9 Best Pop Up Gazebos With Netting Reviews 2022 That Will Keep The Bugs Out

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Netting Gazebos are made to protect against mosquitoes, bugs, and the light rain out and add to the visual and spatial experience of the outdoor space.

In case you are in search of a perfect gazebo for your garden, a patio gazebo, or you are researching to find out which one is the best quality pop-up gazebo, then you are at the right place. We aim to educate our buyers, so you are in the right place for the best pop-up gazebo reviews and gazebos with netting in general.

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If you are worried about the weather conditions, we will also talk about the waterproof pop-up gazebos.

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Furthermore, sometimes the mosquito repellants aren’t enough to keep them at bay – that’s when the pop-up gazebos with netting should be considered.

What Is A Pop Up Gazebo?

It’s a structure whose purpose can be to shelter from UV rays, rain, wind, bugs, and it can be used at various events and occasions such as weddings, camping, at-the-yard events, or when you have any kind of celebration that is outside the home. 

It can be collapsed and packed very easily, and the setup is often very quick and easy as well. Its use is getting more and more popular as the adjustability becomes more available in terms of the gazebo parts, nettings, curtains, poles, and many other different add-ons. 

If you wish to find out more about gazebos other than pop-up ones, visit our other article. Still, looking for the best pop up gazebo reviews and buying guide? Keep scrolling!

9 Best Pop Up Gazebos With Netting 2022 Comparison Table

BrandRatingsDimensionImageInterior SpaceWeightMaterialsWater ResistantDetails
Quick Set Escape Shelter★★★★★140 x 140 x 90 inchesQuick Set, 140 x 140-Inch Portable Popup Gazebo94 sq. ft.34lbs210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh ScreeningYeslearn more
Quick Set Pavilion Pop Up Shelter★★★★☆150 x 150 x 94 inchesQuick Set,Pavilion Pop Up Shelter110 sq. ft.41lbs210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh ScreeningYeslearn more
Gazelle Tents★★★★☆124 x 124 x 86 inchesGazelle Tents, Easy Instant Set Up in 60 Second92 FT²34 Pounds210 denier oxford weave polyester shellYeslearn more
Quick Set Traveler Shelter★★★★☆72 x 72 x 82 inchesQuick Set, Traveler Shelter36 sq. ft.20lbs210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh ScreeningYeslearn more
Outdoor Living Suntime★★★☆☆144 x 144 x 114 inchesOUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME,Pop Up Gazebo Canopy with Mosquito Netting144 sq. ft.56.4 pounds150D polyester Yeslearn more
SunTime★★★☆☆9.2 x 50 x 9.2 inchesSunTime, Instant Popup Gazebo12’ x 12’48.7 poundsSteel and AluminumYeslearn more
Best Direct Deals★★☆☆☆ 116" x 116"Best Direct Deals, Pop Up Party Tent Patio Gazebo 100" x 100"nullOxford top canopy with silver coating blocksYeslearn more
Delta Canopies★★☆☆☆8'L x 8'W (top); 10'L x 10'W (bottom)DELTA Canopies, Pop up Canopy Party Tent Gazebo8'x8'/10'x10'34 poundsPowder coated steel frame with steel baseYeslearn more
Phi Villa★★☆☆☆51 x 10.5 x 10 inchesPHI VILLA, Pop-up Canopy Gazebo for Backyard13' x 13' 42.1 pounds150D Oxford canopy with sliver coatingYeslearn more

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1. Brand: Quick Set, 140 x 140-Inch Portable Popup Gazebo

Quick Set, 140 x 140-Inch Portable Popup Gazebo

It’s a very spacious gazebo that has the capacity to fit at least six to eight people. The water resistance, fiberglass poles, UV protection, and easy setup are all features of a good camping tent that can handle a variety of weather occasions. It’s a well-rounded piece of equipment.


  • Ideal for camping – This gazebo is ideal for outdoor activities and camping, and it offers protection from the weather and from the bugs and pests that can’t permeate the mesh screen.
  • Easy setup – It’s ready to use as soon as you unpack it: the set up can be achieved in forty-five seconds, all you need to do is to lay the product on the ground, lift the hubs and push the roof up to set it up.
  • Convenient color scheme – It comes in a variety of earthy tones. This feature makes it easy if you want to blend in with the natural environment.
  • Covers a big surface – The surface that this piece of outdoor equipment covers is enough for six to eight people to use, which makes it a great choice if you are often involved in outdoor activities with this number of people.


