6 Best Ropes for Hammock Outdoor Camping (Buying Guides) 2021

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The outdoors promises a blend of adventure, fun, and satisfaction that makes it appealing to explore the unknown. The best rope for a hammock is important for an exciting outdoor adventure. 

If you’re a lover of outdoor life, you’ll find it thrilling and want to be out there at every opportunity. Once you have enjoyed the thrill of adventure, having the right place to rest when nature calls are pertinent. 

If you’re a die-hard hammock lover, you’ll discover it’s important to have the best hammocking gear. You need the best rope for a hammock to set up for a good night’s sleep.  Otherwise, you will have a crappy night’s rest. 

Missing out on the tiniest detail like a quality rope for a hammock could ruin an outdoor adventure. That’s why it’s important to go on outdoor camping trips with the best rope for hanging hammocks.

6 Best Ropes for Hammock Outdoor Camping In-Depth Review

We’ve compiled a list of the 6 best ropes for hammock outdoor camping, and reviewed them based on their brands, top features, pros, and cons. You can check the below for a quick overview.
Ready to go hammock camping? Keep reading to know more about these best ropes for hanging hammocks.

1. MalloMe Extra-Large Hammock Straps

MalloMe Extra-Large Hammock Straps


  • Supports up to 2000 pounds of weight
  • Includes 2 free carabiners and a bag
  • 20 feet long loop strap
  • Triple stitch design 
  • Compatible with single and double hammocks
  • Polyester design

Outdoor adventure can be tough and interesting at the same, and you need the best night’s sleep to crown it. The MalloMe extra-large hang-tight hammock straps are sturdy and will hold up a hammock effectively.

This best rope for a hammock will hold up your hammock effectively regardless of your weight. You can trust these hammock ropes to hold you up effectively, without dumping you on the ground.

The strap features a 2000 pounds weight capacity, and can readily accommodate your weight. It can also take that of another person if you’re using a double hammock. The strap is 1-inch in width, and will firmly hold to a tree trunk without slipping off. You also get up to 20 feet of looped strapped, so you can suspend your hammock easily, no matter how far apart.

It’s made from durable polyester material, that doesn’t stretch, and is reinforced on the seams with a triple-stitching technique. Your hammock won’t slip off even when the weather is wet. The strap can conveniently accommodate a single or double-sized hammock. You’re not constrained on the hammock to use.

It’s pretty easy to set up this hammock without any complications. It won’t be a bother when you’re ready to sleep or move. With its two free carabiners, set up is easy, and you can carry it in its bag when you’re on the move.

It would stay firm on trees, rocks, docks, and even boat masks. So, you have a multipurpose hammock rope that will serve you beyond outdoor camping. Interestingly, it weighs only a little above one pound and won’t add any unwanted weight to your hammocking gear.


  • Impressive sound quality and range
  • Compact design fits tight outdoor spaces
  • Weather and rust-free construction
  • No detail lose in large space in high settings


  • The bass quality needs slight improvement

2. Hang Tight Hammock Straps From Nature’s HangOut

Hang Tight Hammock Straps From Nature's HangOut


  • Weighs only 13 ounces
  • Combined weight capacity of up to 2000 pounds
  • Each strap is 10 feet long
  • Flat loop design
  • Triple back tacking stitch

Nature’s hangout hangs tight hammock strap is a quality strap to keep your hammock in place when you’re outdoors. Featuring a weight of only 13 ounces, with the bag combined, you got yourself a perfect one for ultra-light backpacking.
The lightweight design of this hammock suspender doesn’t affect its weight pound rating. It has a combined rating of 700 pounds on both hangs and can take a sufficient weight of about 2000 pounds without breaking.

The straps are about 20 feet long when combined, so you can have enough rope to hang up your hammock. It has a loop design of about 4 inches that gives you enough room to fit the hammock to your preference.

It boasts double back-tack stitching over triple reinforced stitching for sturdiness and durability. This way, you can be sure that the strap would last long and not get frail from use. The rope has a flat loop design that makes it easy to roll up and stays compact and light when rolled up.

The hammock rope is easy to set up without complications using the included carabiners. You won’t need to fondle with it for long before setting up or packing down. It’s designed with durable polyester material that won’t stretch when used.

For your comfort, the hammock strap has 16 loops on each strap, making it easy to adjust your hammock to sit or sleep in it. The straps will fit easily to a tree trunk without slipping. It’s also wide enough to fit on the tree without digging into the tree barks.


