How to Get Rid of Flies on Patio: 3 Technique

When summer makes its entry, we are delighted to welcome its warmth, and magic with a smiling face.  We all are excited at this time since summer marks the fun beginning of picnics, barbecues, fresh air, and, yes, those pesky pests.

The home flies…

When we leave unattended food items around the patio or make it cluttered with garbage after our holidays, flies start their feast on these leftovers around the courtyard. 

Besides the annoying presence of them on the patio, they also pose serious health threats to people. That’s why you need to ardently know how to get rid of flies on the patio. 

And guess what?

We studied the topic and found thousands of ways (yes, literally, thousands) to get rid of the flies from the patio and outdoor space.

However, most of them aren’t useful (some were just worse), and some are quite difficult to apply if you aren’t a professional pest specialist. 

Hence, we have developed three useful, easy to follow, and proven guidelines on eradicating flies from patio and outdoor forever.

So, let’s start the discussion. 

Technique 01: Identify and inspect the Flies

The common housefly that we often find around the home is the Musca Domestic. You will see them zipping through an open door, buzzing in front of your nose, and making a feast out of your barbecues on the patio. 

You need to identify and inspect the flies first thoroughly. It will assist you in eradicating them with the least effort.  You can follow these steps-

  1. Observe the swaying flies. Check whether they are passing by or sitting around your patio or outdoor yard. Also, inspect what is attracting them more, is it food or something else?
  2. Now identify what types of flies are there around the patio space? You need to understand whether you have to deal with regular houseflies, moth flies, cluster flies, or other kinds of fly to set the successful fly prevention plan. (Check the table below for identifying the flies). 
  3. If you see a vast number of flies swaying around the outdoor patio space, it’s probably a sign that your property has been prominently infested with flies, or at least, there is a breeding ground of flies nearby. If it is in your neighborhood, talk to them, and offer cooperation to eradicate the problem for good. 

Once you know which fly type is dominating your patio, you can prepare for the fly control procedure (natural and artificial ways). 

But before that, take an ardent look at the typical characteristics of the familiar flies around our home. It would help you identify them with ease. 

Name of the FlyIdentifying Characteristics
Houseflies1. Medium-sized from ¼” t0 3/8” maximum.
2. Grey markings
Blow Flies1. Similar size to houseflies
2. Bronze, blue or metallic green color
Cluster Flies1. Similar size as houseflies
2. Black marking with red eyes
Fungus Gnats1. Around 1/8 inches
2. Found near potted plants
Moth flies1. The largest flies in the list
2. Gray marks

Technique 02: Using Different Natural and Chemical Solutions

When you understand what type of fly is causing problems during your fun time or dinner in the outside patio or porch area, you can chalk out various plans to remove them from the place. The process includes natural, chemical, and electrical methods. 

Clean the Patio:

One of the most common causes of flies’ presence in our home outdoor is a dirty space. We often leave unattended garbage and leftovers in the outdoor space, particularly close to patio, porch or poolside. All these are inviting sign for a fly infestation. 

Hence, always maintain a clean outdoor. You should collect garbage twice a week or pick the wet materials to break down the flies’ lifecycle. Always use a trash bin with tight lids and clean it regularly. In case you use plastic bags, make them sealed too. 

If you have pets, clean their feces regularly. Furthermore, eliminate any stagnant water where the fly or mosquito can breed. 

Use a Fan:

Although named as ‘fly,’ flies have a weak flying capacity. Hey, hey, I just made use of resonance. 

Jokes apart, the fans with strong wind are the best way to get rid of the flies from inside and outside of home space. The uninvited guests will be blown away with the strong wind. 

To do it, plug-in an oscillating fan near the patio area. When the oscillating fan starts functioning, the flies will turn in the opposite direction to avoid the gust. 

Use Camphor and Citronella:

This is a natural, proven, and effective remedy to get rid of flies. All types of common flies dislike the smell of camphor or citronella smoke. For those who don’t know what camphor and citronella are, here’s a little insight for them. 

These are oily aromatic fragrances. These are extracted from lemongrass of various kinds. People across the world love their aroma in the candles, whereas flies have developed an apathy for them. 

So, you can light up a few of these aromatic candles around the patio. It will not only discourage the flies from staying around the courtyard but also fill the area with a pleasant aroma. Hence, it will create an enthralling ambient during the picnics, barbecue parties, or grilling time around the patio, along to keep flies away. 

Make a Flytrap:

Experts and homemakers around the world have developed multiple flytraps to catch and choke the flies inside to death. However, not all of the fly removal methods can be described in a single article. So, we have picked the most proven and user-friendly flytrap method for this purpose. The selection has been made after consulting homeowners and experts, so you can rest assured to get the best benefits. 

The methods procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Take one cup of clear water in a jar and dissolve ¼ cup of sugar in it. 
  2. Now place a thick paper piece from the top of the jar and roll it until it reaches the top of the mixture level. The paper piece needs to be in a cone shape. 
  3.  Attach the cone-shaped paper in the jar with the help of additives or tape. 
  4. The wide opening mouth should face upwards and the narrow cone towards the sugar syrup. 
  5. Flies will swarm in the cone for the sugar syrup and get trapped in the funnel. So, removing the flies will be a clinch job. 

