11 Best Pop Up Shower Tent for Camping: Reviews & Buying Guides in 2021

So, you are out in the favorite landscape for a refreshing weekend and exciting camping. As much as you enjoy the moments with friends, it is also essential to keep you clean. One way to remain clean and hygienic is to give yourself a regular shower. 

However, shower time needs privacy and can become hectic with the use of public shower spots. Instead, you can choose the best pop up shower tent for the purpose.short cut toilet

These shower tents are lightweight and compact that makes an effortless entrance in the carry bag and sets up within a few moments for a snappy shower. Also, these portable tents for the show will take even lesser space compared to the goodie old and conventional outdoor shower tents. 

Thus, after a tiresome runoff for the caping, a quick and refreshing scrub will relive you from odorous clothing. It also keeps you ready for the next day, when you have the pop-up shower tent. 

But you may require to follow some rules and regs to opt for these appropriate pop-up and portable shower tents. And we have investigated over 40+ products to come up with this review and buying guideline.

So, shall we start?

The Best Pop Up Shower Tent Reviews

When you have the pop up shower tent, remaining hygienic during the outdoor camping won’t be a problem at all. You will enjoy extreme privacy with these outdoor shower tents and love giving yourself some good time. 

So, here’s our pick.

1. Visit the GigaTent Store GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent★★★★★learn more
2. Visit the WolfWise StoreWolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent★★★★★learn more
3. Visit the Abco Tech StoreAbco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent ★★★★★learn more
4. Visit the TMS StoreTMS Portable Pop up Tent★★★★★learn more
5. Visit the Leader Accessories StoreLeader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent★★★★★learn more
6. Visit the Lightspeed Outdoors Store Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent★★★★★learn more
7. Ozark TrailOzark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower Tent★★★★☆learn more
8. Visit the Stansport StoreStansport Cabana Privacy Shelter★★★★☆learn more
9. Visit the Giantex Store Giantex Pop Up Portable Camping Shower Tent★★★★☆learn more
10. Visit the KingCamp StoreGiantex Pop Up Portable Camping Shower Tent★★★★☆learn more
11. FITORONFITORON Pop-up Changing Room Privacy Tent★★★★☆learn more

1. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent

 GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent

The very first pick for the best camping shower tent in our list is from the reliable and innovative GigaTent. The manufacturer builds this pop up shower tent for everyday campaigners. The heavy-duty outdoor shower ten is versatile, long-lasting, and easy to carry, making it a top priority of the camping lovers.

You can use a comfortable private space for multiple uses. From taking a refreshing shower to change cloths and from the application as a shelter in rain and water to potty use, the GigaTent shower tent is ready to impress all. 

So, when you plan for the next trip, bring this beautiful looking privacy tent with you.

GigaTent has used water-resistant 190T polyester taffeta fabric to manufacture the shower tent. And the frame is built from flexible forged steel. These together ensure that the shower tent endures extreme weather and last for at least a few years. 

It also has four stakes to install the tent securely.

The pop up shower tent comes with a 20″ L x 20″W x 2″ H folded size and an ultralight 3.31 pounds of weight. So, you can transport the tent anywhere effortlessly. 

The manufacturer has also provided a beautiful carry bag with the tent for a shower so you can easily transport it. What’s more, the pop up tent for bathing and cloth change requires almost no installation.

When setting up, the GigaTent provides 6 feet of interior rooming for a comfortable bath. The interior space is incredibly soft and you will love it after a hectic day. 

Set Up:

The setup is superfast with a quick unfolding of the whole tent. The sturdy frame and stakes make sure it stands firmly on the ground. So, it helps you enjoy the seaside while staying underneath the canopy with chairs 

2. WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent

When it comes to build hygienic shower tent for campers and still provide them the utmost comfort zone, WolfWise remains unbeatable with the east pop up shower tent. It looks eye-pleasing and is built to withstand severe climatic changes. 

WolfWise has always emphasized on the utmost hygiene of the users. So, they have made the surface with a special coating for the shower. It prevents 98% of harmful UV rays from keeping you safe and sound. This ensures you won’t face any sunburn.

Also, its surface repels rainwater so you can enjoy the sweet murmuring of the raindrops while being inside it.

A common problem with the most pop up shower tent is the congested interior that brings discomfort for the campers. WolfWise has sorted out the issue with a roomy 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.8″ H space when fully unfolded. 

So, whether you take a shower or sit inside it for a sweet resting, you won’t feel suffocated.

