5 Best Portable Propane Fire Pits: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Planning a nice camping trip with your friends and family, but you are wondering how you are going to stay warm during the chilli nights. No worries, we have the solution for you. Portable propane fire pits are the perfect product to keep you warm during a night out on the open.

Besides the gas fire pits for your wooden decks or yard, the portable fire pits can be also used to plan a nice campfire in your own yard with your friends and family. Set up your chairs or just gather around the fire pit and enjoy a relaxing, cosy night. Actually, to pick the perfect portable propane fire pit you have to look for is something that you can carry around easily, also something that is environment friendly and more importantly choose a product that is safe to use. These propane fire pits can be also used as a place where you can heat up some food during your camping nights.

Why do I need a portable propane fire pit? The answer to your questions is simple- because we all like to keep ourselves warm during a cold night out in the open air. The satisfaction watching the flames burn, while you drink wine or eat marshmallows baked in the fire is priceless. Actually, to help you narrow your choice and make a decision we have gathered the top 5 portable propane fire pits that will do the job right. Scroll down, read our reviews and also make sure to read the buying guide before purchasing.

1. Portable Heininger Outdoor Fire Pit

Portable Heininger Outdoor Fire Pit

Our first product that we recommend is the Heininger Fire Pit that is great for taking for camping or just simply put it in your yard. It has 58.000 BTU and it doesn’t produce any smoke. This portable fire pit will bring you warmth and will bring light to your backyard or outdoor space. It is very satisfying to sit around the fire pit with your family and friends. This fire pit is approved by the CSA and it is safe to use during campfire bans. It comes in a black colour with a 19 inches diameter. It is good for most weather types but not for very cold times and you should keep it inside during that period.

The Heininger Fire Pit is easy to carry because it has light weight. The material that is used to make this fire pit is durable and has a solid construction. The package also includes 10 feet hose and lava rocks. There is also a manual that will help you set it all very easily and you can do it on your own. A propane tank is also necessary but you’ll have to buy it extra because it is not included in the package.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Pros
  • Lightweight and very easy to move around
  • Quality material which makes the product durable
  • The fire pit produces high flames with no smoke
  • Very easy to put it all together
  • Cons
  • Not good for very cold weathers
  • Has no cover included
  • It is prone to rust if you leave it outdoors for a very long time without a cover.

2. Portable Flame Genie Fire Pit

Portable Flame Genie Fire Pit

Another product that will produce very high and longer lasting flames is the Flame Genie Fire Pit. It is ideal for your yard or for camping because it adds the warmth you need. This Flame Genie fire pit does not produce any smoke and also there are no sparks which makes it perfect for outdoor gatherings. What is more important to note is that this fire pit uses wood pellets which makes the burn cleaner than using wood. They are very easy to handle and use and what is also important to know is that there is no much ash to clean afterwards.

The product is made from steel material with black powder coat paint. Actually this type of model will show any traces of finish fatigue after the initial fire. The reason for this is because of the temperature on the top rim of the pit which is 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Store the fire pit in a dry space indoors because it is prone to rust. You can always refreshen the exterior of the fire pit before using it with high quality paint.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Pros
  • Produces high flames and no smoke
  • It provides the warmth that you need
  • Easy to carry around
  • Cons
  • The fire can only last for 15 minutes with the wooden pellets, so it needs maintaining
  • Keep it dry so it won’t get rusty

3. Outdoor Portable Outland Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor Portable Outland Gas Fire Pit

The next product on our list is this portable Outland Fire Pit. Another product which is perfect for carrying so you can all gather around and spend a nice cosy night with your friends and family. No ashes, no firewood and no smoke- all these are the advantages that come with the Outland Gas Fire Pit. It is convenient for camping trips, beach parties or just a simple relaxing night in your yard. It is the best for travelling because it is very lightweight and can be built up in only a few minutes and you can do it on your own. It has a fire output of 58.000 BTU and is CSA approved, so it is safe to use in campfire barns.

The product is made from a very durable and high quality steel construction and a superior stainless steel burner.

The full package included a cover, carry kit, it has 10 feet hose pre attached to keep the 20 lb propane tank cylinder and a 4.4 lbs natural lava rock set as well.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Pros
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry around places
  • Easy to set it up in just a few minutes
  • You can easily shut it down by turning off the knob on the control
  • Cons
  • You may need more time to start the fire

4. Camp Chef- Portable Outdoor Fire Gas Ring

Camp Chef- Portable Outdoor Fire Gas Ring

Another easy portable fire pit that will fit your needs is the Camp Chef Ring. It can produce 55.000 BTU output and it is made out of steel. You can use it on camping or outdoors with your friends and family. This a portable fire ring which will keep you warm during a cosy and cool night. This product comes with a bae and high-pressure burner, 12 lbs of lava rocks and also a carry bag. What is also important is that there is no smoke and no wood needed. The tank for the gas is not included so you have to buy it additionally.

