5 Best Outdoor Solar Shower: Reviews & Buying Guides in 2021

Many campers want to take some time off from their busy lifestyle and experience the beauty of great outdoors. And this is where the solar showers have become essential camping gear. It represents the basic need to have a shower during a camping trip.

That said, it is more than just a convenience product; it allows you to maintain proper hygiene while on outdoor trips. An outdoor solar shower’s portable nature makes it so perfect for remote locations where you want to wash the dirt regularly.

To help you pick the right outdoor solar shower suitable for your needs, take a look at the following product reviews:

1. ColemanColeman’s Solar Shower★★★★★learn more
2. RiseproRISEPRO’s Solar Camping Shower★★★★★learn more
3. Visit the Advanced Elements StoreAdvanced Elements’ Summer Solar Shower★★★★☆learn more
4. KipidaKIPIDA’s Outdoor Solar Camping Shower★★★★★learn more
5. VigltRuiMeer’s Camping and Solar Shower Bag★★★★★learn more

1. Coleman’s Solar Shower

Coleman’s Solar Shower

The design and construction material of Coleman’s solar shower can heat approximately 5-Gallon capacity of water. Despite the weather conditions, it can harness the energy of the sun to heat your water.

It comes with a dark shade exterior color palette that makes it look visually appealing to others. The bag’s design can practically absorb the sun’s rays for an extended period to maintain the water’s optimal temperature level.

Furthermore, the material is relatively thicker than other products in the market. As a result, you can expect reliable and durable benefits of the product. Moreover, the built-in handle makes it easier to carry around the solar shower in remote sites and place it at suitable lengths.

It comes with a controllable shower and a huge valve that provides extra support. The robust hose connects your bag to the solar showerhead and includes an on or off switch to prevent the water waste.

The large valve allows you to fill the water capacity with 5-gallon in the big and start heating your water quickly. However, you can leave out the valve open between uses with a straightforward push-and-pull plug.

2. RISEPRO’s Solar Camping Shower

RISEPRO’s Solar Camping Shower

If you prioritize convenience the most, then Risepro’s solar camping might just be what you are looking for. It is ideal for taking out for hiking, swimming, or camping activities.

It also has a large shower capacity of approximately 5-gallon. So, you don’t have to worry about water running out while on an outdoor trip. Furthermore, the sophisticated design and structure of the shower bag make it visually beautiful.

Risepro’s solar camping shower comes with an attached temperature gauge to set the water temperature as per your preference. Furthermore, it has an advanced on and off shower head switch that allows you complete freedom to control the shower settings.

It is a kind of product that encourages to conserve water and play your role for the betterment of the environment. The eco-friendly material of the solar feels natural to human touch and can last for an extended period.

Unlike numerous products on the market, it is safe to use for humans. It also comes with a temperature indicator that enables you to keep an eye on water temperatures. Similarly, its advanced shower feature allows you to adjust the water flow effortlessly.

3. Advanced Elements’ Summer Solar Shower

Advanced Elements’ Summer Solar Shower

Advanced Elements’ summer solar shower is undeniably the most popular item in the market. In all honesty, the hype is real when it comes to the combined features of this bag shower. So, whether you are a camper or hiker, you can set your expectations high.

Advanced Elements’ summer solar shower utilizes the sun’s energy to render optimal heat for your water. It might look thin and straightforward, but it has a shower capacity of over 5-gallons of water. It would be more than enough to enjoy a long shower or multiple short showers. However, campers tend to use the solar shower for quick showers.

Comparatively, Advanced Elements’ summer solar shower bag comes with more added features than other solar showers. First, it has a visible temperature gauge that allows you to peek at the water temperature level anytime. Second, it has an integrated pouch where you can put all your showering accessories.

Advanced Elements’ summer solar shower also comes with Velcro strips, enabling you to hang a light washcloth when you are busy rinsing your hair. Furthermore, it has a water capacity of 5 Gallon, and like most solar showers, it has sufficient capacity to take multiple short showers or one long shower. Also, the water pressure of the solar shower is consistent. It utilizes gravity to deliver hot water as your likeness.

That said, you will have to elevate the bag to make the most out of it. Advanced Elements’ summer shower is worthy of its name due to its insulation system that maintains the temperature of the water. It can keep the water warm coldest weather conditions. It means you can heat a dedicated amount of water on an outdoor stove and store it into your bag.

4. KIPIDA’s Outdoor Solar Camping Shower

KIPIDA’s Outdoor Solar Camping Shower

KIPIDA’s solar shower camping bag is one of the most underrated products for outdoor camping gear. It is an impeccable solar shower that offers state-of-the-art premium features at an affordable price range.

It is a portable solar shower bag that you can take on outdoor hiking, traveling or camping. It comes with a standard 5-gallon range of water capacity to take multiple short showers. When you want to soak in water in an outdoor space, this solar shower bag can come quite handy.

Apart from the accommodation of high water capacity, the solar shower comparatively can heat the water faster than other products. And that is because of the efficient and technologically advanced solar panels.

You can heat water within two hours to 45-degrees. Also, it has a small mesh front pocket that could not be perfect for carrying all your essential toiletries such as soap and shampoo. You can check the temperature indicator to see the water temperature.

5. RuiMeer’s Camping and Solar Shower Bag

RuiMeer’s Camping and Solar Shower Bag

When you find yourself in the wild, RuiMeer’s camping and solar shower bag will come across as a savior. Although the shower bag can hold the same 5 gallons of water, the usefulness of the minimal design and structure is ideal for remote wilderness sites.

