7 Best Outdoor Chaise Lounges: Reviews & Buying Guides of 2021

Although the entire world may be social distancing, the summer is already knocking on your door. It is time to take advantage of your outdoor home space and revel the warm nature of a comfortable best outdoor chaise lounge chair. In fact, you should be able to squeeze every single inch. One of the most appealing things you can buy this summer is a new chaise lounger.

Whether you want to read a book or want to take pleasure from the serene rays of sunshine, a chaise lounge can come quite in handy. However, there are (literally) hundreds and thousands of chaise lounges in the market. The trick is to purchase the chaise lounge for summer is to look for comfortability and that fitting dimensions.

Most of the outdoor chaise lounges have a slick design that would look beautiful in your backyard. It is a subtle yet perfect touch that creates a sense of self-assurance. You can get a compact and foldable chaise lounge so that you could take it outside effortlessly.

Quick Takeaways

Comfort Chaise Lounges Features

BrandImageWeight capacity Adjustable position Details
1. KozyardKozyard’s Beach Folding and Adjustable Chaise Lounge ChairMaximum 260 pounds Five adjustable backlearn more
2. Best Choice ProductsAdjustable and Folding Chaise Lounge Recliner Chairs225 poundsSix preset & two footrest position learn more
3. Cloud MountainCloud Mountain’s Adjustable Chaise LoungeUp to 300 lbsFour back & two foot position learn more
4. DevokoDevoko’s Chaise LoungeMore than 350 lbsAdjustable backlearn more
5. TuozeTuoze’s Outdoor Chaise Lounge ChairsMaximum 280 pounds Fixed seatinglearn more
6. Crestlive ProductsCrestlive Products’s Pool Yard Foldable and Adjustable Chaise Lounge ChairAt least 270 lbsAdjustable backlearn more
7. EsrightEsright’s Outdoor Foldable Beach Chaise Lounge ChairUp to 370 lbsSeven adjustment learn more

1. Kozyard’s Beach Folding and Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

Kozyard’s Beach folding and adjustable chaise lounge come with durable aluminum base and as well as a breathable fabric. It means you don’t have to worry about getting hot when the sun is too hot.

Kozyard’s Beach Folding and Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

It is comparatively more light than other products in the market. In fact, it can support up to 260 lbs of weight. Kozyard’s model comes with an ergonomic sling padded seat that decreases the pressure on your joints and muscles. It has an adjustable angle, which means you can set your desired position for optimal comfort. Also, the fold of the legs allows compact space for storage and makes it easier to move around.

It has overall dimensions of 24.4 by 30.3 by 9.1.”

What Makes it Unique?

Its UV-resistant feature makes the chaise lounge breathable and increases longevity. So, you don’t even have to think about a replacement for a long time.

2. Adjustable and Folding Chaise Lounge Recliner Chairs

The first thought that comes into your mind when look at this recliner chaise lounges is a compact set of features. It has everything a chaise lounge can offer. So, if you’re looking for a chaise lounge that packs the punch of combined features, this is it. 

Adjustable and Folding Chaise Lounge Recliner Chairs

It comes with the neutral beige shade that can heighten the attractiveness of your outdoor setting. On the other hand, you can choose a rustic red color for better aesthetic value. It is a modern chaise lounge that can resist rust and severe weather conditions. In fact, the premium quality polyester fabric is of the highest standards. Furthermore, the five recline options allow you to adjust the backrest with your preferable position.

It has overall dimensions of 77 by 26 by 45.”

What Makes it Unique?

The compact value of 250lbs weight support of the chaise lounge gives a smooth touch to your house pool or garden.

3. Cloud Mountain’s Adjustable Chaise Lounge

If you want to spend a lot of time reading or enjoying the beauty of nature on your poolside area or backyard, you cannot go wrong with Cloud Mountain’s Adjustable Chaise Lounge.

