5 Tips on How To Cover Old Patio Swings

Patio swings are truly one of the best outdoor furniture for some leisure and fun time. You can sit relaxed on it and enjoy the mild swing and fresh air. Plus, it is a great addition if you have kids. Also, it enhances the beauty of the home exterior.

Nonetheless, sunrays, rain, snowfall, and other elements don’t forget to take their toll on the beautifully covered and painted patio swings. So, these will wear out and get discolored for a time being. Thus, knowing how to cover old patio swings will actually help you in reviving the furniture instead of investing big to get a new one.

Thus, let’s get with it and see how the tips to cover and revive your old patio swings’ to give it a new décor and life work for you.

How To Cover Old Patio Swings

When spring or summer advances, it’s probably the time to enjoy some refreshing air and quality family time. But, a discolored and worn-out patio swing won’t help you with the cause.

The following tips will help you revive the old patio canopy swings easily and comfortably. Here, we have included both covering tips of the patio swings and repairing the damaged vinyl seat liners. So, without much ado, let’s jump with the topic.

1. Observe the Patio Swings:

Most patio swings are made of metal elements. The upholstery or seats are made of vinyl. Vinyl is used for its ability to withstand water, wind, and rust successfully. But the fact is that even the strongest metal or vinyl will eventually start wearing out while exposed to natural elements and weather.

Thus, the seat liner will wear out and it needs to be fixed. You can use the vinyl patch to fix the damage instead of completely removing it.

2. Cleaning the Swing Liner:

Next, you need to clean the swing liner. You will need a commercial all-purpose cleaner and a piece of soft cloth for it. Before applying the cleaner, try to remove any dirt and debris from the vinyl liner. It will help you in getting a quicker and cleaner result at ease.

Now, use the cleaner and the soft cloth to remove the debris, dust, and mud from it. You can use mild to hard pressure since vinyl is pretty sturdy and won’t break apart easily. When the debris and other dust particles are removed, use another piece of soft cloth to finally wash off the vinyl seat liner.

3. Applying the Vinyl Patches:

You need to create a hole around the damaged area of the patio swings seats to insert the vinyl patch. A 2-inch hole should be enough for the purpose. As the hole’s diameter is quite large, you can easily position the vinyl patch inside.

Use scissors to remove any additional threads from the recently created holes. You can also use fingernail clippers for this purpose. It will give a cleaner appearance. Now, prepare the needed vinyl patch. It should be a bit larger than the hole itself.

Don’t worry, the patch will still go through the hole at ease. Now, use mild force to insert the patch through the hole until it fully goes through it. Now, use your fingers to adjust it around the damaged vinyl liner.

4. Attaching the Patch with the Liner:

Now, you will need to work with vinyl adhesive. As the patch fits rightly with the liner, lift it slightly. Use the adhesive with the existing vinyl liner. Now, push the patch on it making sure it sticks to the liner properly. The vinyl adhesive helps the patch to stick and repair the damaged liner for a long time use continuing many seasons.

5. Covering the Patio Swing:

There’re multiple ways of covering the old patio swing to prevent rust and damage it from weather and other elements.

  1. Replacement Covers:

The easiest of all ways is to purchase a new patio cover and use it over the swing. But it can be an expensive investment since patio swing covers aren’t pretty cheap. You can get the swing cover replacement from online and home décor shops. Make sure it fits the patio swing model properly.

2. Making a DIY Cover:

If you have some time and want to show your DIY skills, making a new cover for the swing isn’t pretty difficult.

You will need the following things for this-

  • Measuring tape
  • Woven fabric
  • Loop tape
  • Hook
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Waterproof cloth

First off, measure the patio swing to know how much coverage you will need. Use the measuring tape for this purpose. Then, choose the waterproof cloth accordingly. You should choose the cloth color to match the swing. Or, it will look seriously odd.

Now, find a flat surface. Put the woven fabric or cotton and the waterproof cloth on the surface. You need to use the adhesive on both the cloth and the woven fabric. Then, press them until the two materials join and attach properly. You can use a weight to put over the materials to ensure that they remain smooth and even.

As the adhesive dries properly, lay the cover flat. Use one corner of it to fasten with the swing. First, fasten the top corners. Now, go, behind the swing frame bar. Check how much cover is extra there. Fold the additional cover. If you find it hard for your next uses, mark it with a permanent marker or pencil, so you remember it easily.

Use the adhesive to attach the hooks on the exterior side of the patio swing. Alternatively, you can stitch the entire outer side of the cover using thread and needle. But, it can be painstaking and time-consuming. So, we don’t recommend it.

Finally, choose a suitable tarp and put it over the new swing cover. It will give durability to the old patio swing cover and revive it with a new and refreshing look.

Final Words

When an old patio swing starts to get damaged, covering it saves it from further dame and replacement. In this DIY tutorial, we have described how to cover old patio swings. Plus, we have discussed the ways to repair the vinyl liner of the swing seating arrangement.

Thus, it should save you from buying the new patio swing unless it is extremely worn out and becomes unusable. Isn’t it a money-saving and fun DIY idea?

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