in landscaping can be a real hassle, especially if you have a large yard. All your time, energy, and money would go into pruning, fertilizing, and watering your garden. But does this mean you give up … Read more