5 Best TV For Outdoor Patio Reviews for Entertainment

Outdoor TVs, these days, have become popular for entertaining your family, friends, and guests. Also, TVs for outdoor has developed dramatically during the last two decades that now, you simply can’t imagine a patio or deck space without these TVs.

5 Best TV for Outdoor Patio Reviews

Many people use outdoor screens and portable projectors to entertain people during special days, such as pool parties or anniversary programs. But the outdoor TV inside your patio offers you a permanent solution with better facilities.


These TVs are also reliable and add aesthetics to your decorative space with a beautiful and sleek appearance. From watching the Sunday big game to keeping updated with the breaking news, these TVs offer you a cozy feel while you sip coffee and enjoy the breeze. However, getting the best TV for the outdoor patio is no easy task.


At one point, it must be waterproof and come with high-resolution to be seen clearly, even in the brightest daylight. And on the other end, it must not break your bank account. So, how do you cope up with these features for the TV for the outside patio?


We have made your task easier byselecting five great TVs for an outdoor fun time, entertainment, and watching the favorite movies. Our reviewed TVs not only offer a high-quality picture but also collaborate with the fluctuating weather. Hence, you will get the best viewing experience of your favorite program.

SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch
Weatherproof Outdoor Television Check On Amazon
Furrion Aurora –
Partial Sun Series 49-Inch TV Check On Amazon
Seura Shade Series 2
43-inch Outdoor TV Check On Amazon
Weatherproof Outdoor 55-Inch VerandaTV Check On Amazon
Furrion Aurora
Partial Sun Series 55-Inch Weatherproof Outdoor TV Check On Amazon

1. SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof Outdoor Television

  • Screen: 43-inch TFT LED
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Speakers: 1 soundbar
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Pro Tips:

The 43-inch SunBriteTv offers a UHD resolution display with a 20W speaker. So, you will love watching movies, games and listening to music with it. Also, it comes at a reasonable price, which is a bonus too.

This SunBrite 43-inch TV is a fine-tuned bridge between an affordable price and recommended features that most people will love.  It is a special edition and comes in handy during bright sunny days with a glare-free viewing facility.


It comes with an LED backlight and offers you a maximum of 500 NIT brightness. It combines with the glare-free feature for dramatic pictures. Furthermore, it is 4X times brighter than Full HD TVs. So, you will enjoy the details in every frame, which earlier wasn’t possible.


Also, it is 2X brighter than the standard indoor TVs. So, you will love watching content even with direct sunlight at it. You will get a 20W soundbar with it. Hence, you will also love the listening experience for total entertainment.


The soundbars are weatherproof too. You can mount the 20W soundbar above or below the 43-inch TV. The TV itself is made for all year use in all-weather. It comes with an extremely sturdy aluminum casing that keeps rain, hit, and snow far away.


Hence, you get a total package with a weatherproof outdoor television.  Lastly, its OptView feature allows you to switch between daytime and nighttime views with just one click. So, you get the best pictures with stunning quality every time you switch on the television.


  • It offers 4X more brightness than the standard TVs
  • 20W soundbar ensures a total listening experience
  • One tap switching between day and nighttime viewing
  • UHD screen for better, clearer, and superior pictures


  • The viewing angles aren’t optimal

2. Furrion Aurora - Partial Sun Series 49-Inch TV

  • Screen: 49-inch LCD
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Viewing angle: 178-degrees

Pro Tips:

This television is perfect for a family evening with a great viewing angle. When you mount a set of a soundbar with it, you will love watching the favorite contents on your patio.

Our Top Pick

Furrion Aurora

Partial Sun Series 49-Inch TV

The display offers 4K UHD resolution, which is 4X better than regular TVs. So, you get a real-life experience. Also, the 49-inch screen feels like you are watching everything live in front of you, just like a professional movie theatre.

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Patios and decks are mostly partially covered with daylight entrance for a cozy feel. However, sunlight entry in the patio can deter your television watching moments. Get rid of such imperfections while watching the big day Rugby match or Tom Cruise stunts with the 49-inch TV from Furrion Aurora.


Its display panel offers a maximum of 700 NITs brightness for vivid and impeccable picture quality. When you mount the TV in a partially shaded area, it gives you the best watching experience for movies, songs, and sports.


Its anti-glare technology comes in handy during those days when the sun decides to showcase its power with raving sunlight. The auto-brightness control means you can adjust the contrast and brightness during day and nighttime. So, it offers you even better television moments.


The display offers 4K UHD resolution, which is 4X better than regular TVs. So, you get a real-life experience. Also, the 49-inch screen feels like you are watching everything live in front of you, just like a professional movie theatre.


