Best Patio Furniture Covers Reviews and Buying Guides of 2021

You may not realize it, but our memories are intertwined with the furniture. It turns your memory of a home or an event more pleasant and makes you feel nostalgic. From homes to workplaces, best patio furniture covers represent connectivity.

The truth is people today want more variety of furniture covers than ever. However, the market is swarming with an ocean of covers. Therefore, it can be tricky for people to seek out specific styles, patterns, and hue patterns as per their requirements.

Now, keeping that in mind, here is a simplified and modern furniture covers’ guide that includes something for everyone:

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8 Types of Outdoor Furniture Covers

OkPatio suggests buying outdoor covers for your furniture from a reliable manufacturer. Despite the type of cover you choose, it must be a flawless fit. And that is especially true for bulky pieces of furniture like sofas or chaise lounges.

Here are different types of outdoor furniture covers that can make sure your investment remains safe for a long time:

TypeProduct 1Product 2Product 3Details
1. Bench, Loveseat, and Sofa Furniture Covers👈Click On Image
2. Side and Coffee Table Furniture Covers👈Click On Image
3. Dining Table Covers👈Click On Image
4. Chair Furniture Covers👈Click On Image
5. Chaise and Lounger Furniture Covers👈Click On Image
6. Serving and Storage Furniture Covers👈Click On Image
7. Cushion Storage Bag👈Click On Image
7. Cushion Storage Bag👈Click On Image

1. Bench, Loveseat, and Sofa Furniture Covers

Bench covers are incredibly valuable because the weather can always take the worst turn. What is interesting is that bench covers are water-resistant and have UV protection. There are many materials you can get for your bench cover.

Loveseat covers, on the other hand, are easy-to-use and safeguard your furniture. You can find sofa furniture covers in bold and neutral patterns. In fact, you would be surprised how many fabrics, styles, and colors you can find that match your furniture.

You can change your sofa cover for a new occasion or holiday. Mostly, folks love the wrinkle-resistant sofa covers that give relaxed vibes.

2. Side and Coffee Table Furniture Covers

From the square, rectangular to the round side table, you can find the premium quality covers in the market that can last for years. Side table covers are also water-resistant and mostly adjustable ventilation. Not to mention, they are incredibly lightweight.

Whether you have a luxurious or simple coffee table, you can find elegant cover designs. Coffee table covers are arguably most important because you want to protect your furniture from stains and splashes.

3. Dining Table Covers

Dining covers are what your guests will notice the most. These covers represent your level of sophistication. Although you can choose a dining table cover when an occasion comes along, their curation can set a completely new mood to the environment. You can select a wide variety of textures, colors, and shapes for your dining covers.

4. Chair Furniture Covers

It is always a good time to change the cover of your chair. For the most part, cotton and linen chair covers are high in demand. Apart from the quality of the fabric, the size has to be perfect to achieve a natural look.

5. Chaise and Lounger Furniture Covers

Parties or gatherings can get pretty wild, so think of chaise and lounger covers as an investment to protect your precious furniture items. You can find the most durable and crafted material when it comes to chaise or lounger covers. These covers provide ultra-protection from fading, ripping, or cracking.

6. Serving and Storage Furniture Covers

These types of covers could not be better to protect your valuable consoles, storage chests, and buffets. You can also get these covers during a workplace or home renovation. From couch to the sofa, serving and storage covers can endure tear or rip when you move your furniture.

7. Cushion Storage Bag

In short, cushion storage bags are an excellent investment to protect your patio cushions. As much as the quality of your cushion storage bags matters, you can get creative patterns as well. Cushion storage bags stop the fading, cracking, and tearing of your cushions. Synthetic material, for instance, can resist the build of molds.

8. Umbrella Covers

Well, umbrella covers are easy to clean. But that is the tip of the iceberg. You can find these covers in small and long measurements. On top of that, they are also UV-protected, have ventilation pockets, water-resistant, and easy to place or remove. You can use the same covers for certain storage furniture items that may not be in use.

