How To Measure For Replacement Swing Canopy

A beautiful swing canopy adds charm and aesthetics at home outdoor. Plus, it can be a real game-changer, especially if you love weekend gatherings and parties. While you enjoy BBQ, dinner, or simple social meetings, someone can always sit on the canopy swing and enjoy the free time.

However, when the swing canopy gets old and damaged, you need to replace the canopy to protect the swing and its fabric. And it will start with the proper measurement of the canopy. So, we will focus on how to measure for replacement swing canopy in today’s article.

It will allow you to know the tips and steps of measuring the length, width, and actual size of the swing canopy in a short time. Plus, swing canopies are available in various forms and shapes. Our discussion on the swing canopy measurement to replace it will include the measuring steps for all these types of swing canopy.

So, don’t go away if you are in need to replace the swing canopy soon.

How To Measure For Replacement Swing Canopy

When it comes to replacing the old swing canopy, you need to measure it properly. And for this, you have to understand different kinds of swing canopy designs.

Replacing the swing canopy rightly is essential since without it the canopy won’t match with the outdoor gazebos and camping chair if you have any. But for this, you have to understand the swing canopy types properly. These types and their measurements are-

  1. Measuring and existent swing canopy
  2. Measuring a flat swing canopy
  3. Round swing canopy measurement
  4. Measuring a gazebo swing canopy

We will discuss all these measuring steps one by one in the following sections-


If your old swing canopy stills exist in the garden, you will be lucky. Yes, it will help you in measuring it quickly and easily. In most cases, the fabric of the swing canopy should be attached to your swing. So, it will be easy to measure the length and width.

Step 1: Removing the canopy
If the canopy fabric is still attached to the swing, you need to remove it first. Check the swing fabric and see how the fabric is attached to it. If it is attached using screws or bolts, remove them with a screwdriver. Make sure you don’t damage the frame in the process.

Step 2: Laying the canopy
When you successfully remove the canopy fabric from the swing frame, find a flat surface or ground. It should be large since you will have to lay the canopy fabric on the ground. If the ground is large enough, you can lay flat the entire fabric easily. It makes the measurement process easy. But if you lack space, you can measure the canopy part by part.

As you lay down the fabric, make sure you don’t hurt its edges. Otherwise, it will result in an inaccurate measurement. Also, look at the cleanliness of the canopy swing. If it is clean, you may easily place it on the garage floor. Or, the outdoor lawn can be a good place too.

Step 3: Start measuring the canopy fabric
You will need a tape measure for this purpose. Use it to measure the length and width of the swing canopy appropriately. Then, note it down since you will need the measurement to purchase the new swing cover. Also, you will have to buy a larger piece of swing cover fabric. It is crucial because some inches of the canopy edges will be used to wrap around the edges.


The flat variety of the swing canopy is a common one. The canopy features a valance or fringe with a flat fabric. It will extend all of the canopy edges. You will need three kinds of different measurements to finalize the actual flat swing canopy measurement.

Step 1: Length measurement
You will need to measure the main section length firstly. You can use a tape measure for it. Extend the tape right along the edge of the canopy fabric. If the canopy has any fringe or valance, extend the tape along its seam.
The measurement will be on the longest side of the canopy frame from one corner to the other corner. Also, make sure your measurement is accurate. You should measure the length twice for accuracy.

Step 2: Width measurement
Now, you have to use the measuring tape to find the canopy width. Hence, extend it along the shortest length of the canopy. Extend the tape from one corner to the other corner and observe the findings. It will help you in getting the right measurement.

Step 3: Find the fringe or valance depth
Most swing canopy comes with a decorative drapery attachment. It is referred to as the valance or fringe. You will also need to measure its height using the tape measure. It is crucial to measure the height of the decorative item for proper accuracy.


The most commonly used swing canopies are the curved ones. The curved swing canopy is used for its decorative look. It appears much like a cylinder that is cut at its half. You will need to determine its length and width along with the mainframe.

1. Run the tape measure right along the longest side of the swing cover. You have to measure from one corner to the other. If the canopy has any valance or fringe, measure it along the seam.

2. After measuring the length, you need to focus on the shorter side of the canopy. Run the tape measure right along the edge and measure it accurately.


The gazebo-style canopies come in a pentagonal shape. It has a long top apex and the five sides of it will meet there. You will need four specific measurements for these gazebo-style swing canopies.

  1. Firstly, measure the length of the canopy right along with its longest side. For fringe or valance, you have to find the length through the seam.
  2. Following the same direction, measure the width of the gazebo swing canopy. For this, run the tape measure along the shortest side of the fabric.
  3. Next, measure the distance from the corner of the peak to its top. Run the tape right along the canopy seam and note the findings.
  4. Next, note the measurement of the apex. The apex of the swing canopy refers to its top. Run the tape from the edge to the top corner of the canopy fabric.

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Final Words

We have described four ways on how to measure for replacement swing canopy. You can follow these guidelines to measure the swing canopy of different styles including flat, curved, and gazebo-styled ones. Thus, you will be able to find the right measurement and purchase the fabric accordingly. It will prevent fabric wastage and make the canopy replacement of the swing easy and swift.

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