How to Clean Fire Pit Glass | A Few Easy Steps to Follow

How to Clean Fire Pit Glass

A fire pit is one of the most popular patio accessories around the US. It not only adds to the aesthetic of your landscaping but also keeps you warm and comfortable during the chilly evenings. And for such amazing benefits, around 66% of Americans voted a fire pit as the most popular outdoor patio design … Read more

Do Fire Pits Keep Mosquitoes Away? What the Experts Say

Do Fire Pits Keep Mosquitoes Away

According to a 2019 survey conducted by MibeTec Germany, around half of the people [52%] who spend time in their outdoor living space experienced an increase in mosquito bites. Even though mosquito bites might not be deadly, they are extremely annoying. Leaving the fact that you have to constantly clap your hands to kill them, … Read more

Can You Keep a Refrigerator Outside? Is It A Wise Idea?

Can You Keep a Refrigerator Outside

Enjoying a chilled beer when you are lounging in your patio or poolside during the summer months is heaven! And if you have a refrigerator nearby, the comfort and convenience are even escalated. However, when the thought of keeping a fridge outside hits your mind, consider whether you can keep it or not? Is it … Read more

How To Blow Up An Inflatable Pool, Easy, Cost-Effective Ways

How To Blow Up An Inflatable Pool

Summer is the right time to lounge around the pool while enjoying a chilled glass of margarita. However, if you don’t have an actual swimming pool on your property or nearby, an inflatable pool is your only resort, if you want to spend a fun summer. This portable pool is super easy to set up, … Read more

How To Keep Cats Off Patio Furniture? (10 Tips are Proven)

how to keep cats off patio furniture

Are you worried about your cat’s annoying habits? Would ruining other things, including furniture, put you in financial trouble? So, do you think about How To Keep Cats Off Patio Furniture? Then this article is for you. You can follow our best tips. Why do cats scratch furniture? Cats scratch for more reasons than they … Read more

Can You Use Lava Rock and Fire Glass Together in Fire Pit?

Can You Use Lava Rock and Fire Glass Together in Fire Pit

A fire pit, right in your yard, is very appealing yet super functional. It not only improves the look of your outdoors greatly but also provides warmth and comfort in chilly evenings. However, to enhance its appeal and prolong its durability, have you ever thought of putting lava rock and fire glass in your fire … Read more

What to Burn In a Fire Pit? (And What to Avoid)

What Burns Well In A Fire Pit

Even though around 59% of the American homeowners want a fire pit in their existing outdoor living space, according to a 2021 report, many might not know what burns well in a fire pit for a safe and comforting fire. As a glowing, crackling fire on your yard sets for just the right environment … Read more

4 Exclusive Tips: How to Clean Outdoor Solar Lights?

How to Clean Outdoor Solar Lights

Have you ever walked on your lawn or in front of your main door on a dark, scary night? It would be frightening for sure. Thanks to outdoor solar lights, you won’t have to experience such ghostly moments. Outdoor solar lights illuminate our home outdoor brilliantly and require regular maintenance for a longer lifetime and … Read more

How To Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

how to identify vintage woodard patio furniture

Vintage furniture has old-world charm and glamour. And if it’s from the very famous Woodard, the appeal is remarkable. Their furniture design, quality, and craftsmanship helped them to rule the furniture industry for centuries now. Be it luxury outdoor furniture or comfortable residential ones, the pieces created by this company are classic and timeless and … Read more

Can Patio Furniture Get Wet? Do You Need to Cover Them?

Can Patio Furniture Get Wet

According to a 2021 ICFA survey, over half of the Americans [53%] will be buying multiple outdoor patio furniture pieces in 2022. And if you are among this half and going to buy the most gorgeous, comfortable pieces of patio furniture, you might be wondering if you leave them outside, Can outdoor patio furniture get wet? Well, your patio … Read more