A Comprehensive Look at Product Reviews


1. Waterproof Dining Bench Cover Protector

Waterproof Dining Bench Cover Protector

  • It is stain and water-resistant, which means you no longer have to worry about those unexpected drinks or food spills.
  • It is easy-to-clean, which will turn your dining table mess-free.
  • You do not need extra or heavy equipment for cleaning. Instead, wipe the cover with a cloth or sponge. However, if you want to get rid of nasty food or drink stains, you can use machine wash as well.
  • It is entirely stretchable. You can install and remove it in a heartbeat.
  • It can fit benches that are wide as 42” or even 54”.
  • Mostly, 49×17 is the size that fits most of the dining benches – and the 60×17 can fit 55” or 65” dining benches.

What Makes This Product So Special?

You can count on its durability without having to worry about unexpected sliding or slipping. As long as your bench with it, it can stay fit pretty tightly. It means you would not have to refit again and again. 

2. Jacquard Dining Room Bench Covers

Jacquard Dining Room Bench Covers

  • It is one of the most stretchable and well-fit bench covers you can find.
  • It has 92% of spandex, while 8% of the material is polyester. The elastic fabric covers buckles and elastic bands.
  • The Smiry slipcover can comfortably snug and fit onto your bench.
  • It has a rhombic lattice design, which will give a new look to your upholstered bench.
  • The classic look is not just for the looks; it can protect your bench from any spills, stains, or scratches.
  • The cleaning and installation of the slipcover are as straightforward as it gets. All you need to do is slip over your bench seat and then buckle it down.
  • It can fit dining benches with the width of 39.3” to 43.3” and the depth of 15.7” to 17”.
  • The elastic and durable fabric does not require ironing.

What Makes This Product So Special?

You can use the cover for multiple occasions. It will be perfect when it comes to dining benches of your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or living room. Hotels and restaurants can use it to enrich the decoration and restyle their bench.

3. Velvet Dining Room Bench Covers

Velvet Dining Room Bench Covers

  • It contains 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex material.
  • For décor and protection, this velvet fabric bench covers can protect your luxurious upholstered bench from possible tear.
  • It comes with a massive collection of vibrant colors that allows you to select the one that matches the theme of your dining room.
  • The luxurious dining room bench covers have a soft touch and highly comfortable.
  • It can practically fit all of the regular size dining room benches.
  • It is 42” – 54” in Width and 14” – 18” in depth.
  • The care and installation of the dining room bench covers are easy. Plus, the covers are secured with anti-slip that makes the fit more snuggly.
  • You can wash the covers in a machine with cold water and dry on low heat.
  • It does not require ironing.

What Makes This Product So Special?

It would come across as natural for regular dining benches. The material is stretchable and can recover instantaneously. And you will love the level of comfort it can create.

Coffee Table Furniture Covers

1. Classic Accessories Ravenna Cover

Classic Accessories Ravenna Cover

  • It fits coffee tables that are 48” long and 25” wide with 18” height.
  • It is made of polyester fabric, added UV coating, and waterproof undercoating.
  • It has reinforced paddles that make it easier to remove.
  • It has four different types of colored buckles that ensure the safety of the cover.
  • The webbing belts are adjustable.
  • You can tailor the general outlook of the cover.
  • For the sake of look and safety, the design of the cover does not cover the wheels.
  • Structured vents of the cover allow you to avoid mildew and wind lofting.

What Makes This Product So Special?

Though there are a lot of invigorative features attached to the product, the 100% Water-resistant compatibility is perfect for making sure your valuable coffee table is always dry.

2. Rectangular Patio Coffee Table Cover

Rectangular Patio Coffee Table Cover

  • It comes with 100% polyester woven material.
  • The undercoating of the cover will protect it from the sun, dirt, snow, and heavy rain. 
  • The attached seam sealer ensures the prevention of water penetration. 
  • It has 48” of length, 28” of depth, and 13” of height. 
  • It packs a solid combo of premium quality material that protects from UV light.
  • It decreases condensation that results in more durability and strength. 
  • You can handle the paddles easily and remove them in the blink of an eye.
  • The elastic hem cords allow you to adjust the belts with close range or tight as per your fitting requirements. 

