8 Best Outdoor Storage Bench: Reviews & Buying Guide of 2020

Have you wondered where people who love minimalism keep their items? Isn’t functionality another beautiful aspect of minimalism, apart from the aesthetics? An outdoor patio storage bench can save a lot of space and keep you from acquiring yet another cabinet.

It is, at the same time, a decorative element, a place to sit, and a place where you can deposit your things! If you are in the pursuit of minimalism, then you will want to take a look at reviews and buyers guide, so that you could find the best outdoor storage bench for your space and needs.

Info(+)BrandCapacityImageWeather-resistanceMaterialLockableSlow-closing mechanismDetails
1.Keter Eden70 GallonsKeter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for PatioYesResinYesNolearn more
2.Suncast50 GallonsSuncast 50 Gallon Patio Bench with Storage YesResinNoNolearn more
3.Keter Hudson60 GallonsKeter Hudson 60 Gallon Plastic Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Backyard Patio Storage Bench Deck BoxYesResinYesNolearn more
4.Suncast99 GallonsSuncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Patio Outdoor Storage ContainerWater-resistanceResinYesNolearn more
5.AmazonBasics Deck Box99 GallonsAmazonBasics DB9906AG DB9906A Deck BoxYesResinYesNolearn more
6.Keter Westwood150GallonsKeter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio FurnitureYesResinYesYeslearn more
7.Keter Brightwood120 GallonsKeter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box for Patio Garden FurnitureYesResinYesYeslearn more
8.Suncast99 GallonsSuncast 99-Gallon Large Lightweight Resin Deck BoxWater -resistance and Fade-resistanceResinNoNolearn more

1. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio

Special Features

UV-resistant: UV resistance will prevent fading in the bench that’s exposed continuously to the sunlight. 

  • Summary

Eden comes in three neutral colors: beige, brown, and gray. It’s made out of resin, but it looks like it’s made out of wood. If you need a durable storage bench, but you want it to look natural, yet you’d like it to be very easy to clean and maintain?

This bench may be the best outdoor storage bench that meets that critera. The resin is weather-resistant, UV resistant and it prevents rust. All those pros easily justify going for the polypropylene instead of real wood.

It has a 771lbs weight capacity and offers 79 gallons of storage. It’s easy to use, maintain, and assembly. It’s a great choice for busy families with kids, as it offers a place to store toys, it requires minimal maintenance and kids won’t get hurt as easily as they would with real wood and splinters. If you are looking for extra safety, the lid can be locked to prevent thieves, and maybe kids open the container. 

  • Pros
  • Has a backrest
  • Weather-resistant
  • It's durable
  • Cons
  • It's not waterproof
  • Value for price isn't good

2. Suncast 50 Gallon Patio Bench with Storage

Suncast 50 Gallon Patio Bench with Storage

Special Features

All weather-resistant: It’s both water-resistant and UV-resistant. This means that the color won’t fade easily, it won’t rot nor rust and it will withstand the constant change of weather. 

  • Summary

Suncast is an elegant taupe outdoor patio storage bench that can be easily incorporated into most color schemes, whether they are inside or outside. It has 50-gallon storage. It’s not a lot but if you don’t have a lot of space, it can be a great choice. It can be used on the patio, in the yard, on the porch, or even in the garage.

It’s an all-weather storage bench which means that it’s UV-resistant as well. Being made out of resin, it will last a long time. Having to store things in the boxes can make them hard to find, and an outdoor patio storage bench offers you extra space to place and delegate your belongings. Hinges make lid opening quite easy. It’s designed to keep the rain off the bench which minimizes the damage that mildew and algae can make.

It can be cleaned easily and quickly with just a bucket of water, mild soap, and a microfiber cloth or a sponge. It’s also convenient for assembly. It can be easily done and you don’t need any tool for the job. The first time assembly may take you a little bit longer until you get the hang of where which part goes, but it’s not physically tiring. 

  • Pros
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to clean
  • Cons
  • Small storage capacity
  • Can't take a lot of weight

3. Keter Hudson 60 Gallon Plastic Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Backyard Patio Storage Bench Deck Box

Keter Hudson 60 Gallon Plastic Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Backyard Patio Storage Bench Deck Box

Special Features

Weight capacity: This bench can endure 600 lbs, which maybe doesn’t seem like much, but considering that it’s made out of resin and has to maintain a design which lets the rainfall on the sides, it’s a great capacity. It can hold two larger persons easily. 

  • Summary

Keter Hudson offers an elegant, romantic design that can be easily incorporated in both outdoor and indoor spaces. It’s made out of resin, which is known to be very easy to maintain and clean.