  • It is water-resistant and has triple layer corner pole pockets, which, along with taped seams, reduce the tear of the gazebo.
  • Additionally, the poles are made out of fiberglass for extra sturdiness and durability.
  • It’s spacious.


  • Rain flaps are sold separately.
  • Few customers reported leakage, usually from the top hub.

2. Brand: QuickSet, Pavilion Pop Up Shelter

Quick Set,Pavilion Pop Up Shelter

The great thing about this Pavilion is that it covers the surface of 110 square feet, so it’s an ideal dinner and BBQ space. The dining table can fit inside comfortably along with at least six people. Having wind and rain panels and water protection – overall, it’s a perfect shelter.


  • Built-in wind and rain panels: This shelter has built-in wind and rain panels that are adjustable, which means that they can be lifted and put down very easily and quickly when there is a need.
  • Water protection: The pole pockets are also triple-layered, and the roof is water-resistant. Furthermore, the seams are taped, so the water doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Suitable for camping: It’s also a great piece of camping gear if you are going to camp while it’s raining lightly – it’s water-resistant, which means that it can handle only a certain amount of rain.
  • Spacious: It’s very spacious and comes in three colors – camouflage, brown, and tan.
  • Easy to manipulate: This tent’s wind panels are easy to pull up or let down, and the screens are also covered with no-see-ums mesh. Easy usage will make your dinner comfortable and stress-free.


  • Wind panels are included and already attached.
  • It’s spacious.
  • It’s structure also includes fiberglass bars and poles that add to sturdiness.


  • Set up instructions are bad.
  • Some customers report that the product had arrived damaged..

3. Brand: Gazelle Tents, Easy Instant Set Up in 60 Second

Gazelle Tents, Easy Instant Set Up in 60 Second

The roof of this gazebo is water repellant, and it’s made out of protective tight weave mesh. Each corner has one extra layer of fabric and pole pockets to ensure its durability. It will protect you from the sun, water and insects. Those are all the features that make it a great patio gazebo.


  • Elegant look: This white tent is ideal for patio or yard use because it gives out an elegant feel and it’s very spacious – it covers a total of 92 Square Feet. All of your guests are guaranteed to stay under the impression.
  • Fast set up: The setup time of the tent is 60 seconds. No more stress that comes with every setup and no need to call other people for additional help.
  • Durable: The fabric is made out of oxford weave polyester, and the zippers on this gazebo are rugged YKK zippers that are made to last longer, don’t get stuck and tore as easily.
  • UV Protection: The roof panel offers UV50 protection. It’s important to be protected from the sun, if you want to use your gazebo during the day, it should offer UV Protection.


  • It has YKK zippers for durability.
  • It is UV resistant, water repellant.
  • The set-up is fast.


  • The wind panels aren’t included in the product package.
  • Instructions for set up are minimal and confusing.
  • Customers reported leakage along the ribs.

4. Brand: Quick Set, Traveler Shelter

Quick Set, Traveler Shelter

This small tent is a great camping companion for anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast. It’s
strengthened with fiberglass poles and it;’s light. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can attach it to a backpack or put it under the seat, and you are ready to cope with weather and insect conditions.


  • Small when it’s set up: It covers a total of 36 square feet. This piece of outdoor equipment will cover a smaller surface than the previous ones, which is great if you don’t need the big tent for six to eight people, but three to four.
  • Small when it’s packed: It would save you space in the car if you were to bring this one instead of the bigger, so you can pack other necessities. Also, it leaves more place on the patio for plants and similar items.
  • Easy to set up: This shelter is also ready to use in 45 seconds. It’s a hassle-free setup system that saves you from all the usual setup troubles.
  • Water-resistant: It’s got triple-layered corner pole pockets as well as the water-resistant roof with taped seams. If it starts raining, you have more than enough time to find a more convenient shelter.


  • It’s UV protective and Water-resistant
  • It’s very light: it weighs 21 pounds so it’s ideal for carrying. The small weight helps when camping or hiking because it reduces the strain on muscles that already carry a lot of weight.


  • A small percentage of customers reported difficulty setting it up.
  • A small percentage of customers reported that it got flawed in some way after a short period.

6. Brand: SunTime, Instant Popup Gazebo with Solar Powered LED Lights

SunTime, Instant Popup Gazebo

This Canopy pop up gazebo has solar-powered LED lights, which are an excellent choice if you want to enjoy outdoor time in the evening or to use it for party purposes. Above all that it’s economical because if you need to charge it – you only need the sun!


