Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Patio? Find out What Experts Think

fire pit is one of the most popular additions to any patio. It keeps you warm in colder evenings. It makes the gatherings more comfortable and cozy. Most importantly, a fire pit on the patio helps to hike the property’s value greatly.

And that’s why around 59% of the American homeowners vote to add a fire pit in their existing outdoor living space, according to a 2021 report.

You, can definitely put a fire pit on your patio if you wisely consider all the risk factors and build by NFI certified technician. After placing it in a safe place and handling the fire right, getting a fire pit for your patio is not only safe but also a great addition for the ordinary landscaping. 

However, when it comes to incorporating one on your outdoors, you must consider the risks of an open fire in your outdoors before making a decision.

How to Protect Your Patio from A Fire Pit ? Follow 5 Step

Even though a fire pit enhances the ambiance of your patio, it comes with a few risks. Let’s discuss the risk factors and how to avoid these risks so that you can build the most beautiful fire pit on your patio.

1. A patio fire pit has an open fire and is set near your sitting and lounging area, raising safety concerns. Such open fire can result in fire hazards sooner than later.

Always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

2. If you put your fire pit in a covered patio, the toxic smoke from the fire will circulate inside the structure and make you sick even before you know it. That’s why it’s better to put a fire pit on an open patio; however, it is necessary to place it in a covered patio.

Ensure that the ceiling is high and has a great ventilation system as a safety measure.

3. The fire from the fire pit can also damage the beautiful floor of your patio. Because this fire is blazing hot, it will burn, cause cracks and destroy it over time, making the surface look unappealing.

If your outdoor area has wooden, vinyl, or composite flooring, you should avoid placing a fire pit on it. PERIOD! As these materials are combustible, the heat and fire can damage them quicker than ever, making your patio look unappealing. But if you still want to put a pit on them, make them fireproof first. Stone, concrete, or paver patio surfaces are not combustible and won’t suffer from burns and damages easily.

Also, put on a fire pit pad over any patios to keep the surface protected from sparks and ashes.

4. A wood-burning fire pit produces thick, toxic smoke, and its fire is often not controllable. It will not only make you sick but also cause damage to the surroundings as well as the patio surface. Try to use a gas fire pit on your patio. It is suitable for both covered and uncovered patio. Because it uses either natural gas or propane, a gas fire pit won’t produce any toxic smoke or catch fire easily, especially if you use it right.

But you must pre-approve your gas fire pit by your city before putting it on your patio.

5. The fire from the outdoor fire pit might also spread like wildfire. If you use it in a windy condition, a strong wind can ignite and spread it quickly and expose the surroundings to damaging fire.

Avoid lighting up the pit in any unfavorable weather conditions.

How to Keep Fire Pits From Rusting

Where Should a Fire Pit be Placed on a Patio

If you want to be safe, then the safety distance is a minimum of 10 feet from the house to the fire fit. In addition, you have to place it on a level surface and should be placed where there are no overhanging trees, tall grass, etc., anything that can easily capture fire.

What is the Ideal Size of a Patio to Put A Fire Pit on it

Even though a patio is quite a large outdoor area, make sure that it is four to six feet larger than your fire pit on all edge. This will ensure your as well as the surroundings’ safety completely.

So what’s holding you back from adding one in your yard? Get the perfect fire pit for your outdoor oasis and let us know your experience.

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