5 Best Retractable Patio Awning: Reviews & Buying Guide of 2021

A lovely sunbath at a sandy beach during weekdays is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. Sadly, the same can’t be said for your patio or backyard relaxation. When the sun gets hot and unfolds its wrath, you may look for a shady place to hide behind from the sun rays. 

And that’s fair enough. After all, who does want to grill himself under the scorching sun? Therefore, you need some sorts of protection from those naughty sunrays when you relax on your patio, backyard, or balcony. The best retractable patio awning delivers just the same; it hides you from sun rays while you enjoy the cool breeze and the natural site.

patio awningA retractable patio awning transforms your exterior into a fantastic shady place to make your free time more enjoyable. Also, it keeps your guests protected from sun tanning. Hence, as one of your trustworthy home décor partners, a review on the retractable patio awning was long overdue from us.

So, we decided to bridge the gap between you and us with the five most popular, top-rated, and good looking retractable patio awning reviews. These five patio awnings are easily replaceable that gives them the freedom to transform the exterior appearance at any time. 

Are you ready?

A retractable awning is an excellent way to express your personality with different colors. You can anytime customize the look of your relaxing place with the brilliant artworks. 

Nonetheless, the buying of a retractable awning isn’t a walk in the park. You may need to consider a hell lot of things such as size, color, material, and what not? But you need not waste your time on these issues since we have vigorously tested and taken customer feedback to select these five marvelous retractable patio awnings. 

Let’s get to introduce these awesome products.

1. Outsunny Manual Patio Retractable Awning

Outsunny is a subsidiary company of its mother organization ‘Aosom,’ and as the name pronounce, they indeed built impressive home interior and exterior décor products. This 8’X7’ manual patio awning with auto-retracting is one of the most celebrated and affordable products in the long line of Outsunny. 

It has everything you want and is ideal for those running short of money. 

Outsunny Manual Patio Retractable Awning

The first thing you want in a patio awning is the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors. Luckily, this sunshade awning comes with five different colors. So, you can select your preferred one from the brown, green, cream beige, red, or mixed color.

So, what’s your favorite?

Will you place the awning with your patio only? Of course not. Sometimes, you may want to relax on the balcony shade or windows or even on the doors. It’s color variance, and sunshade feature will match every place and décor. 

Also, with included installation hardware, you can set up the sunshade awning on all surfaces such as stucco and sliding. Take that for multipurpose use and easy installation. 

Let me ask you one question, why do you purchase a patio canopy? To protect yourself from sun tanning, right? This manual awning will protect you from sun rays, but it does something more. First off, you can manually adjust the shading with a crank handle measuring 63”. 

Secondly, its UV stabilization protects you and your home, both from scorching sun rays and extreme heat. So, enjoy the cool interior during summer days.

The awning is made of 280 grams of polyester fabric. It also has PU waterproof powder coating to safeguard the canopy from a severe downpour. So, you can also enjoy the soothing sound of raindrops without thinking about its durability. 

Also, the awning enjoys stealthy construction, thanks to its steel and aluminum made frame. 

Lastly, its 8 ft by 7 ft size is perfect for most patio, window, or doors. So, you won’t need to worry about the fitting of this Picasso artwork. Hence, this is your ultimate outdoor canopy option at a reasonable price. 

2. AECOJOY Patio Retractable Sun Shade Awning

Bring joy and comfort in your home, with this extraordinary retractable patio awning from AecoJoy. This patio awning features a large canopy with a beautiful color combination that will transform your ordinary relaxing place into a luxury comfort. 

AECOJOY Patio Retractable Sun Shade Awning

Who doesn’t want to add flair in their home? I know everyone wants to decorate their home a bit differently. 

Aecojoy seems to have heard your heart and so, comes with two attractive colors. The beige cream color scheme looks elegant and fits into most décor while the dark green is for those who love a bit bold expression.

So, choose the one you love. 

