7 Best Outdoor Ottoman that Will Change Your Patio Decor

Imagine you are sitting in the garden on a bright sunny evening and sipping in a perfectly brewed coffee and reading the 50 Shades of Grey! Yes, it is a lovely time on earth in your life.

But you make it more luscious. How? Just do it with the addition of one fantastic yet cool home decorative furniture. Yes, I am talking about the all-rounder, the outdoor ottoman for your patio.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read the romantic book as I mentioned in a relaxed way? The outdoor stool brings you that kind of comfort and luxury.

That’s why today, I am going to familiarize you with the best seven outdoor ottomans, which will not only give you optimal comfort but will add a fantabulous aesthetics to your home decor. Besides, I will bring forth the essential things to look while purchasing your favorite ottoman.

So, let’s begin our journey to find out the incredible ottoman for you.

1. KozyardKozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman1.74 pounds13.7 x 10.2 x 4 inches
2. KettlerKettler Roma Patio Ottoman6 pounds18.9 x 18.1 x 15 inches
3. QILLOWAYQILLOWAY Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Stool1.85 pounds20.5 x 20.5 x 9.5 inches
4. Household EssentialsHousehold Essentials ML-5005 Resin Wicker Footstool5.8 pounds16 x 16 x 9 inches
5. Majestic Home GoodsMajestic Home Goods Navy Blue Ottoman4.45 pounds17 x 17 x 17 inches
STS SUPPLIES LTDJ&M Patio Outdoor Ottoman6 pounds22 x 22 x 17 inches
Great Deal FurnitureGreat Deal Furniture Malibu Outdoor16.30 x 16.30 x 12.50 inches

7 Best Outdoor Patio Ottomans reviews For 2021

Ottoman for outdoor use, if picked outright, adds a great complement to your home space, especially in the garden, lawn, and yards. We have invested our time in identifying the best ottoman for outdoor uses. We have checked the items and listed their pros and cons as well.

1. Kozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman

This outdoor ottoman perfectly blends comfort and an impressive look. The 1st time you see the ottoman, you would fall in love with it instantly. The beautiful bohemian style grey color look will add charm in your home space.

Kozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman

Easy inflation: The package includes an air pump. It is exceedingly easy to operate. So, you can use your feet to inflate the stool ottoman with the air pump. Things can’t get better than that.

Easy and comfortable portability: When it comes to inflatable stools, portability gets the topmost priority. And, this Kozyard built ottoman serves ideally for easy carrying capacity. There is a double string piping supported well by a zipper at the bottom. On top of it, the handles permit the incredibly convenient carrying of the stool. Moreover, the folded design gives you an upper hand to travel around with the ottoman. 

Safety matters: It epitomizes the safety issue with perfection. It is capable of taking up to 300 lbs. and is safe for your children. So, you won’t have to worry anymore. The best thing about this, that it coordinates perfectly with the lounge chair

Multifunctional: This is one of the ideal patio ottomans. Not to stop here, you can use it for decks, pools and even at camping. You will love the way it adds comfort and look at your feet.

Unquestionable durability: Kozyard has used 25U PVC, which is fade-resistant and water-repellent. Whereas, the upholstery is made using high-quality spun poly which is easy to maintain. All these give the optimum ottoman durability.

  • A multifunctional ottoman
  • Ideal for traveling and college dorms
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Sporty bohemian look
  • Sometimes, the cover doesn’t fit in after it is inflated

2. Kettler Roma Patio Ottoman

The white-colored patio ottoman is an attractive and enticing home furniture. There’s nothing that can go wrong with this beautiful baby. It blends look with the utility to be one of the unique ottomans out there in the market.

While several stools have come and went like guests, this one has remained as one of the most applauded ottomans of all time, thanks to its design, durability, and multipurpose use.

Kettler Roma Patio Ottoman

A perfect addition to home furniture: The Kettler is a unique edition for your outdoor living space. You can use it as a standard ottoman to sit on and leg resting tool. Consequently, you may use it as a side table to arrange your evening snacks while enjoying the sunset with your loved ones.