What Makes This Product So Special?

It does make a perfect gift Christmas, and the experience the product ultimately protects your furniture from ferocious winds. Not to mention, it is relatively easier to clean most of the products on the market.

3. Vailge Rectangle Patio Ottoman Cover

Vailge Rectangle Patio Ottoman Cover

  • Water-resistant coating and UV-stabilization makes it highly durable.
  • The illuminated design of the cover complements the protective features.
  • It is composed of up 600D original Oxford material that will safeguard your cover from merciless weather elements.
  • The surface of the cover prevents seeps and scratches. 
  • The cover comes with a changeable cord lock, which is quite easy-to-use.
  • You can tightly adjust the belt with just a click of the straps.
  • The installation and removal of the cover are effortless because of the large paddles.
  • You can quickly fold the cover for storage purposes.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The ventilation feature of the cover prevents condensation, which is perfect for air circulation in outdoor conditions.

Sofa Furniture Covers

1. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

  • It is composed of 20% spandex and 80% polyester premium quality material.
  • It can increase the longevity of your sofa by protection from stains and daily wear.
  • You can find the product in a variety of colors. 
  • It can fit a sitting area of 60” – 81”.
  • You can finish the installation of the cover in less than ten minutes.
  • It is washable in the machine with a standard temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
  • You do not have to iron the cover after wash.

What Makes This Product So Special?

A stretch sofa cover in the most real sense possible. It is a household product for the ages that can last for years to come. The material is soft enough to give the perfect aura of comfort.

2. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

  • You have the freedom to choose multiple sizes for your sofa, chair, or oversized sofa. 
  • The fabric is a combination of polyester and spandex that renders the soft touch.
  • It can fit some of the biggest oversized sofas. 
  • It can cover the sitting area from 78” to 101”.
  • The wing chair can cover the sitting area of 29.”
  • The recliner slipover can fit into an area of 23”.
  • It comes with 50 different types of colors. 
  • Ultra-protection makes sure no more stains for your sofa.
  • You can install one piece of slipcover within 10 minutes. 

What Makes This Product So Special?

Although there is no waterproof feature, you can tuck the covers into the grooves. It means you would not have to worry about a lot of maintenance when your sofa remains in a single space.

3. Velvet Plush Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Velvet Plush Stretch Sofa Slipcover

  • Velvet Plush Slipcover has an integrated protective shield against stains, spills, and wear & tear.
  • It can practically fit most of the furniture because of its elastic and stretchable one-size-fit.
  • Practically, it can fit a sofa more than 96” in width.
  • The strapless nature of the slipcover is like the icing on the top.
  • It is slip-resistant because of the elastic bottom.
  • Despite its large size, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • You can get the slipcover in a wide array of colors to enrich your home décor.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The slipcover truly stands out when it comes to families. In fact, it is one of the most sought out slipcovers for homes with children.

Dining Table and Chair Furniture Covers

1. ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover

ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover

  • The size of the cover is 113” in length and 76” in width with 28” in height.
  • The 100% water-resistant table cover stops seams.
  • The 600D polyester material makes the fabric of the cover breathable and protects from dust, stains, snow, and rain.
  • It comes with two structured air vents that do not leave any chance for wind lofting.
  • The alignment of the elastic cords and plastic clips with the table leg is natural. 
  • It can withstand severe weather conditions and still look in pristine condition.

What Makes This Product So Special?

It comes across as an all-in-one package because it is. From security features to visual appeal, the cover can practically appeal to anyone.