This sun shade patio awning from Aceojoy supports not only residential use but also is suitable for business use such as a rooftop or open ground restaurant. 

You can use the awning to create shades in windows, balcony, patio, door, or backyard space with porches. It will protect your guests from the angry sun and bring a touch of elegance in your place. So, stop being sun-kissed and enjoy the cool breeze under the canopy.

The frame of the awning is made with powder-coated aluminum to stand against rust and corrosion. Also, the sturdy design will withstand wind level up to scale 5. Additionally, mounting brackets come with stand steel double ropes for extra durability. 

The awning itself is made from 280g polyester fabric with exceptional PU coating. Hence, it is waterproof, all-weather usable with the anti-UV facility. It protects everyone underneath the canopy from 300 UV and sun rays. Also, it won’t fade away. 

The awning comes with an 8’X10’ size to fit into most spaces with ease. There are two other sizes available of the patio awning for small and ample space. 

The manual retraction is made straightforward with the hand crank. You can also raise or lower the front pitch bar to suit different times. What’s more, you can set up the awning on all surfaces such as wooden and stucco with the included hardware. 

Hence, this beautiful patio retractable awning brings versatility and straightforward use at your doorstep. 

3. Diensweek Retractable Manual Commercial Grade Patio Awning

Do you love artistic work? If yes, then this retractable patio awning is made for you. The canopy is one of the top-selling items from Diensweek and enjoys superlative appreciation from customers for its quality and unique craftsmanship. 

Diensweek Retractable Manual Commercial Grade Patio Awning

You won’t have to bear the toll of sun rays anymore once you bring this extraordinary patio awning at home. The lightweight awning features excellent work of decorative art that brings aesthetics and comfort during your leisure time. 

It’s 800 UV protection lets you enjoy the cool breeze without being suntanned. 

Diensweek has used 280 g polyester fabric with PU coating to make the canopy water, weather, and rust-proof. So, it won’t quickly fade away under the sun rays. Furthermore, its UV-resistance supports up to 800 UV, which is one of the highest in its class. Also, the awning has incredible sun protection to make your relaxation awesome.

The arm and frame are made from T5 graded rust-free aluminum that will survive years of wear and tear. The rolling tube is made from galvanized steel that also adds supreme endurance to it. On top of it, the double springs and stainless-steel cable works perfectly for long-lasting use. 

The retractable patio awning comes fully assembled and so, saves your time and money. With a crank handle, you can manually retract the awning whenever you want. So, no fuss and hassle. 

Also, with chrome-plated screws, you can set up the awning on any surfaces. How about this? 

With 12’X8’ size, it suits every home décor. But if you want you can choose from its other five different sizes. Hence, you can use the canopy for shedding balcony, windows, restaurants, and yards. Isn’t it a cool feature? 

Also, with navy blue, white-green stripes, and beige colors to select from, the beautiful awning suits every personality and surroundings. 

4. Best Choice Products Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning

Finally, we are up to Best Choice Products. Yes, the list looks incomplete without the presence of this highly acclaimed and trustworthy manufacturer. Similarly, their retractable aluminum and polyester made sun shade patio awning is all set to capture your heart with awesomeness and mind-boggling features.

Best Choice Products Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning

If you ever wanted a lightweight retractable patio awning for your windows and balcony, this is the one you hoped for a long time.  Despite being 98. x 80 inches, the superb awning weighs only 36.5 pounds. Hence, you can easily attach it to windows and also retreat and locate it with ease when not necessary. 

Then again, its 98.x 80 inches measurement is large enough to give shed and protect sunlight for you and your guest. Hence, the awning is ideal for use in the back porch, patio, balconies, and courtyard. 

Also, with such ample size, the retractable awning is a perfect choice for restaurants with open space and rooftop.

While many retractable patio awnings come with either incredible protection or elegance, this Best Choice Product awning combines both. 

First off, its beige cream color looks impressive and easily matches with most home décor. 

