11 Best Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light Reviews & Buying Guides 2021 🌞

This article aims to provide information on the best solar powered dusk to dawn light.

solar powered lightThis is the type of product that you can’t go wrong with – it’s solar-powered, so it will not be an energy consumer and make your bills skyrocket. Also, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t get the dusk to dawn solar light.

They will provide a special atmosphere for your patio or gazebo while being useful during the night hours. Many of these lamps would make great dusk to dawn lamp post light, and since they can be used at many locations, high powered solar flood lights make an excellent choice for places like night markets of football or basketball courts, or any big event that requires intense, bright lights.

If you are curious about dusk to dawn hardwired post lights or you are searching for the lights that are easy to install – keep reading on to find out about different types of solar-powered lights.

InfoPreviewBrandWattWaterproofBattery DurationBrightnessDetails
MAXSA Solar-Powered
Ratings: ★★★★★

1.Maxsa Floodlight
6WYes10 Hours80 lumenslearn more
LOHAS Deck Post Solar Light for Security————-
Ratings: ★★★★★
2.LOHAS Solar Fence Post
5WYes6-8 hour150 Lumenslearn more
Awanber New Version Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Dusk to Dawn
Ratings: ★★★★☆

3.Awanber Flood Lights
12WYes10 hours1100 lumenlearn more
LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn
Ratings: ★★★☆☆

4.LEDMO Flood Light
32WYes20 hours10000 Lumenlearn more
eLEDing Solar Powered Microgrid Dual Head
Ratings: ★★★☆☆

5. eLEDing Dual Head Light
10WYes80+ hours1200+ lumenlearn more
Richarm Solar Flood Light
Ratings: ★★★★☆

6.Richarm Flood Lights
6WYes6-8 hours800 Lumenlearn more
Bestqool Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Led Lights Remote Dusk to Dawn
Ratings: ★★★☆☆

7.Bestqool Flood Lights
15WYes10-12 hours 45 lumens per chiplearn more
TENKOO Waterproof IP65 Led Street Light Dusk to Dawn————-
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
8.TENKOO Street Lights
30WYes8 hour2500 lumenlearn more
Bemexred Led Solar Flood Lights
Ratings: ★★★☆☆

9.Bemexred Solar Security Light
12WYes8 hours1100 lumenlearn more
Bestqool 40W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Commercial Motion Sensor————-
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
10.Bestqool with Arm Pole
20WYes15-17 hours4500 lumenlearn more
Richarm Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Remote Solar Lights————-
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
11.Richarm Bright Floodlights
10WYes 8-10 Hour800 lumenlearn more

1. Maxsa Innovations Solar-Powered : Best Floodlight

Maxsa Innovations Solar-Powered

Automatic Night Activation 

If you have many things on your mind, you don’t have to worry about switching the lights on. This floodlight has a photosensor that automatically activates when it gets dark. Probably a big percentage of the best outdoor dusk to dawn light will have this feature, so make sure that the dusk to dawn solar light that you want to buy has it.

Battery lifetime –

Rechargeable battery in this device can provide light throughout the whole night, it provides up to 10 hours of light on half power and 5 hours on full power. 

Convenient installation –

Mounting hardware is included in floodlamp package, there is no wiring and the installing is made perfectly easy – the only thing that you need for installing this solar-powered floodlight is a screwdriver.

You can use it anywhere –

Since there is no need for the electricity you can use this dusk to dawn hardwired post light almost everywhere. It’s ideal for a place where is hard to conduct wiring. For example, you can use it in your garden, porch, driveway, mailbox. It’s even great for the farms, you can mount it in your barn, equipment storage areas, on your fence and more. It’s weatherproof, so it can also be used as dusk to dawn lamp post light.

  • Automatic activation
  • Durable battery
  • Easy to set
  • Weatherproof
  • Customers complain that battery life is shorter than advertised
  • Lights illuminate a small area

2. Lohas Solar Fence : Best Post Lights

Lohas Solar Fence : Best Post Lights


This high powered solar flood lights can endure bad weather and it’s manufactured by ip65 standard. It is designed to protect electrical circuits inside the lights as to extend life and make the product as durable as possible.

