7 Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pits for Your Patio or Yard 2021 (Reviews)

Your outdoor space is an area that you should feel comfortable staying and enjoying your day. Creating an atmosphere that will lighten your mood and enjoy a relaxing night outdoors is something that we all need. Actually, a gas fire pit in your yard will make your nights more enjoyable and warm.

By adding a fire pit, you’ll have one of the best ornaments that will enhance your patio or yard. They are very affordable, easy to install, and use. If you already have a full set of chairs for your patio, then a gas fire pit is the next thing that you need to complete the entire look. Actually, no other outdoor accessory makes the outdoor space more magical than gathering around the fire pit with your friends.

Why is an outdoor gas fire pit necessary? If you want to have a warm, cozy night outdoor with your friends and family, gathering around the fire pit during chili nights is the best thing. You can use it to roast some marshmallows, cooking hot dogs, or just simple enough to enjoy the flames and the company. This is an investment that will last, so that’s why we have gathered the best outdoor fire pits that will make everything better. Scroll down, read the reviews, and take your picks. 

7 Best Outdoor Fire Pits that Every Yard or Patio Needs:

We’ve tried putting together the best 7 outdoor fire pits that will actually give an additional glamorous look to your yard or patio. First, read our reviews of the products and then read the buying guideline before making the right choice.

BrandImageHeat outputReviewDetails
1. Outdoor Gas Fire Pit: Endless Summer30,000★★★★★learn more
2. Tacklife Propane Gas Fire Pit Table50,000★★★★★learn more
3. Outdoor U-Max 44 Gas Fire Pit Table50,000★★★★★learn more
4. Bali Gas Fire Pit Table50,000★★★★★learn more
5. Dineli gas fire pit- set of outdoor furniture and fire pit table40,000★★★★★learn more
6. Femor 30 Propane Gas Fire Pit for Outdoor Space50,000★★★★★learn more
7. Outdoor Gas Fire Table: Outland Living50,000?????learn more

1. Outdoor Gas Fire Pit: Endless Summer

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit: Endless Summer

This Endless summer outdoor gas fire pit will provide you with the warmth and comfort you need during your cozy nights. This will be part of your patio, and it will add a warm look.

This outdoor fire pit has a very easy electronic ignition start and decorative panels to conceal the proper tank. It provides a very soothing fire without the hassle of tending a fire. The fire pit has a blue glass and PVC vinyl cover to protect the fire bowl from the weather.
The product’s dimensions are: 30 x 30, 25.14 in height, and 67 lbs.

2. Tacklife Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Tacklife Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

It has a steel surface that will prevent any cracking or damage from being done to the desktop. It is sprayed with anti-rust paint. Additionally, the unique bronze paint on the table legs makes the woven graphics pattern give out a three-dimensional, unique, and very beautiful look.

It has a WTL certification approval, and it uses propane gas to burn. This means no more ash and smoke. It will keep the air clean as you’ll enjoy a perfect evening. This fire pit has automatic ignition that starts and adjusts the flame easily up to 50,000 BTU heat and provides sufficient warmth.

Actually, this is a very good ornament to add to your garden, and it is something that will provide the warmth that you need.

The whole package consists of 1 Tacklife Fire Pit table, 1 square fire pit table cover, 1 lava stone, a 20-inch gas hose, and 1 user manual.

Make sure that you check the electoral wire of the furnace bottom if it is inserted or not. Make sure to check the gas cylinder as well to avoid any unnecessary damage. Always check the safety manual instructions before using this pit.

3. Outdoor U-Max 44 Gas Fire Pit Table

Outdoor U-Max 44 Gas Fire Pit Table

Another outdoor fire pit that uses propane gas to support stable and clean burning. Further, you’ll have a BBQ that is without any ashes or smoke. 

The heat output is 50.000 BTU, which provides a warmth that will satisfy your needs and make a very cozy atmosphere on chilly nights. This fire pit burner and the control panel are made from 304 stainless steel with long service life. 

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The product has CSA certification, which guarantees high-quality safety to use. It is reliable for all-weather types, and its frame of the gas fire pit is made from powder-coated aluminum, and it is rust and heat resistant. This combination of materials looks very elegant and classy and will give your backyard setting a very nice look.

