7 Practical Hacks On How to Get Rid of Birds Pooping On Patio

Birds are beautiful both with their lovely feathers and chirping capacity. But the same thing can’t be said when they decide to make a mess in the patio and porch areas. Pigeons, parrots, or crawls at your patio space may look aesthetically pleasing, but when you smell the bad odor coming from their pooping, your good mode may soon get spoiled.

The smelly packing and droppings of different pet and wild birds is a real headache for most homeowners. Hence, they search for practical ideas on how to get rid of birds pooping on the patio to avoid the mess.

You should start by not putting any food leftover on the patio for the purpose. Also, use artificial predatory birds and repelling devices for the purpose. In fact, you can use different techniques to stop birds from pooping on the patio and porch.

Practical Hacks On How to Get Rid of Birds Pooping On Patio

Everyone wishes to keep their patio in the most immaculate condition. But the birds’ poop is the real challenge to achieve such neat and tidy states of the patio. The bird poop not only feels smelly but also looks dirty.

If you don’t want to experience such bad sights, you can quickly follow these tricks.

1.     Make sure there’s nothing for birds

Unplanned cities and the felling of trees have forced birds to change their eternal homes and look something within the locality. Thus, many birds now actually try building nests inside the homes, especially in lawn, patio, or porch spaces.

If birds can locate anything inside or near the patio to be used for nestling, they will surely be flocking in the spot. So, you have to be careful of it. Different items such as dried leaves, boxes, or containers allure birds to build their nest nearby or inside the patio.

Also, they may not poop intentionally but it may happen when they find something useful for their nest and try to take it away with them. Furthermore, extended tree branches to your patio from the outdoor are an immediate invitation for birds.

Use a chainsaw to cut these extended branches to keep the area clean. Also, it permits a more light entrance inside the porch and patio area.

2.     Don’t use a bird feeder nearby the patio:

If you have pigeons or parrots as pet birds, you might be tempted to feed them when you seat relaxed on the patio. Also, many people now use bird feeders to feed wild birds as a growing trend. Of course, we encourage both practices.

But we also recommend you mount the bird feeder away from the patio spot. When you feed fowls inside the patio, it increases their chance of pooping there. Also, they will keep coming back in search of food and stay to get fed. Thus, you will see their poops here and there on the patio.

So, don’t blame the birds for such a nuisance if you practice feeding them on the patio. Hear our words and place the bird feeder on your garden fence and see what magic it brings for you. A clean and tidy patio will be your finest reward.

3.     How about predatory birds?

Predatory birds such as owls, hawks, or falcons are the arch-nemesis of local birds such as crows, parrots, or pigeons. So, you can sue one of these predatory birds to frighten the other birds and keep them away from the patio spot.

Hey, don’t be serious. We aren’t recommending you use real predatory birds for this purpose. You can quickly get the plastic-made fake birds and mount them inside the patio. Once other birds will see the statue, they will think twice before invading the spot. Also, these days the predatory birds’ statue is made so beautifully that will surely elevate the overall aesthetics of the patio area.

So, it is a 2-in-1 bonus.

And yes, you can get them in hardware stores or gift shops. So, it isn’t challenging either to get them.

4.     Use Ultrasonic sound repelling device:

All birds are highly sensitive to any kind of sound and usually, displace noisy places. Also, birds are known for hearing many high-pitched sounds that the human ear can hear. Thus, you can see the help of these two characteristics of birds to keep them away from the patio and stop them pooping in your favorite spaces.

You will find bird deterring sound devices of many sorts in the market. But, we recommend you opt for the ultrasonic sound repelling machine. It generates a high-pitched sound that remains inaudible to human ears. But birds can still hear it.

Thus the sound will scare the birds and keep them far away from the spots. It is recommended that you get a motion-sensitive ultrasonic sound generator for the best results. The motion sensor will detect any birds flying in its range and will auto-activate the ultrasonic sound device.

But it can also be disturbing if there’re too many birds flying within its range. Thus, the device has to work 24X7 almost.

If you don’t like the ultrasonic device because of its expensive budget, we have another suggestion for you. You can get a device that will imitate the predatory bird’s voice. Thus, it will scare off the birds but can be a real problem when you stay near to it. So, you have to accept the trade-off here.

5.     Why not use the wind chimes?

Let’s admit that we all love the misty and sweet sound of the wind chimes. The pleasant sound coming from the beautiful-looking wind chimes indeed elevates your enjoyment in the porch and patio areas.

But do you know that these wind chimes can also stop birds from visiting the patio areas? As a result, these chimes also stop birds pooping problems once and for all.

But how do the wind chimes do it?

Actually, birds don’t like any noisy area. On the contrary, wind chimes in outdoor patio spots will continuously generate audio due to airflow. So, birds will find the space inappropriate for them and finally, leave it.

Moreover, wind chimes come in different designs and look. So, you are free to choose the one that best fits the patio indoor including its furniture and interior design.

6.     Meow! Meow! I am here:

When the birds pooping become the real headache, bring the ultimate predator gets rid of the problem. Yes, we are talking about the nicest pet of all-the cats!

You can allow the cats to stroll the patio area during the morning and evening time. Once birds see the majestic paw king patrolling the patio, they won’t turn towards it anytime soon. Furthermore, it allows the cat to play around the patio and outdoor spaces.

You may consider placing a rug on the patio floor to help the cat feel more comfortable here.

7.     Mirrors and mirrors:

During the rainy days or winter, you may not want your cat to go outside to scare off the birds. You can quickly install some mirrors on the patio walls for such moments. When you mount multiple glasses around the porch and patio, it will reflect the sunlight.

Also, it reflects birds too. Some birds will stay away due to the sunlight reflection and others won’t like the presence of their mates. Thus, your patio will remain safe from pooping.

Final Words

That was all from us on how to get rid of birds pooping on the patio. We have included seven easy hacks to keep birds away from the patio. But there’re other alternatives too. For instance, spinning pinwheels are easy to use. Furthermore, you can consider making the patio surface sticky so birds get a hard time going away from the floor. Once they can escape, the birds are less likely to come back.

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