The manufacturer has upgraded the design with a newly added rain fly on the tent top. So, drizzles won’t cause any implications for the user. 

What’s more, it has a bottom mat. So, everyone will enjoy the cleanliness it brings.

The ultralight outdoor shower tent weighs only around 4 pounds. Hence, with the carry bag, it is pretty easy to transport the tent anywhere from the mountains to the beach. 

For stability, the manufacturer has used durable polyester and galvanized steel that ensures it will last longer than you expect. It’s four stakes keep it firm even when the wind is strong.

Set Up:

The best camping shower tent sets up immediately when unfolded. It takes only a few seconds for the unfolding.

3. Abco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent

Abco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent

Want to go into adventure trips but warry about the weather? Take this innovative pop up privacy shower tent with you and enjoy the surrounding. You won’t be disappointed with its practical and handy solutions during the camps.

The manufacturer has used silver line coating along with high-quality polyester to make the shower tent. Additionally, the flexible steel frame adds durability. 

For comfortable breathability, the shower tent comes with a side window. So, you can view the exterior and even the beautiful night sky while enjoying the interior comfort. Furthermore, you can use the privacy tent for a refreshing shower, shelter, sleeper bag, and potty use.

You can prominently set up a tent on the beach, forest, parks, mountains and anywhere you want. Hence, you can take to travel in distance areas without any hassle. You can use it as a shelter during the drizzles or be on your own in private.

Abco Tech has included all the essential accessories with a comprehensive shower tent. The soft carry bag supports convenient traveling. 

Another appreciable accessory includes a small storage bag. You can use to keep your cell phones, wallet, or purses when inside. And the four stakes make sure it stays positioned even when the wind blows strong. 

There’s even a clothesline to dry your clothes quickly.

The pop up shower tent weighs near about 5 pounds despite having a steel frame. So, carrying the canvas is more accessible than anyone thinks in reality. Thereby, you won’t feel its presence until you need it for bathing or shelters. 

Set Up:

The quick foldable design of the WolfWise privacy tent is simple. You just place it on the ground and unfold to get immediate access to the inside.

4. TMS Portable Pop up Tent

TMS Portable Pop up Tent

Take your privacy to the next level in the outdoor with this outdoor shower tent from TMS that offers a spacious interior, good endurance, and superior portability. The TMS pop up tent is also priced in a close range that most can afford.

Want to shower with relaxation and spread your limbs for a beautiful stretch after a hectic camping day? If yes, you will definitely love the 75″H x 40″L x 40″W dimension of the TMP privacy tent. With such acres of space, it’s undoubtedly larger than you might anticipate. 

Also, a large interior means better ventilation and increase comfort.

This shower tent is not meant for the campers only, but also it brings many creative uses. Just imagine, you can use it as a roadside vendor for clothing or use it in a tradeshow. 

Besides, the lovely dark green color of the waterproof outdoor canvas suits almost every outdoor landscape. So, whether you are amidst a big national park or on the sunny beach, the pop up tent will be your faithful companion. You can even use it for the toilet- just in case you need it.

TMS has used waterproof polyester as the fabric of the tent. And they have used stainless steel frame that brings the utmost durability. 

Surprisingly, despite having such sturdy build quality, when folded, the tent turns into a 22″ tiny one that you can carry in the bag. Yes, you also get a lovely carry bag along with the package. 

TMS has kept the cleanliness at the forefront of the tent for campers. That’s why it has a non-bottom feature. It comes handy to keep the inside clean.

The product comes with a double zippered entrance for the utmost privacy. The zipper door also makes sure the exit and entry remain convenient.

Set Up:

The pop up tent installation is exceptionally snappy. Both folding and unfolding the tent is possible with one person.

5. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent

Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent

This ergonomic shower tent from Leader Accessories is, in fact, one of the highest selling items these days. And with stability during windy conditions as well as premium comfort, it’s little wonder why the tent enjoys such popularity.

The private tent comes with a 4′ x 4′ x 78″(H) dimension. So, it accommodates even the giant human without much hassle. The interior will comfortably allow one person and a kid to stay- if you want to sleep.

Do you feel nervous changing in the tents when out on the beach or camps? Be glad to effectively know that it isn’t a see-thru tent. So, you can relax and change the dress or take a refreshing shower, without the fear of voyeurism. 

The zipper system has been newly updated for the Leader Accessories best pop up shower tent. So, the exit and entry into the tent become swift and enjoyable. In fact, it’s so smooth that sometimes you will feel like a five-star hotel.