The package includes an overall table that is 43.5 x 27.5 x 24.5, one fire pit table with a burner lid, along a waterproof fire pit cover. The Burner comes with a pre-attached 2.4 feet hose tempered glass wind guard. You can also find an 11 lbs set of ocean blue decorative glass stone, a bag with all the necessary screws, nuts, washers, and a manual to set it up. However, you’ll need help from a friend to see it all up, and it usually takes up to 20-30 mins. 

4. Bali Gas Fire Pit Table

Bali Gas Fire Pit Table

The Bali Outdoor Gas fire pit table offers 50.000 BTU heat and will provide you enough heat to warm you up during a chilly night. Actually, the edges around the table are considered an advantage because you can put many things on it while enjoying a night around the patio’s fire pit.

It has a very solid construction, and it is constructed easily. The instructions are written so that you can easily follow the steps and install it on your own. It is very spacious and has enough room for storage. 

Also, the fire glass can be changed so you can choose a color that suits you. The package includes 1 gas fire pit, 1 regulated valve set, 1 blue fire glass, and all the necessary hardware and a manual to help you set up the product.

The product’s size has very good dimensions: the gas fire pit table is 28 x 28 inches, it’s 25 inches in height, and it weighs 43 lbs. This gas fire pit is ideal and will fit very well in your outdoor setting. 

5. Dineli Patio Furniture and gas fire pit- set of outdoor furniture and fire pit table

Dineli Patio Furniture and gas fire pit- set of outdoor furniture and fire pit table

This Denali patio furniture comes with a gas fire pit table, which is designed to satisfy all of your needs. It comes with a fire pit cover and a fire pit table that can serve as a table, square pit, or rectangular fire pit. The sofa comes in multiple colors and 4 cushions for comfortable, soft seating. They are designed with zippers for quick and easy wash.

The sofa’s material is for all-weather purposes and made from synthetic resin wicker that is very strong and durable. The seat cushions are offering comfort and relaxation.

This product actually contains 8 pieces and includes: 2 corner sofas that are 31.5 x31.5 x 24.5, 4 middle sofas with dimensions of 31.5 x 27.5 x 24.5 , 1 rectangular fire pit table with 31.5 x 19.7 x 19 dimensions that has a glass wind guard fence, as well as lava rocks cover and 1 tank hideaway table. Instructions and all the tools that are necessary are provided in the pack.

6. Femor 30 Propane Gas Fire Pit for Outdoor Space

Femor 30 Propane Gas Fire Pit for Outdoor Space

A very beautiful and unique Femor propane Fire Pit that provides up to 50.000 BTU heat, All you have to do is turn the knob, and you’ll have a very strong flame. 

You can use this fire pit in the cold autumn and winter days. You can enjoy a cozy night with your friends with a smoke-free, ashes fire pit that will keep you warm. The firepit table is spacious, and you can place drinks and snacks around the edges, which is very useful for gatherings. 

It has smooth edges that are very delicate and can prevent any kinds of accidental scratches. This fire gas pit has an electronic ignition device that is combined with anti-rust stainless steel on the bottom and provides a longer life. It is ideal for long-term outdoor uses. 

This Femor fire pit can also serve as a table that you can put food and glasses on in and enjoy your evening. The matching cover can turn the fire pit into a table as part of any patio furniture. It is equipped with a waterproof table cover that will protect it from all weather conditions.

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This gas fire pit package includes a square cover, waterproof table cover, all the necessary hardware products so you can put it all together, and a manual to follow the steps. Also, you can always contact the manufacturer if there are problems after the delivery. 

The Femor fire gas pit weighs 66.27 lbs. The Ignition switch has an AAA battery, which is included in the package. Further, you can find all the necessary hardware accessories so you can build it all together.

7. Outdoor Gas Fire Table: Outland Living

Outdoor Gas Fire Table: Outland Living

A very functional and stylish patio fire gas pit that will be the perfect ornament for your yard. The rectangular fire table will be a very unique feature in your outdoor space and will give a nice complement to your space. It is suitable for gatherings and enjoying a good time with friends and family. The push-button spark system will provide simple and convenient control when lightning.

