How To Build A Barbecue Grill Surround For Your Patio

If you love grilling and enjoy hosting BBQ parties more often than not, then building a barbeque grill surround for your patio would be a wise decision to make. This island acts as an outdoor kitchen and offers you enough space for prepping and grilling conveniently. It also provides a stylish place for hanging out and socializing over good food. Friends and family gather around these extended counters and enjoys their time to the fullest while you serve freshly grilled meals to them.

However, as much convenience and benefits, it provides to the users, building a barbeque grill surround can be a whole different story if you don’t have a clear idea about it. The construction process could be both easy and hard depending on your knowledge and skills.

Let’s learn how to construct a grill island easily so that your outdoor kitchen is the center of attention at your next parties.

5 Steps To Build A Barbecue Grill Surround For Your Patio

If you want to make a simple yet beautiful grill surround in your outdoor, then the following steps are worth a look. We have discussed the “easiest” and “quickest” way to build a grill island to make sure that you have an attractive outdoor kitchen with minimal effort.

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Step 1: Make A Layout of The Surround

Planning is extremely important. If you don’t have a plan or layout of the grill island you want to make, it would be really tough for you to execute it perfectly.

Before getting into the construction, first, determine where you want to build your grill surround. As it is a permanent structure you are about to build, make sure that you pick a spot that is not only convenient but can also be used for years to come without any disturbance.

In addition to picking the right spot, also decide the shape of the surround you want to construct around your grill. It will help you to measure the quantity of the material you would need. You can build a straight counter or L-shaped or U-shaped one according to your needs and convenience. However, whatever you do, plan it first for a smooth, worry-less construction process.

Also, keep in account the estimation of time you need to construct the island. Even though the time required depends on your skill level and the shape of the counter, let’s still look at its difficulty level and time estimation for better planning.


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Estimated Time: 1–2 hours

Step 2: Gather the Tools And Materials

To make a barbeque grill surround, an excellent layout is not all. You would need and materials too to complete the job successfully. Below, we have listed all the necessary items you would need during the construction process to make it easier for you to gather everything beforehand.

Tools You Need

  • Notched Trowel
  • Rubber Grout Float
  • Grouting Sponge
  • Mixing Arm
  • Power Drill
  • Work gloves
  • Hand Broom
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Tape measure
  • Caulk gun

Materials You Need

  • Wall blocks
  • Outdoor Mini Fridge
  • Flexible Construction Adhesive

Step 3: Build A Base

Now that you have a plan and all the tools and materials ready, it’s time to build the base of the grill island. The base is extremely important because it ensures the stability and strength of the whole structure.

To build the base course of the surround perfectly, open any storage doors on your grill and work around them, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to open these doors once you are done constructing. Start building the base close to the side of the grill leaving about ½” space in-between. If the grill and the surround have more space between them, it wouldn’t look as flattering as you want it to. Both of them would look like separate entities rather than being one.

Step 4: Build the Surround Columns

Once you are done constructing the base, move on to making the columns of your surround. To build the column perfectly, apply a layer of adhesive in beads or dots on the base course and start laying the wall blocks accordingly. Keep on building the height of the column with adhesive and blocks until it reaches your desired point. Use a 24” level to make sure that your surround column is exactly vertical rather than tilted.

While putting on the adhesive, remember to apply it at least 2” away from the edge of the block. This act will prevent any glue from oozing out and make the column look unattractive.

After you have completed building one column, construct the rest of the columns according to your island design.

Step 5: Cap The Columns

When you are done with building the columns, you are almost done with your grill surround project. All you need to do is cap off the columns to finish off the island precisely before getting it to use.

Choose caps that match the vibe of the exterior of your home. Also, make sure that they are strong and durable to ensure longevity.

After you have your favorite caps, place them on the columns to complete the surround. Apply an adequate amount of adhesive on the top of the columns so that the caps sit securely on them and don’t move to result in any unfortunate events.

While placing the caps in place, try to center them as much as possible for maximum stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special skills to build a grill surround for my patio?

General knowledge of construction would be great if you decide to build your own grill surround. But then again, even if you don’t have any knowledge, our guide would help you to construct it without any difficulties.

How do I protect my barbeque grill surround from the elements?

As the grill surround is made from wall blocks, it is less likely that elements could cause any damages to it. However, you need to protect the grill from elements to prolong its life and enjoy incredible services. You can build a pergola or shade over the grilling area to shield it away from the natural elements. Or you can also invest in an excellent weather-resistant grill to keep it well-protected.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to build a grill surround easily, we are hopeful that you would be able to build your own in your patio in no time. The steps we have discussed above are extremely easy to follow and require minimum effort and materials. All you need to do is bring out your working hat and start following our guide to making your DIY BBQ grill surround in your outdoor.

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