7 Best Patio String Lights: In-Depth Reviews for 2021

One of the first pictures that come to mind when thinking about string lights are nights of romantic dinners, outdoor weddings, and proms. 

Many of those events have been memorable in their own way, but the outdoor string lights have added to the atmosphere. They can also be used on gazebos, pergolas, and patios, but what are the best patio string lights? 

String lights can find use in everyday lives. You can find them in the cafes, gardens of restaurants near the river, in the yards, patios, or you may realize that they have been lighting your way during that night market. Having a fitting accessory has always been known to make or break the whole look – it’s the same with patios.

To truly dive into the exploration of outdoor string lights, take a look at their characteristics like design and performance. This will help you while comparing products and while deciding which one would make the best fit. Keeping in mind variables like length of the strand, brightness, and durability will help you pick the right one.

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InfoBrandImageLengthColor Of StrandEnd-To-End ConnectivityDimmableNumber of bulbsColorWaterproofDetails
Brightown Outdoor String Globe Patio Lights Ratings:★★★★★25 feetMultipleYesYes25Warm WhiteYeslearn more
Lampat Globe String Lights with Bulbs-UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Decor Ratings:★★★★★25 FeetBlackYesNo25Warm WhiteNolearn more
Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights Black Ratings:★★★★★48 FeetBlackYesNo15Warm WhiteYeslearn more
Addlon Outdoor String Vintage Bulbs Patio Lights Ratings:★★★★☆48 FeetBlackYesYes15Warm WhiteYeslearn more
Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Solar String Lights - Soft White Ratings:★★★★★27 FeetBlackNoNo12Soft WhiteYeslearn more
GUDDL Globe String Lights Black Wire Ratings:★★★★☆25 FeetBlackYesNo25Warm WhiteYeslearn more
7. Sunlitec
Sunlitec Solar String Lights 25 Bulbs - 27 Ft Ratings:★★★★☆27 FeetBlackYesNo25Warm WhiteYeslearn more

1. Brightown Outdoor String Light

Brightown Outdoor String Globe Patio Lights

These outdoor string lights feature twenty-five bulbs that come connected with the wire that’s coated with a protective rubber layer. The cap of a light bulb also comes in a matching color. 

They come in black, green, and white colors. Bulbs are 1.5inch, and the socket base is E12/C7. The light that bulbs cast is warm white, and dimmable. 

The bulbs are placed 12 inches away from each other and the total length of a string is twenty-five feet. The sockets also have a cup hook for easy installation. 

The dimmable option can help you save energy. It’s quite easy to put away or transport. It’s waterproof, which means that you can use it as a patio light or as a decorative accessory to fit with your dusk-to-dawn views without worry that the water would affect your new decoration. 

It works well in extreme weather conditions when it comes to high or low temperatures and windy and rainy areas as well. It’s UL certified. It’s easy to manipulate – installation and de-installation are easy, just like the transport. You can place it anywhere you like, and if one lightbulb goes out, it won’t alter the others. The package includes one spare glass bulb.


Brightown outdoor string lights can be a good choice if you are looking for something to add to the atmosphere of your outdoor space – whether it is a tent, yard, garden or a cafe. If you are looking for a lightbulb that can handle extreme weather, this may be what you are looking for.

2. Lampat Perfect For Patio/Outdoor String Light

Lampat Globe String Lights with Bulbs-UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Decor

Lampat strand is 25 feet long. They can connect from one end to another, forming longer cable and giving you more options. String features G40 lightbulbs. The socket base is E12, 6 inches lead. 

There is the twelve-inch distance between sockets and also each strand has end to end connection. It means that you can add three strands if you wish for a solution that requires a longer cable.

This product is practical. If one lightbulb goes out of function, it won’t affect the other ones who will continue to work. This product can be used both inside and outside. The events where it can find applications are numerous, they vary from indoor ( cafes, celebrations, exhibitions, and weddings) to outdoor (markets, parties, pool areas, yards, patios, etc. ).


The overall performance of the lightbulb is satisfying. It’s flexible since it can be used on a wide array of occasions. It’s easy to find the replacement bulb if one of them stops functioning. Even then, the rest of the strand will continue to work as normal and the rest of the bulbs won’t be affected.

3. Lemontec with 15 Hanging Sockets

Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights Black

This product has 15 clear lightbulbs that are placed on a strand that’s 48 feet long. The 11-watt bulbs are featured on the stings made out of waterproof materials. One of the main features of this product is its durability. It will work after tireless use throughout the year. The sockets are placed three feet away from each other.

This product is easy to use and install. You can connect the maximum of eight strands from one end to another. It’s a very useful feature if you need one long cord to form different shapes in the trees, for example. With as much as eight strands, the options are wast.

