5 Best Plug and Play Hot Tubs: Top Plug & Play Reviews in 2021

The summer is approaching, and we’re still tied to the comfort of our houses due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the public places are still closed, and people are discovering all the ways to have fun and enjoy at home. Usually, rising temperatures make us turn to water sources for relaxation. Now that pools aren’t available, people have begun exploring other options. Best plug and play hot tubs are waiting for you!

Play hot tubs have always been popular among hedonists because they provide various options and modes. They can be combined with good company and wine to create a romantic atmosphere and simulate a quality getaway weekend.

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Having a relaxing tub on your porch can release stress after a tiresome workday. Are you excited for the stress-free evenings permeated with perfect massages and good company? Dive in to find yourself the best hot tub for cold climate.

Having an info table is an easy way to compare the best plug and play hot tub and immediately drop some choices. Whether that happens because of dimensions or the materials that they are made of – it’s not important. What is important is to make a well-educated decision and pick the best play and hot tub that suits all of your needs. To help you achieve that, we’ve prepared an info table.

BrandImageNumber of JetsEasy Access StairsBluetooth Sound SystemLED LightsDetails
1. Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot TubEssential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub24YesYesYeslearn more
2. LIFE SMART 4 Person Plug & PlayEssential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub12NoNoNolearn more
3. Bestway SaluSpaEssential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub81NoNoYeslearn more
4. Essential Hot Tubs 100-Jet Calypso Hot TubEssential Hot Tubs 100-Jet Calypso Hot Tub100NoYesNolearn more
5. American Spas Hot TubAmerican Spas Hot Tub for 2 Persons28NoNoYeslearn more

1. Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub

This great Hot Tub features twenty-four stainless steel hydrotherapy jets. The tub offers a wide range of modes that allow you to enjoy the numerous jets in a variety of different ways, including massage. Who doesn’t love a good massage after a day of hard work?

There’s enough space for a whole family or a close circle of friends. Essential hot tubs can host up to five or people, allowing you to share the amazing spa experience with your spouse, girlfriends, and kids. 

Since it’s got a granite-look alike construction made out of resin, it’s much more lightweight than other ones. This makes it easy to move and to maintain. Essential hot tubs feature resin, and resin is known to be durable. All of those features make it a very convenient product for people who work a lot and can’t devote hours of their time to maintain the tub. Can this be the best hot tub for cold climate for you? Resin is also a material that’s complementary to granite, concrete and similar ones. 

It also comes with the cover that’s insulated. A cover also comes with locking clips that are very useful if you live in the windy area. It will allow you to cover the tub when you’re away to prevent the leaves falling in, or to allow you to flee the spa fast in case of rain. It can also be used all the time while you’re not using the hot tub. 

Pro Tips

For ultimate relaxation, there’s a full body massage option! Having warm water for a full body massage when it’s chilly outside gives you an amazing feeling of coziness, especially if you’re sharing it with people you truly care about. 

2. LIFE SMART 4 Person Plug & Play

Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub

Twelve hydrotherapy jets are there to provide a spectrum of possibilities when it comes to massages. There are rotating back jets and top-side valves that provide the air and simulate massage. This hot tub also has a waterfall feature which is not only a beautiful looking addition, but it also offers tremendous fun for children.  

This hot tub can host up to four people, which means that it’s a bit smaller than the previous one. Nevertheless, it has a more comfortable design. Still, it’s not as comfortable when four people use it as you’d expect. It looks spacious but it’s more suited for the two adults and kids than for four grown people. If you’re looking for the four-person tub with adults in mind, keep on looking. 

It’s made out of eco thermoplastic. Not only will thermoplastic keep you warm, but the foam insulation is also there to keep your water warm for a long period. If you’re looking for a money-saving option, in the long run, this might be the right tub for you. Good insulation ensures that you don’t have to heat water as often so it reduces the overall cost. 

It’s also got the Balboa controls placed conveniently on the top of the tub for easy use from the inside of the tub.

Pro Tips

If you want to make your electric bill smaller, don’t leave the heater on all the time. Thanks to the good insulation, you can enjoy your evening without having the heater on all the time. Warm up the water and then turn it on from time to time to warm it up again. That will lessen the bill significantly and also extend the life of the heater. 

Don’t forget that if you use the extension cord, you’ll be voiding the warranty. Keep this in mind so you don’t encounter a problem and make sure to check in with your manufacturer if anything unpredictable happens. You can also search the reviews and look for people with similar problems. 

3. Bestway SaluSpa

Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub

A Built-in Softening system is a system that is in charge of softening hard water. Since hard water can cause skin irritations and similar conditions, having a softening system that deals with hard water. If you have sensitive skin, this might be the right product for you! It’s also a good tub for the areas that have hard water as you don’t have to buy special filters or deal with it some other way. 

Bestway SaluSpa is made out of quality, durable materials. Some of them are the puncture-resistant material and the I-beam wall. It is strong, sturdy, and supports a lot of weights so the walls of the tub won’t get deformed in case people continuously sit on its edge, which is often the case. Having the deformed tub isn’t fun for anyone. 