The shower tent has been crafted with superior endurance in mind. That’s why the tent equips with water-resistant fabric and steel that disallows rust accumulation. Furthermore, metal stakes with pull strings give stability at the time of windy surroundings.

The outdoor tent for campers has a part-bottom feature. So, the inside always remains clean and free from any bad smell. 

Set Up:

Since it has a flexible steel frame, the installation doesn’t require much effort. The provided metal studs also ensure sturdiness. 

6. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

 Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

Campers who love outing in the demanding weather and still love to enjoy the comfort of home aren’t rare. Especially, with growing numbers of amateurs in the field, the wish to get a private space even at public spots aren’t negligible anymore.

And you will get the most comfortable privacy with the Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra broad tent.

You will love Xtra large inside of the best pop up shower tent. To speak the truth, its 5′ w x 5′ d x 6.75′ h size is one of the broadest currently found in the market. So, it can accommodate you and even kids without any hassle. 

Hence, customers admire its family-friendly spacing.

The manufacturer has developed an incredibly versatile design for the Lightspeed shower tent for campers. Its practicality brings immense benefits for the users. 

First off, you can up and down the floor with clipping for comfortable seating and sleeping space. It also has amenities pockets and towel stalk to store your essential gears such as mobile phone and keys. 

The solar shower helps the quick drying of the clothes.

Anyone is compelled to love its endurance since the manufacturer has used 800mm PU coating for the tent fabric. So, it has an excellent umbrella rating. It means the tent will endure even the most torrential rains and also, the sunrays,

Furthermore, the door has an extensive D-shaped zipper system for convenient exit and entry.

The manufacturer is generous to provide everything within the package. It includes a large carry bag, guy lines, and tent stakes. The stakes keep it in the position when the wind blows strong. 

Set Up:

With extended telescopic poles and a brilliant compression hub setting up, the shower tent is straightforward. It won’t take more than a minute. 

7. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower Tent

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower Tent

This is an excellent large 2-room private shower tent that has a beautiful, roomy interior. It also comes with 5-gallons of the solar shower, and it’s free. Besides, it has an abundance of some pretty cool features that will blow your mind. 

Once you enter its inside, you will undoubtedly love the contained feature. The zippers work excellently to prevent condensation seeping and have a waterproof capacity. Additionally, it prevents water slippage and has extreme endurance. 

The drainage and breathability of the tent are top-notch. You can also use the 2nd compartment for the potty use of the kids.

The Ozark Trail shower tent comes with multiple storage capacity. It allows you to store all the clothing and toiletries with convenience. Then, there is a rod to put a towel when you bath or can use it to dry off the wet clothes quickly.

Ozark has shown a kind gesture with the inclusion of a convenient solar shower bag with the best pop up shower tent package. To be exact, the portable solar shower has a 5-gallons of capacity that ensure you enjoy a comfortable hot shower. 

However, some customers may prefer the pressured shower, and Ozark should sincerely consider including it. 

Luckily, the solar shower connects with the integrated loop. So, you can use the preferred power shower for a group bath.

Set Up:

You can instantly configure the private tent with the expansion of the pre-assembled frame ad staking. On top of it, its aluminum coating provides a brilliant and captivating reflective style. So, you will love resting inside the well-ventilated best camping shower tent.

8. Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter

Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter

When you are in the outdoors enjoying with friends, the Stansport Cabana tent can still be a favorable solution to maintain your privacy. The tent with toilets comes handy in the backyard, at the beach, and the lush greenery of a mountain. 

The XL sized Cabana privacy shelter has a spacious 5.5′ x 5.5′ x 7.2′ measurement. So, accommodating even the most giant person in the plant isn’t a problem for the tent. 

To add to this, the best pop up shower tent facilitates an adjacent stuff bag and storage pocket. So, you can store your cellphone, wallet, purse, and other essentialities while taking rest inside.

The manufacturer has used 190-D nylon to mend the privacy tent. So, you enjoy comfortable breathability within the canvas. Additionally, the two U-shaped windows on either side also add to the mesh design. 

Moreover, its steel frames are rust-resistance that, together with the nylon fabric, bring durability at the reach.

We have already mentioned about the mesh design that supports superb breathability for the residence inside. Additionally, the state-of-the-art shower tent has a quality Rainfly to keep the drizzles at bay. Furthermore, it comes with a foldable floor. It is attached at one end that keeps the inside clean and hygiene.

