How To Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

Vintage furniture has old-world charm and glamour. And if it’s from the very famous Woodard, the appeal is remarkable. Their furniture design, quality, and craftsmanship helped them rule the furniture industry for centuries. Be it luxury outdoor furniture or comfortable residential ones, the pieces created by this company are classic and timeless and bound to add aesthetics to your space.

If you are allured by their beauty and charm and want to buy vintage Woodard furniture for your patio, one of the first things you need to do is determine whether the pieces are authentic. 

Below, we have discussed a few ways to identify vintage Woodard patio furniture so that you can spot the real ones easily without being misled.

2 Ways To Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

Let’s discuss a few main ways to determine whether the patio furniture is vintage Woodard.

Manufacturing marks

Woodard uses a few manufacturing marks in its furniture to ensure the piece’s authenticity. Look for these manufacturing marks to determine whether the piece is from Woodard. They would ensure that the furniture is genuine and help you understand its year of manufacturing.

Paper Labels

The paper labels of the Woodard furniture are just like the ones that you would find in a 3-piece suit. Often located on the frame, under the cushions, this label says just the word “Woodard” and is easy to spot. You can search for this sticker label to make sure that the patio piece is from this prestigious brand or not.

Metal Labels

Besides paper labels, Woodard furniture is also marked with metal tags. As the metal ones are welded onto the frame with an identifying number, they not only assure the piece is real but also help you to precisely determine the year of manufacturing.

Embossed Names

If the piece of furniture is made from wrought iron, there is high chance that it won’t carry any paper label. Instead, it would come with an embossed “Woodard” sign so that it is easy to find out whether the furniture belongs to the brand. The brand name is usually embossed on the frame and, therefore, only comes off in years to come. And as the marking lasts for years, it can be spotted easily during inspections.


In addition to the markings on the frame, another way to tell if the furniture is from Woodard is by its quality. As the quality of this brand speaks for itself, you would recognize it immediately by looking at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woodard?

Woodard is a popular furniture manufacturer located in Owosso, Michigan. Founded and established in 1866 by Lyman Woodard, this company specializes in making indoor and outdoor furniture and caskets to meet its customers’ needs. From wood to aluminum, steel, and wrought iron, Woodard uses various materials to create classic, timeless pieces of furniture to enhance the look of your space.

Where is Woodard Furniture Made?

From the beginning of their business to date, Woodard has been making its furniture in Owosso, Michigan.

Wrapping Up

After carefully reviewing the article, you now know how to easily identify vintage Woodard furniture. With the help of this guide and your own instinct, you will never fail to determine whether the piece is authentic or not. 

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