Ideal for party: It’s spacious, covering 12×12′ square feet of space. It’s a great fit for parties, dining, and social occasions. It can fit a regular dining table if needed. The look of the gazebo is ideal for a summer night cocktail party, as well as the fact that you can enter from all sides.
Solar-powered: The lights on the gazebo are solar-powered. This outdoor addition is ideal for a patio or a place in the yard that is not easily within reach of an electric outlet, and it’s great if you want to save money in the long run.
Easy to open: This gazebo has Easy to open system. It’s the technology that is incorporated for a more user-friendly experience that enables a fast and stress-free lift of the mesh.
Visual experience: With its gentle curtains and led lights, it’s a great visual addition to your outdoor space. If you want a slight hint of privacy while still enjoying the exterior, you can let curtains down. If you’re going to spend an evening outside, led lights are a fantastic option. Either way – you win.


  • It’s spacious.
  • It’s portable.
  • It is a good visual addition to your outdoor space.
  • It has solar-powered LED lights.


  • Customers argue that the structure and netting break very easily.
  • It comes with missing parts or damaged.

7. Brand: Best Direct Deals, Pop Up Party Tent Patio Gazebo

Best Direct Deals, Pop Up Party Tent Patio Gazebo

This tent is an amazing fit for a cocktail party and other outdoor social events. Firstly, it’s user-friendly, and it looks urban. Secondly, it has two doors that are easily zipped up or down if the need arises, and it can protect guests from the rain or harmful sun rays.


  • Removable nets: Nets are easily put up and down, which makes it easy to manipulate them as the needs arise, and it has two entrances from the separate side, which is another favorable feature for an outdoor event tent – it allows for more natural and faster flow of people.
  • Water-resistance: The canopy of a gazebo is water-resistant. Leaving the tent open and the general use may not be advised during the windy and rainy weather, but it will certainly buy you time to evacuate the guests to a better-guarded area if the weather becomes an inconvenience.
  • UV resistance: In case of particularly sunny weather, this tent comes to the rescue again. You can enjoy your garden or pool party without worries of getting sunburns.
  • Neutral colors: This gazebos’ net is black, and the canopy is white. With its different design, it can easily fit in any color scheme.


  • The canopy has a silver coating that blocks out most of the outdoor weather elements.
  • It has two entrances.
  • It’s visually appealing.


  • Customers report that the frame is weak.
  • Must be taken down during rainy/windy weather and during the night.

8. Brand: DELTA Canopies, Pop up Canopy Party Tent Gazebo

DELTA Canopies, Pop up Canopy Party Tent Gazebo

This gazebo can make a great impression as a garden or patio addition. Apart from being colorful and light, it’s also easy to set up and looks attractive– an ideal party tent. The nets are excellent insect protection, and the tent is affordable and portable. In the case of harsh weather conditions, it’s best if you put away the tent.


  • Ideal party colors: This gazebo comes in a variety of loud, playful colors. The attractive array of colors will add to the atmosphere and making the party memorable.
  • Removable nets: The net panels on this gazebo can be removed. It’s another feature that makes it a good choice for the party – if there are too many people, remove the nets so they can pass and talk to each other comfortably.
  • Lightweight: When packed, it weighs 34 pounds. Anyone can carry it, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the storage of the car, and if you need to move it – it’s very easily done.
  • Water-resistant: Roof is made out of polyester with PA coating, which makes it water-resistant. Its water resistance will protect you from light rain, so you have time to move the party to a more suitable location.


  • Customers are very satisfied with the look of the product
  • It’s portable.
  • The set up is very easy.


  • Customers report bad stitches that come apart fast.
  • Customers also said that the color is not identical to the one in picture.

9. Brand: PHI VILLA, Pop-up Canopy Gazebo for Backyard

PHI VILLA, Pop-up Canopy Gazebo for Backyard

This gazebo offers 99% UV protection. Furthermore, the 13’x13′ dimensions mean that it offers 169 Sq. Ft of shade. It’s near-perfect UV protection, and the big shade makes it ideal for a tent to be used throughout the day as a lunch or just casual lounge spot.


