How To Blow Up An Inflatable Pool, Easy, Cost-Effective Ways

Summer is the right time to lounge around the pool while enjoying a chilled margarita glass. However, if you don’t have an actual swimming pool on your property or nearby, an inflatable pool is your only resort to spend a fun summer. This portable pool is super easy to set up, affordable and offers as much fun and convenience as an actual swimming pool. 

However, when it comes to blowing and setting it up, you might wonder how to blow up an inflatable pool effectively.

Well, the best way to blow up an inflatable pool is by using an air compressor. This air-blowing tool is easy to use, doesn’t require any electrical outlet, and provides precise blowing results. Enlarging the pool with an air compressor is also cost-effective.

But then again, using an air compressor is not the only way to inflate air in your inflatable pool. There are a few easy and cost-effective ways to blow up an inflatable pool.

In this article, we’ll explore some options to help you to blow up an inflatable pool quickly and easily.

DON’T DO: Do not over-inflate your inflatable pool in any way. It would make the pool burn sooner than later.

Girls having fun in inflatable pool
Girls having fun in an inflatable pool

5 Effective Ways To Blow Up An Inflatable Pool

We have listed the most effective ways to blow an inflatable pool. Adopt any of these ways and enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest.

But first, let’s summarize them.

  • Use An Air Compressor
  • Try Out An Electric Pump
  • A Small Vacuum Cleaner Does the Job Right
  • A Leaf Blower Does the Work Just Right

1. Use An Air Compressor

Air Compressor

An air compressor is an excellent tool to blow air into your inflatable pool. It doesn’t require any electrical outlet to work, offers you utmost freedom, and enables you to blow the pool even far away from any electric point.

Even though this non-electrical air blower is mostly used to pump vehicle tires, it works just as well for your pool and enlarges it quicker than ever.

Tips: Make sure to inflate air in a slow and steady manner to ensure its durability.

2. Try Out An Electric Pump

An electric pump is hugely popular among its users because of its ease of use and quick results. It is also super safe as it doesn’t over-inflate your pool and expose it to any early damage. Another advantage of this tool is that it not only inflates your pool but can also deflate it completely for additional convenience. With it, you wouldn’t have to worry about squeezing out all the air when you have an electric pump around.

Tips: Because you need an electrical connection to use an electric pump, be careful of electrical shocks and hazards. 

3. A Small Vacuum Cleaner Does the Job Right

A vacuum cleaner provides unlimited air pressure to enlarge your pool just in minutes. Even though it’s a less conventional method, this machine still comes in handy, especially when you don’t have an air compressor or an electric pump isn’t available. 

Tips: a vacuum cleaner can over-inflate the pool if you are not careful. Make sure to pay attention when blowing air. 

4. A Combination of Water Bottle and Hair Dryer would Work

When attached to a water bottle, a hairdryer can also be used as an air-blower to inflate your pool easily. This method is especially beneficial if you don’t have any other methods available to blow the pool.

Tips: Before inflating air, remember to use the cool shot settings of your dryer. The hot air settings can melt the plastic pool and cause irreparable damages to it. 

5. A Leaf Blower Does the Work Just Right

If you have a leaf blower, you can use it too to inflate your pool float. However, the process is a little tricky. Unlike other methods, you would need 2 people to hold and blow the pool to inflate it perfectly. 

Tips: Be cautious when you blow the air. Because a leaf blower offers incredible air pressure, there are chances that you might over-inflate the pool.

How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor?

Blowing an inflatable pool with an air compressor is quite easy if you follow the right steps.  Let’s find out how to use this tool effectively so that you can enjoy a summer dipping session without any hassle.

  • First, make sure that you have the correct nozzle attachment that fits the air valve perfectly. Without a befitting nozzle, air might leak and take forever to inflate the pool.
  • Now find out the air inlet valve on your pool and open it swiftly to insert air.
  • Once you have an open valve, connect the air hose from your compressor machine to this valve perfectly. Make sure that the valve and the hose fit completely.
  • Turn on your machine of choice and start putting in the air in the pool.
  • Once you have inserted enough air and the pool is completely inflated, turn off the air machine and disconnect the hose. 
  • Then, cap the air valve of your inflated pool to make sure that it doesn’t leak any air and hamper your fun.

Is It Possible to Blow Up An Inflatable Pool Without An Air Compressor

In short, yes. You can blow up your inflatable pool in many ways, including an air compressor. Some most common and innovative ways to blow up an inflatable pool are:

  • Shop-Vac
  • Plastic Garbage Bags
  • Bicycle Pump, Foot Pump, or a Hand Pump
  • A Battery Operated Pump
  • Using Your Mouth

How To Blow Up An Inflatable Pool With a Hair Dryer

You need to be a little creative to blow up your inflatable pool with a hairdryer. As the dryer nozzle and the pool air inlet valve don’t fit, you need the help of a water bottle to blow air inside the pool without any difficulties.

To make it suitable for blowing your pool, first, you need to cut the bottom of the bottle precisely so that it fits the hairdryer nozzle completely.

Then, open the air inlet valve of the pool and undo the bottle cap. Attach the bottle opening to the pool opening before you turn on the hairdryer. It makes sure that all the air enters the pool rather than leaking outside.

When your inflatable pool is completely blown up, remove the bottle and close the air valve tightly to enjoy your day at the pool.

For a better understanding, watch the video below.

A Few Things to keep in mind before Blow Up An Inflatable Pool

  • It doesn’t matter what method you choose to blow up your inflatable pool, make sure to keep all the required tools and materials handy for a smooth air-blowing session.
  • Leaks in the pool are a common problem. Don’t get dishearten or disappointed if you find any in your pool.  Try to repair them before blowing air in your inflatable pool.
  • Before blowing air into your inflatable pool, make sure to place it on a level spot to enjoy the pool safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fill an inflatable pool with water instead of air?

You cannot inflate your inflatable pool with water instead of air. Water will not only make it heavy but would also expose the pool to early tears.

How can I fill my pool without an air pump?

There are more than a few ways that you can use to fill your pool if you don’t have an air pump. Let’s list them for easy understanding.

  • Shop-Vac
  • Plastic Garbage Bags
  • Using Your Mouth
  • Air compressor
  • A combination of water bottle and hairdryer

How long can you use the water in an inflatable pool?

You can use the water for 10 to 14 days without any issues. However, if you don’t sanitize this water with bleach to kill germs and bacteria, it is best to drain it daily for maximum safety. 

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Wrapping Up

Not only getting soaked and enjoying the pool a fun activity but blowing the inflatable pool is also an amusing time for the family and kids. You can all gather around and blow air in it while chit-chatting. However, ensure safety regulations when floating in the pool. It will make your summer even more enjoyable. 

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