An exciting feature that’s introduced in this product is that it has different lightening modes that can set a wide array of moods. Whether you want to turn them on during the dinner, party, or while drinking your afternoon beverage, you can always take a more romantic turn and dim the lights.


This product has fewer lightbulbs than the previous two, but the cable is longer. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you leave them out overnight. If you place them out on the open, you don’t have to put them up and down regularly. 

Eight strands can be connected, making them a perfect choice for a party or wedding decoration. It also has different modes which can change the atmosphere. The eight strands can also be a little harder to clean, but there are some options for you to try if you are curious about how to clean outdoor lights.

4. Addlon Decorative Patio Lights/Outdoor String Light

Addlon Outdoor String Vintage Bulbs Patio Lights

The strand has 15 sockets and 11W incandescent bulbs. The illumination is strong and heavy duty which makes it more suitable to be outdoor than indoor decoration.

Spacing between the sockets is 3.11 feet. There is a hook above every socket, which makes the installation very easy, and you don’t have to get any additional material to hang it. Of course, you can use the strand or plastic zip ties if you prefer them to hooks – they are more stable, but in the long run, they are harder to remove, so make sure that you consider how long and often you want to leave them hanging. The length is 48 feet.

The strings on those decorative outdoor string lights are weatherproof, which means that they won’t be damaged by extreme weather conditions including, but not limited at, extreme temperatures, sun exposure, precipitation, and similar. 

The heavy-duty cord and insulation are durable and won’t get damaged due to extensive use. The maximum od the strands that can connect one to another is five.


This light is long but has 15 bulbs. It’s compensated by the fact that illumination is very strong. It’s more suitable for outdoor use, and it’s ideal for events such as markets and parties where you need to set up and take down decorations easily. The hooks on the strand make that possible. Weatherproofness and insulation is also another convenient feature for this type of outdoor strings lights. 

5. Brightech Solar Powered Outdoor String Light

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Solar String Lights - Soft White

Brightech solar power LEDs are designed to run on solar power. It’s a convenient solution if you want to spend less money, use less electricity, and positively contribute to ecology. 

They are ideal for outdoor locations that don’t have an outlet nearby. The shells of lightbulbs are made out of plastic to promote durability. There are twelve sockets placed on the strand, and the spacing between them is twenty inches. 

When it comes to the beginning of the strand, the first lightbulb is six inches away from the solar panel. The total length of the Brightech Ambience Pro is twenty-seven feet.

It takes six hours for the battery to charge fully. The light of the bulbs is soft and white. They can glow for about five hours while keeping the low temperature.

WeatherTite Technology is the reason why those lights are durable and able to withstand many different weather conditions like wind and rain. The shells of a lightbulb have 122 Fahrenheit resistance.


If you need heavy duty durable solar string lights, those are the ones for yours. The plastic shells don’t become heated and have high resistance. They work well and don’t get damaged in the rain, and the solar panel will charge in six hours. 

They are also a good choice if you want to match them with spotlights, especially since they aren’t very bright. If you wonder how to make solar lights brighter, there are a few tips and tricks that you could try. 

6. GUDDL Connectable Globe Outdoor String Light

GUDDL Globe String Lights Black Wire

Guddl string features AWG black wire and double fuse. The lights are easy to set up with zip ties or cup hooks. Those lights are frequently used at weddings and parties and also as gazebo or patio decoration. 

The recommended number of strands for the good light coverage of an average patio is two.

A convenient feature of this product is that if one bulb breaks or stops working, the others will continue. They feature Weatherproof-Tech, which allows them to function in extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. If you want to leave them outside, you won’t have to worry – the cord has a very thick and flexible rubber that’s very durable and has protective properties.

Keep in mind that you should install the strands without bulbs, and afterward, when everything is set in place, put them in. This way, you won’t damage the bulbs as you mount the strand. If you need it to be longer, you can connect the total three of them.


This product is user friendly and easy to set up with cup hooks. It’s waterproof and durable in extreme weather conditions, but the bulbs are fragile, and it’s important to pay attention not to break them. 

7. Sunlitec Hanging Umbrella Outdoor String Light

Sunlitec Solar String Lights 25 Bulbs - 27 Ft

Sunlitec features 25 bulbs on the patio light string that’s long 27 feet. There are four lighting modes – you will find the one that you are looking for between them: quick flash, steady light, slow flash, and pulsating.

The LED glass balls are made as a protection against the weather elements like rain. This decorative light is very durable, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours. 

Another feature that separates this product from others on the list is that it’s got a USB port for charging and also a solar panel. Both of those can be used for charging the lights. If you decide to use the solar panel, you will need eight hours to charge them, while the USB port will do it twice as fast – in four hours. It’s got a 20a 00mAh Li-ion battery.