Automatic switch –

The solar lights will automatically turn on or off according to the intensity of light of the surrounding area – it will start working in the evening and turn off automatically in the morning.

Saving energy

It can be charged by sunlight directly saving the electricity used and lowering your bills, all while also being beneficial for the environment.

Wide application

It can be applied in a spectrum of different locations like garages, backyards, porches, gardens and more. It can also be used as the dusk to dawn lamp post light.

  • Waterproof
  • Wide range of illumination (360-degree angle)
  • Very bright
  • Cheap
  • Product gets hot
  • Quality of building materials

3. Awanber New Version Solar Flood Lights : Best Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Light

Awanber New Version Solar Flood Lights

Different ways of control

This dusk to dawn hardwired post light hast three modes of control:

1. Motion Sensor Control Mode– in this mode light turns when motion is detected

2. Automatic Control Mode-in this mode light is being charged through the day and it is working during the night time

Also, you can set solar light working for exact time 3/5/8 hours when in Automatic or Motion Sensor Control Mode.

3.Manual Control Mode-in this mode you can manually turn on or turn off the light.

Everything is controlled by power remote which can be used up to 40Ft/12m distance.

This type of lamp may not be the most ideal for dusk to dawn lamp post light, but there is a wide spectrum of other places where they would be useful.

Good battery lifetime

Thanks to the big phosphoric-iron capacity battery(3.2V/8000mAh) and 6v/12w solar panel this light can work more than 10 hours continuously from dusk till dawn, after being fully charged during the daytime

Adjustable brightness

Because it’s equipped with high quality LED sources it can emit high-intensity light. This high powered solar flood lights have two modes: full bright and half-bright mode, so you can adjust them to your needs.

  • Easy to install
  • Super brightness
  • Different modes of work
  • Waterproof (ip65 standard)
  • Long battery life
  • Users argue that the product quality is bad
  • Some people reported leakage

4. LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn : Huge Capacity lithium-ion BB

LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn

Strong battery

This dusk to down solar-powered light contains huge capacity Lithium-ion battery which can provide more than 20 hours of working time after being fully charged (in half lighting mode)

Different modes of work

You can control this solar-powered light with remote control from the distance up to 25ft and set it in different modes of work:

Auto mode

Light is charged during the day and is working during the night

Timing mode

You can set working hours of light 3/5/8 hours

Gradient mode

The brightness of this solar-powered street light is adjustable, there is full bright mode and half-bright mode, which you can set using a remote control

High quality built

This dawn to dusk solar light has a body made from aluminum and aluminum alloy frame, which is great because this material is corrosive resistant. Also, dusk to dawn hardwired post light has a tempered glass solar panel and is of ip 67 standard waterproof grade so you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions.

  • Strong battery
  • Easy installation
  • Super strong brightness
  • Long battery lifetime
  • High-grade materials used
  • A handful of users report that light doesn’t last
  • A few of buyers also claim that product came defect

5. eLEDing Solar Powered Microgrid Dual Head : Best light for wide area

eLEDing Solar Powered

Dual head

thanks to two separate light heads this solar light is highly adjustable. You can set it to illuminate a very wide area, but you can also adjust it to cover the narrow area to not expose your neighbor’s yard.

Smart Function

This solar light has photosensor that detects how bright is the area and according to that adjusts its brightness. It only raises to full brightness when motion is detected, in other circumstances brightness is lower. This is manufactory default because it saves lots of energy extending working hours of light up to 40 hours and saves your neighbors, this newer generation lights can provide up to 1200lm. Even though this solar-powered lighting is super bright. You don’t have to worry about consuming too much energy and emptying the battery quickly, because it has Intelligent Power Management that can sufficiently extend continuous illumination.

High durability built

This dusk to dawn hardwired post light is made from high-grade polycarbonate which is long-lasting and it doesn’t way as much as other materials. Other high-quality parts include Zilog MCU, EESGI-ePIR detector, tempered glass solar panel with a 10-feet-long cable that can be extended.

