How to Get Rid of Termites in Patio: Prevention and Eradication Ways

Although many people won’t believe it, the tiniest termites can wreak havoc in your patio spot, and that too in an unthinkably quick time. Hence, many homeowners become panicked as they see termites’ infestation in the patio spot.

Honestly speaking, getting rid of the termites isn’t so easy. However, they are not invincible either. This guideline on how to get rid of termites on a patio will show you ways to eradicate the termites’ infestation forever from the patio.

And as we know, prevention is better than cure, and so, we will also show you practical ways to prevent the termites’ infestation in your home, particularly in the patio area.

You can use cardboard traps, boric acid, or termite baits to remove the termites. And if you aren’t afraid of some adventure, the beneficial nematodes can be a good natural solution.

Understand the Termites and their Types:

When you know the ins and outs of the termites, it becomes easier to remove them. Thus, you must know the types of termites properly. In the US, you will mainly find two variants of termites. These variants are-

  • Drywood Termites:

    Drywood termite is the most disturbing and fearsome termites you will ever see. They don’t need any soil for living and happily live in the drywood. Thus, patio and deck spaces and furniture are more vulnerable to these termites. A medium drywood termites colony can accommodate 2000-2500 termites. The white drywood termite is the most dangerous of its subspecies.

  • Subterranean Termite:

    Unlike the drywood termites, the subterranean termites need contact with the soil for a living. Orkin reports that these termites are responsible for around 90% to 95% of damaged caused by termites in the US. They can do such a magnitude of damage because of their jaws that is much like saw-tooth. Their colony grows massive and can accommodate termites from 100000 to 1 million. These termites can easily collapse a large building if their infestation isn’t treated timely. Thus, the subterranean termites are dangerously harmful to the wooden patio and its furniture.

Identifying Termites Infestation:

Termites are submissive and you will often be misguided by their slow infestation. Hence, you must know the signs of termites’ infestation so you can actually initiate the eradication process of these notorious pests.

  1. When you tap on the wooden patio, you will hear a hollow sound. At times, the sound will feel like soft thuds. It is a clear sign that the termites have eaten up most of the wooden patio floor.
  2. Subterranean termites will actually find their way into the patio using their mud tubes made highways. Thus, if you see mud tubes piling up around the patio, you should feel weary about the condition. However, drywood termites won’t create mud tubes and so, their absence doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with the termites.
  3. When termites start eating up the wood inside the furniture or walls, you will hear a strange but continuous clicking sound. When termites feel threatened by the other termite or pests, they bang their head against the wall and create the sound to alarm their team.
  4. Subterranean termites will start shedding off their wings when they prepare to build their colonies. The wing shedding happens in piles and should be easily visible. Thus, you should closely observe the garden and the nearby area of the patio to find the signs.
  5. When termites enter inside the wooden furniture and walls, they help moisture to get inside the wall through the hollowness. Thus, it dampens the walls and peels off the paint. It is a pretty obvious indication that there’re termite infestations.

Also, you will see live termites here and there near the patio. Although these creatures are tiny, you should find them with careful observation

Tips On How to Get Rid of Termites in Patio:

When you are sure about the termites’ infestation and what variant of the notorious creature has attacked the patio, you can prepare plants to get rid of them. Luckily, the different ways to remove the termites are easier than homeowners actually anticipate.

Tip 1: Use cardboard traps

You can apply this easy hack when you have discovered the termite colony and its infestation spot properly. Firstly, take a few strips of thin and light cardboard. Wet them all with cellulose and stack them with one another. Then put them right where you discovered the infestation. The cellulose will attract the termites.

Wait until the cardboard is totally infested with the termites. Then, burn it out in a safe place. It will remove a majority of the termites. Also, cardboard trapping is an instant solution to remove a few hundred to thousands of termites. But it will not remove the entire termite colony.

Tip 2: Cultivate beneficial nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic and work as a natural killer of termites plus a few other garden pests. It has a roundworm shape and releases symbiotic bacteria. The bacterial release will poison the termite blood. Thus, it kills the termites successfully.

The nematodes will burrow into the hose body like termites and kill thousands of termites within a few days. You can buy the nematodes from any reputed online garden store.

Tip 3: Using termite baits

If you want a shortcut yet effective method to get rid of the termites, applying the termite baits is your best bet. Also, it is a proven solution and easy to apply.

The baits have slow releasing and acting poison within them. You will have to mount the baits around the parameter of your patio, garden, and home. Thus, these baits will attract the termites and poison them to death. It disturbs the natural growth cycle of the foraging termites by killing them during the molting state.

Also, the termite baits are designed for slow poisoning the termites. Hence, instead of killing the termites instantly, it allows them to carry back the poison to their colony. Thus, it effectively acts against the entire termite colony to eradicate them for good.

Tip 4: Use of boric acid and diatomaceous earth

Both diatomaceous earth and boric acid are proven effective to kill termites. The diatomaceous earth penetrates the termite exoskeleton to kill them. It dehydrates the termite and brings the death penalty to them. You will only have to sprinkle the diatomaceous earth powder on the termite suspected spots near the patio.

Similarly, you have to spray boric acid near the patio, crevices, cracks, and around the corners of the furniture. It also dehydrates the termites to kill them. If you suspect termites infestation inside the furniture wood of the patio, drill small holes on the furniture and apply the boric acid. It will effectively kill the termites.

Tip 5: Use of direct chemicals

When you want to remove the termites immediately and without too much effort, using the chemicals directly is the best solution. You can get these chemicals in foam-based solutions in cans. You have to shoot the foam directly on the termite and its suspected infestation spot.

You should spray the foam in the corners, cracks, crevices, and other suspected areas. It will expand to cover the entire area and kill the majority of the termites within a few hours. Also, it has no odor and so, is ideal for spraying even inside the home. Nonetheless, be aware of your kids and pets while applying the direct chemicals.

Preventing the Termites From Attacking The Patio

  1. You must ensure that the patio spot is dry and clean always. Subterranean termites need minimal moisture for their survival. When you keep the patio area dry, it reduces the chance of termite infestation considerably.
  2. Always check for any leaks around the patio drain. If you see any leaks leading to the gutters or pipes in the lawn or garden, treat them immediately. When termites find that the pipes and gutters are clean, they won’t live there.
  3. Cracks and cervices are the entry point of termites and other pests into the home and to the patio spot eventually. Thus, use caulk to seal the cracks and crevices to block the termites and other pests’ entrance.
  4. Termites live mostly on wood cellulose. Hence, you should avoid stacking firewood near the patio for use with the patio fire pits. The firewood or other wood will invite the termites to have a happy fest. If possible, you should use termite-resistant wood for the patio and decks.
  5. Different mulches used in the lawn and garden contain wood. Also, they boost the moisture build-up. None of these scenarios are ideal for preventing the termites. Hence, you have to opt for gravel-made mulch to prevent termite infestation.

Last but not least, inspect the patio spot regularly to see whether or not it has a termite infestation. Whenever you see any weary signs of termite infestation, apply the eradication tips mentioned above to kill the termites immediately.


Termites are dangerous as they will damage the patio, its furniture, and even the decks if not treated on time. Hence, we have prepared these guidelines on how to get rid of termites on the patio to eradicate these notorious creatures forever.

We have only included the tips which are easy to follow and can be performed without professional help. But, if you find the termite colony too large to deal with, you should consult professional termite controllers for the best results. Also, you should be careful about kids and pets while applying termite chemicals or boric acids as these are poisonous.

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