And then, the frame of the awning is made with aluminum while the 282g polyester fabric makes the canopy. Hence, it is UV-stabilized and water-resistant. The water and weather-proof manufacturing let you use it year-round. 

On the contrary, UV-protection ensures your utmost protection from harmful sun rays. 

The setup of the best retractable patio awning is made simple with the hardware included. You can set up the awning on any solid surface with ease. 

Also, with a crank handle, you can manually retract the patio canopy anytime. The handle is ergonomic and enables a comfortable grip.

5. ADVANING Manual Patio Retractable Awning

Advanning Manual Patio Retractable Awning with its chic design and elegance brings for comfort and aesthetics at home. Also, with three different sizes to choose from, this top-quality retractable awning serves everyone’s necessity. 

ADVANING Manual Patio Retractable Awning

I have already told you that the extraordinary awning is available in three different sizes. Similarly, it comes in attractive linen beige, dashing red/beige stripes, neutral grey, and bold burgundy color to match every décor and individual choices. 

Isn’t it lovely?

Also, all the color combinations look impressive, and that adds different stories to home. 

The retractable patio awning comes with pitch loops to adjust the sun shading at a different time of the day. Also, the manual opening and close up is made simple with the crank handle. 

So, you will find it extremely easy to operate the beautiful awning. 

The last thing you won’t want is your patio canopy to blow away in light wind and got damaged in rains. Fortunately, you won’t have to experience any of these, thanks to the premium built quality of the canopy. 

It features a powder-coated steel frame and aluminum roller to endure the harshest use under nay conditions. On top of it, the 100% acrylic fiber ensures it remains sturdy even when the wind blows at high-speed. 

Also, the fabric is mild and fade-proof to prevent worn out quickly. Then again, with UV80+ protection, it makes sure you remain safe. 

The 100% acrylic texture comes with breathable mesh. So, you can enjoy the cool breeze without sweating. I wonder if you won’t leave the canopy for hours.

How to Choose the Best Retractable Patio Awning: Factors You Must Consider

A retractable awning is a necessary item if you want to enjoy the summer breeze without being sun-kissed to look tan or brown. However, the purchasing procedure of a retracting patio awning isn’t straightforward. You need to consider several factors for it. 

So, do you want to see these factors?

– Size:

When you want to purchase the right patio awning, its size must be immaculate. It is crucial because too small or too wide models won’t fit into your space. Also, it won’t stick out entirely in the area. 

Hence, correctly measure the length and width of the place where you want to install the retractable patio awning and then decide which is most suitable for your purposes. The perfect size awning will not only fit flawlessly but also allow easy installation for you.  

– Retracting Type 

Patio awning comes in either manual or auto-retractable facilities. In the majority cases, patio awnings come in the manual retractable facility. If you are going to get a manual retractable patio awning, make sure the crank handle is placed rightly. It makes sure that you won’t find difficulty in retracting the canopy with the crank handle. 

A significant advantage of manual retraction is that you can control the shed length of the awning. On the contrary, auto-retractable shelters are a bit expensive and don’t allow users to control the shed length. Nonetheless, some high-end auto-retractable awnings come with sensors that will adjust the shed. 

Side vs. Overhead awning 

In most cases, a conventional patio awning will open up in the overhead condition. It means the opening of an overhead retractable awning will be much like an umbrella. Its purpose is to keep you away from the sunlight and raindrops. 

On the other hand, side winding awnings mostly act as a divider while protecting you from the direct sunlight. It allows you to create a bit of private space on either side with the side curtains. This adds a bit more ownership of the area. 

– Material 

Although awnings are mostly used during summer days, you will most likely use it to get protection from downpours and winter flecks. Hence, the patio awning material should be waterproof and ready for all-weather use. These days, most manufacturers use 280g polyester or 100% acrylic fiber to build the awning. 

On top of it, the awning frame should also be made with durable material. For instance, stainless steel or an aluminum frame with powder coating adds supreme endurance against rust and corrosion. 