2. Ohuhu Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers

 Ohuhu Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers

  • You can maximize the protection of your lawn, porch, or patio furniture set through Ohahu’s heavy-duty cover set.
  • It can cover the area of 108” in length, 82” in width, and with 23” in height (i.e., 108x82x23).
  • You can cover your tables, chairs, couches, and even grills with the cover set.
  • The 600D polyester material can last in harsh conditions of snow, rain, bird droppings.
  • It can also guarantee protection from dust and sunlight.
  • It comes with integrated ventilation and cords, which allows you to fit tight.
  • You can use the elastic cords that are adjustable to stretch your furniture item for a cozy fit. 
  • The air vents can also avoid the accumulation of moisture over time.

What Makes This Product So Special?

Often, the 100% water-resistant compatibility is all you need. In fact, it can become your best friend in harsh weather conditions. And this patio cover for your furniture can be your savior in those unforeseeable circumstances.

3. Vailge Waterproof Patio Furniture Set Cover

Vailge Waterproof Patio Furniture Set Cover

  • The highly protective set cover comes with 600D Oxford material.
  • It can safeguard your valuable furniture from unexpected outdoor weather conditions.
  • The water-resistant mechanism of the oxford fabric can prevent seeps.
  • It comes with a UV-stabilized feature that can shield your furniture from the sun. 
  • The cord lock is adjustable, which allows you to opt for a custom tight fit.
  • You can easily use close-straps for the tight fit to improve the security of your furniture.

What Makes This Product So Special?

Though all of its basic features are important, it is a convenience to use is what people love the most. The large and light paddle allows you to remove the cover instantaneously.

Chair Furniture Covers

1. Sofa Shield Original Reversible Chair Protector

Sofa Shield Original Reversible Chair Protector

  • The two sizes come with a perfect fit. The smaller size has 23” width seat, while the larger size has 48” width.
  • Though it can cover most of the size of your furniture, the quality of the sofa protectors is uncompromised.
  • It also has a much higher thread count as compared to other products in the market. 
  • The higher level of comfort is as good as the protection features. The strap design is 2” thick and strong and can hold the cover shield tight.
  • You can get a custom adjustable fit quickly.

What Makes This Product So Special?

It is the kind of product that deserves your attention when you do not want small or thin covers. And despite its huge size, you can still wash and dry them in a machine.

2. Home Fashion Designs Twill Chair Arm Slipcover

Home Fashion Designs Twill Chair Arm Slipcover

  • The highly protective arm slipover can safeguard your furniture from stains, wear & tear, and spills.
  • It is perfect for homes with a lot of pets for children.
  • You can fit the slipcover in place comfortably.
  • It is slip-resistant and strapless that makes it more secure for remote locations.
  • It has an elastic bottom, which improves the protection of your chair. 
  • The chair slipcover can fit in more than 90” in width whereas the recliner slipover can fit in more than 40” in width.

What Makes This Product So Special?

It is easy to despair when you have to move your furniture to vulnerable outdoor conditions. The Twill Chair Arm Slipover will maintain the comfort and longevity of your chair in a single location.

3. Sofa Shield Original Reversible Large Protector

Sofa Shield Original Reversible Large Protector

  • You can get the protective reversible cover in two sizes.
  • The small one has 25” width while the large is 28” in width.  
  • You can choose the color patterns that appeal to you.
  • The design of the patent strap (2” thick) is exclusive and can hold your cover tight. 
  • You can use the adjustable strap options for a custom fit.
  • It is easy to carry and move around from place to place.

What Makes This Product So Special?

Why settle for a cheap shield cover when you can have something like this? So, if you are thinking about a brand-new addition for your home, this fashionable upgrade can bring a new outlook altogether.

Chaise and Lounge Furniture Covers

1. Chaise and Lounge Furniture Covers

Chaise and Lounge Furniture Covers

  • The densely stitched chaise lounge cover offers durability and comfortability.
  • The attractive chaise lounge cover complies with the safety and health code.
  • It can fit lounge chairs of 78” in length and 35.5” width with 33” in height.
  • The classy fabric material is coated to protect against splashes.
  • It has large paddles, which makes the removal of the cover easy.
  • You can make the most out of buckled straps and adjustable toggles to safeguard your patio furniture. 
  • It is also water-resistant and weather resilience.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The aesthetic appeal and durability of this cover are in high demand. In fact, it is unquestionably one of the best outdoor furniture covers.

