How To Protect Your Outdoor TV From External Elements: Practical Tips

Adding an outdoor TV to the patio or porch area is probably one of the best decisions you have taken in a long time. It is the perfect family and guest entertainer at any time of the day. But you will find it difficult and nerve-wracking when you see that the outdoor TV faces dangerous elements every time. The list includes bugs, pests, dirt, wind, rain and it just goes on and on and…

Thus, the TV runs the risk of getting damaged. You may have to call for repair services or replace the TV. None of these scenarios are desirable since outdoor TV is a big investment. So, homeowners are interested to know how to protect outdoor TV from external elements.

The protection starts with the purchasing of a specialized outdoor TV that can indeed withstand external elements such as winds, rain, and bugs. After that, choosing the right mounting location, use of the TV case and cover will ensure further protection of the TV.

So, let’s see how to use these ideas to protect your outdoor TV.

Tips On How To Protect Outdoor TV From External Elements

An outdoor TV should come with a waterproof feature for its safety. Also, you should place it within a safe case. Also, you should avoid mounting regular TV in patio or porch spaces and then pray to Christ to protect them.

1. The Right Location Enhances Tv’s Safety:

When you select the right mounting location for the outdoor TV, 50% of your worry about its safety will go instantly. Yes, you can seriously extend the outdoor TV lifespan with the right location. You must check the sunlight, wind direction, and other possible factors to find the proper location.

  1. Make sure the TV doesn’t receive any direct sunlight. It protects the TV display and structure from UV-rays. Also, it will have less glare and boost your watching experience greatly. If the sunlight directly falls on its display, it may damage the display.
  2. If you live in a stormy location, you should consider the wind direction. Make sure the TV receives the least airflow.
  3. Also, you should consider the patio or porch design to help the TV mount safely. Try to install the TV right behind the frames and beams which blocks the wind and reduces its speed. So, your TV is less likely to get hit by storms.
  4. Also, don’t put the TV too high or low. It should be right at the center of your eyesight. It enhances the watching experience and also, safeguards it.

2. House the TV with a Case:

Imagine a morning you came outdoor from a happy sleep and your TV is kissing your feet. The scenario isn’t a good starter for your day. In fact, it might give you a heart attack.  But with the right casing for the TV, you can avoid such dangers.

What’s more, you can quickly choose from different shapes and styles of the casing to elevate the outdoor aesthetics too. For instance, you can create a cabinet and house the TV inside. The wooden cabinet with a rustic look surely changes the overall look of the patio and porch spaces.

If you choose steel cases, try to be creative. You can opt for different shapes and designs that suit the outdoor appearance the best.

If you are a DIY person, it’s time to unfold your imagination and creativity here. Or you can simply dial the carpenter and let him take over the case-making process. You will love the finished project.

The casing will protect the TV from all sorts of external elements. It not only includes rain and storm but also pets, especially cats. Thus, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your TV investment is safe.

3. Shades Not Only Protect Your Skin:

A perfect shade on your porch and patio is essential to protect you from direct sunlight. But this time we will take the shaded effect one step further, actually a few steps further. You should use some sort of shading to protect the outdoor TV from exposure to sunlight.

Electricians suggest that direct exposure to sunlight runs the risk of damaging electronic devices. The UV-rays pose the main threat. A shade can save the TV from such dangers. Plus, it will give you a glare-free TV watching experience.

So, you actually get a 2-in-1 bonus for the shade installation. You can opt for the DIY shade installation. A glass shade or screen shield can work fine to protect the TV from sunlight, UV rays, and glares. If you aren’t confident to create the shade on your own, we recommend you call a professional.

4. Don’t Forget the Waterproof Cover:

Most outdoor TVs come with a water-resistant feature. Thus, many people consider that their TV will survive rains and storms at ease. However, you have to consider that no electronics device is 100% waterproof.

It comes with a limited waterproofing capacity. Thus, we recommend you use an additional waterproof cover to safeguard the TV from drizzles and strong showers. Also, an outdoor TV is exposed to dust and debris which an indoor TV won’t face. Therefore, outdoor TV runs more risk of damage than indoor ones.

The waterproof cover protects the TV from such elements as well. So, you get all-around protection for the TV. The waterproof covers are available in different materials. But you should choose one with a UV-resistant feature. Also, a heavyweight material will assure better protection for the TV.

When choosing the cover, make sure it fits the TV size correctly. When you are done watching the TV, always cover it for maximum protection.

You can choose from three types of TV covers. It includes-

  • Flip-flop TV covers: it is the best TV cover we can recommend to protect the watching device. It truly upholds the name as you only need to flip the cover front while watching the TV. And when you decide to go inside, simply flip down the cover.
  • Full covers: This cover brings total protection for the TV. You can quickly cover the entire TV set from its back to the front bottom with it. However, the cover is only suitable when you can access the TV at ease.
  • Half covers: These covers mostly come with a drawcord to safeguard the TV. The cover best suits if your TV location is hard to reach.

5. What About Weatherproof Cables?

You may not believe but the weatherproof cables do really exist. You should use these cables instead of the regular TV cables to safeguard the TV. If the regular cable gets damaged with water, it may cause electrical faults and damage the TV circuits permanently.

And when it happens, you have to buy a second TV. You should make no mistake that this will be a costly investment. Instead, you can spend a few dollars and quickly replace the regular cables with weatherproof ones.

Also, these cables are mostly durable. So, you won’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing a new set of TV cables frequently.

Furthermore, get a cable protector. It saves the cable from being damaged when you bend it. The braided cables can be a great choice for you in this regard.


An outdoor TV is a huge investment by any standard. So, you should not neglect its protection. We have described five ways on how to protect outdoor TV from external hazards. These methods are easy to apply and don’t cost much. Therefore, you should opt for one or more techniques from our recommended list to protect the TV.

It will save you from hassles and expending money on a 2nd TV also.

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