How to Make Solar Garden Lights Brighter? Amazing 9 Tips

Solar garden lights have lately become praised for their overall environmental impact and the reduction of electrical energy usage which results in lowered bills.

Fossil fuels have become less accepted since they are harmful and nonrenewable. Solar garden lights consist of many small solar panels that convert sunlight into energy. The solar garden lights use that energy to power LEDs. If not maintained properly, the lights can get dimmer. “What are some solar lights hack” or “ How to make solar garden lights brighter? “ are commonly asked questions amongst the solar powered dusk to dawn light owners.

Let’s dive in and discuss what helpful changes you can introduce in your daily life to make your solar lights brighter. 


1. Check If It's On

This has happened to all of us so many times. If your light is not operating at all, you may want to check whether you have turned it on – check the button and, if your solar garden light has it, electrical outlet. It’s also possible that you have forgotten to remove the plastic barrier that’s often placed on the battery ends. Plastic is an insulator, so it may be blocking the current flow. 

2. Check Batteries

Sometimes it may be better to bring the solar lights in while the temperatures are low. They can affect the panels and lead to damage, thus shortening the life If you take care of your product, it’s more likely to last longer. After prolonged use, the battery can also become corroded, which is why you should check the state of your battery. If it’s in a bad state, you should remove it and get a properly functioning one. The battery should be replaced if there is any sign of rust, damage or if it looks a bit bigger than it should. When removing the battery it’s possible that corrosion can be found on the pieces of the solar lights also, not only the battery. In that case, make sure that you clean the rusty parts with sandpaper to take the rust off. 

3. Check Panels For Dirt

Your solar light might have gotten dirty. Check it for the dirt and leaves that may have gotten inside. Also, if your light is covered with dirt it may be dimming the light. If that’s the case, cleaning might be in order. Dirt also prevents the sunlight from reaching the panel which causes the panel to absorb less light. Less light means that the battery has less energy and it will last shorter during the night. 

4. Observe Light At A Day

If none of the steps work, try this one. It’s important to figure out the place where the solar light can be exposed to the sunrays directly during the whole day so that you’d optimize the battery charging. If your solar light is placed at the spot where the sun is blocked for a significant amount of time, then you might need to modify solar garden lights and find a new spot that would provide more access to the sunlight. Having to modify solar garden lights may mean just changing the angle or moving it a little bit, it doesn’t have to be an absolute change or a solar light replacement.

5. Observe At Night

Check out for how long and how bright your lights are working at night. If you can borrow the same lamp from someone else or you have two, you can easily compare the models and see if the lessened brightness is just how the model is, or it’s truly lessened over time. 

Trying to diagnose the problem this way may be beneficial in knowing whether the model is just as it is, and you need brighter one, or the one that you had gotten should be fixed.

6. Try To Fix It

It could be beneficial to turn off your Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light for a day or two if it was turned on for a long period. Solar panels ensure that the battery would charge even when the lights are off, so you don’t have to worry about the additional time that it would take for your product to charge after begin turned on. After turning them on, they should be bright light solar lights. If this doesn’t work and they are still weak, try opening them. Check the screws and get a compatible screwdriver. Unscrew it and check for inside residue and dirt. Clean if necessary. 

7. Call Tech Support

If you are certain that there is something phallic with your lights and you can’t do anything about it, call support. They have been trained to know the product, set the diagnose and lead you during your mission to fix it. 

People usually avoid calling tech support because they have to wait or they think that the worker on the other side of the line doesn’t know anything. Sometimes you will encounter a new employee who won’t be particularly helpful, but there isn’t any good reason not to give support a try. 

If the store where you had bought your product doesn’t answer or can’t help you via phone, it may be wiser to take a trip with the lamp there. This gives you the chance to explain to their work in detail what you had tried, to have a discussion a perhaps come to a solution about what’s wrong with your lamp. Face to face conversations is usually more productive and simply faster when it comes to this kind of thing. Don’t forget to bring your warranty – unfortunately, you may need it so that you can get solar lights fixed or replaced. 

8. Additional Tips To Try

-Check if you model lights’ is described as dim by other customers in reviews. Some of those lights are intended to be softer. This will make your decision on whether to replace your current lights easier. 

Clean the top of the panel every week. Debris, fungi or dirt, in general, can be the reason why your lights haven’t been working 100%.

-Change your battery anyway. It may be something that you don’t see, but trying another one can be the last resort in trying to fix your lights. 

9. Get Replacement

In the end, there may not be much more that you can do. If you are sure your lights aren’t as bright as they used to be and you need or want brighter ones, then try contacting the company that had made them and ask whether you can get a solar light replacement.


If your solar garden lamp doesn’t work, don’t panic – there are still few things to try before turning it back or replacing them with new ones. The knack may be simple like cleaning them, or it could be a little more complicated like trying to fix it, but both options are within your abilities, and they are free. You require only the willingness to get down to work. 

Whether you succeed in fixing your lights or replacing them, you are doing a great job being ecologically aware. You are using energy sources that are renewable and don’t leave harmful residue. 

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