How to keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away: 6 Useful Tips

A patio chair or porch cushion is the perfect place to sit, see the sunset and relax after a tiring day. Hence, many homeowners invest heavily in their patio furniture to make the place WOW and amazing. The sad news is most homeowners also face problems keeping their outdoor furniture upright, especially when strong gusts hit the furniture.

Thus, scenes, like blown away or damaged furniture after a storm or gust, aren’t rare. We understand that it is frustrating and heart-breaking too. Thus, we have fixed several tips on how to keep patio furniture from blowing away during bad weather.

You can opt for purchasing heavyweight furniture, mount windbreakers, or secure it using bungee cords. There’re other alternatives too.

Let’s see which fits your necessity properly.

How to keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

The patio furniture such as patio chairs, tables, or showpieces is an expensive investment. Even so, some of the outdoor furniture is a rare collection to most homeowners. When you woke up in the morning and step into the patio to see these investments blown away with high wind, you may get a heart attack.

We have prepared the following suggestions to help you get rid of such nerve-wracking conditions.

1. Try to Purchase Heavy Furniture:

The best way to prevent your furniture from damaging due to heavy rain and gusty wind is to buy heavy furniture. If it has heavyweight, it won’t move easily. Thus, it is less likely to take a flight with the wind. Also, heavyweight furniture is naturally more durable than lightweight ones.

We recommend you opt for the following materials for the outdoor furniture-

  • Wood
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wrought Iron

These materials are mostly heavyweight and so, won’t fly in strong gusts of wind. Nonetheless, you may try other materials also, but, we don’t recommend them. The key is to invest in heavier patio furniture that winds will find difficult to move.

However, you should also consider that moving this heavyweight furniture is tough for you as well. So, it will limit your patio indoor rearrangement. Thus, keep it in mind. Also, you should seek help from other family members if you wish to move the hefty furniture.

Lastly, the steel and iron furniture may damage the patio deck. So, you should mount and move them carefully.

2. Transparent Gels will Never Go Wrong:

Multiple transparent gels will quickly hold the furniture with its base and prevent it from flying away with gusty wind. Initially, these transparent gels are made to protect the glasswork on the tabletop from falling on the floor. However, with some ingenious craftsmanship, you can use these quick-held adhesive gels to protect the furniture as well.

We recommend you use’ Quake Hold Gel’ for this purpose. It is made of synthetic and compound materials. It also has an optimal adhesive that holds the furniture to its base. Thus, rest assured that the furniture is less likely to blow away with the storm.

This hack is also super-easy to apply. The trade-off of using the adhesive gel is that you will limit furniture mobility. So, you may not be able to rearrange the patio furniture set.

You should note that these transparent gels are inexpensive too!

3. Planted Windbreaker for the Best Result:

Is there any who doesn’t like greenery around their home, especially the patio and porch area? I guess it would be hard if someone tells them he doesn’t like green.

So, now it’s time to take advantage of your love for greenery. Yes, planting windbreak is a quick and practical hack to prevent furniture from flying in stormy conditions.

Don’t know what has planted windbreaker is?

Well, a windbreaker is simply a thick and dense arrangement of plants and shrubs in any specific area. It blocks the wind and so, lessens its speed. You can consider plating the windbreaker around the patio edge or along the fence. When you plant the windbreaker, it will absorb most of the wind speed during harsh weather. Even if some wind finds a way to hit the patio area, it would lose its harmful effect. So, your furniture should remain safe and sound.

The advantage of using a windbreaker is that it adds perfect aesthetics to your outdoor space. Also, you can use it as a perfect backdrop for weekend parties and picnics. Furthermore, it also acts as a nice photogenic space.

When you plant large trees as the windbreaker, it will also protect the sunlight and offer a nice shade. You only need to allow the shrubs and trees to grow bigger. Nonetheless, you can trim these shrubs if you don’t want them to grow big. In either way, you will enjoy perfect and lush greenery to feel close to nature.

4. Stack the Patio Chair:

The most vulnerable to gusty winds out of all patio furniture are the patio chairs, ottomans, and stools. These are often made of lightweight steel material or fabric and so, easily fly away with the stormy conditions.

The chairs are so light that they tend to tumble around even with the slightest wind. So, you may have to rearrange them now and then. You can avoid such annoying moments, by stacking the chair legs on the patio deck.

When you don’t use them, stack them around the patio corner. It is a highly practical solution during the winter season since you will rarely visit the patio during the cold time. You may consider trying them with ropes for enhanced protection.

The technique is inexpensive and super-easy to apply too.

5. Bungee Cords are not Only for Kayaks:

Fishers are using the bungee cords to secure their fishing accessories in the kayak. But this time we will use them to secure your expensive patio furniture. Yes, it is not a utopian idea. Instead, you will truly love how easily and quickly the bungee cords protect the furniture against storms and high winds.

Nonetheless, bungee cords are usable when you won’t use the patio furniture for a long time such as in long winters, or going on a vacation.

You have to wrap the cord around the furniture tightly to ensure that it doesn’t fall off the ground. The cords come with elastic which should hold it snuggly with the furniture. When the bungee cord tightly holds different pieces of furniture together, it increases the overall weight.

Thus, the combined muss will be made it difficult to move the furniture even for the strongest wind. Thus, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your patio furniture is secured with the bungee cord. Moreover, at times your patio may also have smaller furniture such as vas, weight, or showpieces. You can also secure them quickly with the bungee cord.

6. Bring the Furniture Indoor:

Well, this is the last suggestion to secure your patio furniture from blowing away during windy conditions. If you plan to not use the furniture for a really long time, especially during the snow, you should take them indoors. But you have to ensure that there’s enough space inside for all the patio furniture.

Luckily, the increasing popularity of patio furniture has forced the manufacturers to make them trendy and eye-pleasing. So, the furniture will easily coordinate with your interior and may even elevate the aesthetics.

Mostly, the patio ottoman and cushion pillows are easily placed in your drawing room. It will elevate the home décor remarkably.

And lastly, if you don’t find the patio furniture suitable for interior use, you can always store them in your underground space.

Final Words

If you don’t want to see your hefty investment in patio furniture ruined in storms, you must secure them. You can quickly take help from our seven practical solutions on how to keep patio furniture from blowing away in gusty winds.

These techniques are easy to apply and not expensive either. Nonetheless, we recommend using the planted windbreaker to secure the furniture against winds. Additionally, you may consider using transparent earthquake gel or stacking to protect the furniture. We leave the choice to your court.

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