  • Elegant:This Pop Up Gazebo would complement any neutral color scheme very nicely. It looks elegant and it’s ideal for outdoor social events like parties and get-togethers.
  • Adjustable canopy: It features pinch-free buttons on each leg. By adjusting the button, you actually adjust the angle of the canopy and, therefore, the shade.
  • Waterproof: The canopy is coated with silver – it’s waterproof. Not only water-resistant but waterproof, which means it offers better protection from the rain. Of course, rain could still come from the side, but in this case, you don’t have to worry about any leakage from the roof or to search further for the best waterproof pop up gazebo.
  • UV protective: It also offers 99% UV protection. If you have kids, pets, or live in an area that is sunny most of the year – this would make a great safety addition to your space.


  • Comes with a wheeled bag .
  • It’s easily portable.
  • It’s UV resistant and waterproof.
  • It’s very spacious.


  • Customers report that it breaks easily.
  • They also report that it comes poorly made or without some parts.

Benefit Of Pop Up Gazebo With Nettings

The benefits can be numerous.

Great protection against bugs: Firstly, they protect you from the bugs and other pests so you can have a peaceful time where you can leave food unsupervised without the fear that it will be devoured by bugs. 

It’s very important to keep the mosquitoes and flies away because, as you know, they carry dangerous diseases – the pop-up gazebos are ideal solution for that problem that doesn’t require using potentially harmful chemicals to get rid of them and ensures total protection if used properly. 

If you are curious about mosquito repellant products or natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes, you can check out this page.

Limits children and pet moving space: It’s also a great solution to limit the moving space for the kids and pets if you want to keep an eye on them while you are enjoying your outdoor time.

Multi-purpose: Another benefit of having a pop-up gazebo is the fact that they can be used and re-used on various occasions since they last for a few years – everyday use on your patio, in the backyard, on social occasions, if you go camping or need a shelter when selling your products at bazaars.

Best Place For Setup

Flat surface in the yard: First and foremost, make sure that you have a lawn that’s all level so you can place the gazebo evenly across it, and that the surface covered by it isn’t an inconvenience for the people that will spend time inside.

The place where you want the shade to be: The shade is one of the most important features that gazebos can be used for – use it wisely and if you want to spend time in your gazebo in the morning, noon, or afternoon – place it accordingly so that you have shade where and when you need it because the amount of shade will change as the sun traverses the sky.

Place that doesn’t interfere with other elements: If you have a garden, don’t forget to take into account the amount of sun the plants need as well and block them with your gazebo.

Avoid low points where water accumulates: Consider placing your gazebo somewhere other than the lowest point of your yard because that’s where the water tends to collect and if you are having a bbq with your friends and the rain starts falling – it will be an unpleasant surprise. If your ground is not level or even, you can do a little leveling yourself. If you need a little more leveling than that, it’s best if you call the expert.

Think about aesthetics: Furthermore, make sure that you position it strategically so it looks good – for example, it’s not good if you place it in the middle of the yard without any concept – say, without path leading to it or without it being connected and interacting with the rest of the yard features.

If you have a pool or a pond, you can place it next to it – it will look great. Other placement options can be, for example, a patio: it will keep you mosquito-free; it will add content to the patio and possibly be a great add-on to the current set up.

Avoid soft ground: If you are thinking about placing the gazebo near water sources, make sure that the earth you want to place your gazebo on is not clay-like and wet because it can cause legs of gazebo to sink in. It’s not a good ground to be spending your time on anyway.

Buying Guide

#Decide on use

The use of the gazebo can affect the different variables – which is logical, but also necessary to mention. There are plenty of uses that can be considered: camping, partying, enjoying leisure time on the patio or in backyard, bbq party, other social events, using them as a shade for a stand on a fair or similar. If you want to place it in the garden, definitely consider getting the gazebos with quality netting. If you want to use it on a party or event that many people will attend, get the gazebo that has multiple entrances or which netting can be lifted up and tied to the legs like curtains creating more space for people to come through.

#Decide on placing

The main aim is to place it on the even part of the land for the safety of the persons inside and the gazebo itself. The placement is already discussed in this article already. After deciding where you want to place your gazebo, it’s important that you measure the available space and plan accordingly. The smallest gazebos are usually 10’x10′, so be sure to take into account the branches and other possible height-restrictive elements and variables that may be dangerous for your gazebo or its longevity. Be sure that you don’t place it over plants, rocks, and other potentially hazardous elements sticking out of the ground – it may tear the gazebo if it has curtains or canvas, and someone might trip and hurt himself.