Also, the awning material should be such that you can clean it easily with regular dishwashers. 

– Style 

Since you will be using the patio awning frequently, it needs to be stylish and beautiful. It will tell quite a lot about your personality. So, make sure the color and style of the awning set you apart from others while stating your taste with aesthetics. 

Also, if you don’t mind investing more, you can change the awning with changing seasons to express vitality. 

– Pros and Cons of Retractable Awnings

A retractable patio awning adds value and aesthetics to the overall appearance of your home. Also, it safeguards you from the scorching sun. Nonetheless, purchasing a good-quality patio awning is a considerable investment. 

Hence, you must be eager to know the benefits and disadvantages of the best retractable patio awning, right?

So, here we go.

– The Pros:

Prevents Sun Rash: 

According to ABC News, around 5-20% of the world population suffers from mild to extreme sun rash that causes itchy skin. A proper patio awning protects the sunray to infiltrate your skin to do away with the sun rashes effectively. 

So, you won’t need to visit a physician now and then.   

A Self-Saving Item:

The primary purpose of a patio awning is to protect you from the sun and create a shed. As the canopy lowers the effect of sun rays on the balcony, your room tends to get less heat. It results in fewer electricity bills since ACs won’t have to work much. 

Thus, the patio awning comes as a long-term money-saving item. 

Saves Furniture: 

If you place any furniture in your balcony or patio, it may bleach off due to extreme heat from the sun. Also, exposure to sun rays may discolor it. But with a retractable awning, you can safeguard both your indoor and outdoor furniture. 

The awning creates shed and stops the sunlight from affecting the furniture directly, subsequently, the furniture gets longevity.

Durability and Storage:

Non-retractable awnings often are exposed more to harsh weather and tend to get damaged quickly. But the retractable awnings fare easy to fold when not in use. This adds to its overall durability that you expect from a high-end product.


Who doesn’t want to beautify their home? I guess, no one will say anything contrary to it, right? Then, a retractable awning for patio is the right choice for you. With different colors and appearances, it brings lovely aesthetics at home, which your neighbors will envy. 

– The Cons:

A Bit Expensive:

Oftentimes, a retractable awning for patio or balcony and even decks may be a bit too much for people to afford. But then again, in the long-run, the pricing is not so much that you can’t cope up. Remember the way it will lower electricity bills, safeguard furniture, and also save your physician’s bill. 

Cleaning and Maintenance: 

You need to maintain and clean the awnings once in a season. The canopies take the toll of dirt and grime and so often come with unhygienic mold development. Hence, you must keep it clean. Some people, for this reason, treat the awning as a problematic element. 

However, you only need a few minutes to clean the retractable awnings, and so, it isn’t a big deal. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Question: What is the average lifetime of a retractable patio awning?

Answer:  Although there’s no direct answer to this question, experts and customers comment that with proper care and maintenance, your patio awning should last anywhere between 5-10 years. However, for that, it needs to be water and weather-proof.

2) Question: Can a retractable patio awning withstand strong wind?

Answer: Yes, retractable awnings are made to withstand wind. For most cases, when retracted or folded, these awnings will survive up to 100mph winds. And when unfolded, some can resist Beaufort IV or V class.

3) Question: What is the average clearance for a retractable awning?

Answer: The standard clearance for a retractable awning from the ground should be at least 8 feet. Moreover, it will depend on the shed extension you want and ground elevation as well.

Wrapping Up

Ah, finally to the end. So, which one is your best pick from the retractable awnings for patio, balcony, deck, and so on? 

Just imagine, you are under the niche shed of a beautiful awning, sipping your favorite drink and browsing your cellphone. What else do you want in life? 

However, for such beautiful memories, you need to install a retractable patio awning at first. And how can you do it? Just pick one from the above mentioned five superior awnings- simple, right? 

So, which one is your favorite? 

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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