Durable material: The Germany based manufacturer has used high-impact resin to build the stool. The resin is weatherproof and, to some extent, scratch-resistant. So, it withstands corrosion over time, making it surprisingly durable.

Offers perfect setting: Sometimes, you may want to establish an entertaining chair and table set for snack time. With Kettler Roma lounger and reclining chairs, you ought to love the whole set up. This offers a mesmerizing look to your outside home decor.

Convenient storage: It is foldable. Hence, you can easily fold it and store it even in a small place. So, it will save some valuable space providing you the luxury to use the area later.

  • The beautiful white color offers a classy look.
  • Adjustable and hence, saves space
  • You can also use it as a side table.
  • Durable high-impact resin made ottoman.
  • You will have to go through a short assembling session.

3. QILLOWAY Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Stool

Qilloway is famous for combining excellence, comfort, and quality in their product. The same goes for this incredibly built Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Stool. It looks stylish with the fantastic chocolate color and adds a perfect variation to your home decor.

QILLOWAY Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Stool

Super comfortable assembly: When it comes to ottomans, a quick set up is a must-have feature since we use them to create seating arrangements in a short time. Thankfully, this inflatable stool takes less than 2 minutes to pump up. Furthermore, the air pumping is comfortable and holds the air for an extended period.

Washable: Ottomans become dirty due to stains and outside specks of dust when used for a few days. Hence, they need regular cleaning to uphold beauty. This stool features easy machine cleaning as it comes along a removable zipped slipcover. So, unzip the cover and wash the stains to get the shine back.

Heavy-duty and safe cover: It is capable of carrying up to 300lbs. It is made of polyester fabric and explosion-resistant PVC to withstand for years. The specially treated polyester is safe for your children and pet. On top of it, the PVC is weather and scratch proof adding substantial durability.

Easy to carry: Go wherever you want with the inflatable Qiloway stool. The handle and double string piping make it an ideal product for home use and traveling. Lastly, the foldable design helps save space also.

  • The coffee color looks impressive.
  • UV resistant and rust-proof facility.
  • Stylish and captivating design.
  • Ideal for traveling.
  • The package doesn’t include any air pump.

4.Household Essentials ML-5005 Resin Wicker Footstool

If you are genuinely in search of an affordable yet unique footstool that complements your outdoor chair and ottoman set, you are going to adore this baby. Made with hands, the resin wicker footstool will be a thrilling addition to your home decor.

Household Essentials ML-5005 Resin Wicker Footstool

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use: Household Essentials have made this footstool with wicker to match your entryways, covered patios, and poolside resting. The fantastic color and texture complement perfectly with your outdoor and indoor decorations as well.

A variety of use: The wicker made low-profile stool has an excellent accent and can be used as a footstool, side table, and low set. The seat fits anywhere you place it.

Washable and sturdy: This is made with durable metal and tight weaves around the frame. This enables the furniture to withstand the corrosion and stay sustainable. Moreover, it is weatherproof, so you can use it outside without thinking much. Lastly, it is easily washable and thus guarantees a spot in your bustling home.

Handmade tool: Handmade crafts have been an icon of excellence, luxury, and aristocracy. Made by the expert artisans, this hand weaved Wicker footstool has enough details on its spacing and tension. Hence, it gives your home decor a vintage look and expresses your noble personality with a glare. That’s what I tag as innovation for mass people.

  • It has a compact design with robust quality.
  • The footstool will be a perfect match for your personality.
  • Safe and durable.
  • It is a unique low-profile side table for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The woven top isn’t perfectly plain. So, placing glassware on it may cause accidental damage.

5. Majestic Home Goods Navy Blue Ottoman

Beautiful life made impressive and sweet- this line will evoke almost instantly when for the first time, you would see this ottoman from Majestic Home Goods. Its navy-blue color looks fresh and adds some sorts of aesthetics to your home decor. There’s nothing wrong with the furniture. It’s love.

Majestic Home Goods Navy Blue Ottoman

Unique design: The bean bag is made with a navy-blue plantation fabric that gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. The pouf cube is also easily portable, and so you can take it to everywhere you want- from watching your favorite movie to pass the evening at the patio.

