How to Clean Fire Pit Glass | A Few Easy Steps to Follow

A fire pit is one of the most popular patio accessories around the US. It not only adds to the aesthetic of your landscaping but also keeps you warm and comfortable during the chilly evenings. And for such amazing benefits, around 66% of Americans voted a fire pit as the most popular outdoor patio design element, according to a 2018 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) report.

And if you are one of these Americans and know about patio fire pits, you are aware of the fact that fire glass has slowly but surely taken the place of woods and charcoals in a fire pit. And is the newest trend in the fire pit scene. Fire glass is gaining overnight popularity because it enhances the appeal of the fire pot, makes it look modern, and is also super low maintenance.

However, low maintenance doesn’t mean that you would never clean or take care of these glasses. You should clean your fire pit glass from time to time to make them shine like crystals and increase their longevity greatly—even with frequent use!

5 Easy And Quick Steps to Clean Fire Pit Glass

One of the initial questions that might hit your mind is “can fire glass be cleaned”.  And the answer is “yes”. Yes, you can clean your fire glass if you know how to clean it perfectly. Let’s discuss the steps in cleaning fire glass effectively so that it looks as colorful and beautiful as ever.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

As fire pit glasses are not your ordinary pieces of glass, you need the right supplies to clean them safely. We have listed all the things you need for the washing and tidying session below. Check them out.

Things You Need

  • Water
  • Household vinegar
  • Protective gloves
  • Plastic scoop
  • A strainer
  • Newspaper sheets
  • Tarp

Step 2: Prepare the Fire Pit

When you decide to wash and clean your patio fire pit glass, make sure to prepare the fire pit first to avoid any mishaps and accidents. Turn off the gas supply of the pit and let it cool down completely. AS glass is a bad conductor of heat, it will hold the heat for quite some time before cooling off. Make sure to turn off the fire pit several hours before you plan to clean. Otherwise, you might end up burning your hands.

Step 3: Remove the Fire Glass

Once the fire glass in the fire pit cools down completely, it’s now time to remove them for cleaning purposes. Carefully scoop out the cooled fire glass with a plastic scooper and pour it into a bucket. Make sure to focus on the edges, near the burner, and on the top layer to scoop out every last piece of glass crystals.

Sweep any pieces of broken glass away for safety purposes.

fire pit

Step 4: Wash the Fire Glass Crystals

After you remove all the glass crystals from the fire pit, wash them with simple warm, soapy water. Mix dish soap [or any other type of liquid soap you prefer] with warm water and bring it to lather. Then pour the mixture in the bucket with fire glass and stir all of them well. The friction between the crystals will help to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime easily and quickly. If the dirt is super stubborn, you can use a scrubber to scrub off the glass for an even cleaner look.

Once you clean off the fire glass with soapy water, rinse them with distilled water so that they are completely clean and shiny as before. Because the soap water leaves a white residue, it’s important that you wash the glass thoroughly with clear water afterward.

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Also, make sure to clean the fire glass in small batches. It will clean each of the crystals even more precisely.

If you want to clean your fire glass with some more natural, you can always opt for a household vinegar and water solution. It works as good as a soapy one, if not better. Mix the same amount of vinegar and water in the bucket and soak the crystals for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse with clean water for a glistening outlook. You need to remove the vinegar too because it might also leave a white cast over the glass.

Also, when you are cleaning the glass crystals, try not to use alcohol or chemical-based cleansers. Because these cleansers are flammable, they can result in a big fire in the fire pit, if not washed off completely.

Step 5: Dry the Fire Glass

Before putting them back in the fire pit, dry off your freshly-washed fire glass completely to ensure safety. If particles of water cling onto the crystals, they can pop out suddenly when you light a fire on them. After you drain the water, spread the fire glass evenly on newspaper sheets so that they can soak any excess moisture and dry them efficiently. Make sure to shuffle the crystals every now and then for complete drying.

Once the fire glass crystal is cleaned and dried perfectly, put them back in the fire pit to warm up your surroundings again.

Why Fire Pit Glass Gets Black At the First Place?

There are several reasons for which your fire pit glass might turn black and dirty. We have discussed them in detail so that you can protect these crystals as much as possible.

Wind Blowing the Flame

When the wind blows on your fire pit, it leads the fire to shoot on the pit as well as the edges of the burner pan. And when over time, this shoot deposits on your fire pit, it turns the interior of the pit and the fire glass dirty making them look black and nasty.

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To keep the fire pit and the fire glass clean and sparkling, make sure that you have a consistent flame.  You can either block the wind [nearly impossible for outdoor fire pits] or use a flame guard to reduce the fire shooting and keep the glass crystals clean for a longer period. 

Improperly Installed Air-Mixer

In general, outdoor fire pits use LP gas to light up the fire. However, as LP gas is dense, it requires an air mixer to burn cleanly without producing any black soot. This air mixer combines additional air with the gas and makes it a cleaner and more efficient fuel source for your fire fit. 

But if this air mixer is not installed properly in the fire pit, the dense LP gas will start making black shoots and turn the fire glass in the pit dirty. 

If you want to maintain the looks of your beautiful fire glass, make sure that the air mixer in the fire pit is set properly.

How Long Does Fire Pit Glass Last?

Firepit glass crystals are usually super long-lasting. Because they don’t burn, melt, or change color in the fire pit, these crystals can last somewhere between 4 to 8 years. However, with proper care and cleaning, these glass crystals can last more than that.

Wrapping Up

We have discussed the easiest yet most effective way to clean your fire pit glass. If you follow these steps to a T, we are sure that your fire glass crystals would not only be dirt and dust-free but glisten like never before. Try our cleaning method and let us know your thoughts.

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