The manual control allows you to have a smoke free variable flame height of 50.000 BTU. There is a pre-attached 3-foot hose with a regulator and an 8mm black tempered glass on the table’s top. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the reflection of the flames while sitting with your friends.

The coffee table is colored with a UV protector, and the material is made from all weather-resistant material. Moreover, the frame, which is powder-coated aluminum construction, will offer a very strong base.
The dimensions of the product are 44 x 32 x 24, and the tank has a capacity of 20 lb,

Your Buying Guide on Gas Fire Pits:

Always make sure to check these points before considering buying any type of product. These tips will help you choose the best gas fire pit. Read further on so you can check out the list of information we have put together before choosing the best gas fire pit.

Size, Style, and Design

Actually gas fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. Their design is simple but very elegant and can add a unique look to your outdoor setting. Always make sure to consider the right size and to have a clear space required around it. Some yards are just way too small, and there is no space for a fire pit, so make sure to choose the right size. Further, there are gas fire pits that provide extra space and can serve as a table.


Safety is one of the most important features that you need to consider before buying a fire pit. These pits can cause injuries if you are not careful because, let’s face it, we are dealing with fire. Be careful and always check that your fire gas pit has been certified as a safe product. There should be an emergency shut off that can be found on the burner or on the hose going in the burner. 

Heat Output

Heat output or BTUs is also an important feature. This is a measurement of how much gas you use, and it also means a higher heat output. Well, the grills usually burn around 25.000 BTU, and a fire gas pit around 40.000 BTUs or more. Fire gas pits need more heat, so make sure that there is a distance when sitting around.

Portability and Mobility

It is important to choose something to easily move around your yard or patio and take if you go somewhere on a camping trip. Also, keep in mind that you’ll have to carry and fit a gas propane tank, too so that’s why to choose something light. Gas is a safer choice over wood, so make the right decision and choose the safest and most reliable option.

Quality and Durability

If you are planning to keep your fire gas pit around throughout the whole year in your yard, make sure to pick a very durable material. Stone can be very long-lasting, but a cover will also help a lot. A very good quality cover is very important, that’s why some of the fire pits have already included one, or you can always search for a better and safer fire pit cover. 

Warranty, Price, and Value

Most of the gas fire pits come with a one-year warranty and service after the purchase. You can always contact the manufacturer if there are some problems after purchasing. 

Some fire pits can be very expensive, and you have to adapt the price to your budget. However, you have to keep in mind the space you have and buy something affordable and has good quality.

You also have to determine the needs and purposes of your fire gas pit. You may need it for gatherings and other occasions under the moonlight. You can take it with you on camping trips and whenever you need it. 

Installation of gas can also be expensive, so you can always use natural gas because it is less costly, and can have propane refills after using it all. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: How Long will a Gas Fire Pit keep on?

Answer: On average, a fire gas pit can last from 3 to 6 hours on a 20 lb tank. Actually, everything depends on your fire pit heat range, so it may even last up to 9 hours. Approximately a 20 lbs tank will contain almost 430.000 BTUs.

2) Question: Is it necessary to have a regulator for a Natural Gas Fire Pit?

Answer: This will be determined if your fire pit is located 10 feet away from the meter. You might not need to be regulated. But if the gas line is supplying a pool heater or if it’s traveling a long distance, your gas plumber may need to be regulated accordingly.

3) Question: How to Increase the flame of a Gas Fire Pit?

Answer: In order to increase the flame of the gas fire pit, you’ll have to remove the fire pit lava rock and then access the gas pipes. Then clean out the gas pipes with an air compressor to blow out the dust, the ashes, and the debris that may have entered. You can set up the flames with a controller, and then you can increase the gas tank pressure. 


We hope that our detailed list with all the pros and cons of each gas fire pit will help you make the right decision. Always make sure to read the buying guideline and to keep an eye on the important things. Our list consists of the best high-quality pits that will satisfy all your needs. 

Also, If you have a wood deck, you can always check our list of reviews for the best fire pits that will fit amazingly on your wooden patio. Don’t waste any more time. Check out all the details and comments on your points please below.

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