Its design is functional – it’s made in such a manner that the rain falls off and doesn’t stay on the box long enough to form mildew or affect its durability. The storage has a 60-gallon capacity while the weight capacity is 600 pounds. The capacity isn’t as big as some other benches offer, but it’s great-looking and it may fit just perfectly on your patio.

It’s a good fit for natural environments since it complements cement, green areas, and trees very well. It looks like it’s made out of wood. The assembly is fairly easy. Bench comes in gray color. 

  • Pros
  • Sturdy
  • 600 pounds weight capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Cons
  • A little water may get inside
  • Available in one color only

4. Suncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Patio Outdoor Storage Container

Suncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Patio Outdoor Storage Container
  • Summary

Suncast storage box is made out of plastic wicker, which is a material that’s supposed to look like natural wood is weaved into a bench or container. Its design is elegant and people generally prefer to pair it up with natural elements or to use it outside.

This particular bench is made out of polypropylene resin and it’s designed in a way that rain pours down from it. Those features serve as prevention from mildew, and the material won’t rust or fade. It’s easy to maintain and it’s made to last a long time. A container is a great place to store the outdoor items that you often need so that you would have them at the hands’ length and be able to acquire them quickly.

It’s a convenient place for gardening tools as well. The capacity of this container is 99 gallons which give you enough space to store big items such as gardening and grilling tools. It’s also pad-lockable.

  • Pros
  • Stylish
  • Can be assembled by one person
  • can be locked
  • Cons
  • It's not waterproof
  • Buyers complained that lid doesn't fit well

5. AmazonBasics DB9906AG DB9906A Deck Box

AmazonBasics DB9906AG DB9906A Deck Box

Special Features

Built-in handles: The handles can help you greatly in feats such as relocating the deck box, especially if it’s filled with items. Having to move it would be much harder without handles. 

  • Summary

This storage box looks a bit robust, but it’s made out of quality weather-resistant materials. Those features will keep the inside of your container dry and reliable. This all-weather storage bench is made out of resin and can be used to store a wide spectrum of things.

It’s lockable if you are looking for extra security. The assembly is quick and easy, just like the maintenance – to clean the deck box just clean it with a damp cloth. It’s got a big capacity of 99 gallons. If you want to move this Deck Box, you can do so more easily since it has built-in handles on the sides. 

  • Pros
  • Built-in handles
  • Lockable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Cons
  • Bad instructions
  • Not easy to assemble

6. Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture

Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture

Special Features

Easy-lift, soft-close mechanism: The lid is easy to lift and you don’t have to bend a lot to reach it. If you have lower-back problems this might be a good choice for you. The soft-close mechanism will prevent the lid from shutting violently.

  • Summary

This Deck Box offers a lot of space for storage. It comes in gray and mocha colors and has a 150-gallon capacity. You can easily sit on it or store numerous items. It’s suitable for outdoors since it’s made out of weather-resistant resin. It looks like wood but it doesn’t have the unwanted effects of the real-wood deck box.

The materials that the box is made to prevent rust. It’s much easier to maintain than real wood, while also being easier to handle and transport. It’s got an easy-lift, soft-close mechanism that allows kids to use this deck box as well. The mechanism opens the top and closes it slowly which prevents kids from shutting their fingers.

Keter Westwood Deck Box has a weight capacity of 660 lbs, which may seem impossible once you realize how light and easy to transport it is. If you need an outdoor patio storage bench that can handle a lot of weight, this may be the best outdoor storage bench for you.

  • Pros
  • 150-gallon capacity
  • Soft-close mechanism
  • 660 lbs capacity
  • Cons
  • Instructions aren't easy to understand
  • Assembly requires two people

7. Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box for Patio Garden Furniture

Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box for Patio Garden Furniture
  • Summary

Keter Brightwood container comes in neutral gray and espresso brown colors. It looks like textured wood which gives it an elegant hint. It has a great storage capacity of 120 gallons.

All weather-resin promotes durability and extends the lifetime of an outdoor deck box, preventing it from fading and being affected by weather elements. It’s easy to maintain and clean so you won’t have to spend a lot of time devoted to keeping it clean.

Additionally, this deck box works on hydraulic pistons which allow you to easily open and slowly close the bench, preventing injuries in kids and allowing them to use it as well. Apart from annoying shutting sounds, it also prevents the damage and breakage that can happen without the slow-closing hinges. 

  • Pros
  • 120 gallons capacity
  • Slow-closing mechanism
  • Weather-resistant
  • Cons
  • Instructions don't have text, just pictures
  • Some buyers reported missing hardware or wrong color

8. Suncast 99-Gallon Large Lightweight Resin Deck Box

Suncast 99-Gallon Large Lightweight Resin Deck Box
  • Summary

Suncast doesn’t offer as much volume as the previous ones. It has a 99-gallon capacity, which can be both good and bad depending on the context. What’s the best outdoor storage bench for some, could be the problem for others.