  • One-step setup
  • High durability
  • Adjustable lighting heads
  • Smart function
  • Buyers had problems with warranty
  • Buyers argue that the lighting started blinking and after some period of time stopped working completely

6. Richarm Solar Security Light : Best for security

Richarm Solar Security Light

High-Efficiency Solar Panel

This dusk to dawn hardwired post light is coming with a very efficient solar panel that can convert up to 17% of the sunlight into electrical energy. When exposed to direct sunlight it can be fully charged as fast as 5 hours. Another advantage of this solar panel is that can collect solar energy even during cloudy weather.

Multiple installations

These lights come in a package with 16.4ft cable which allows lights to be placed in many different spots, where there is no direct sunshine and solar panel at a different place, where sunlight is available. These dusk to dawn solar lights can be installed on a roof, in the garden, courtyard, parking lot, walkaway, you can mount it on pools or put it in the ground and use it as landscape lights.


This solar-powered light dan withstands different weather conditions. It has an ip65 enclosure which means it is dust-tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle. This is suitable for open spaces like gardens, parks or uncovered pools.

Made of durable materials

This dusk to dawn solar panel lights can work in severe weather conditions because they are made from aluminum and ABS which makes them corrosive free and heatproof.

Wide cover area

These lights can cover a huge area when working at night. As floodlight, they can provide illumination for basketball courts, yards, arenas and more.

  • Remote control function
  • Adjustable brightness and light time
  • Multiple ways you can use it
  • High-quality solar panel
  • Working time is sometimes less than 8 hours, it depends on the panel’s place and exposure to sunlight

7. Bestqool Solar Flood Lights : Best High efficient solar panel

Bestqool Solar Flood Lights

Highly efficient solar panel

This dusk to dawn solar light is equipped with new generation of polycrystalline solar panel which can convert up to 18% solar light to electrical power.

Smart lighting control

You can control this solar-powered light via remote controler which is included in package. This dusk to dawn lights can work in automatic mode, that provides charging by day and working in nighttime. You can also set it to work certain amount of time (3/5/8h), And using the remote controller you can easily decrease or increase brightness by just clicking the buttons on remote controller.

Long working time

Thanks to high capacity Li-ion battery this solar-powered light can work up to 10-12 hours continuously while charging just 6-8 hours.


This dusk to dawn solar powered light is made from high-grade materials like aluminum which means that it can’t corrode. Solar panel is covered with tempered glass. This build makes this solar-powered light very durable and its life span can surface 50000 working hours.

  • Weather proof
  • Easy to install
  • High quality materials
  • Efficient solar panel
  • A few customers complain that battery life is shorter than expected
  • Light is covering a small area

8. TENKOO Waterproof IP65 Led : Best for rainy weather

TENKOO Waterproof IP65 Led

Motion sensor – 

The motion sensor will switch on the brightness mode on the lights when there is movement present, and it will stay fully bright for 40 seconds after the movement, ensuring that the light is always on for the person that is nearby. When there’s no movement, it will optimize the energy consumption by reducing the brightness to 20 percent.

Battery has large capacity- 

The battery that this lamp operates on is Li-Ion battery (12000mAh ). The span of the battery is estimated to ensure at least 50 thousand working hours.

Easy installation 

There isn’t any trench or wiring that might make you loose the mind during the installation of the lights. It involves only screwes. The downside to it is that if you need the pole, it’s not included, but the manufacturer does mention the optimal pole diameter: 5-8 cm.

  • Waterproof
  • Movement sensor
  • Easy installation
  • Bright
  • Durable
  • Can’t be used below 0 degrees Celsius
  • Installation pole isn’t included

9. Bemexred Led Solar Flood Lights : Easy installation

Bemexred Led Solar Flood Lights

Multiple working modes – This light offers multiple working modes: 

  1. Manual control mode – If you set the lights at this mode, you are in charge of whether they are working or not. You get to control them with the remote.
  2. Radar Motion Sensor Control mode – If you choose this option, the sensor will cause the lamp to light up when there is any kind of motion nearby. This way you can optimize the amount of time tat the lamp will spend being on, and drain less battery over time. 
  3. Automatic control mode – This mode is the one that is usually present on most of the lamps similar to this one. It will be charging during the day, turn on at the dusk and continue working into the night up until the dawn.