The outdoor shower tent features a zippered door with a ‘D’ styled zipper system. So, it won’t damage easily. Additionally, the door stands at 86,” that is sufficient to permit the tallest individual to quickly enter and exit the camping canopy for a shower or a change 

Set Up:

The Stansport Cabana shower tent takes less than a minute to set up. Everything is blazing fast, and the sturdy stakes keep the tent standing in windy conditions.

9. Giantex Pop Up Portable Camping Shower Tent

 Giantex Pop Up Portable Camping Shower Tent

This outdoor and indoor portable pop up shower tent from Giantex has everything you may anticipate to have at affordable pricing. Once you take it for camping, there’s no way you are going to hate it- the tent is as incredible as it gets. 

The last thing you wouldn’t want to experience at camping is a cramped sleeping space that also causes suffocation. Fortunately, none of these will ever happen with the Giantex shower tent. First off, its 40″ x 40″ x 75.5 measurement is exceptionally spacious. 

Secondly, 190T polyester has superb breathing for the indoor. Also, side windows increase airflow

When we talk about the tent functions, this item nails them with perfection. It has inside pockets to store cellphones, keys, and wallets. Also, you can use interior clothing to cover the side windows when you want to enjoy enhanced privacy. 

Things were never so easy.

Made from 190T polyester fabric, the shower tent has a rainfly to safeguard it from drizzles. Also, the steel frames are flexible for snappy installation in case of an emergency. 

Both the fabric and frame are made for heavy-duty and will withstand a few seasons of use in the demanding weather. 

This Giantex shower tent has some of the most incredible user ideas. With a little innovation, you ardently can use the tent for multiple uses. For instance, actors and actresses can use a tent for changing clothes and makeup purposes. 

Set Up:

With a collapsible folding design, you will love how quickly the privacy tent sets up. It just takes a few seconds.

10. Giantex Pop Up Portable Camping Shower Tent

Giantex Pop Up Portable Camping Shower Tent

Those who are a bit introverted but at the same time want to go into an adventure, they can enjoy privacy even in the outside with this KingCamp oversize tent. Furthermore, it has the roomiest interior in our review list. 

This best pop up shower tent from KingCamp has a brilliant and innovative design to support multiple uses. From a refreshing shower to a private restroom and a potty use, there’s no work it can’t perform. You name it, and it makes it possible. 

With 85 × 66 × 66 inches of size, the KingCamp shower tent is more abundant and broader than the most regular shower and privacy tents. In fact, it is so spacious that the tent can accommodate two adults at the same for sleep.

The pop-up tent boasts of 4 compartments made one large storage pocket. So, you can organize everything with ease. Then there’s the outside pocket. It has two large compartments to store the dry towel and clothing. 

So, you won’t have to go through the painstaking experience of losing your cellphone or wallet anymore at camps.

Either you sleep inside or take a refreshing hot shower, you will enjoy the two side windows providing excellent ventilation. Also, the zippered door facilitates convenient entry and exit. 

However, if you wish some privacy, close the windows with provided clothing. 

The manufacturer has used high-quality polyester fabric to build the tent. Then they have added a fiberglass frame for further endurance and stability. 

And lastly, with 11 pounds of weight, transporting the shower tent is blazing fast.

Set Up:

The durable framing and added mounting studs make the installment easier than one might think of at first glance.

11. FITORON Pop-up Changing Room Privacy Tent

FITORON Pop-up Changing Room Privacy Tent

If you have ever wanted a stealthy yet flexible outdoor shower tent for privacy and comfort, congratulations. You have just found the beast you were looking for so eagerly. Aren’t you excited?

The pop up tent has been designed with innovation, mainly to provide you superior privacy without being too tight. So, you will never feel off guard at the time of comfort and rest. Hereafter, be on your own and enjoy the outdoor camping. 

Although primarily it is a shower tent, you can use it as a restroom, fitting room, a portable bathroom both, and even a temporary shelter. With added rainfly and proception from sun rays, you can enjoy the coziness of home while staying outdoor. 

The multipurpose use also frees you from the burden of being handicapped at the outdoor.

You can easily and ardently store all of your essential things such as cellphone, keys, and wallet in the provided storage bag. So, don’t worry about losing your valuables. 

The pop up tent for the shower for campers has a 3.94′ x 3.94′ x 6.23′ size. So, the interior has enough room to accommodate one large individual. Therefore, you will love resting inside the office after a challenging day mountain ride or going into the tight trails. 

