How To Hang a Porch Swing: The Perfect Way

A porch swing became the staple of every home during the early 19th century. It achieved incredible popularity for the leisure and fun it offers to people. So, no wonder why it appeals to us even now. You can rest on it to read a book or stretch your legs for a pleasant exercise. 

But for all these benefits, you need to know how to hang a porch swing. While you can choose a variety of porch swing alternatives depending on the style, size, and material, the proper installation remains at the center of attention. You will need to consider the location, integrity of the home décor, and installation method.

You can install it with or without studs, on a tree, underneath a ceiling, and with a chain or rope. 

For your convenience, we are going to discuss how to install a porch swing properly in all these states. So, take some time for your future enjoyment.

Method 1: How to Porch Swing With Regular Instruments

Before you start installing the swing with the existing porch set-up, you need to be confident that the porch can accommodate the swing weight. Once you know it, the rest of the procedure is straightforward.

1. Choosing the Right Swing:

Before you can install the porch swing, you need to purchase a quality porch. You have the liberty to choose from a wide variety of styles and materials. For instance, you can select from the following option. 

  • Wicker Porch: Made from a natural source such as bamboo or reed, wicker porches are lightweight and eco-friendly. Also, it has premium durability. 
  • Metal Porch: If sturdiness is your prime concern and want a porch with long-lasting endurance, go for the metal porch. However, this is a bit heavy. 
  • Wooden Porch: In between wicker and metal porch, happily sits the porch made with wood. It adds a rustic look while still offers a favorable endurance.

Also, the porches are available in billions of colors. So, think off outside home décor and choose a porch that suits the style and color of the outside patio swings and furniture. 

2. Finding the Right Location:

We understand that you are itching to jump on the central part of our ‘How to hang porch swing.’ But be patient since choosing the right location for the swing porch will determine how comfortable or challenging the installation will be. 

Ideally, you need to pick an open area with lots of ventilation and plenty of open fields. You should know that porch swings will follow an arced pathway during the movement. It requires around four feet of space. Hence, on the front and backside of the porch swing, you must leave at least three feet each to ensure a smooth and free movement of the porch. 

If you don’t have beams and joints attached to the porch, choosing an A-frame prefabricated swing is your best bet. However, you still need to ensure that the porch swing has a good depth to ensure stability. 

3. Select Between Rope and Steel Chains:

When it comes to porch swing installation, most people will prefer using a galvanized or stainless steel chain. They do so because of the stability steel brings in the play. Nonetheless, if you have chosen rustic looking porch swing, the best alternative to hang the swing porch is with a braided polyester or marine-grade nylon rope. 

When you select the chain, consider the following factors-

  • Whether you choose a rope or chain, make sure it is at least seven feet long. 
  • For rope installation, the thickness needs to be at least ¾- inches (19 milliliters). 
  • The length of the chain or rope must be equal on either side of the swing. 

Note: For porch swings hung with ropes, you should regularly check it to prevent fraying threads. Steel chains don’t need it. 

4. Installing the Hardware to Hang a Porch Swing: Swing Hook Attachment: 

It is probably the most crucial part of our ‘how to mount a porch swing.’ Hence, you need to take every ardent step with prominent care. 

Sometimes the porch swing may not come with the attached hook for installation. Then, you need to connect the swing hook. The swing porch design will decide the accurate location where you need to place the hook. 

  • At first, find the front armrest with the vertical orientation. Then find the horizontal direction of the frontal edge of the armrest. Then carefully pick the location where these vertical and horizontal armrest and side sit intercepts. 
  • Install a hook facing outwards from the swing side. Install the second hook in the opposite direction. 
  • The next two hooks also needed to be installed at the same height as the previously attached hooks. But their location will be at the pint where rear seats intersect with the backward portion of the swing. 
  • To screw the swing hooks, use a drill to create the holes. The diameter of the drill bits should be a bit smaller than the catch. It prevents splintering of the porch swing. 
  • Once the holes are ready, you can use screw the hooks tightly in the right location. 

5. Creating Screw Eyes in the Porch Ceiling: For Unfinished Ceilings 

To create a loop for the attached chain or rope with your porch swing, you will need screw eyes. The screw eye is a metal loop with a hole through which the chain or rope passes. You need to install the screw eyes (two in number) on the exact location you have to choose for the porch swing. Also, it needs to have an adequate joist or beam. 

  • The joist or thick beam needs to be at least five inches in thickness and two inches in width to successfully accommodate the weight of the screw along the rope and swing porch itself. 
  • The screw eyes need to have a proper diameter to accommodate the rope or steel chain. Also, choose an item with four inches of the shaft. 
  • Once you have found the right beam or joist, use the pilot drill to create the holes where the screw eyes will be attached. 
  • Now drive the screw eyes directly through the drilled holes. The loop should pass as deep as possible through the holes.  
  • Pass a screwdriver though the loophole and push it upwards so that the screw eyes are fitted tightly. 