2. Duck Covers Patio Chaise and Lounge Cover

Duck Covers Patio Chaise and Lounge Cover

  • It can fit chaise lounge chairs of 80” in length and 34” in width with 23” in height.
  • It comes with a seam sealer mechanism that makes sure that water does not penetrate the surface of the cover.
  • You can combine a different variety of colors to match other furniture in your home.
  • The water-resistant fabric is suitable moisture atmospheres.
  • The inclusion of the UV-stabilization feature makes sure the material does not fade over time.
  • The cover comes with nylon straps that that holds and secures the cover in one place.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The strength of its polyester fabric makes it one of a kind cover. Besides, it is multi-layered, breathable, and innovative.

3. ULTCOVER Waterproof Patio Lounge and Chair Cover Pack

ULTCOVER Waterproof Patio Lounge and Chair Cover Pack

  • It can fit lounge chairs of more than 84” in length and 32” in width.
  • The total size of the cover is 86” in length, 34” in width, and 32” in height.
  • The two well-placed air vents stop wind lofting.
  • The plastic clips make it easier to secure the chaise leg amidst harsh weather conditions.
  • The water-resistant and seamed taped chair cover pack is breathable.
  • It is made of up premium quality 600D polyester material that can handle dust, snow, bird droppings, and heavy rainfall.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The structured and complex design of the cover comes across as simple and sophisticated at the same time. And that is good enough reason to consider buying the product.

Cushion Storage Bag

1. Oversized Veranda Cover Storage Bag and Patio Cushion

Oversized Veranda Cover Storage Bag and Patio Cushion

  • The interior design of the veranda covers has higher dexterity.
  • It is stitched for high durability, and padded straps increase the comfort level. 
  • It can fit an extensive amount of patio covers and cushions.
  • It can cover more than 60” in length and 20” in width with 28” in height.
  • It comes with a flawless undercoated water-resistant and water-repellent fabric material.
  • It has a large zipper on the top, which makes loading and unloading effortless.

What Makes This Product So Special?

Not all storage bags are manufactured equally. And this one is relatively easy to carry around because of the large padded handles.

2. Oversized Ravenna Patio Cushion and Storage Bag Cover

Oversized Ravenna Patio Cushion and Storage Bag Cover

  • It is approximately 60” long, 20 wide, and 28” high.
  • It is a high-quality outdoor cover that can hold almost all types of patio cushions.
  • The water-resistant and heavy-duty of the cover makes it durable.
  • The polyester woven material comes with UV protection coating.  
  • The padded handles are reinforced, which makes it easier to carry.
  • The dual zippers offer perfect accessibility to both sides of the storage bag.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The professional construction, visual appeal, and combination of features make it a safe purchase that can undeniably last for years.

3. Outdoor Abba Patio Rectangular Cushion and Cover Storage Bags

Outdoor Abba Patio Rectangular Cushion and Cover Storage Bags

  • It can fit all sorts of bench, chair, covers, and chaise cushions in the market.
  • Technically, it is 79″ in length, 30″ in width, and 24″ in height.
  • You can use an adjustable hem cord at the bottom for a tight fit.
  • The double-stitched material increases the protection from seams and extra durability without comprising the style.
  • The brown polyethylene fabric ensures yearly protection from snow, dirt, sun, and rain.
  • The design of the material is water, fire, and scratch-resistant.

What Makes This Product So Special?

One look at this, and you can guess it is a winter product. It is, after all, comparatively easy to store than other products. The instant fold does not mean more cleaning. In fact, you can wipe it with a small amount of detergent or just plain water.

