How To Clean Algae From Patio Furniture

Algae can be a killer to your beautiful patio furniture. Do you want to know how to clean algae from your outdoor furniture so that they always look as new and fresh as ever?  Well, keep on reading below.

Patio furniture enhances the look of your outdoor area greatly. They also offer you a place to host social gatherings, outdoor parties, barbeques or just somewhere to sit and relax after a long day out. And because of such benefits, 90% of Americans accept that their outdoor living space is more enjoyable than ever before, according to ICFA survey report 2021.

However, with its looks and conveniences comes great responsibility. If you don’t care and maintain them regularly, especially during adverse weather conditions, there are high chances that your favorite chairs, swings, and other pieces of outdoor furniture can grow algae in no time. This slimy green film of aquatic organisms can ruin the look of your beautiful furniture and even make them very slippery and hazardous for you.

Let’s find out how to get rid of algae attacks from your outdoor furniture effectively.

Top 6 Ways To Remove Algae From Your Patio Furniture

There are quite a few ways to remove algae from your patio furniture. We have discussed them in detail below so that your chairs, swings, as well as gazebos, remain clean and fresh all year round. But before, getting fully into how to clean algae from outdoor furniture, let’s first learn about the things you need so that cleaning doesn’t feel any hassle.

No matter what solution you use or how you clean, to wipe off algae from your patio furniture you will need:

  • A cleaning brush
  • Gloves
  • A garden hose
  • A sponge
  • A water container

In addition to gathering all the necessary cleaning items, you will also need to remove all the seats, cushions, and covers from the furniture [if any]. This will expose the whole furniture and make it even easier to clean.

Try Out The Warm Soapy Water Solution

If algae have just started to attach your patio chair or canopy swing [or any other piece of outdoor furniture, for that matter], you can use a simple warm water solution to get rid of it. This solution is also one of the cheapest methods of cleaning your furniture.

To make this solution, all you need is warm water and a mild detergent. Put a few drops of the detergent in a pot of warm water and mix them well to form a lather. Then soak a cleaning brush with this mixture and scrub the algae-covered area of your furniture with strong hands. Since the infestation is in the early stage, this action will remove all the algae from the spot and clean the place completely.

Next, wash it entirely with water to remove the residue.

Let it dry completely before putting on the covers and cushions.

This cleaning process is suitable for both wooden and metal outdoor furniture.

Baking Soda Is Helpful

Baking soda is an incredible home remedy to remove algae from your chairs and swings. The active ingredient, Bicarbonate, present in baking soda helps to kill algae on the outdoor furniture, and loosen it perfectly so that it’s easier for you to remove.

However, when you decide to use this chemical-free method, remember to make a solution of baking soda for easier application. And to make this solution, mix two cups of white vinegar with one cup of water and 3 spoons of baking soda in a spray bottle, and shake it well.

Then, spray this mixture generously on the algae-infected area on your furniture and leave it for 20 minutes. This resting time will loosen all the green organisms and make them super easy to wipe off.

After 20 minutes, scrub the surface with a scrubber to remove all the algae perfectly. Once you are done scrubbing, wash the solution with clean water and let the piece of furniture dry in the sun.

Vinegar Can Do Wonders

Besides warm water solution, a vinegar suspension is also effective in removing algae from your favorite patio furniture. The acidic content of vinegar melts the stubborn algae deposits from the surface so that you can wipe them off of the furniture effortlessly for a cleaner, tidier look.

To clean with vinegar, all you need to do is mix three parts water and one part vinegar in a container and spray it on the spot generously. Let it sit for a few minutes so that the algae dissolves and comes off quickly when you brush it off.

After a couple of minutes, scrub off the infestation with a cleaning brush and wash it off with clean water.

You can also use this vinegar solution to wipe off any algae buildup on the polyester canopy or lounge chair seat as well. 

Bleach Can Do The Job Just Right

If you have old, stubborn algae to deal with, a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide can do wonders to your outdoor chairs and swings and loungers. This incredible product creates a very fluffy foam on the surface and lifts up the algae with it so that it becomes really effortless to wipe it off of the furniture.

To use it, all you need to do is mix ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide with a bucket of warm water and spray it on the infected spot. Wait until it forms a foam [which takes about a few minutes] and then, rinse it off with clean water. Make sure to remove even the last bit of hydrogen peroxide from the furniture to keep away stains and discoloration from it.

Before spritzing this solution on your furniture, don’t forget to move it away from your garden plants. As it is a bleaching agent, it might harm them greatly.

You Always Have Algae Cleaning Products

You can also use commercial algae cleaning products to get rid of all the buildups from your amazing patio furniture. These cleaners are specially formulated to remove algae from furniture, and hence, provide satisfactory results quicker than ever. However, before putting them on your favorite pieces of outdoor fixtures, make sure that you have followed all the manufacturer’s instructions. It will not only ensure your safety but also maintain the look and durability of your patio furniture.

Pressure Washing Can Be Helpful Too

If you want to avoid all of the above and yet looking for a way to get rid of the algae from your favorite patio chairs and swings, pressure washing can be a great choice. The high-powered water from the washer will blow up the algae quickly to make the furniture surface clean and hygienic.

However, before using this method on your furniture, make sure to maintain a safe distance. It will help to avoid any type of damage to your furniture.

Let’s see how your patio furniture looks after cleaning it with a pressure washer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do as the aftercare of an algae treatment?

The aftercare of an algae cleaning treatment is important. It prevents any future algae growth on your loved patio furniture. Moreover, it also cuts down on future maintenance.

After you clean and dry the piece of furniture, spray a generous amount of disinfectant on it. This will wipe out any remaining algae successfully and also ensure your safety.

How to stop further algae growth?

Algae grow on your outdoor furniture because of the surrounding conditions. Hot, humid conditions are excellent for its growth. When your patio furniture doesn’t get direct sunlight, it creates the perfect environment for algae growth. That’s why you should try to place them under sunlight to keep them away. 

Also, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. It takes time for this green organism to appear on a cleaner surface than otherwise.

Final Words

Even though green algae seem to be a harmless buildup on your patio furniture, in reality, it might be extremely dangerous. As it is super slippery, green algae may lead to severe accidents and might even result in a visit to the nearest hospital. And therefore, don’t delay in cleaning it whenever you spot this slipper organism on your outdoor furniture.

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