The customer also appreciates the durability of the outdoor shower tent. It is built with premium 180T silver fabric that withstands rain and wind. Whereas, the flexible framing prevents rust and increases the overall endurance. 

So, this will be the last tent you need for camping.

Set Up:

Since it folds easily and returns to the original size with one step, the installment of the shower tent is a breeze. It is completable within seconds. 

The Best Pop Up Shower Tent Buying Guide: Features You Should Consider

When you plan for outdoor camping for several days, you probably immediately start organizing your backpack. However, when you pack clothes, torch, camera, and medicines, most people will often forget one crucial part. 

And that is their privacy that solely comes from the pop up shower tent. Also, it provides you a chance to take a quick shower to get rid of the tiring moments. 

Nonetheless, getting the right shower tent for campers can be hectic sometimes, especially with tons of factors to consider. Hence, we have piled up the most common factors that you can’t ignore to purchase a shower tent. 

Tent Size

The first thing with an urgency that you need to consider for a camping tent ardently is its size. You will find shelters with varying sizes in the market.  Since you are buying the tent for multiple uses such as restroom, potty use, or sleeping at night, its interior needs to be spacious. 

Also, if you want a tent that can accommodate multiple persons, you will need an even bigger waterproof canvas. However, with bigger sizes, shelters typically get expensive too. So, create a balance between the two. 

The Setup

Would you like to invest hours in setting up a tent when you are outdoor? Besides, also will you like taking help from others to set up the canopy? 

I guess, in both cases, the answer will be a BIG- NO!

So, choose a tent that is easy to set up and can be done in a blazing-fast way. Also, it should be user-friendly and require no professional language. And lastly, the one-person installation will be an excellent bonus factor. 

We recommend you to opt for a foldable or pre-assembled tent since these are easy to set up and tuck in when necessary, just like the pop-up gazebos


Shower tents were mainly built to provide the users a feel of privacy when they take a shower or change cloth or even take rest. So, it should continue in every design. To get premium privacy, you may go for a zippered hook tent that works excellently for security. 

Proper ventilation 

Since you will expend a significant amount of time inside the tent, proper ventilation is a must-have configuration for these items. The ventilation will come from the side windows, zippered door, and sometimes from the quality fabric. 

Floor Design

Some high-end shower tent comes with a removable floor. These floors are great for added cleanliness inside the tent while still being lightweight. We recommend you to choose a water-resistant floor material for tents with toilets so excess water can drip underneath and keep the interior dry. 

Durability and Transpiration 

An outdoor shower tent is a longtime investment, and you wouldn’t like to change it each season. Isn’t it right? 

Hence, the durability of these tents matters te most. The endurance is relatable with the tent fabric and frame. Ideally, polyester or nylon fabric, along with the flexible steel frame, is preferred for the shower tents. 

Also, the tent needs to be lightweight and foldable so you can carry it with ease along with the camping materials. 

Other Features:

Sometimes, you may look for premium features that exclusively comes with an expensive shower tent. These are:

  • Shelves or hooks: When you bath, putting your dirty or old cloth is necessary. Tents with hooks or shelves will help you in this cause. 
  • Towel holder: A tent with a towel holder is beneficial. You can use it to place the towel before a bath or to dry a wet towel or cloth. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: What is a shower tent?

Answer: A shower tent is a private tent that comes with a shower and has waterproof material. You can use it for bathing, restroom, sleep, and change room depending on your necessity.

2) Question:  How to maintain a shower tent?

Answer: Maintaining a shower tent is straightforward. It would help heavily if you made sure that the tent is dry when you fold it to prevent mold and mildew accumulation. Also, clean the tent after each camping session to get a lasting performance.

3) Question: How to fold a shower tent?

Answer:When you fold a shower tent, we recommend you to check the manufacturer guideline and follow the procedure. It ensures that the canvas doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Wrapping Up:

Camping is a brilliant way to spend some fruitful and quality time with loved ones and get back to work with a positive vibe. However, for such positivity, the best pop up shower tent is a mandatory item to take with you. 

For campers’ convenience, we checked over 40+ products to come with the 11 in the review list finally. These tents have innovative design and support multiple functions. Nonetheless, each has distinctive characteristics to count. 

For instance, the Lightspeed shower tent is suitable for multiple persons with a large interior. On the contrary, the Ozark Trail tent has two rooms for more convenience, and you will admire its versatility. And lastly, those who want an affordable alternative, Abco Tech Pop Up tent will serve them with perfection. 

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