The lights are waterproof and they can keep functioning normally in extreme weather conditions, which allows you to use them during the whole year regardless of the season. This feature makes this product a good choice if you live in an area that is affected by extreme weather conditions.

Easy installation – 

The wall mount bracket is very adjustable and the manufacturer offers a few placement options: mounting it on the wall, on the pole or placing it on the ground.

Since it’s one of the best dusk to dawn solar flood lights, this shows a variety of placements which illustrates the easiness of the installation as well as the adjustability of the mount bracket.

  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand all seasons
  • Easy installation
  • Lasts over 10 hours when fully charged
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Users report that it’s not bright enough

10. Bestqool 40W Solar Street Lights : Best For Commercial

Bestqool 40W Solar Street Lights

Automatic turn on/off 

This model, as well as others, has a sensor that will help you save the time and ease the worry. If you are coming back home from work late, you don’t have to walk carefully to your house – the path can be lit for you.


This lamp will cover 850 square feet of space. It’s ideal for garages, big backyards, events that happen at night like night markets and etc.

Large battery capacity 

Also, this dusk to dawn solar light can go up to 17 hours after the battery has been fully charged. This can ensure that the light will be up all night even in the regions where the day lasts really shortly.

Waterproof and protection– 

The water can be a cause of many problems when it comes to electronics. For it to function perfectly, it has to be isolated. This feature will ensure that your lamp lasts more and that you can enjoy the lights on days when it’s raining just like any other day. The switch is placed on the joint between the lamp and the metal arm as well, providing more protection from the water. In case of low temperatures, the battery will go into self-protection mode and that may cause it to not get fully charged.

Wireless installation 

The lamp can be installed at places wherever you can get direct sunlight. No wires to make the installation complicated – you just need to use the screws to mount it on the wall or nearby pole.

  • Waterproof
  • Wireless installation
  • Covers 850ft
  • Lasts up to 17 hours
  • A few users describe leakage that led to dysfunction.
  • A handful of people claim that the light is not working after charging for a long period of time
  • May dysfunction at low temperature

11. Richarm Solar Flood Lights : Best Bright light

Richarm Solar Flood Lights

Automatic turn on/off 

This feature will help you optimate the energy consumption and lessen your worries when you get out of the home –”Have I turned off everything?”. The dusk to dawn solar light, as the name suggests, turns off in the morning automatically and turns on in the evening as well.

Efficient charging 

This solar panel will charge even in the cloudy weather. During normal sunlight input, it will be fully charged in five hours. It only takes a part of the day to be able to give out the light whole night. The battery is Li-Ion, it’s rechargeable, of course, and when it’s fully charged it will keep the light shining for up to ten hours.

Bright lights 

The lights can cover the area of up to 860 square feet, making it an ideal choice for any kind of big outdoor spaces like patios, yards, playgrounds, pool, etc.

Remote control – 

No need to get up, deal with unnecessary buttons, cables or small spaces. You can control the brightness and set up the number of hours that you want your lights to be working by using the controller. The distance from which the lights can be operated is 39ft.

  • Waterproof
  • Heatproof
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Comes with 4ft  cable
  • Long battery life
  • Premium remote is needed if you want a simple on/off function

Buying Guide: Solar Powered Dusk-To-Dawn Lights

There are many advantages to having a solar-powered dusk-to-dawn light. To make sure that you benefit from all features that this kind of product can offer, you should aim to get educated on features that are specific for dusk-to-dawn lights. We have prepared a buying guide in the hope that it will assist you to choose the best solar-powered dusk-to-dawn light that meets all of your demands.

Automatic Activation

Automatic activation can be a particularly advantageous feature to prolong the life of a battery and save the energy that has been converted from solar power. Automatic activation will make sure that energy spending is optimized – many modes can be set up on several dusk-to-dawn lights. They make the light turn on in various situations or regulate levels of brightness depending on the conditions.

Battery Lifetime

Like with every other lamp, you should check the battery life. Opt to get the lights that have longer battery lifetimes, or if they are too expensive, make sure that the price to battery lifetime ratio is acceptable.