Comfortable seating: The inside of the bean bag is filled with environment-friendly and durable polystyrene beads. It makes sitting comfortably for long hours.

Wear and tear-proof: One of the most significant setbacks of ottoman pouf bean bags is that they are vulnerable to severe wear and tear. Since the manufacturer has used high-quality polystyrene to build the stool, so it has excellent resistance against wear and tear. Consequently, it is incredibly durable.

UV and waterproof material: It uses cotton slipcovers and outdoor treated UV and waterproof polyester. All these make the ottoman capable of protection lasting more than 1000 hours with a waterproof denier base.

Removable zipped cover: The slipcover uses a zip. So, you can easily unzip it and wash the lid to remove the stains and dust after long day use. It also helps to keep the texture in good shape.

  • Comfortable sitting facility
  • Eye pleasing plantation design
  • Quick and easy cleaning facility
  • Beads are eco-friendly and durable
  • Some customers complain that it gets deflated over time, reducing the height.

6. J&M Patio Outdoor Ottoman

This J&M built ottoman set has a classic cushion-free design. Hence, it complements perfectly with your patio chairs with ottomans as an integral part of the chat set. The subtle black and tan finish looks handsome and attractive. You will regret not to include it in your home decor.

J&M Patio Outdoor Ottoman

Traditional yet classy look: The relaxing footstool comes in a conventional look with soft lines. Both this match appropriately to give the ottoman a vintage and chic design. It just left most users with a plethoric feeling of ‘wow’ when they saw the little beauty for the 1st time.

Sturdy frame ensures durability: The footstool is made of a sturdy aluminum frame. Furthermore, the coarse fabric has a powder-coated finish. Thus, it is weatherproof and withstands corrosion for a longer period. What’s more, the aluminum frame makes it lightweight, making portability extremely easy and convenient.

Right height for proper relaxation: The footstool has got the right height for your legs. So, you can sit around, put your leg on it, and relaxed like there’s nothing to worry about in life. It will be fun relaxing your back on it.

Affordable: It is an affordable alternative for those who want to enjoy the luxury of a classy ottoman in a tight budget. The best part about the stool is that it doesn’t compromise in any features while lowering the price-tag quite substantially.

  • A perfect match for your chat set
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight but durable.
  • The footrest height is comfortable.
  • The stool is spacious enough to hold a tray if necessary.
  • Some clients complain about the height of the footrest; shorter people experience uneasiness with the leg rest height.

7. Great Deal Furniture Malibu Outdoor Ottoman Seat

If you are looking for a patio chair with pull out ottoman, this charming lady is a perfect match to your home decor. The combination of silver ad grey color brings uniformity in the ottoman. It will bring loads of happiness in your home for years after years.

Great Deal Furniture Malibu Outdoor

A complete set: The package includes not just one but two complementary ottomans set. Are you surprised? It natural to be surprised when you would see two sets coming in one package. So, you are getting two stools, which adds flexibility- use one for the footrest and another one for a sitting arrangement. How cool is that!

Durable: The ottoman set is made from premium quality wicker and fabric. Hence, it is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. So, you will have fun using the stool without fearing the durability for at least a couple of years.

Enjoy the details: The frame is handcrafted with as much as possible details. So, you are bringing the luxury of handcrafted material at your home. Feel proud to step into the world of aristocracy with this unique leg resting tool.

Complimentary use as a seat: Do you find it challenging to accommodate all of your family members and friends in single dining? With this footrest, you won’t require to worry about your dining accommodation. Use it as a regular seat to help you out while chatting on the patio or for a snack party in the garden.

  • Dual-use as a footrest and seat.
  • It is built using premium quality materials.
  • Comfortable footrest.
  • Water-resistant fabric.
  • There’s no storage space available.

Simple DIY outdoor ottoman technique

Ottomans are handy and unique home furniture with a variety of functions. But have you really, ever thought of making one for yourself?

