5 Tips on How To Hang Outdoor Lights Without Nails

Outdoor lights are one of the best additions to your home, especially in lawns, yards, and patios. Whether these are regular accent lights or spotlights or even Christmas lights, these lights quickly transform the entire ambiance of your home.

However, installing these lights need special care. Many people will actually use nails to hang the outdoor lights, but we have different ideas for you. If you want better aesthetics, you should know how to hang outdoor lights without nails.

Although nails are the dominant method to hang outdoor lights, you can do fine without them too. Also, nails leave a permanent spot on the installed surface. Alternatively, you can use deck railing, adhesive hook, or even the outdoor plants to hang these lights. These ideas are prevalent during Christmas eve when you want an absolute pitch of decoration to entertain guests and family members.

How To Hang Outdoor Lights Without Nails

Outdoor lights are used to elevate the ambiance with the finest sense of aesthetics. You have to use the backyard space to maximize the decoration effect of the outdoor lights. And one way of doing so is to install these lights without the nails.

1. Apply gutter hooks:

Gutter hooks are made to clip with the gutter at one side and hold the light string on the other side of it. The lights are tightly connected with the string.  The gutter hook has an S-shape and you can quickly get them in the nearby hardware shops.

Attach one end of the gutter hook with the gutter lip. Then, connect the long outdoor light string with it. The lights will be tightly added with the string. Now, thread the string to the other side of the gutter. And here you get the Christmas lights installed in your patio or outdoor space.

Also, using the gutter hooks means you won’t damage the walls. It is a great benefit to maintain the aesthetics.

2. Use the backyard cleverly

Experts and interior architects suggest using the backyard space to your best benefit. You can indeed use them for outdoor lights. The outdoor lights can be hung using the plants and trees in the backyard space.

1. First, measure the distance between the two trees and the light string length as well. If the string is longer than the distance between the two trees, you can use them to hang the lights. Use the trees to hang lights during Christmas or other occasions or parties temporarily.

2. Measure at what height you precisely want to hang the lights. Use a drill machine with the right bits, to create the holes at the selected height.

3. After that pass through the string through the holes and mount the light. However, it might damage the tree’s health.

4. If you are conscious about the tree’s health, you can choose to pass the string over the branches and then, install them.

5. You have to continue installing the entire string from one tree to another until you cover the entire lawn or backyard.

6. Finally, you should use hooks to securely hold the outdoor lights.

If you have plants near the patio, you can also apply the same technique. Since patio or stucco mostly has shrubs, you can run the light string over them. You won’t have to drill holes in them. Also, it brings nice aesthetics inside the patio space.

3. Using hooks with adhesive

If you don’t like drilling holes just like the nails, another good option to hang the outdoor light is to use adhesive-backed hooks. Also, you don’t need to hang the lights likewise you do with the gutter hooks for the string.

First, find the hook which you will use to hang the light string. Peel the back of the adhesive sticker to attach it with the hook. Alternatively, you can apply adhesive on the hook directly. Then, you can pin the string-connected hooks on any flat surface.

The benefit of using the adhesive-backed hooks is that you can opt for both temporary and permanent setups to mount the lights. However, we recommend you use washable adhesives if you plan to use outdoor lights for temporary moments. It is a great idea for Christmas, birthday parties or any festive moments which you want to make special.

4. Using glue gun with string

Screw holes and nails almost instantly leave a permanent scar on the trees or any flat surface. Also, drilling the holes or patching nails is tough and time-consuming too.
Instead, you can use glue and a glue gun for the purpose. Cleaning the globs is far easier than patching nails. Also, once washed properly, you won’t find any sign of the glue globs on walls or surfaces. So, it is aesthetically pleasing too.

Use the glue gun to apply ample glue on the surface to connect the light string. The glue needs to be hot and sufficient on the surface. Next, place the string directly on the glued spot. You should act fast since the string won’t stick if the glue gets cold or stuck.

Hold the string tightly over the hot glue until it sets appropriately. Your fingers may feel a bit of pain during the process due to the hot glue, but it’s worth it once you see the beautiful lights sparkling. You may wear gloves to avoid the pain too.

5. Stringing light with the fence

Our final suggestion to hang outdoor lights except nails is to use the fence. Although most people will use nails to pierce the fence or walls and hang the lights in it, you can avoid the piercing easily. Simply hang the string on the wall using glue or adhesive.

You need to apply the adhesive in the fence or use any points to hang the string with the outdoor lights. It creates a perfect ambiance in your outdoor spaces. Also, you can use the patio poles to string the lights easily. Simply attach one point of the string with one pole and then stretch it to another pole. It gives the patio a different vibe.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I hang outdoor lights in the stucco without any nails and piercing?

Yes, you can quickly and comfortably hang outdoor lights on stucco without using the nails. You can use the adhesive-backed hooks for this purpose. However, you should be careful while applying the adhesive as too much adhesive may damage the stucco surface. Therefore, some people prefer using gutter hooks to avoid damage to the stucco surface.

2. Is it possible to hang outdoor lights on the brick?

Yes, you can hang the lights on the brick walls without screws or nails. Use a glue gun to apply hot glue on the wall and then connect the string on it. Apply a mild pressure and hold down the string tightly until it fixes with the glue appropriately.

Final Words

When you know how to hang outdoor lights without nails, it elevates the aesthetics and helps you avoid damaging the surface. We have compiled five easy-to-follow methods for this purpose. Also, at least, two of these methods are applicable for the temporary hanging of the decorative lights.

So, use these ideas to light up your special moments with the perfect decoration.

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