Not everyone can fit the container of greater dimensions and capacity on the patio or in the yard, so choose according to your needs and available space. It’s also made out of polypropylene resin and it’s fade- and rust-resistant.

Water-resistance is also an important feature that allows your deck storage to, together with the shape of the deck box, avoid mildew and keep the inside space dry. It’s made out of propylene and it’s sturdy and durable.

  • Pros
  • No leakage
  • Lockable lid
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cons
  • A handful of users reported that it came damaged
  • No backrest

Outdoor Storage Bench Buying Guide

This guide aims to help you understand the features of the benches and how they can be useful or harmful. Benches can vary in features, and choosing the right one can make a world of a difference. Imagine buying a bench, wanting to place it next to a wall, and buying one without a backrest. A few days after you find out that it’s not waterproof, and you have to relocate it, but now you have to sit on it without a backrest. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features that you should pay attention to when looking for the best outdoor storage bench.


 Material is an indicator of how much maintenance your deck box will need, and also, how long it can last. If it’s made out of wood, chances are that it will need a dry space, which isn’t convenient for outdoor storage. Also, the edges are not quite sealed as they are in the resin ones. Wood is appealing because it’s a rustic and elegant look that fits outdoor environments aesthetically. Resin is a suitable material since it’s durable, water-resistant, light, and very low maintenance. It can be pressure-cleaned, cleaned with a damp cloth, or with an outdoor hose. Whatever you choose, you won’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing and washing. 


Capacity portrays the volume of the storage box or the container part of the bench. In this case, “more is better” isn’t necessarily true. The bigger capacity automatically means less space on the patio or in the yard. If you plan on getting the outdoor patio storage bench that you want to fit next to the table, keep dimensions reasonable and similar to the other chairs that you have so that you would maintain similar proportions and aesthetics. Also, keep in mind that larger storage containers are harder to move once you’ve filled them with your necessities. 


Keep an eye out for dimensions. Measure the space that you have available at home and check whether the storage benches that you like can fit the space. 


If you don’t get an all-weather storage bench, but the one that isn’t weather-resistant, it may not last very long. Weather-resistance allows your bench to endure sun-rain changes and not be affected by them very much. Of course, it won’t last forever, but it’s not likely that the color will fade or that it will hold water. Water-resistance will also help metal parts of the box to prevent rusting and keep the inside storage space dry. If you plan on keeping pillows and tools that can rust, make sure to get a waterproof outdoor storage bench. 


Benches can be designed in many ways, but the storage container ones are known to have an important feature. They are designed to let the rain fall beside them and don’t have a low point. This is why water can’t be collected and stay long enough to start causing mildew or something else to form. 

Other than that, it’s important that, especially if you have small kids, you get the bench with the “slow close” feature. Those covers are usually also easy to open, so your kid would be able to get his toys without having to call you every few minutes. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want kids to be able to open it, you can also get the benches that have the possibility of being locked. It will also ensure that your belongings don’t get stolen if you keep the storage bench visible from the street or at the easy reach. It all depends on what you need, but it’s important to take into account how it will affect kids or pets if you have any.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Question: How to clean an outdoor storage bench?

Answer:They are easily cleaned with a mild soap or cleaning product, but the cleaning process may vary depending on the material that your bench is made of. If you have a resin bench as we talk about in this article, then you need the bucket with mild soap and a cloth.

Make sure that you empty your bench since you want to wash it both from inside and outside. First, wash the inside part and the backside of the lid, then turn it around, place it on the ground wide open and wash the outside part, and the top of the lid.

If you have a garden hose, you can wash debris from it with it, and if not, just wash it first with water or mild soap. This should take off the first layer of the dirt. Wash the cloth if needed, and apply the soap again, now concentrating on the edges, corners, nooks, and crannies. After that, just wash out the soap and leave it upside-down to dry.

2) Question: How to remove mildew from the storage bench?

Answer: If it’s not made out of plastic, you can mix bleach with water in a 50:50 ratio, but if it’s made out of plastic, you can use distilled vinegar. Remember not to mix it with water. Spray the vinegar on the mildew and leave it for an hour. After an hour, just wash the place with water.


The search for the best outdoor storage bench doesn’t have to be tiresome. It can also be fun and informative. Functionality is one of the features that make storage benches appealing. They are both containers for your belongings and a place to sit and rest. You can place them on your patio, in a garage or match them with your gazebo. Having a visually appealing element can greatly affect your space while offering you the comfort at the same time, and the best thing is that they are generally easy to assemble, light, and require minimal maintenance.

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