Cloud Mountain’s Adjustable Chaise Lounge

It looks smart and yet has all the features a homeowner would need in a chaise lounge. In fact, you can sit on it for hours and wouldn’t feel discomfort a second. It is because of the nice added touch of the steel frame of the chaise lounge that avoids rust that is coated with powder. It is extremely lightweight that allows you to fold it for extra storage without feeling the added bulk.

It has overall dimensions of 73 by 25 by 22.”

What Makes it Unique?

It has four adjustable positions and as well as two separate foot positions, which makes outdoor relaxation more comfortable.

4. Devoko’s Chaise Lounge

Convenient, that’s the first impression you get from Devoko’s Chaise Lounge. This folding chaise lounge has a beautiful texture and compact structure. In fact, you use it for poolside decoration or showcase your patio. Though mostly, you would want to use this chaise lounge at the beach.

Devoko’s Chaise Lounge

The robust material complements the comfort cushion of this chaise lounge. It is strong because of the steel tube design that increases its lifetime value. The cushion of the lounge chair is stylish enough to increase the level of relaxation. Apart from the solid structure, its placement is also easy.

It has overall dimensions of 77 by 24 by 21.”

What Makes it Unique?

The multifunctional chaise lounge allows you to use it for your porch, balcony, backyard, garden, or pool.

5. Tuoze’s Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

You may have heard this a dozen times that most of the chaise lounge chairs are light. However, this one is extra light because the design is aimed at travelers and swimmers. It couldn’t be more appropriate on a sunny and bright day on a beach or pool.

Tuoze’s Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

It can endure harshest warm weather conditions, which means you can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes. The aluminum fabric makes it more durable and provides extra support for that perfect state of relaxation.

It has overall dimensions of 71.5 by 20.5 by 34.5”. However, the folded dimensions are 24.5 by 29.5 by 8”.

What Makes it Unique?

The exterior design of the chaise lounge is elegant enough to attract contemporary and classic buyers.

6. Crestlive Products’s Pool Yard Foldable and Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

There are not many chaise lounges in the market that you can use for functional and utility purposes. However, Crestlive’s pool yard and foldable chaise lounge chair is a reliable choice for homeowners.

Crestlive Products’s Pool Yard Foldable and Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

You can fold legs with an adjustable back angle and carry it around for storage. The two folding lounge chairs would make your life easier. Apart from a sturdier material, you can take advantage of the lightweight and transport it during holidays. The ergonomic support offers maximum comfort and allows you to position the way you want.

It has seat size dimensions of 20 by 45 by 14”. However, the backrest dimensions are 25” (L) by 20” (W).

What Makes it Unique?

The combination of aluminum and textile fabric makes the chaise lounge more durable. You can use it for countless camping trips or outdoor courtyard use.

7. Esright’s Outdoor Foldable Beach Chaise Lounge Chair

If you want to make the most out of your limited time on the beach, Estight’s foldable beach chaise lounge chair might be perfect for you. Although the folding design is the first you would notice, it’s the overall design of the chaise lounge chair that captures the most attention.

Esright’s Outdoor Foldable Beach Chaise Lounge Chair

The reclining positions are comfortable because of the ergonomic design. You can adjust it to approximately 7 different positions with additional 2 opposite footrest positions. As a result, you get to have the posture you want to enjoy a beautiful view. In fact, this chaise lounge chair almost folds completely flat. However, it is breathable enough to last longer.

It has overall dimensions of 71 by 21.3 by 14.2.”

What Makes it Unique?

Whether you want to use at the home, backyard, or workplace environment, it doesn’t require remote assembly.

Buying Considerations: Choose the One that Appeals to You

There is no need to make a purchase decision in haste when you can review the relevant considerations beforehand:

– Purpose : You need to figure out your desired purpose to use the chaise lounge chair in advance. Whether you want it to reading or relaxed sunbathing, find out prior to the purchase decisions. Ideally, you should look for the chaise lounge with the most adjustable positions.