It’s an interesting decoration that features four lightening modes. They are suitable for a party or as an indoor light if you want a change of pace inside the closed walls. The lightbulbs are densely packed on the twenty-seven feet long string. 

They can also be an outdoor decoration as they feature a dual charging option – if you want to make an outdoor party but don’t have an outlet nearby, you can use the solar panel. They are also charged via USB port. 

7 Best Way to Hang String Lights on Patio

Here’s a detailed list of the steps that you can follow in order to hang your outdoor string lights in the best and easiest way. 

1. Plan

The first part of the process is to plan where you want your lights to go. Keep in mind the placement of power outlets if you won’t be getting solar lights. Don’t forget to think about how you will set them up on that specific place – would you need to place a pole or parasol, can the furniture arrangement be changed, so it fits your idea? How many of the cables that you have can be connected to form a longer string? Are they waterproof? 

2. Measure

The next step is to measure the distances at the space that you want to hang the lights. It may be useful to have a visual representation and draw a sketch – that will help make sure that you have measured all of the distance needed for your project. 

3. Determine What You Need

Now that you have a sketch and a plan, go an check if you have everything to execute it. If you have noticed that you lack some equipment or materials, see if you can use another piece of material and equipment that you already own around the house. 

Example of the list: 

-feit 48′ led filament string light set

-construction string lights



4. Purchase Supplies

Now that you know what you need to make a list, so you don’t forget something, google the stores if you aren’t sure where you can find what you are looking for and get the supplies. 

5. Place the Poles and Hang the Wires

The first step in getting the lights up in the air is to place the poles and wires that are supposed to support your lights. If you don’t have to do that – great, if you don, it may be useful to have a friend help you with the process so that you don’t get hurt when you are on the ladders and have to let go of them and use both hands. 

6. Hang the Lights

The next step is to hang the lights. Some sockets may have the hooks already, but if your area is windy, you can secure them with additional zip ties or treads. Before you start hanging the lights make sure that they are connected in the way you want so you don’t have to climb up and down the ladders more times than it’s necessary or cause other complications. 

7. Plug them in

The last step is plugging the lights in the outlet and watching your best outdoor string lights for the patio project come alive! 

LED Solar Spotlight/Outdoor String Light​ Buying Guide

When it comes to efficiency and high-performance, an LED solar spotlight has numerous advantages. This has led people to opt for the LED solar powered spotlights in the present times. Consequently, the solar spotlight for outdoor usage has got a big jump over other regular lights. 

However, with a booming market, the choice of the spotlight has also become a tough task. That is the core reason why you must understand the factors that you need to consider when purchasing an LED outdoor solar spotlight. 

However,  if you want to understand the detail buying guide about the outdoor solar spotlight, the guideline on outdoor solar lights from dusk to dawn will be convenient for you. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Do you need a special light bulb outside?

Answer: Generally, normal incandescent bulbs and lights are okay and can be used; they just shouldn’t be exposed to rain. When it comes to outdoor string lights, most of them are made for outdoor use, but it can be useful to check the packaging just to make sure that the bulbs can be used outside and handle the weather conditions that are normal for the area that you plan on keeping them.

Make sure you check for factors like waterproofness, weather-proofed, and similarly worded features. When it comes to the outdoor lightbulbs they are known to be more resilient since they are made for different conditions.

2) How do I keep Bugs off My Patio Lights?

There are some tips that you can try incorporating to lower the number of bugs that frequent your porch. The first step is to turn all off the lights that you won’t need during the night. Switching to LED lights can also be a convenient option because bugs are less attracted to this kind of bulbs. Getting incensed and scented candles can help deter bugs.

16 Tips on How to Keep Bugs Away from Patio

Any citrus scent should help, and citronella is quite popular as the mosquito deterrent. The little bags with plants can be of help also, as long as they are filled with herbs like citruses or cinnamon, Bug lamps, and zappers can also be an option. Some people install a ceiling fan whose spinning affects air and deters bugs, making them physically unable to come close. 


The market offers a wide range of patio furniture and decorations. Lights have always been a popular choice of outdoor decoration because they are both useful and easy to incorporate. From small, garden too big, bug deterrent and string, lights have always been an indicator of urban and romantic environment. But which are best outdoor string lights? They can be seen as a decoration at numerous events and locations.

Determining which one to get doesn’t have to be a tiresome job. The most important things to keep in mind is how strong the light and how long the strand should be.

Keep in mind that strands can connect end-to-end a certain amount of time can be a deal-breaker. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have an interesting and aesthetic decoration that’s easy to install and reuse at many locations and events.

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