How to Build a Patio Deck with Pavers, an Experts Guide

If you want to build a patio deck with a paver in your outdoors, there is nothing wrong with that. With summer approaching, it’s natural for you to want to spend more time in the yard rather than inside. It’s relaxing, it’s fun and it’s recreational! An amazing patio would not only extend your outdoor living area and offer you a soothing place to unwind yourself but would also increase the value of your property greatly. And that’s the reason over half of Americans (53%) want to build a patio in their property rather than not having one, according to a 2021 ICFA survey.

And among all other patio decks, if you want to build your with pavers, you are in the right place! We have listed and discussed everything about building a patio with pavers so that you can build yours without any hurdles.

Before jumping into an in-detail discussion, let’s first find the tools and materials you would need to build your pavers patio.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Patio Pavers [stone or brick]
  • Paver Base
  • Paver/Leveling Sand
  • Paver edging
  • Tape Measure
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Shovel
  • Garden Rake
  • Hand Tamper
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Furring Strips
  • Exterior Wood Screws

When you have all the tools and materials, it’s now time to get into the real process of making your patio with pavers.

1. Determine Your Patio Layout Design

Ask yourself, what type of pavers you want for your patio. Do you want a stone paver patio or a brick paver one? Even though the laying process of these paver materials is similar, deciding on the paver type will help you to source the material quickly and easily.

Once you sort out the material, plan for a paving pattern. There are several different paver pattern designs out there to try on your patio. From a jack-on-jack to a running bond pattern, pinwheel, or even an advanced herringbone pattern, choose the one that is your favorite and easy for you too.

Besides the type of the pavers and the pavers’ pattern, keep in mind the patio size also. Make sure that the patio deck is big enough for your outdoor furniture too. Without furniture, the space won’t look as welcoming as you want it to be.

2. Prepare the Place to Lay Patio Pavers

Now that you have a design, use strings and batter boards to mark the layout and prepare the place to lay the paver. Before marking, the layout, measure the place perfectly so that there is no chance of making a patio too big or too small. Also, make sure to mark it in a proper square shape. It will enhance the aesthetic of the place greatly.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to install a proper drainage system on the patio. It will drain away any accumulated water and make the structure last for a long time.

If you aim to install landscape lighting to enhance the look of your outdoors, it’s time to lay the cables now. You might have to go through a lot of hassle if you want to lay the cables later on.

3 Establish the Patio Foundation

After you are done preparing the area completely, install the gravel paver base. It provides incredible support and safety. Start by adding a 2- to 3-inch gravel layer on the ground, and build it up to a 6-inch base. Make sure to use a plate compactor after installing each layer to make the base uniform.

Once you are done with the gravel base, start removing sand from the patio area to make space for the pavers. After you dig into the right height, tamper the base to compact the soil underneath.

Then, add a landscaping fabric to the soil and pour inches of paver sand on it to hold the fabric tightly in place. This fabric will prevent weeds from springing up between the pavers and keep the patio weed-free and clear.

4. Lay the Patio Pavers

Now that you have the foundation, lay the aluminum paver edging on the ground according to your measurement. Then lay the pavers in place to build your patio. Start laying them along the edge of the paver edging and build up your way. Level the pavers as you move forward with a rubber mallet to make sure all of them are set at the same height rather than up and down. Continue adding pavers until you are done covering the whole place. You might need to cut a few of the pavers to fit your outline perfectly.

Also, while adding them to the patio foundation, make sure to leave a small gap between the pavers for stronger construction.

5. Add Polymeric Sand

When you are done putting down all the pavers on the patio layout, it’s now time to polymeric sand on them. Polymeric sand will join the pavers and hold them together strongly so that your patio is durable and lasts for years to come.

However, before applying polymeric sand to the laid pavers, make sure that the surface is completely dry. Otherwise, it might clot and won’t work as strongly.

Also, don’t forget to blow off any excess sand from your patio surface. It is an extremely necessary step because any polymeric sand left on the paver might leave a permanent white haze when it comes in contact with water or snow and make it look unappealing.

You can also watch this video to understand the whole process of building a patio deck with pavers.

Why You Should Get A Paver Patio Instead of the Others?

A patio deck with pavers comes with a set of benefits. Let’s discuss them so that its easier for you to understand why you should get it rather than the others,

Benefits of a Paver Patio Deck:

  • This patio requires less digging.
  • Less cost related to digging and hauling
  • Doesn’t require heavy gravel fill
  • Saves time
  • Prevents damage to the landscaping
  • Easy maintenance

How to Maintain a Paver Deck with Patio?

Maintaining a paver patio is extremely easy. You don’t have to allocate much time or effort to keep it new-like for a long time. To keep away weed growth, mildew, and stains from the beautiful surface, clean it with a pressure washer after each outdoor gathering. It will maintain the look of the patio perfectly. 

However, if the pavers start to wobble over time, dust the surface with additional polymeric sand to hold them tightly in place.

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Final Words

Making a patio deck with pavers is not a tough task. At least not with this article in hand to guide you! We have listed and discussed every step, every little aspect of the construction process so that you don’t find it difficult to build one yourself.

Let us know your thoughts, your experience, or any other questions, we would happily reply.

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