The following DIY outdoor ottoman technique will blow your mind away.
Whatever you need in your hand:
• Old bags
• Foams
We all have some wrecked or old bags or luggage at home. With few tricks and a little investment of time, you may transform it into a vintage-looking ottoman. You will require some foams to fill in the space, plywood, and a stylish piece of fabric to cover the upholstery. That’s it; Put the covered and foam-filled bag on the four legs, screw them to get a beautiful DIY ottoman on this weekend.

If you are looking eagerly for some more ideas on DIY ottomans, Bob Villa is there to guide you towards making a perfectly crafted stool to fit your style.

Buyer Guide: Things You Should Consider

For some unforeseen reasons, Ottomans are often neglected as an item of home furniture. But in reality, it is useful furniture that accomplishes a myriad of activities, from adding aesthetic beauty to your home decor to be a fantastic footrest. However, people know a little about things they should consider when buying a stool that best fits their necessity. Today we are happy to reveal the secret of purchasing the most suitable and smart-looking ottoman for your indoor and outdoor use.


Ottomans come in a wide variety of attractive shapes from rectangular to round shapes. In the last few years, the stool has come a long way in terms of designing, resulting in some of the unique shapes such as curved honeycomb and asymmetric. Although these shapes bring a different look, the appeal of the classic old forms is not fading away. For example, a round shape ottoman complements perfectly with your sofa set or in the patio. And a rectangular-shaped stool looks excellent in a sectional part and during chat- time as friends may share the arrangement.

#Number of the Ottomans

While most people prefer buying one ottoman to match their home decor, buying two sometimes will ease out your issues with small spaced rooms. If you have sufficient space to accommodate a large sofa set along with few cushions, it’s admissible that you go with an ottoman only. However, if you lack space and still want to arrange a snack party with your friends or family in the yard or living room, two ottoman sets are the ultimate option for you. It will not only accommodate all your dear ones but also will save much space, thanks to its compact size.


Do you often find it hard to access the right place for keeping your already read magazines or extra carry bags? An ottoman with storing space beneath the top of it will solve your problem forever. Some stools also have chambers right underneath the top to hold on to your remote control and few other things. You will live the way you can remove the lid, put your stuff into it and place the top once again within a few moments. The storage ottomans look-alike a coffee table and is the king of multipurpose furniture in your home.


Let’s be frank; an ottoman is one of the most used home furniture; naturally, it is prone to more wear and tear, and hence, the material becomes all the most important things to consider when buying one for you. Microfiber or acrylic material works excellently if you have children or pets in your house since these stools are scratch-resistant. A leather-built ottoman brings the classiness to your home, and the line it makes overtime adds charm to its vintage look. However, the leather or suede are prone to scratch, and so, we discourage you from bringing this at homes with pet or children. Lastly, patterned ottoman performs better in hiding the stains and dirt than a solid colored stool. So, keep an eye on it as well.

#Style and Aesthetics

Now things get a little complicated at this point. The market is booming with varieties of ottomans to complement your existing furniture, home decor, and mood. If you love the classy look, go for an intricately made stool with plenty of woodwork. Or, if you like contemporary or post-modern designs, you may choose from some of the weirdest shapes and styles. Be sure that the piece of ottoman you are buying don’t overshadow your existing furniture. Oh, one more thing, keep an eye on your footrests on the patio so that they don’t become a victim to bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to stop an outdoor cat from clawing the ottoman?

Clawing or scratching is a natural habit of cats. So instead of forcing them from ripping, it is better to divert their interest to something more exotic like buying them a scratching post or using sprays on the ottoman that cat hates.

Follow 7 Tips – How to keep cats off patio furniture?

2. Is ottoman good enough to replace my old coffee table?

Yes, without a doubt, ottomans with storage beneath them are good at replacing your old coffee table. This will work as an excellent footrest and provide your sitting arrangements when guests come into the house.

Wrapping up

Ottomans have an appealing uniqueness, and the furniture complements your style and decor accent like anything else. They are one of the most comfortable add-ons and visually pleasing furniture both in your living room and outdoor. Nonetheless, buying a useful patio ottoman is a challenging task. Consequently, our review on the most good looking and multifunctional best outdoor ottoman will shorten your choice on these seven stools. These are all unique and ready to give your home accent a style of your own.

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