6. Using Eyebolts: For Finished Ceilings 

If you are hanging a porch swing underneath a finished ceiling at home, you will need to use eyebolts instead of screw eyes. It will need two people for the installation since one will be working on the rooftop.

  • To access the beam and joist, remove a small portion of the ceiling. 
  • Now using a drill make holes in the supporting joist and beam location. 
  • Slide the eyebolts through the predrilled holes. The eye bolts need to be of sig inches height and have machine threading. 
  • The other person standing on the roof should use a screwdriver to tighten the nuts. It should secure the whole mechanism. 
  • Once you have finished 

Note: It is used mostly in older homes. Also, you can use eye hooks for swings for the installation. 

  1. Finishing the Porch Swing Installation

Once you have successfully installed all the porch swing hardware, including eye bolts, screw eyes, or hooks, it’s time to give a finishing touch to the total installation. 

Hanging the porch swing:

You should connect the swing chain or rope with the swing hook in the front part. Then pass the rope or string through the corresponding loop. Similarly, connect the chain with the 2nd swing hook and pass it through another loop. 

To install heavy swing hooks, you should take the assistance of your friend to make the process secure and comfortable. 

Testing the porch swing 

Once you have accomplished the porch swing installation, you should check whether everything is right or not. Once the swing moves entirely back and forth, cheers, you have successfully completed the porch swing hanging.

However, if you notice any imbalance, it’s probably on the rope or chain length. So, adjust the height to make it even on either side. 

Attaching springs for comfort:

If you want to enjoy the even smoother swinging experience with the porch, you should attach comfort springs. It needs to be connected with the screw eye or eyebolts. It adds a bouncy feeling and increases the fluidity in the swing motion. 

Method 2: How to Hang a Porch Swing with Rope

  1. You need to create an overhand knot as you bend the required rope in half. Now you should make a loop with 2-inches length. The circuit needs to be positioned at 2-inches distance from the knot. 
  2. You need to pass through the rope through the loop created by a screw hook or eye bolt. Also, you should attach an S-hook for swings or a quick link between the lope and eye. 
  3. Use a porch swing support frame such as a card box to place the swing evenly in the desired height. 
  4. You should pass the front half of the swing rope through the mounting point located right at the frontal portion. Create a big and overhead knot to secure the loop. The large knot ensures that the string can accommodate the swing weight. 
  5. Now remove the support and tie the other half of the rope with the rear loop. 
  6. Finally, make any possible adjustments required in the knot. Then trim off any excess rope and check the porch swing set up.

Method 3: How to Hang a Porch Swing with Chain

  1. To set up the two ends of the swing, you will also require two chains: one short chain and another long chain. 
  2. Use hardware t install the long chain with the swing front part. In case you lack the installment hardware, use eyebolts for the loop creation, and pass through the chain. 
  3. Similarly, install the short-chain on the rear end of the swing seat. 
  4. You need to connect the short-chain with the long-chain using provided quick links or S hook. The connection needs to be 2-3 above the swing seat. 
  5. Now, use porch hangers in the ceiling to connect the long chain. The short-chain, on the other end, will then pull backward. 
  6. Hence, you will enjoy a smooth tilt seating on the porch swing. 
  7. Finally, adjust the chain length to fit your comfort zone.

Method 4: How to Hang a Heavy Porch Swing

Installing a heavy porch swing is similar to the regular porch swing installation. Nonetheless, for your convenience here’s a quick recap-

  1. To hang the required rope or chain from the porch joists, find out the essential number of eye screws you will need. 
  2. Find the appropriate ceiling joist and install the eye bolt with it. 
  3. Then, pass the rope through the newly created loop. 
  4. Connect the rope or chain with the front and rear end of the swing.
  5. At last, adjust the height and ensure comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it really possible to hang a porch swing under e deck?

Answer: Yes, you can do it once you know how to hang a porch swing under a deck. It is quite similar to the porch swing set up with the ceiling. Hence, you should find it easy. 

2. How to find studs for porch swing hanging?

Answer: Use a stud finder to see the locations of the joist in the ceiling. You should create a hole using a drill in the beams and mark it on the stud for setting up the porch swing anchors.

3. Will a porch support a swing?

Answer: A porch will be compatible with the swing only if it is attached to a joist. A hang porch swing from 2×4 points joist will accommodate three people max, and a 2X8 joist supports one person.


A swing porch, once installed properly, can become an excellent relaxation for you. You can enjoy the cool breeze while sipping your favorite drink. Also, after a long office day, the swing porch is brilliant at providing a refreshing mood. 

But for all the counts knowing how to hang a porch swing is a piece of must-have knowledge. Henceforth, these guidelines have been outlined with easiness in mind, and so, you will enjoy the installation. 

Good luck.

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