As expected, likewise,  all the TV for outdoor patio,it offers a weatherproof construction. It successfully works under extreme cold and hotness. Also, it is UV-rays and waterproof with an IP54 rating. It even has 4 built-in fans. So, it doesn’t get heated even after hours of content watching.


Thus, you won’t have to worry about the durability of the television. The only drawback we found of it that it doesn’t provide a sounder for audio listening.


  • Large viewing angle with 49-inch UHD display capacity.
  • Extended brightness offers maximum picture quality.
  • Built-in fans keep the TV cool for extended hours
  • Wi-Fi connection available for watching internet contents


  • You will have to buy the speakers separately. It is a major setback.

3. Seura Shade Series 2 43-inch Outdoor TV

  • Screen: 43-inch LED
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Brightness: 700 NITs

Pro Tips:

This television will work fine in shaded space. Also, its borderless design enhances the viewing experience. But we recommend you not to expect a high-end watching experience for it.

Seura made this cheap outdoor TV for middle-class families, but it eventually turned out to be a favorite of all. It hit the television market with a bang and continued its hype thanks to superior built-quality and feature-packed facilities.


To begin with, you get a full 4K resolution with a large and wide 43-inch display. It offers up to 700 NITs brightness with stunning definition and picture quality. So, whether it is a scorching sun or gloomy sky, you will enjoy watching the programs.


Its HDR contrast and color mean you get perfect color and contrast combination that looks true to life. Thankfully, its micro-edge design comes with near bezel-less viewing possible. So, you can watch contents nearly from every angle extending up to 178-degree.


Also, the borderless view looks sleek and modern. It fits the contemporary patio designs remarkably.  Apart from the extraordinary picture quality and design, you also get a 2-channel Seura 50W soundbar with the TV.  So, it fills your outdoor space with loud and distortion-free sound.


It is weatherproof with sealed construction. It further offers various connections along with the internet facility. So, you can watch content from Roku, Amazon, and many more online platforms. So, you are never bored in your patio space.


  • The UHD display TV comes in a relatively affordable pricing
  • An Internet connection and RF window for faster transfer of data
  • 50W soundbar for outstanding audio output to fill the space
  • Realistic images with a nearly bezel-free design


  • The ARC isn’t up to the mark
  • The menu looks somewhat pixelated

4. SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor 55-Inch VerandaTV

  • Screen: 55-inch LED
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Response time: 8 milliseconds

Pro Tips:

We recommend you install a soundbar with the TV set for enhancing the audio experience. Also, this unit is a little weighty. So, be careful while you mount it with the hook.

If you have joined the league of the bigger, the better, we recommend you to look at the 55-inch TV from SunBrite. It is their 2nd generation television and offers the most realistic pictures.


When you want to watch rugby or soccer sitting in a shaded patio or gazebo spot and still fill the thrill of the stadium, switch on this television. Also, it comes with a 4K UHD screen that provides an LED backlight. It combines with anti-glare technology for some breathtaking and bright pictures. Also, it offers a 50% more brilliant display for a comfortable watching experience under bright sunlight and shaded space.


Its screen also features full HDR for stunning color and contrasts. So, you will enjoy a vibrant and realistic color and images on it. The Veranda series will also offer you a legendary full-shade application. So, it provides the best brightness and pictures both in day and nighttime.


The speakers come built-in inside it, and you also get a remarkable media bay. So, you can stream the online programs and enjoy them while sipping a perfectly brewed coffee.


It is all-weatherproof and comes with a durable aluminum case. So, it provides a safe and permanent installation outside without any hassle. It keeps the dust, insects, sunrays, and rain at bay, so you enjoy nice leisure time with family and friends.


  • Veranda series TV is perfect for a full shade patio space
  • The outdoor TV has an outstanding viewing angle
  • A large screen will offer true to life images
  • Built-in speaker and media bay for extraordinary audio and streaming facility


  • Not higher NITs capacity
  • The bezel is more than comfortable

5. Furrion Aurora - Partial Sun Series 55-Inch Weatherproof Outdoor TV

  • Screen: 55-inch LED
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Viewing angle: 178-degrees

Pro Tips:

When you install the television on your patio, make sure the stand is sturdy. Also, getting a separate soundbar will enhance the watching experience.

This weatherproof outdoor television successfully joins the big league with a 55-inch display. It is a recommendable TV for partial sun exposure for patio, deck, and gazebo areas. When you keep it ina partially shaded place, you will love its realistic images.