Many families use this specific type of solar shower bag to go out and fish. However, it is equally perfect for outdoor hiking or camping activities. It comes with an upgradable shower head that allows you to switch without too much effort.

The switch itself, on the other hand, features low and high water flows. Consequently, you can regulate the flow of the water, depending on how much you want to use. RuiMeer’s camping solar shower uses smart and modern PVC material that makes it possible to absorb the energy of the sun efficiently.

It can approximately heat the water more than 113°F. And all you have to do is place the bag in direct sunlight rays for at 2-3 hours. It also comes with a temperature indicator. You can see the temperature of the hot water in Celsius or Fahrenheit format.

The solar-heated bag comes with a portable mesh pocket in the front that makes it easier to organize all your necessary toiletries. It is big enough to add extra shower accessories to make your bathing experience more enjoyable. Once you fully load the water bag, you can switch back-and-forth the built-in hand handle. The plastic tube makes sure that the handle is not vulnerable to damage due to excessive weight.

Review Your Buying Criteria and Choose the Practical Solar Shower

Before you mindlessly purchase your first solar-powered shower, make sure it fulfills the basic criteria. Naturally, you don’t just want to get “any” solar shower. Therefore, bear in mind the following points to make the best purchase decision:

Total Water Capacity:

If you want to avoid the burden of refilling your water bag every single day, make sure it comes with a standard water capacity of 5-gallons. It is a sufficient water capacity to take multiple showers.

Construction and Design:

Your second criteria should be to make sure the solar shower is strong enough to withstand extreme water pressure and severe weather conditions. Consider the solar shower that comes with built-in PVC quality polyester material. Also, assess the strength of the handle so that you can carry around easily.

Water Heating Speed:

If you plan to spend a lot of time in an outdoor activity, you need to get a solar shower that can instantly heat water. However, it depends on the equipped solar panel within the bag. But a solar shower that can warm water within three hours to 45-degree Celsius would be preferable.

Storage Options:

Another consideration that you should take into account is the added storage options in the solar shower. However, make sure the storage options do not hamper the valves, versatility, and solar shower design.

Affordable Price Range:

Well, this is more of a benefit of a solar shower than consideration. Unlike high-end outdoor camping gear, solar showers are significantly cheaper. Despite your particular brand, you can easily get a great solar shower in an affordable price range. However, before you make the purchase decision, review if there are any added hidden charges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: How do solar-powered showers precisely work?

Answer: Well, there are specific brands that have different procedural requirements. You can use a good quality solar shower in the most remote locations. Often, people are dilemmatic about the heating system that comes with different brands of solar-powered showers.

Realistically, there is no rocket science to it; the solar shower uses a panel to absorb the energy of the sun to heat your water. You can, of course, clean the shower bag once you take multiple or one long shower.

2) Question: How do you use a basic or advanced camping solar shower?

Answer: If you intend to use a camping solar shower for the first time, it might come across complicated at first. However, most of the outdoor solar showers have similar operational procedures. For instance, with Advanced Elements and Coleman’s solar shower bag, you can heat the water on a flat area or high vertical point like a tree.

It is not magic, but the gravity that flows the water at high or slow speed towards the showerhead. However, your solar shower bag must be at a high-altitude from the ground. Also, make sure to take out the water pump when you are not using it.

3) Question: How many individuals can use your portable solar camping shower?

Answer: Technically, it depends on the total water capacity of a solar shower. Simultaneously, it also depends on how long individuals want to take a shower. The standard water capacity for outdoor solar showers is 5-gallons. But when you consider longer showers and hair-washing, solar showers may require extra water space to accommodate more individuals.

4) Question: What does it take to maintain your solar camp shower?

Answer: The maintenance of different kinds of solar-powered showers is not generalized. However, most of the brands have straightforward instructions that are easy to follow. If you want to improve your solar shower performance, contact your manufacturer for complete technical guidance.

Some of the generalized maintenance instructions for outdoor solar showers include proper drain & rinse mechanism, clean water, continuous checks on connections, and hoses to spot mildew, mold, or wear signs. Eventually, you will find that most of the maintenance requires common sense for high durability.

5) Question: How long can an outdoor solar shower keep your water warm?

Answer: It is the insulated container that maintains the optimal temperature level of the water for a specific time.

Again, it falls into a subjective category since different brands can maintain the temperature for a short or long time. Therefore, the best course of action for you would be to keep an eye on the water temperature to have the best possible experience.

6) Question: Can you make your built-in solar-powered shower?

Answer: Technically, you can build a solar-powered shower. However, just because you theoretically can does not mean you should. The high equipment costs and time would make it more expensive than you can imagine. Besides, the outdoor solar powered showers in the market are within an affordable price range.


Taking a bath in ice-cold water is not fun. However, when the water is warm, you can experience a sense of relaxation and enjoy the serene beauty of outdoor nature. A reliable, compatible, and affordable outdoor solar shower is a perfect item to take on your next visit to the woods. Many campers and hikers view an outdoor solar shower with the same lens as an emergency kit.

Before you finalize a product from the five options as mentioned earlier, make sure to create a checklist to mark the requirements you need in a solar shower. Nonetheless, get the solar shower with a premium quality solar panel to heat water without a battery or electricity.

Simultaneously, take into account the design and material of a solar shower to improve your water heating procedure. Practically, all the above product options are great choices. Besides, having a solar camping shower will undoubtedly increase your level of enjoyment and love for outdoors.

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