How To Fix Sagging Patio Chairs ?Following 3 Ways

patio sagging chairs

Outdoor patio chairs add aesthetics and offer brilliant relaxation. When you have some time, you can lean on these patio chairs and enjoy the evening or night. Unfortunately, although these outdoor chairs offer such massive benefits, they have to go through immense tolls. These chairs are exposed to weather and natural elements, which weaken the structure, shape, and thus, the chairs will start shagging.

So, you must know how to fix sagging patio chairs if you don’t want to replace them soon. Also, stopping the chairs from sagging will save a good amount too. The good part is that repairing the sagging patio chair isn’t pretty tough.

Why Should You Repair Sagging Patio Chair

People often use their patio space for different purposes. Hence, they decorate it with various chairs such as lounge chairs for sunbathing and stylish folding chairs. And you should make no mistake that these chairs are cheap. The cost for each chair may easily go over $200 or even more.

Thus, replacing the sagging chair can be costly. Also, calling for a professional maintenance specialist is not an inexpensive option either.

So, what do you do?

Homemade repair is the best solution.

When you repair the chair and stop its sagging, it will enjoy a prolonged lifespan. Plus, the simple DIY work will truly rejuvenate your mind and revive your freshness. It will not take much time either. So, you need not worry about wasting time on it.

How To Fix Sagging Patio Chairs

Patio chairs can be in various styles. Also, these chairs are made using a wide range of materials. Hence, these chairs would need different techniques to repair the sagging. Thus, we will discuss these various ways to repair the patio chairs, including the outdoor chaise lounge chairs.

Nonetheless, your tips will mostly focus on the materials since the repairing technique will mostly depend on the materials.

  1. Mesh-sling patio chair repairing
  2. Vinyl patio chair repairing

So, let’s dive into the repairing tips.         

How to Repair Mesh Sling Patio Chair

Mesh sling patio chairs come with mesh fabric. It ensures maximum breathability while you sit and lean on the chair. However, the mesh or wicked fabric is prone to weather and external elements. Thus, these chairs will sag more frequently than the other patio chair variants.

The steps of repairing to stop and remove the sagging include-

  1. First off, measure the chair properly. For the width, start measuring from the center of the rail and continue until you reach the opposite end. Measure the curvature of the chair to know its length accurately.
  2. Once you know the measurements properly, you are ready to purchase the new sling. You can order it online or from the patio fabric shops.
  3. Now, you will have to use a utility knife to cut the new sling according to the required measurements. For this, move the knife in downward motion right through the middle of the sling. Next, move it from one side of the rail to the other side and reach the cap. Remove the cap from the sling.
  4. Now, it’s time to remove the old sling from the patio chair. You can simply slide half of the chair’s sling from the rail. However, the rails are connected with bolts. You need to remove the bolts to free the rail.
  5. Look at the spreader bar and remove it too. If it needs repairing or repainting, do it now.
  6. Now, remove one rail from the patio chair. Now, find the nylon rod of the sling and insert it in the other rail. Also, make sure the hem side of the sling faces the backside of the chair.
  7. After you have a slide in the sling, you have to tighten it. So, slide the removed rail into its place. Also, connect the rod that you removed from the other side previously. Now, attach the bolts with the rail.
  8. You will also need to refit the spreader bar. Firstly, use a clamp to extend the pipe. Next, you might need to bend the spreader for better fitting. Lastly, use a rubber mallet to hit the spreader bar to provide the original shape.
  9. As the last step, you will need to check the excess rod and cut it to fit the chair. Again, use a wire cutter for this purpose.
  10. When you are satisfied with the sling fitting, you should use the end caps to cover the rods.

You can now enjoy the fully revived sling-mesh patio chair.

How to Fix Vinyl Patio Chair

Vinyl chair repairing for the patio chair is pretty easy and almost follows the same technique for the sling-mesh chairs. The steps include-

  1. For the vinyl straps, you will need to know the length only, not the width. Next, measure the outer frame of the chair. This process will work for the single-wrap chairs. Next, you need to wrap the entire frame of the chair exposed to the chair’s plastic pegs or metal clips.
  2. For double wraps, the measuring technique will be a bit different. Found a hole in the chair and start measuring from there. Circle the entire frame and then pull the tape from one side to another side. It would be best if you repeated the measuring pattern.
  3. Once the measurement is complete, you will need to purchase the required pegs and vinyl straps. We suggest you get the vinyl and pegs more than the actual measurement. It will help you in the better fitting.
  4. Now, you will need to fasten the newly brought vinyl straps with the patio chair frame. As you bind the strap, you must ensure that it has covered the peg also. It is for double-wrapped frames. For single wraps, wrap the strap halfway. Then, you have to pull and connect the vinyl strap with the other end of the patio chair.
  5. As you fasten the strap, insert the peg right through the hole. Also, keep pulling the vinyl strap until it covers the loop.

Now, you can enjoy the vinyl patio chair.

How To Fix Old Patio Chair Seat

As you repair the patio chair sagging, you might need to repair the seat also. At times, it could be separated from the chair frame. Also, the main reason for the patio chair sagging is the damaged spline. You have to replace it to prevent the chair from sagging. The repairing steps are-

  1. You need to remove the seat entirely from the chair. For this, use a screwdriver to remove the bolts at first. Then, you have to place the chair upside down to remove the bolts.
  2. When you have removed the bolts, slide the chair seat from the frame. It should come out easily.
  3. Now, check the seat to find the patio spline. You have to remove it too.
  4. Replace the old spline and install the new one. Insert it right through the mesh. You have to pass it through the holes and attach it properly.
  5. Finally, slide in the seat on the frame and tighten the bolts.

You should now enjoy the sagging free patio chair.

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Final Words

There are three tips on how to fix sagging patio chairs, including their frame and seat. Whether it is a vinyl or mesh patio chair, these steps will help you prevent sagging shortly. The accuracy depends on the correct measurement.

So, you should enjoy the DIY patio chair repairing work. Let us know how did you feel during the work. Cheers!

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