5 Best Hardtop Gazebo Reviews And Buying Guides 2022

Best hardtop gazebo reviews

In the 18th and 19th centuries, sovereigns built Gazebo with cement or stone in front of their castles, which was very expensive. We would say hardtop gazebo where there will be a strong pole made of metal/aluminium, and the roof will be anti-weather, snow capacity 2000 lbs and rust-resistant. Note: If you click a link … Read more

10 Best Gazebos For High Winds 2022 : Rainy Season


Enjoy your holiday, evening, or night out with family and friends under the canopy of a beautiful gazebo. However, your joy may soon turn upside down with a strong wind if you don’t have a gazebo, especially for high winds. A beautiful gazebo adds beauteous to your backyard or garden. Fundamentally, the gazebo uses for protection against … Read more

7 Best Gazebo For Patio Under $500 : Reviews and Buying Guides 2022

Best Gazebo Under $500

Americans love to spend time in their outdoors. Be it summer, spring, or even winter, they will find one opportunity or the other to sit in their well-manicured lawn and enjoy the surroundings while sipping their coffee. And to experience such quality time and serenity, and also to shield them away from harsh sunlight and … Read more

How to Build a Gazebo on a Deck, an Experts Guide

How to Build a Gazebo

According to a 2021 ICFA survey, over 53% of Americans don’t want their decks to be just an aesthetically pleasing showpiece. Rather they want their outdoor living space to be more functional and enjoyable so that they get real use out of it. And if you are one of these Americans, you can always build … Read more

What Is A Gazebo and Its Uses

What Is A Gazebo

If you want an outdoor shade for recreation at home and want it to complement the home aesthetic and décor elegantly, you are left with many options. It includes gazebos, pergola, arbors, and pavilions mostly. But no one beats the impact and practicality of the gazebos? But what is a gazebo actually? Also, what is … Read more

How To Secure A Gazebo From Wind? -5 Tips

Secure A Gazebo From Wind

Many protocols, ideas, and tips can help you achieve the level of security that your gazebo should have. A well-secured gazebo is imperative, as it ensures that the whole construction will last longer, and it protects it from the influences of the always-present weather conditions. Furthermore, the importance of security also comes into play if … Read more

Different Styles Of Gazebos (With Photos)

Different Styles Of Gazebos

Whether you’re wanting to enjoy the bright sun of summer while lounging in the shade or enjoy being outside watching the rain without being in it, gazebos are the way to go! There are so many styles available on the market today that choosing between them can be kind of confusing. Each of them comes with … Read more