Umbrella Covers

1. Patio Waterproof Market Parasol Covers

Patio Waterproof Market Parasol Covers

  • It is perfect for 7 to 11 ft. in diameter umbrella.
  • The double-stitched and inner coating around the edges prevents cracks in the umbrella.
  • It is extremely light, breathable, stylish, and comes with Oxford material.
  • The cord locks at the bottom drawstring serve as extra security when it comes to severe winds
  • It comes with a zipper closure that is easy to clean and turn on/off.
  • You can clean it with a wet cloth and then dry it in the sun.

What Makes This Product So Special?

The water-resistant capability is undoubtedly more relevant for umbrellas. And this is where parasol covers can perform better. That said, it can also endure heavy snow and rain.

2. SORARA Cantilever Umbrella Cover

SORARA Cantilever Umbrella Cover

  • It can fit from nine to 11 ft. in diameter cantilever umbrella.
  • It comes with a flexible zippered side that you can turn on and off easily.
  • It is composed of high-quality polyester material that can protect from scratches, fades, and cracks. 
  • It is double-stitched, which means more strength.
  • It does not require high-maintenance.
  • You can easily reach the fiberglass rod to zip or unzip sides.
  • Double-stitched seams will add strength and show you a stylish accent

What Makes This Product So Special?

It has heightened UV-resistant protection that can reduce sun exposure significantly. On top of that, the zipper mechanism is quite easy to use.

3. Classic Veranda Patio Umbrella Cover

Classic Veranda Patio Umbrella Cover

  • It is a suitable fit for 10 ft in diameter umbrella.
  • It is 75” high and has 23.5” depth at the bottom.
  • It has PVC undercoating with high-quality polyester woven material.
  • It is durable, stylish, and can match your heavyweight requirements.
  • The fabric also functions as water-resistant and water-repellent.

What Makes This Product So Special?

It has “that” perfect size, which appeals to all umbrella lovers. Besides, it comes across as classic and modern at the same time, and who wouldn’t like to have that look?

Buying Guide: Which Outdoor Furniture Covers Are Best?

It is a question of your requirements rather than specificity. Your first course of action, for instance, should be aware of your measurements. Think of it as a first step towards the purchase process. Once you know the size of your furniture, you can shop around more comfortably. In fact, you would be surprised how certain you can get.

You can continue the process with selective features of the patio covers. Whether your priority is color patterns or safety, it is better to know where you stand. However, you can, of course, look for the products that pack a combination of all features. Many of the aforementioned products have combined layered elements that you would want for your home. It is a purchase decision that brings out the joy for the entire family.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to have doubts about your purchase decision. Here are some of the elements that can help you buy furniture covers with more confidence:

– Breathable Design

The first consideration before you purchase a furniture cover is to have breathable (two) built-in vents to get air circulation.

– Measure Dimensions

If the dimension measurements are not correct, it wouldn’t matter how good is your color palette or added features in the cover furniture. Therefore, be as specific as you can when you measure the dimension of your furniture item.

– Water-Resistant

Several patio furniture covers, at most, can barely withstand a slight drizzle. So, make sure the cover you want to purchase has an ultra-water-resistant and water-repellent feature that would protect your furniture from heavy snow, rainfall, debris, and dust.

– Tie-Downs

Don’t take calm windy weather for granted. If you want to secure your furniture item, make sure the cover has strong ties attached to the bottom for protection against severe winds or storms.

– Soft Cloth Backing

If you want to avoid stains, scratches or rubs on the finished surface of your furniture item, make sure you get the cover that comes with soft cloth backing.

FAQ: The Most Frequently Asked Questions You Deserve to Know

1) Question: What is the best way to measure your furniture item for cover?

Answer: From tables to seating, the measurement depends on the cover you decide. A small cover, for instance, will not be able to offer proper protection while the large one can accumulate water in pockets and balloon up during severe winds.
Ideally, you should have an understanding of diameters, length/width, and height. However, if you have a piece of furniture with an odd shape, it can be complicated to measure. In any case, measure the circumference as accurately as possible.