It’s very easy to set up and anyone can do it. You don’t even need any additional tools! You will get the pump which will allow you to inflate the tub when you want to use it. The tub also comes with a cover that keeps leaves out of the water and can be very useful in the areas that are prone to rain. 

SaluSpa Hot Tub also features useful handles that allow you to move the tub around much easier than when you simply have to push and pull it by catching the walls. It’s easy to pack. If you plan on bringing it with yourself to the weekend getaway, it’s a great choice – it’s compact and if you bring a reasonable amount of travel bags, it should fit just right. 

Pro Tips

If you have an outdoor patio that has wooden boards, this hot spa pairs perfectly with the rustic exteriors and any kind of nature-themed space where you need warm colors that will contrast dark browns, greens, and blues. 

4. Essential Hot Tubs 100-Jet Calypso Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 100-Jet Calypso Hot Tub

This plug and play hot tub features a hundred two-tone jets that can be adjusted to offer passive therapy or a massage to help you relax in the evening. Those jets are placed at neck, shoulder, and foot placements and they offer the ultimate massage experience. If you’re looking for the tub that offers ultimate massage options, this may be the best plug and play spa for you!

The tub can host up to seven people, whose seats feature the mentioned neck, shoulder, and foot jets that perform massages. The number of options that you can play with here is really big. Because of the numerous jets, you can always get the message just the way you want. You can have a nice tub experience after dinner, or you can have a cocktail evening. If you’re looking for a tub to complement your social activities, you probably don’t need to look any further than this one. It’s quite possible the best plug and plays hot tub 6 person fit.

The heater is made for all seasons and it’s insulated. You’ll be able to have hot water for the whole year. Since the tub is well-insured, you’ll be able to use it whole year-round. You can turn off the heater sporadically during the warmer days. All of those features make this tub a suitable choice for the colder areas. The tub heater features locking clips that will keep you safe. 

The tub can be paired with a BlueTooth sound system so you can play music or listen to a podcast while enjoying the massage. Isn’t this a recipe for the perfect evening? Having the sound system makes this hot tub a portable party tub! You can play a podcast and learn something new, or just play jazz music and complete the ultimate romantic ambiance.

Pro Tips

Since a 240V/60A connection is needed, it’s best if you call an electrician to install it for you. Don’t try to do it yourself. That way, you’ll minimize the potential for mistakes, thus keeping the electrical installations in both your home and your new tub intact.

5. American Spas Hot Tub for 2 Persons

American Spas Hot Tub for 2 Persons

This play tub is made for two people. If you’re looking for a small plug and play hot tub that’s a perfect size for two people, this might be the right tub for you. It’s also a convenient option for a person and two kids. 

It has a heater which doesn’t make almost any noise. If you’re living in the apartment, it’s a good solution to usually loud plug and play hot tub heaters. It has 5.5Kw power. The heater only requires pressing a button and it immediately starts working. 

American Spas Hot Tub has quality controls,  featuring on/off buttons and buttons that you can use to direct the flow. There are 28 jets and all of them are adjustable. 

It has a water cleansing system that cleans the water by using active ozone bubbles. They come out from the discharge cell and sanitize your water. This prolongs the life of a hot tub and lessens the amount of maintenance that you have to do to keep it healthy. The tub features 50ft reusable filters. 

Last, but not least, an important feature of this plug and play hot tub is that it has a Hydro-Armor cover. It’s made out of marine-grade polyvinyl. It’s a durable material which is known to be able to withstand many types of weather.  

Pro Tips

Use the tub inside the house. The insulation isn’t good enough for the tub to be used outside so you’d have to use much more electricity. This way, you get to save money and to bathe longer in the warmer water. 

Best Plug and Play Hot Tub Buying Guide:

Are you curious about how to pick the best plug and play hot tub possible? We’re here to help you do it. Those are some of the features that you want to keep in mind while deciding which hot tub to get:

  • Number of jets – The number of jets isn’t detrimental factor to the pleasure you’ll get from them, but the more jets you have, the more different massage modes there will be. Your jets should be controllable so you can get the most out of the experience. They should be placed on different heights in tub, too. That way they can massage your whole body.
  • How many people it can host – Keep in mind that sometimes number of people that can actually fit in isn’t the number of people that manufacturers advertise. It would be best if you read the tub reviews to get a feel of how many people can fit comfortably. Seeing it live is also a good option.
  • Cover – Cover is a very important part of tub equipment. It will protect your tub from the outside elements. It should be made out of strong material, like polypropylene. They are durable and strong, as the first line of defense towards rain should be.
  • Material – Material that makes up your plug and play hot tub can differ from tub to tub. It’s important that the material is light, like resin, so you can move your tub if you want. Resin is also very durable, sturdy and puncture-resistant. It’s the material that’s usually used in hot tub manufacture. You can also get the tub made out of eco thermoplastic if you’re looking for the additional insulation.
  • Controls – Controls should be placed on the upper part of the tub, right next to the edge. They need to be easily accessible, clear and visible from the inside of the tub, as well as outside.
  • Additional features – Speakers, Waterfalls, Small stairs, LED lights – There are numerous additional features that differ from tub to tub. If there’s the one that’s important to you but you don’t see it on the model of the tub that you like, the best solution is to call the manufacturer and have them recommend the similar model but.
  • Heater – You want your heater to do two things: heat the water well and not use a lot of electricity. That’s a combination that’s usually hard to achieve, but you might be surprised to see how much you’ll get from investing in a quality heater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: What Is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