  • Triple back tacking stitch
  • Safe for a tree trunk
  • Multiple loops for easy adjustments
  • Lightweight and compact for backpacking
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • Single color option

3. Wiseowl Outfitters Extra Large Hammock Straps

Wiseowl Outfitters Extra Large Hammock Straps


  • Item weighs only 15 ounces
  • Comes with 2 quality carabiners
  • 19 loops on each strap
  • Each strap is 10 feet long
  • Flattened design for safe tree use

Spending time outdoors and exploring the beauty of nature gives you an exciting feel. You always need the best hammocking gear to get the best out of such trips, as nothing beats a good night’s rest. When it’s time to set up your hammock, this best rope for hammock making will provide all the support you need. 

It comes in a sturdy design that allows your hammock to hold up without slipping. The hammock strap features a looped design that allows you to set up your hammock conveniently. You won’t need to go through the hassle of tying knots to keep them in place.

The hammock strap is designed to work with all types of hammocks. You won’t need to bother about looking for a type of hammock that would fit with it. The strap has enough room for adjustment, and you can fit your hammock to your most preferred position. 

It features a 19-loop design on each strap, ensuring you have a comfortable hammock position. With 10 feet long strap, the hammock strap gives you enough room to set up your hammock as wide apart as you want it to be.

It features a pair of carabiners, optimally designed to hold up your hammock on the straps. It’s specially designed with safety in mind, so it doesn’t pierce the strap or hurt your hand while setting up. You can easily carry the strap in its accompanying bag, and won’t add so much weight to your hammocking gear. 

If you’re a lover of color, you might want to go for this hammock strap, as it comes in three different color options. It’s designed to rest flatly on the tree and no amount of hammock pressure on the straps will hurt the tree bark.


  • The material has a sturdy design
  • It’s very easy to set up
  • It could be put to multipurpose use
  • Accommodates different hammock types
  • Enough room for easy adjustment
  • Safe for tree use


  • Unspecified weight capacity
  • May not handle excessive weight
  • Quite heavy for backpacking

4. PYS Extralarge Hammock Straps

PYS Extralarge Hammock Straps


  • It has 20 loops per strap
  • Supports up to 1000 pound weight per strap
  • Comes in a camo-colored design
  • Triple stitch reinforcement
  • One inch width for tree protection

When it’s time to grab a quick nap in your hammock or time to rest after a long hike, you need quality straps to do the job. The PSY hammock straps help you to get comfortable as quickly as you need it. It’s super easy to set up. 

Reinforced with triple stitching on the back, you’ve got all the support you need to steady your hammock.  You can adjust it to suit your comfort as it comes with 20 loop options to fit the hammock to your taste.

The hammock strap has a flat design that makes it safe for trees. You won’t find the tree bark injured from the weight of the straps. The straps won’t frail from the weight as it’s carefully stitched to ensure its durability.

The multiple loop design makes it easy to fasten your hammock to a sleeping or sitting position. This flexibility helps to meet your comfort needs while outdoors. It weighs a little over 1 pound, and won’t add any significant weight to your backpacking gear. You can trust the straps to hold well if you’re using it for a single or double hammock.

The straps come at a good price for their quality. Each strap can sufficiently sustain a weight of up to 1000 pounds. If you’re on the lookout for a sturdy hammock strap to complete your gear, it will certainly make a great buy.


  • It is Lightweight for backpacking
  • It’s convenient to set up
  • Compact design for mobility
  • Adjustable loops for comfort
  • Made from sturdy material


  • Doesn’t include a carabiner

5. WEHE Hammock Straps

WEHE Hammock Straps


  • It has 18 loops per strap
  • It Supports up to 1000 pounds weight per strap
  • Designed with Triple stitch reinforcement
  • One inch width for tree protection
  • 10 feet long straps
  • Weighs only 14.4 ounces

Sturdy ropes for hammock will make your night’s rest interesting. It makes it easy to toss and turn without the fear of falling off the hammock. These hammock straps are sturdy and will help you stay your hammock in the right position. 

With its 18 loop design, you can adjust your hammock to suit the position you prefer. You may choose to set it in a sitting position when you’re not ready to sleep. You can hang up all types of hammocks with these hammock straps. You won’t need to start looking for a type-specific hammock to use with it.

The strap is 10 feet long each and is long enough to hang your hammock as far apart as you need. Each strap can support up to 1000 pounds of weight. The straps will support your weight without breaking. The hammock straps can be easily hung up, and you won’t have to bother about knotting ropes.

The straps are flat enough and will hold steady on tree trunks without injuring the trees. They also have a triple stitch design, that makes it sturdy and long-lasting for use. Made from 100% polyester, you can trust this hammock strap for your camping trips.