The 700 Nits brightness is sufficient for full sunny days even. It has used anti-glare technology to reduce the reflection effect for a better and clearer view. The display features LED technology for a suitable 4K resolution to enhance the watching fun.


Its wide viewing angle combines with the auto-brightness control to make it one of the best TVs for outdoor patio spots. Its casing is made of waterproof IP54 rated material to ensure that it remains in service year-round.  It also brings protection against extreme heat, cold, and rain. So, you will enjoy the best programs all day and night.


It also has four fans built-in inside so that the unit remains cool even after hours of content watching. What’s more, the speakers are also built-in for an incredible audio experience. So, you will feel like sitting right in the event location.


Last but not least, its generous media bay supports Wi-Fi connection and quick transfer. So, you can connect with Roku, Amazon Prime, etc., platforms for your favorite content. The media bay is cases weatherproof also.


  • Sizeable 55-inch screen with built-in speaker and broad viewing experience
  • Fast response time for media transfer from other devices and internet
  • The television is usable in all-climate with a weatherproof housing
  • The display offers clear and vivid images with perfect contrast and HDR


  • It might break your bank account with a high price-tag.

Our Top 3 Picks

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How to Buy The Best TV For Outdoor Patio

We must not forget the matter that outdoor TVs are an expensive investment. So, when you choose to get the TV for the outside patio, you must get the best one and nothing else. But for this, you need to surely and dominantly know the factors to consider linked with these outdoor TVs.


The screen size is dependent upon personal preference and budget. Determine how large a screen you want and your affordability for it. Ideally, for patios, you should get a 43-inch TV at least. And for a higher screen, 55-inch will work fine.

For resolution, 4K UHD is almost mandatory these days. With technological advancement, UHD displays aren’t rare either. So, don’t comprise here.

The NIT refers to the lighted emitted per unit pixel of a screen. It focuses on the actual brightness of the screen in outside conditions. Ideally, most outdoor televisions come with at least 500 NITs capacity. But, some high-end TVs will have 700NITs brightness, likewise our reviewed units.

Higher NITs capacity means the TV will have higher brightness and better view in outdoor conditions.

Since a patio and gazebo are a large space, these spots accommodate a huge crowd. It means people from almost all angles and positions will be keen on watching the screen. Hence, a higher viewing angle is essential for TVs for outside patios.

You should consider TVs with higher viewing-angle, thus. For instance, most of our reviewed TVs for outdoor patios feature 178-degree viewing capacity. Less viewing capacity means people at an angle will be deprived of the content watching experience.

When you watch content, you would also want to feel the sound realistically. Thus, you must get a good set of speakers for the TVs. Some outdoor televisions come out with a built-in speaker, which works fine for content watching.

But for the best experience, you should opt for TVs with a soundbar. The soundbarwill enhance the audio capacity, which everyone will like. Also, the soundbar needs to be easily mountable too.

The media bay allows you to connect the television with other devices, including Wi-Fi for internet connection. The media bay should be responsive and enable fast data transfer for a real-time viewing experience.

What’s more, try to get a TV with a Wi-Fi facility that allows you to connect with streaming platforms. It will enable you to enjoy Roku, Hulu, and other media directly.

The outdoor TV must be weatherproof. Luckily, this feature doesn’t need much consideration since these days; all outdoor TV ensures weatherproof capacity. Yet, look for the waterproof rating for peace of mind.

Also, look for the mounting system and accessories you will get with the package. It should come everything essential for the quick mounting of the TV. Lastly, check whether or not you are getting the remote control with it.

You wouldn’t want to separately invest in the remote control after purchasing such a high-end and pricey television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: It is not recommended to use a regular TV for outside, including patio and gazebo spaces. TVs in the outside condition needs to be weatherproof. These TVs also run the bug risk and other harsh and unfavorable situations that the regular TVs won’t stand. So, you should never use these televisions in outdoor places even if you mount them in a secure location.

Answer: Yes, there are special outdoor TVs. Indeed, all outdoor TVs are made with special attention to the harsh external environment. Also, these televisions come with anti-glare technology to reduce the reflection for a clearer viewing experience. 

Answer: When you purchase an outdoor TV, make sure it has higher brightness and anti-glare technology. Also, it must be weatherproof. You will get the details in our buying guide written above in this article.


We have reviewed the five best TV for outdoor patio to entertain your leisure time. All these TVs are waterproof and come with anti-glare technology to provide a true to life content watching experience in harsh conditions.

Take your party time or lonely patio time to the next level of enjoyment and fun with these tremendousweatherproof outdoor televisions. You will willingly thank us for introducing you to these great TVs.

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