Alternatively, you can use a mixture of milk, pepper fly, and sugar too. 

The Vodka Effect:

Flies hate the vodka just as much as you love it to gear you up amidst a freezing environment or with a piece of perfectly grilled chicken. Indeed, the vodka smell is an arch-nemesis of flies. 

Henceforth, pick a cheap vodka and use it to fill a few bags of small plastic sandwich items. Zip the containers for a complete sealing and hang the halfway filled bags in the patio corners. The idea sounds crazy, but the results are amazing, you will thank me later. 

Swat the Flies to Death:

The idea may sound fanatic, but it is an effective method with an immediate result. Besides, swatting the flies dead inevitably brings a strange feeling of satisfaction for you. 

You can use conventional flyswatter for this purpose. However, if you feel squeamish with the process, we recommend you to go for the electric ones. It resembles a tennis racket and uses electrifying effects to kill the flies with a loud and satisfactory zap. 

Use Homemade Fly Strips:

While the aromatic candles are a great way to remove the flies effectively, these are a costly investment too. 

So, how about a DIY project?

Yes, you can create a DIY fly strip to deter the annoying pests. You will need a few extracts of essential oil and a long piece of used clothes. At first, cut the cloth piece in a 12 inches length with a 1 inch of width. 

Now drip it with any essential oil to moisten the cloth piece. You can use lemongrass, clove, lavender or rosemary, and even mint extract for the purpose. Once the strip is moistened entirely, hang it on the patio corners or the railings. The aroma will deter the flies away. 

Opting for a Commercial Spray:

Some people use UV light traps to eradicate the flies from the patio space. However, during our review, we found that UV light or solar spotlights have the least effect on the flies. Instead, you can opt for a commercial repellant for the purpose. 

  1. Aerosol fly sprays are effective in knocking down the flies quickly if you need an immediate impact. However, these aren’t effective for long-term outcomes in the outdoor space. Hence, you can use them in the patio only before the starting of your barbecue party or picnics. 
  2. You can place small baits stations around the patio or outdoor space filled with insecticide baits for the fly. In dumpster areas, the method brings breakthrough results. However, you need to sanitize the area that can sometimes turn out challenging. 
  3. If you identify a resting place of the flies around the porch, patio, or outdoor space, we recommend you to use residual pesticides. Nonetheless, be aware of choosing an adequately labeled insecticide that won’t harm kids and pets. 
  4. Alternatively, you can opt for the ultrasonic pest and bug repeller to get rid of the flies forever. These are the commercial-grade repellant method that can be used for years. The best thing about them that the operation is quiet. 
  5. If you still find it hard to tackle the problem, the last thing you could do is to call for a professional pesticide management service. 

Technique 03: Prevent the Fly Return

Once you have successfully given the notorious flies a heave-ho, the last thing you wouldn’t want is to see their back again on the patio or your outdoor space. So, discourage their return with the following steps. 

  1. Clean home, a better environment, and boost hygiene- remember the saying. It implies that a clean patio surrounding will keep the flies away. So, after a late-night party, always tidy up the clutters, leftovers, and other items. You can place a trash bin around the patio with a tight lid so people can throw their used items in it. 
  2. If you aren’t fearful of the presence of a spider, ‘em, these are the best natural repelling agent to keep the flies away- without a cost! You just need to ardently make sure that the spider web doesn’t come across your walkaway. The hungry arachnids have particular devouring for flies. 
  3. Why don’t you be a nature enthusiast? Ah, ‘em, you can surround the patio corners with potted herbs. It briefly includes basil, mint, lavender, and more! Flies have a strong apathy for them and won’t stay around the space once they identify the herbs smell. 
  4. Flies sway in where there are stagnant water sources such as puddles, or soggy patches. The stagnancy takes place often right after you use a hose to clean the patio floor, and it leaves away few water patches. So, make sure you remove the water before it invites the unwanted guests- the flies. 
  5. If your backyard has long grasses, female flies will see it as a perfect place to give birth to its next batch of generation. So, regularly mow the lawn and around the patio. It creates a soothing experience in the yard, too, since a regularly maintained lawn is often greener and attractive. 

The Bottom Line

We sincerely and profoundly hope that you now have a clear idea of how to get rid of flies on the patio and outdoor space.  We have only those techniques which are certified by millions of users’ across the globe. Additionally, none of the methods requires any special skills, and these are cost-effective too. 

Before we conclude the article, here’s a quick recap of the discussion:

  • Identify the fly types and the reason for the presence on the patio.
  • You can use homemade fly strips, natural herbs, or mechanical methods to flee them away or knockdown to death. 
  • Once you get rid of the flies, always maintain a clean patio and outdoor space to discourage the return of the unwanted guests. 

That’s all for today from us. Live clean, enjoy the holidays, and have fun-without flies! 

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