Can You Put An Artificial Tree Outside, Is It Worth?

A well-designed and executed garden can enhance the aesthetic of your property greatly. However, maintaining all the trees, plants, and shrubs in landscaping can be a real hassle, especially if you have a large yard. All your time, energy, and money would go into pruning, fertilizing, and watering your garden.

But does this mean you give up your idea of having an enchanting garden? Aren’t there any alternatives?

Well, you can always put an artificial tree outside to make your yard stand out. But, if you don’t want to endure the hassle of constantly maintaining real trees, artificial plants and trees are your things. This is because they look so green and so real that it would be tough for onlookers to tell if they’re fake. And for such appeal, the artificial plants and flowers market in the US is expected to grow $ 369.08 Million during 2021-2025, according to a report by Technavio.

Benefits of Putting An Artificial Tree Outside

You might wonder what the benefits of an artificial tree could be when it is made from plastics and fake?

Well, the benefits of a fake tree are amazing. Let’s discuss them in detail to know more.

Requires Less Maintenance

One of the main reasons people want artificial plants for their outside is that it requires zero to minimal maintenance than real greeneries to look gorgeous and blooming. To keep a fake tree fresh, bright, and lively, you wouldn’t have to prune, fertilize, or even water it daily. Without any extra care, these trees and plants remain in shape and look as stunning as ever. All you need to do is clean them once in a while to keep their shine intact for months to come.

Realistic Appearance

Even though these greeneries are made from plastic and other artificial materials, they look quite like real trees, especially modern ones. Because manufacturers now use improved, high-quality materials, these plants and trees are almost indistinguishable from the real ones. Some more expensive artificial trees even have insect holes and withered leaves for a more realistic look. With such real-looking trees, your outdoor won’t look artificial in any shape or form.  

Doesn’t Go Through Seasonal Changes

Real trees shed flowers and leave seasonally. This makes them look different in different seasons. For instance, while they might look barren in winter, in the rainy seasons, your plants and trees look more lively than ever. This might affect your landscaping and make it look something completely different than your imagination.

However, this is not the case with artificial ones. As these trees are made from plastic materials, they don’t go through seasonal changes and, therefore, don’t change appearance. Therefore, these greeneries will remain the same throughout the years.

Extremely Durable

When you plant a real tree, there are always chances it might die on you if you don’t care for it properly. Even extreme care can kill a plant too. But with artificial trees, you don’t have to worry about such things. Because these plants and trees are made from plastic and are not living, you wouldn’t have to be anxious about killing them. They will remain still in your yard for years to come.


Some people are allergic to some plants. But no people are allergic to plastic-made fake plants. As there is no pollen, fear of insect and bug attacks, and no real flowers, an artificial tree would never trigger any allergic reaction and make you sick. So you can go through your yard of artificial plants without the worry of getting any allergic reactions.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Putting An Artificial Tree Outside?

Like incredible benefits, artificial trees in your outdoors also got some drawbacks. We have listed and discussed them in detail below.

Not Eco-friendly

Artificial trees and plants for your outside are made with plastic and harmful dyes and synthetic materials, which are not easily recycled. And because these materials aren’t biodegradable and easily recycled, they are extremely harmful to the environment.

Doesn’t Do Anything for the Health

Live plants are the real source of oxygen. So when you have a bunch of real plants and trees in your yard, you most probably breathe in the freshest of air. But with fake plants, there is no oxygen production and reduction of carbon dioxide from the surrounding. And therefore, they do not do Anything for your Health and wellness.

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What Types of Artificial Trees Are Best For Your Outside

Even though there are quite a few types of artificial trees available in the market, not all are suitable for the outdoors. For starters, you must buy fake plants that can withstand the weather. Otherwise, you cannot place them in your yard. Trees and plants made from plastic, polyester, and faux silk are the best for outside use. They won’t get easily damaged by weather and remain stunning all year round.

Also, before getting these trees for the outside, don’t forget to check if they are UV-treated or not. This would ensure that even the blazing sun won’t fade and damage the leaves of your beautiful fake tree.

How Long Do Artificial Trees Last Outside

The lifespan of your artificial plant that is placed outside depends on its material and how well you maintain them. For starters, if you have plants and trees made from weather-resistant faux silk, be sure that they will last for two or three months before you need to replace them [quite expensive!].

In the case of synthetic plants [made from plastic, rayon, or polyester] that are UV-treated, they will last for years and years with proper care

However, if the artificial plant and trees are not UV-treated, they will lose shape and texture and fade away in a matter of months, regardless of their construction material.

How to keep artificial trees from blowing over

One risk of putting artificial trees outside is that they might blow away easily when there is a strong wind. And when this happens, it makes the yard look unappealing and exposes the neighbors to danger. Therefore, securing them is extremely important.

To keep your artificial trees from blowing over, you either use heavy-duty Shepherds hooks or ratchet straps to tightly hold them in place. Outdoor umbrella stands and fence post bases also work great to keep the greeneries right in place.

Can you leave artificial plants outside in Winter Season?

If your fake plants can withstand weather, you can leave them outside in any season, even in Winter. However, make sure to wipe off the snow every now and then to prolong their lifespan.

How to Clean Dirty Artificial Trees

To maintain the appeal of your landscaping, you need to clean off your dirty fake plants once in a while so that they don’t look dull and unappealing.

You can use the shower method to make them newer again if you have large trees. But, first, hose and rinse the tree completely to remove every bit of dirt from its eaves, stem, surface, and whole body.

In case of more expensive, delicate silk plants, keep water at bay. Use a waterless, silk-cleaner solution to clean them properly while also maintaining their enchanting look.

If your plants and trees are smaller in size, you can spray a mild soap solution on them and wipe leaf-by-leaf for a thorough cleanup.

Wrapping Up

To enhance the yard’s appeal, you can definitely put artificial trees outside. They will make the outdoors look enchanting while also reducing your daily maintenance routine. However, this doesn’t mean you are completely free from the “take care” regimen. To make these greeneries last longer and maintain their stunning appearance, you must wash and clean them every now and then!

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