It is very light weighted, so it makes this product easy to carry around. Also, you can easily set it up and gather your friends around for a good night around the campfire.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Pros
  • Very easy to put it all together
  • Light weight, easy to carry around
  • The heat cools down fast
  • Provides good heat and warmth
  • Cons
  • The flames may be uneven
  • It has 5 foot hose which is short
  • It does not work very well during winter time
  • You’ll need to give an extra push into the bag because it does not fit easily
  • The lava rocks can get messy

5. Portable Camco Outdoor Fire Pit

 Portable Camco Outdoor Fire Pit

Our list rounds up with our last pick which is the portable Camco Outdoor Fire Pit. A product that is safe to use anywhere that you need, whether it is your yard, camping sites, basically everywhere. Made from a metal portable fire ring which needs no wood to be lightened up. There is no mess afterwards, no smoke, no ashes so it is very reliable to use. It provides 65.000 BTU output and has a 10 foot hose to use with gas cylinders. Also, it is very easy to set it all up and use it. It has an adjustable regulator with which you can control the fire. The fire tray is 16 ½ diameter and the piezo igniter will spark up to ignite just by pressing on the push button. There is a cover included where you can store the pit.

There are lava rocks included that will give extra heat. Before packing it all up make sure that the fire pit is cooled off.

The product includes 1 fire pit, 10 feet hose with an ACME connection and regulator, a cover where you can store the product and a bag of lava rocks.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Pros
  • Easily manageable and you can store it in a cover that is included in the price
  • Lava rocks are included which give additional heat
  • It is light and easy to carry around
  • Has a long lasting fire
  • Cons
  • There is no protective cover included
  • It is small and not applicable if you have many people over because it won’t provide the necessary heat
  • It can make hissing noises during usage

Buying Guide: What is Important to Know Before Purchasing a Portable Propane Fire Pit?

This part is always very important to read before buying a product. It’s not as easy as it may seem to choose the right portable fire pit, but that’s why we are here to help. Do not rush and make a decision and end up with a product that will not meet all the necessary criteria. We have completed a list with all the tips and important stuff that you need to know before determining which product to buy. Read below to find out more:                            

Mobility, Weight and Size

If you are planning camping trips or organizing a campfire by the beach then you should definitely choose a fire pit that is easy to carry and move around. Choose something that is light, not very big and is environment friendly. Make sure that it comes with handles or even wheels so you can carry it more easily. Also, keep in mind how many people need to be kept warm and choose the size that will fit.


Another important factor is the style of the fire pit that you are planning on buying. They come in many variations of styles and pick something that suits you. Make sure to choose something that matches your setup and will look good. The models are usually black or copper. Actually, once the color is dark you should be more careful on the cut-out pattern. Choose something that will fit in a daylight occasion and it’ll shine during the night.


It is also important to choose something that will last longer. Invest money in something that will last for years. Choose a material that will last and take good care of it. If a cover is not included in the package, then you can always buy a cover It is important to extend the longevity of the product.


Choose something that fits to your budget and adapt it to your needs and choose the best portable fire pit. Invest in something that will last even if it means that you have to add a few more dollars. Determine your needs and adapt the cost.


A very important feature is safety. The product should be safe to use for you, everyone around you and the environment. After all you are dealing with something that produces fire, so safety is very important. Look for safety shut off, long hose and make sure that the base is made from anti heat material so you won’t burn your hands.


There are some additional things that are useful for propane fire pits. You can have a bag that you can fit the fire pit in so it’ll be easier for you to carry it around. Lava rocks are a good way to radiate the heat, roasting sticks or covers. Even though for some you have to pay additionally, it is always worth it to have something so it can help you expand the durability or the safety of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: Is it alright to use fire pits during a fire ban?

Answer: No, not at all. Further, even though the portable propane fire pit may have a a shut off valve, it is not allowed for use during a fire barn.

2) Question: Can propane fire pits keep you warm?

Answer: Actually it may not create the heat that you may expect, but it’ll provide the warmth that is necessary to keep you heated during a chilly night. If it’s colder you may need to stay closer and huddle around the fire but with caution not to get burned, but on a nice cool night it is comfortable to sit around.


We hope that our list will meet your budget and needs. Make sure to go through every detail of each product and make the right choice. Don’t forget to make a list of all the necessary things that are important before purchasing and check our buying guide for additional help. Portable propane fire pits are the necessary product that you need during a night out on the open. We do hope that your camping nights will be filled with the necessary warmth that you need and you’ll enjoy a nice evening with your friends and family. Do not hesitate, go through the article again and make up your mind.

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