– Material : With for resin or teak chaise lounge chair, you wouldn’t have to undertake a lot of maintenance. However, most of the materials offer the flexibility of low-maintenance. Therefore, avoid recyclable chaise lounge chairs that are bulky and heavy. When it comes to the best material, your best bet is to go with aluminum fabric.

– Weight : If you plan to move around your chaise lounge, then look for the lightweight model. It’s all about the construction that increases or decreases the weight of a chaise lounge. Look for a thin metal build that offers lightweight without compromising the quality.

– Cushions : There are a hundred different styles of cushions. Some may be elegant, and some may be too classic for your taste. Your goal should be to look for an appropriate cushion that comes across luxurious but is soft and fluffy at the same time. Naturally, you want extra comfort and convenience. Besides, you can always match the pillows and cushions with your outdoor fabric.

Any Questions? All the Answers to Relevant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since there is a wide array of collection when it comes to outdoor chaise lounges, there might be answers to some questions you may be looking for:

1) Question: Why should you purchase an outdoor chaise lounge in the first place?

Answer: There are numerous activities you can perform on a chaise lounge. It does more than just to improve the beauty of your outdoor space – it allows you to indulge in new activities that may not be on your mind. A chaise lounge that offers complete body support is always a great option.

You can sunbathe on your own or encourage your kids to do the same. Most of the chaise lounge owners love the flexibility of outdoor furniture choices. It renders a sense of luxury that matched your outdoor space and represents your personal aesthetic touch.

2) Question: How do you figure out the square footage?

Answer: Well, it depends on your outdoor backyard space. However, if you have a small outdoor space, look for a folding chaise lounge that could fit or stretch properly. Just make sure you measure the dimensions of the chaise lounge to create layered zones within your backyard and enjoy a luxurious view.

That said, when you place a chaise lounge chair, make sure there’s at least 2-3 ft between each item. Naturally, you want to make it easier for the kids and other family members to move in and out of the furniture.

Also, place your chaise lounge chair away from possible sharp objects that may be blocking the view. Ideally, you should measure the width and length of a chaise lounge to make sure whether or not it is the right choice for your outdoor space.

3) Question: What material should you look for in a chaise lounge chair?

Answer: Yes, there is more than just one material when it comes to chaise lounge chairs. However, each material such as wood, softwood, aluminum, teak, wicker, hardwood, and softwood come with its own set of benefits.

As a buyer, you need to figure out your requirements and then make the decision. However, most of the manufacturers of the chaise lounge use aluminum, wicker, and wood material for chaise lounges’ body.

4) Question: What style and set of features are the best in a chaise lounge chair?

Answer: Choose a chaise lounge that you can look back on with pride and joy. As the summer season starts, you would probably want to get a chaise lounge that you can fold and the one that has the finish of fade-resistant.

For the sake of elegance and style, make sure the design of your chaise lounge is clean and can accommodate all your needs. For instance, aluminum material can last for a long time as it does not rot or crack.

You can also get an adjustable wheeled lounge chair that you can move without too much trouble. In fact, homeowners usually prefer to purchase a wheeled outdoor lounge chair that comes with extra storage.


If you have your little pool in the backyard, then that is pretty much the heaven everyone wishes to have amidst the global self-quarantine era. You can, of course, create it more than just a relaxation spot under the sun’s shade. Instead, stylize your pool area or backyard space to place attractive lounge chairs.

If you’re buying a new chaise lounge for a pool area, you naturally want the material that would dry instantaneously. Of course, you can buy the cushions separately and even add extra dĂ©cor to your outdoor chaise lounge chair. Still, focus on purchasing the best outdoor chaise lounge that caters to your needs.

There are enough options in the market that you will eventually find the chaise lounge that appeals to you. So long as you take into consideration the purchase guidelines and review above selective products, you’ll have a calm and peaceful summer on a comfy lounge chair.

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