2) Question: What is a breathable cover design?

Answer: Breathable design primarily refers to integrated vents that enable air circulation within the furniture. A cover without no vents means you will invite the possibility of mildew or molds.

3) Question: What is the function of tie-downs?

Answer: Tie-downs make sure you would not have to run after your cover when the severe wind comes along. So, purchase the cover that has string-ties feature at the bottom.

4) Question: What are the benefits of soft-cloth backing?

Answer: The major benefit of soft-cloth backing is the assurance that you will not get any scratches or stains on the finished surface of your furniture.

5) Question: Do covers protect your furniture from freeze damage?

Answer: In short, yes. Freeze practically causes damage because of the accumulated moisture inside your furniture that ultimately leads to cracks. Simultaneously, covers can also protect from salt damage, mildew, and mold.

6) Question: Are fasteners necessary for every cover?

Answer: Elastic and buckle fasteners mostly hold your cover tight. And their relevance becomes more crucial during stormy or windy weather conditions. In simple terms, elastic serves as the bond that grips your furniture.

7) Question: How water-resistant fabric protect your furniture?

Answer:If your furniture items remain wet for a long time, you can expect to see rust or mold that would damage the foundation. Water-resistant fabric like polyester withstands level of rain.

8) Question: How can you spot if your cover is vented and secure?

Answer:You should have two vents for both sides of the zippers. Notice if there are elastic edges, drawstrings, zippers, and reinforced tie-downs on your cover that ensure a secure fit.

9) Question: Is there a secret to decide which patio cover you should get?

Answer:You should take into account the elements that “you” want. So, do not mindlessly purchase a patio cover without checking its collective features.

10) Question: What are reinforced seams?

Answer: Most of the premium furniture covers have reinforced seams, which means double-stitched protection of the patio cover.

11) Question: What are the features of a secure fastening covers?

Answer: To achieve a secure patio fit that does not slip, make sure it has zippers that are easy to reach. Also, look for the reinforced ties.

12) Question: Is cover measurement for tables and seating different?

Answer:Both measurements start from right to left. However, the measurement for seating involves arms and ground depth. Conversely, measurement of the tables is all about distance in terms of width, height, and length.

13) Question: Should your cover have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, most of the cover patios manufacturers offer two to six months of warranty.

14) Question: How outdoor furniture covers different from indoor covers?

Answer:Indoor covers mostly do not have UV-protection. These covers, however, are light than outdoor furniture covers. Outdoor covers are bulky and have UV resistant material that prevents from atmospheric moisture.

15) Question: Are there any specific precautions before washing your cover in a machine?

Answer:You can wash the majority of the patio covers in a machine. However, it is better to find out beforehand whether or not your patio cover supports machine wash. If it is not, you can clean it with a damp cloth.

16) Question: What are the most suitable colors for patio covers?

Answer: Although it is a matter of taste, most of the people love to choose light and vibrant colors.

17) Question: Can you personalize your ordered cover?

Answer: Yes, you can make added customizations after the purchase to reduce any chance of corroding or rust. Vinyl patios, for instance, are easy to personalize as compared to polyester covers.


When you consider that matter, it does not take a lot of effort to purchase the patio covers that will inevitably increase the value of your furniture items. Whether you’re on a low budget or want to buy something extravagant, there is something for everyone when it comes to patio covers.

That said, your focus of attention before the purchase should be on the right set of combinations. It means you need to figure out what color, patterns, and features you want for your furniture item. Also, do not overthink about the installation assistance. You can get someone to fix the patio cover for you.

In hindsight, patio covers represent loveliness and exceptional significance. It is a single solution that can solve a lot of problems. You don’t necessarily have to use your patio covers, put them aside when they’re not in use. It is also a great way to create a collection of stylish patio covers. Patio covers exist to complement your modern furniture designs. It essentially showcases your personal lifestyle taste.

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