How to Arrange Potted Plants On a Patio (4 Attractive Ways)

If you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your patio, there could be nothing better than adding plants and greenery to it. Flowers and plants can change the vibe of your outdoor living space instantly without even trying hard.

A bunch of arranged potted plants transforms your otherwise bland patio into a colorful, welcoming place, as well as ups the value of your property by several notches.

According to a survey conducted by CIVIC SCIENCE, 68% of Americans own potted plants in their homes because it improves the look of the place greatly. And therefore, we understand your urge to add a few potted planters to your patio to make it look more appealing and alluring.

However, when it comes to organizing these pots and planters in your outdoors, it might seem more difficult than you’d thought of. Let’s learn how to arrange potted plants on a patio and create an attractive landscaping view in your outdoor space.

4 Attractive Ways to Arrange Potted Plants On a Patio

Placing a few plants here and there in your patio would most definitely create chaos rather than enhance its overall look. You need to be very discreet and artistic while arranging the planter in your outdoor living space to make it more enticing.

Let’s learn a few tips and tricks to arranging potted plants, herbs, and perennials in your patio so that you don’t have to struggle while putting them together.

Mix And Match Your Favorite Plants

One of the main reasons you decide to add potted plants to your patio is to create a whole lot of visual interest in it. However, a common mistake that most homeowners tend to make is to decorate their patio with planters and perennials of the same height and same type. Even though they assume matching is attractive, what they don’t know is that they are at the risk of creating a monotonous look rather than an interesting one. No one would even notice if you put up such a “bland” plant display.

To create an interesting potted plant garden on your patio, try the “mix and match” approach. Plants of different heights with complimenting pots will add definition and depth to the place and make it more noticeable to the onlookers.

Adorn your outdoor living space with both larger and small planters. While the oversized plants make a grand statement to the overall place, the smaller planter offsets the overwhelming effect of the larger one to balance the overall vibe of your patio.

While arranging different sized plants in your patio, remember to place the larger ones at the back and the smaller ones at the front- it will help with a better representation.

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Try a Monochromatic Grouping

If you don’t feel like adopting the “mix and match” approach in your cozy outdoor living space, trying the monochromic look would be a great way to decorate your patio. But then again, remember that while we are saying “monochromic” or “matching”, we are not talking about adorning your outdoor with the same plant and planters. Rather we are insisting to opt for the same or similar color palette to create that monochromic flow in your patio. For instance, you can adopt shades of red, bright pink, and burgundy perennials to group together outdoor to bring life and brightness to the space. Tall dark pink cordyline paired with deep burgundy smaller heuchera and red caladium will create an incredible matching appearance in your patio garden without looking dull or monotonous.

But before choosing a color scheme for your patio landscaping, make sure that it matches the natural beauty of the surroundings perfectly. Otherwise, instead of being alluring, it will end up being boring.

Also, try to use an odd number of containers of different heights for this arrangement. It will make the pattern more pleasing to the eyes.

PRO TIPS: Even when you are going for a monochromic look, try and pick different sizes, shapes, and textures of plants and flowers for different pots. This will create visual interest and make the space more attractive.

A Ladder Planter Could Be Interesting

A vertical ladder plant arrangement in your patio could really be something to look at. It will not only provide you adequate space to decorate more plants and perennials together but would also serve as a centerpiece in your patio. Moreover, when you add colorful, complimentary vines, plants, and greeneries to it, a well-arranged ladder planter can enhance the appearance of your otherwise bland outdoor space greatly.

While choosing what type or what colors of plants you want to incorporate in our ladder setup, you can always try the “mix and match” approach or adopt a more “monochromic” outlook. Both of these arrangements will go well with the step ladder. However, remember not to include relatively larger plants or heavier pots. These might feel too heavy and cause the stand to tilt.

PRO TIPS: To create more drama and definition in your step ladder garden, add a vine to it and let it go down the length of the ladder. Vines like Mandevilla or Bougainvillea would cover the ladder perfectly and look more appealing.

Cohesive Cluster Planers Can Be A Game Changer

When you already have a lot of potted plants and perennials in your garden and you just want to rearrange them in your patio rather than buying new ones, then a cohesive cluster approach could be a great solution. If you know how to put them together, even the most mismatched pairs of plants will look brilliant.

However, to make it easier for you to decorate the potted garden, let’s share a quick tip. Start the process by placing a large pot and then surround it with medium and smaller ones. If you have matching or contrasting perennials, try to use them together- it will create a flow and make the arrangement more beautiful.

PRO TIPS: If you are planning for an informal look, try putting an odd number of pots into the cluster. For a formal decoration, even a number of plants arranged together would look splendid.

A Few Expert Advice

Let’s also share some expert advice on arranging potted plants on your patio.

  • Try to stick with plants that work best in your region.
  • Remember to use good potting soil for your planters.
  • If your patio is exposed to natural elements, pick the plants wisely.
  • Try to incorporate smaller pots in patio tables to add more greenery to the place.

Final Words

With all the tips and tricks and expert advice, we are confident that now you would be able to arrange all the potted plants in your patio beautifully. If you are a beginner, you might always worry whether the landscaping looks good or not. However, be confident. With our guide in hand, enhancing the look and vibe of your outdoor living space with plants and perennials could never feel any easier.

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