How To Keep Spiders Away From Patios? 7 Eminent Tips!

Unless you are a spider fanatic who keeps a tarantula as a pet, you probably don’t want spider webs in your home or yard.

Some people have substantial fears of spiders, but even those who aren’t afraid don’t want them crawling around in their personal space.

Finding spiders on your patio can be very frustrating after putting so much into making the space perfect. That’s why I will ensure you know how to keep them away.

Now read below for detailed explanations of how to get rid of spiders on the patio and how to keep spiders away from the patio.

After reading this, you will have more than enough information on how to keep your patio, patio furniture, and other outdoor accessories clean and free of arachnid invasions. I want to ensure you are comfortable and at ease in your outdoor space.

What Attracts Spiders To Your Patio?

Old harness covered in spider web

The main thing that might attract spiders to your patio is trash and other waste, like leftover food. That’s why it’s essential to keep the space clean. If you keep clutter out, you probably won’t get spiders, and all of the other tips I give you are bonuses.

Other things that can provoke spiders are dirt and cracks. Spiders thrive in dirtier environments, so if you dust off surfaces and sweep the floors, you will be less likely to house some unwanted animals.

Cracks in the floor or walls can also invite spiders, as they may enter the patio from under the house or from the grass.

Buy paste at a hardware store and fill these unwanted openings so that nothing can travel through them onto your patio.

Unused space can also provoke spiders. If no one has sat on your patio couch for two years, some spiders could likely have made it into an arachnid motel and be lurking in between the cushions or hanging from spider webs underneath it.

That said, i am not forcing you to go outside and sit on your patio daily to keep spiders away. Instead, just shake out the cushions every once in a while. Even if you can’t use your patio furniture regularly, you should still maintain it regularly if you want to keep out spiders.

7 Tips Listed to Get Rid of spiders naturally from patio

1. Keep the perimeter free of trash, wood piles, and debris

Spider on wood

Trash is one of the main things that can attract spiders and give them a place to hang spider webs around. Put a covered trash can on a corner of your patio, must ensure that waste is kept off the ground and furniture. A covered trash can helps prevent spiders from getting into the trash bag.

Since wood is an essential accessory for your patio fireplace, this is a trickier part of spider webs prevention. The best thing you can do is install a woodpile holder to store the wood in an elevated area. Try to put your woodpile on the opposite side of the yard from the patio so that it won’t attract spiders to your personal space.

Elevating the woodpile is the first step to keeping spiders away from the wood, but there’s an even better trick. Spiders don’t like cedar, but fire does. Cedar can be used as wood for your fireplace because it burns well and repels spiders at the same time. For ultimate protection, you can build your patio using cedarwood strips. A cedar patio would ensure that no spider would ever want to get near it.

2. Put ladybugs in your yard or garden

This option may be the most fun since ladybugs are nice to have around. Who knew that they were more than just a pretty sight? Since ladybugs and spiders eat similar insects, ladybugs tend to force spiders to find a new places to eat. Whether you have a garden, you can buy some ladybugs and release them near your patio to keep spiders away.

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But there’s one reason why buying ladybugs may not be the best idea; they might fly away. Here’s what you can do about that. A flourishing garden will naturally attract ladybugs, so consider gardening if you haven’t already.

3. Keep the space clean and free of spider webs

Interestingly, spiders sometimes hide in children’s toys (kids-friendly patios) and other things left around. For this reason, it’s best not to leave anything lying around. Anything from candy wrappers to a child’s pacifier is fair game for these sneaky arachnids. Your patio should have an unspoken rule that littering is not allowed.

Your patio should be cleaned regularly to prevent the natural buildup of dirt and dust. Shake out the couch cushions and sweep the floor once a week to maintain a clean, spider-free environment. This way, your patio becomes less of a place that a spider would want to hang out in and more of a place that a human would.

Regular patio furniture cleaning is the best way to minimize spider presence and deter spiders. Shake out the cushions and pillows while cleaning the rest of the space. This will remove dirt that could have attracted spiders and force off any hiding in the furniture.

4. Remove spider webs as you see them

If you do spot spiders tend, the best thing to eliminate them immediately. Cobwebs that are left unattended are likely to grow into cod mansions. Instead of freaking out when you see spider webs and running away, just grab a paper towel and remove the web from your patio, no matter where you find it.

Do this regularly for lasting results. This will help to ensure that spiders can’t build a permanent home in your space.

5. Use spider-repellent scents

Multiple natural odors will deter spiders, even though they smell great to humans. Essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon, and citrus add a lovely touch to any space and are natural and repel spiders. Conveniently, they don’t smell so good to spiders, so they can be used to get rid of them.

Does vinegar kill spiders? Another natural spider-repellent solution is vinegar. Just mix it with water and spray it around. A simple alternative method for distributing these solutions is to apply some to cotton balls and place them on the corners of your patio. It will discourage spiders from entering through holes in the deck.

6. Get a Pet to deter spiders from tend

Cats and dogs don’t typically eat spiders, but they scare them away. If your pet sees another animal running across the room, they’re most likely to run after it or at least growl at it. This defensive behavior is a bonus of having a pet. Just having a dog or cat that roams around your patio will ward away any unwanted visitors.

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7. Add plants that repel spiders

Install spider-repellent plants near your home to prevent spider habitation. Spider-repellent plants are Basil, Citronella, Chrysanthemum, Lavender, Eucalyptus, etc. The aroma of these plants will keep your outdoors fresh.



Whether you have spotted some spiders in your space and are wondering how to get rid of spiders on the outside deck, or you are just reading up on the subject to make sure they don’t come, hopefully, this article will be helpful to you.

I’ve covered everything from the best type of firewood to the specific scents that repel spiders so that you are adequately prepared to protect yourself from these pesky arachnids. Practicing a few of these seven helpful tips should keep your patio and outdoor space spider-free.

Cheers! Now you can have a worry-free glass of wine on your patio without being bothered by spiders. This is cause for a patio party. When you have a beautiful patio for a relaxing retreat, it’s important to keep patio clean so that you can enjoy your space.

And when your outdoor deck is free of spiders, everyone will want to enjoy it with you. So feel free to invite your family and friends over for a nice evening outside.

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