Answer: Plug and Play Hot Tub is a tub that can be plugged into the standard outlet that’s GFCI protected. They operate at 110v, but the usual Hot tubs require 240v. Being able to plug the tub into 110v is a reason why it’s easily portable so you can try placing it at different places and you’re not obliged to make a placement commitment. Plug and Play hot tubs are usually smaller than regular hot tubs and can accommodate two to four people.

You also don’t have to get new wiring done so that reduces the overall cost of the tub. Plug and Play hot tubs are usually purchased by the people who like to host social events and have a change of scenery from time to time, which they can easily achieve because of the tub’s mobility. It can be moved fairly easily, it can be plugged into the regular outlet and that gives you a fair amount of flexibility and choices, especially if your yard has a patio or similar structures.

2) Question: How to Clean and Maintain Your Plug and Play Hot Tub?

Answer: It’s very important that you take care of your new Plug and Play hot tub. This will allow you to enjoy it for the years to come. Some of the best plug and play hot tubs wouldn’t last long without regular maintenance. There are many plugs and play hot tubs, like Lifesmart plug and play hot tub, Bestway SaluSpa Hot Tub, and more. Each of them differs in a special way, but cleaning them isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first glance.

Cleaning this kind of hot tub doesn’t differ much from cleaning your regular one. The general difference is in the voltage that it requires, but usually not in the materials that are used for manufacturing it. That being said, you should still check your manual for the exact instructions just in case there is a certain aspect that you should pay attention to or a chemical that you should avoid. Some manuals even have the cleaning instructions and listening to the manufacturers is a good idea.

If you encounter any problems that you can’t solve on your own, chances are that the brand of the Hot Tub has its line where they offer to help you. Since they are familiar with their models, it’s always a good idea to call them first before searching for help at other places.

You should definitely drain and thoroughly clean your Plug and Play hot tub at least several times a year. This way, you’ll ensure the tub durability and protect yourself from the bacteria. Before draining, you should use a degreaser and something that will prevent the scale buildup. This will ensure that the internal systems are functioning well.
You also want to make sure that the filter is cleaned regularly as it’s usually the first part of the tub to start causing the problems.

All in all, make sure to keep your plug and play hot tub regularly maintained and cleaned, especially the filter and the pipes. Preventing problems is the best way to go about your hot tub health.

3) Question: How much electricity does a plug and play hot tub use?

Answer:That mostly depends on heating. The more you heat the water, the more electricity you will be using. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how small their plug and play hot tub bills are. Best plug and play hot tubs are the ones that match your lifestyle and financial ability. If you leave the heater on all the time, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a bigger bill. It all depends on what works best for you.

Are you living in a place where it’s cold so you’ll need to keep the heater on all the time or to heat water from time to time? If you’re living in the cold area and want to keep your hot tub outside, you can count on a higher bill. Consider placing it inside so you wouldn’t have to heat water as often, or limit yourself to using your hot tube a few times a month.

4) Question: Are plug and play hot tubs any good?

Answer: If you’re in need of a hot tub that can be moved from a place to place, you’re in for a treat. They are very convenient products that can bring you hours of joy without the hassle of the installment and heavy lifting. You may need some friends to help you move it, but you don’t have to commit to having a single place for your hot tubs. If you don’t want to hire professionals to have your hot tub moved, then this is the product for you. Hot tubs can also perform amazing massages.

They come with different settings and in different sizes with many jets turned in different directions. There is a wide variety of models out there just waiting for you to find them. Since the market is big, you’re sure to find the right one that suits all of your needs. Depending on how much you want to invest in a hot tub, you can get one that’s going to last fairly long. Furthermore, you can also get one that’s going to be with you for the foreseeable future if you invest just a little more! It all depends on what you want and need, which is why it’s necessary that you inform yourself as much as you can. We’re here to help, but you’re the one that needs to make the decision – so choose wisely for evenings filled with joy.


If you’re looking for the best plug and play hot tubs, you’ve come just in the right place. We’ve made the selection of plug and play hot tubs to help you choose the perfect one for you. With so much choice and different features, you’re sure to find the one that fits all of your needs. Plug and play hot tubs can make your afternoons and evenings filled with joy and relaxation.

All that massage and heating options are just waiting for you. Whether you’re working full time seven days a week, or just craving a relaxing time away from all the obligations, hot tubs will fill in your free time with quality relaxation. There won’t be another weekend after which you’re not well-rested. The Plug and Play hot tubs are a must-have for a variety of social events – if you are planning a romantic weekend if you’re organizing an outdoor evening party or just looking to hang out with close friends. The hot tub will make any event you host memorable, leaving people wanting more! 

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