  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable loops
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to use on any standard hammock


  • It may not be durable
  • Doesn’t include carabiners

6. AIFAMY Hammock Hangings Safer Nylon Rope

AIFAMY Hammock Hangings Safer Nylon Rope


  • It weighs only 9.9 ounces
  • The rope is 40 inches long
  • It’s one inch thick
  • Designed from nylon rope

You might probably enjoy the idea of swinging from your hammock and prefer a sturdy rope to hold you up. Sometimes, you just love the traditional idea of hanging up your hammock with sturdy ropes instead of straps. Some hammock straps could be unreliable and could land you on the floor when you ought to be soundly asleep. 

This multipurpose hammock rope will come in handy if you’ll be needing it for more than your hammock. The sturdy rope will hold firmly anywhere it’s hung. The rope is good if you’ll be hanging your hammock from a short distance, as it’s 40 inches long. You may choose to double it for support, especially if you like it longer.

The rope is made from nylon material for sturdiness. It comes in a pack of two ropes and can support up to 600 pounds of weight. You can set up this hammock rope without having to knot the ropes.


  • Perfectly light for backpacking
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Doesn’t need knotting to set up


  • No carabiners

Frequently Asked Question

What are the Types of Rope for Hammock Available?

When it’s time to suspend your hammock, there are different options. You could use a standard rope for a hammock that will be knotted around a tree. You may also choose to use webbing or a strap to hold up the hammock. Both are beneficial for you depending on your needs.

You may choose to use a rope or a strap depending on if you want to put it to different uses. You could use your rope in climbing during the hike when you’re out of your hammock. In such instances, it’s preferable to use a rope that’s sturdy and holds well. You may choose a strap if you need something convenient, and all you want is something to hang your hammock in for a good sleep.

Is Paracord Strong Enough for Hammock?

There are different rope types for hammocks. If you’re interested in hanging a hammock with rope, you want something sturdy. If you use a paracord, it’s not strong enough to hold up your weight. It will also stretch when using it.

A paracord may not be strong enough to keep you from falling from a hammock. It could endanger you and ruin your camping trip. It’s better to go for more durable ropes that will hold up your hammock effectively. Other hammock ropes are light enough for backpacking if that’s the reason you’re considering a paracord.

What are the Best Hooks to Use for Hammock?

Hammock hooks are important for a sturdy hammock position. The strength of your hook often determines how firm your hammock stays. Hammock hooks come in different designs from J-rings, D-rings, S-rings to 8-rings. They all have different uses, and some are suitable for hammocks.

The D-rings hooks are effective to hold up a hammock since hammocks are suspended by heavy-duty ropes and straps. It’s best to use a D-ring hook to hold up a hammock so it doesn’t slip out through the edge. Other hook types may hold up a hammock, but it may not be as effective and secure.

How Much Rope Do I Need for A Hammock?

To set up your hammock, you can do it with a rope of 12 inches or longer. It gives you enough room to set your hammock above the ground. It would also depend on the distance between your hammock post. If you’re using trees, you’ll need to consider how wide apart they are.

Also, you might need to consider the thickness of the tree trunk. For slimmer tree trunks, you might need to wrap your ropes or straps around them more than once. The rope would give it a firm hold and steady it to support your hammock adequately. A longer rope will be needed for effectiveness.

How to Braid Hammock Support Ropes?

Braiding hammock support ropes are easy to do. All you need is an O-ring, a steady cup, and your hammock ropes. You also need three nails to stay the hammock rings and ropes while you braid the hammock support ropes. Choose a good location where you have enough room and can hammer the nails to hold firm.

Hammer the nails in a triangular pattern, where the two at the base are wide enough but on the same plane. Next, put in your hammock ropes through the ring and slip it through the base of the upturned cup. Begin to work through the ropes from left to right. Take the front ropes to the back and the back rope to the front alternatively.

Work through the ropes till the last. Then lay in a string of rope to intersect the ropes. Begin to work through the ropes till the last one, alternating from back to front, and vice versa. Keep at this process until you’ve braided the last two. You’ll get interesting ropes that you can attach to your hammock.


You need the best rope for a hammock to complete your hammocking gear. While you pack your hammock, hammock bug net, and quilts, your rope or strap is important. The firmness of your hammock rope or strap will determine how much comfort you get from your hammock.

Bad hammock hang or ropes can be risky and you could find yourself on the floor. A bad night outdoor could ruin the fun of camping out, so you need the best rope for hammock-making on your trips. 

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