Portability and Similar Features

If you want to use your lamp on a place other than merely your patio or yard, then examine if the lamp is easy to install, mount and takedown. Furthermore, be sure that the lamp doesn’t need an energy outlet because that narrows installation opportunities a lot. If you want your lamp to be portable, you should also reflect on the weights of a lamp – the lighter it is, the easier it will be to deal with it when mounting it and unmounting it, as well as when transporting it.


Having waterproof or weatherproof light secures that it can last for seasons to come. It’s a notably important trait if you plan on installing it outside, and not in the garage or under some shielding cover. Even then, it would be wise to go for waterproof light because of the mist that can form early in the morning.

Range of Illumination

Depending on the usage, you should check out the range of illumination of the Solar Lights. If you need to have an overview of your complete yard, then be sure to get the light that has a wide range of illumination. If you would like your light to be more luminous and focused on one specific area, get the light of a narrow range of illumination.


Check at how powerfull the light bulbs are and study the reviews of the customers to get a better feel of how bright the lamps truly are. If you require it just as the night lights, it’s more beneficial to get dimmed lights or medium-bright ones. If you are arriving home from work late and the bulbs flash brightly suddenly, it can be quite a stress for your brain and the eyes.

Modes Available

Depending on the purpose of your lamp, it would be useful to examine if lamps offer different modes. This may be the characteristic that makes a solar lamp the perfect product for you. There are many modes available, and they are usually very simple to set up and change. They are also useful in terms of energy spending.


When choosing a good Solar Powered light, you should keep in mind that good, quality materials make for a more long-lasting light, particularly keeping in mind that those kinds of lights are regularly exposed to the outdoor conditions. It’s worth investing in a little more expensive solar light in the long term. If you live in a region with severe weather conditions, materials can be a deal-breaker.

# FAQs


Many sensors’ settings can be changed by the remote controller that comes with the lights. It will usually offer different modes of light that will affect the way the lights are functioning.

The usual modes are mentioned few times in this article, the first is Manual control mode, second Radar Motion Sensor Control and the third is Automatic control mode. Manual control mode – When it comes to this mode, you are in charge. You turn the light on and off, the sensor plays no part in it.

Radar Motion Sensor Control mode – This is the option that uses least energy. It will turn on the lights only if the sensor detects some kind of movement. Last, but not least, the Automatic control mode is the classic mode of most of the dusk to dawn solar lights. It causes the lamp to charge during the day and turn on during the night.

If the sensor isn’t working properly, try resetting it by turning off the lamp, waiting for a few seconds and turning it back on. Also, check if the lamp is charged since dusk to dawn solar lights can stop functioning properly if the battery is almost empty.

If there is enough sunlight to power the battery, the lights should work just fine during the winter as they do during the other seasons. It would be advised to change the battery annually if you live in extreme weather conditions. To avoid the situation where your lights don’t work, if you do live in such conditions, it’s worth investing in the best solar powered dusk to dawn light, considering the expenses when you have to fix electronics, it’s a good investment in the long run.

Even best solar powered dusk to dawn light needs the energy from the light, but it doesn’t have to be direct sunlight. It would be best if it were, considering it contains the most energy. This means that your lights will be charged even when they are placed in a shady area, just not as quickly. For the optimized performance, expose them to the sun the most you can.


Depending on what you need, the definition of the solar powered dusk to dawn light might differ from person to person.

It’s very obvious what the upsides to having some of the dusk to dawn outdoor lights when it comes to personal use – almost all of them have sensors that will ensure the optimum usage of the energy. The mentioned energy comes from the solar cells which means that the electricity bill will be smaller and that the charging time should be enough to power the light throughout the whole night, or even turn them on only when someone is actually there to use them. This option is ecologically friendly as well as financially.

Another great feature is the brightness and the fact that most of these lamps last for a very long time making them a great investment for any outdoor space – and they are easy to install, so you don’t have to call your friends to help you or wreck the nerves just to get it working. Some of the best solar powered dusk to dawn light will make you forget the inconvenience of tripping in the garden up to the front door or around the garage. The only possible downside is that the dusk to dawn solar light might attract mosquitoes.

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