#Size and shape:

Gazebos come in various shapes, colors, and sizes designed to fit your needs. There are many different styles of gazebos, if you are curious about finding out more then take a look at our article. The shape depends on the shape of the canopy. They can be rectangle, hexagonal, circle, or square. If you want the gazebo to be used for dining around the middle-sized round table, make sure that the gazebo is at least 10’x10′, it should be enough for a table and 6 chairs. If the diameter of a hexagonal gazebo is around 11ft-12ft it should also be enough for the mentioned table and seats while leaving space to comfortably move and walk.

#Choose frame and canopy material

Frame materials:

  • Powder-coated steel is a great sturdy material that offers durability, and it can handle harsher weather conditions because it’s heavier than aluminum. Also, it’s rust-resistant, which implies much easier cleaning and smaller maintenance need.
  • Aluminum is one of the popular choices for the frame because it’s light-weighted and also easily cleaned. It’s easier for a wind to blow over, so if you go for this option, make sure you pack your gazebo during night and stormy weather.
  • Wood: It’s an aesthetically most pleasing element, but the prices can be very high, and the maintenance routine is different than for the others. If you don’t mind that and want a sturdy, lasting structure, it’s a good choice.

Canopy materials:

  • Polyethylene: Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world. It’s the material that builds shampoo and water bottles, jars, bulletproof vests, grocery bags, and many many more plastic items. As in the rest of the niches, in this one, its use is becoming more and more frequent because of its favorable characteristics. It’s being used for outdoor covers, umbrellas, and similar furniture because of its durability, water resistance, easy cleaning.
  • Polyester: It’s currently the most often used material for canopies, patio covers, and similar items. It’s durable, water-resistant, and the thickness of the polyester is the feature that you want to check for when deciding which gazebo to buy. The thicker it is, the firmer it will be. Take note that the water-resistance is not the same as waterproof. If something is water-resistant, it means that it will stop the water from permeating through the thick weaved threads up to a certain amount of rain but not totally, while if something is waterproof, that means the water will not get through no matter the amount of rain that falls.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is UV protective and water-resistant while being easy to clean. The gazebos that are made out of this material are usually not used for pop up gazebos, but elegant, long-standing ones.


Q1. What is the difference between a gazebo and a pergola?

The main difference is that the gazebos are round and rectangular much more often than they are rectangular and square like pergolas. Gazebo structures have a roof, unlike pergolas, which have cross beams and no roof. Usually, pergolas are used in the purpose of a shaded hallway or a place to sit, but their purpose very often is to connect two structures while gazebos stand alone.

Q2. Can I wash my gazebo cover?

You can. In fact, you can put it in the washing machine if the cover is small enough to fit. Be sure to check for any mold first and scrub it off if it’s possible, just like you would with any mud or dirt. You can spread the cover out and wash it with a solution of warm water and mild detergent by soaking the brush with a big surface or a specialized broom in the solution and scrub it with a circular motion. Afterward, be sure to rinse out all detergent. If there is a need, repeat the process over again until you are satisfied with the result. When all detergent is rinsed out, spread the cover out in the sun or in the slight shade to give it time to dry out properly.

Q3. How long does it take to put up a gazebo?

If we are talking about pop-up gazebo, the setup time is usually between 45 and 60 seconds, depending on the manufacturer and the mechanism. If the gazebo is big, you may need assistance. Make sure to check if the customers have had a good experience with manual and instructions to get the real picture.

Q4. How big should a gazebo be?

The truth is that there isn’t a right answer to this question. Gazebos can range from 8’x8′, over 10’x10′ to 12’x12′ and even 12’x16′ and more.

It’s always better to count in at least two more people that would be using it apart from the ones that you are already counting on as regular users – maybe some family member will stop for lunch, or a friend will come to have a nice coffee evening, and you will find your seats all filled. Since 10×10 is enough for 6 persons, let that be a start. You can go smaller or bigger, but the most important thing is that the gazebo fits the chosen space – that it’s not too big or small, but proportional to the aesthetics of the environment.


Whether you need a quality pop-up gazebo because of its fast installation, because you want mosquito protection, or maybe you are an outdoor camping enthusiast, owning one will definitely add to the quality to the time spent outside. It’s a great piece of outdoor equipment to own as it can serve multiple purposes. It offers protection from weather elements and bugs, it can restrict space for pets, and there are many, many gazebos to choose from. If you want to make your outdoor evenings more comfortable and bite-free, make sure that you get the right, quality pop up gazebo that fits all your needs.

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