10 Best Outdoor BarStools: Reviews & Buying Guides in 2021

Don’t mislead with the name ‘bar stools.’ This slim and beautiful tool is an excellent addition to the home, restaurants, and any indoor and outdoor place. At home, you can use it in the kitchen, backyard, and patio to create a cozy and creative sitting corner. 

The best outdoor bar stools are slim, lovely to look at, and made of high-quality wicker (mostly) or metal that ensures endurance in the demanding conditions.  Also, while some features a contemporary design, there are bar stools with swiveling or arms for the backrest. 

However, with such great features and increasing demand, the market is flooded with tons of choices on outdoor bar stools. Thus, you might feel deceived with the selection. 

No worries…

Our experts have checked, reviewed, and considered customer’s opinions to come up with these seven most awesome outdoor bar stools to decorate your home, restaurant, or even the bar. We have also effectively included a buying guide to make your selection a breeze.

So, lets get-go. 

BrandImageNo. of SetsDetails
1. Best Choice ProductsBest Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Bar StoolsTwolearn more
2. Crestlive ProductsCrestlive Products Counter Height Bar Stools Two or Fourlearn more
3. Flash Furniture Flash Furniture 30'' High Backless Outdoor Barstool One or Fourlearn more
4. Nova MicrodermabrasionPub Swivel Pub Style Bar StoolFourlearn more
5. Sophia & WilliamSophia & William Outdoor Swivel Bar StoolTwolearn more
6. EmeritMERIT Outdoor Swivel Bar StoolsTwolearn more
7. ZenyZENY Set of 4 Metal Bar StoolsFourlearn more
8. Phi VillaPHI VILLA Swivel Bar Stools All-Weather Patio FurnitureTwolearn more
9. YongchuangYongchuang Metal Bar Stools Counter Height StoolsFourlearn more
10. FdwFDW Metal Bar StoolsFourlearn more

The bar stools are a perfect accessory to express your style while still enjoy the comfort and luxury you want at home- indoor and outdoor. Also, the best patio bar stools will enhance the functionality of your patio space. 

Here are seven picks for outdoor bar stools.

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools

Best Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools

This elegant looking outdoor bar stool set of two comes in a simple design and runs perfectly with it. The dark brown finish is an inviting attraction to the poolside, patio, or even in the balcony. So, you can actually use the bar stools set in both indoor and outdoor. 

On top of it, the wicker-made design adds aesthetics to your home. The wicker is a synthetic one that is woven accurately with the durable iron frame. The wicker has been treated with to prevent moisture accumulation. Thereby, you get superior durability with the wicker bar stools set. 

What we loved most about the bar stool set are the wide chairs. These have a high armrest, a slightly curved backrest, and convenient leg resting space. These features incorporate with the ergonomic design to redefine the comfort of persons sitting on it. 

Another high-selling point for the best outdoor bar stool is its extreme versatility. As we already mentioned that you could use it as a patio chair or in the poolside, the handiness doesn’t end here. Its 30″ height is perfect for standard bar top arrangement both in the kitchen or outside. 

Finally, its weather and UV-resistance make it the perfect pick for use in the outdoor even when the weather condition is demanding. Nonetheless, we recommend you to cover the wicker bar stools set when not in use.

2. Crestlive Products Counter Height Bar Stools

Crestlive Products Counter Height Bar Stools

Crestlive has mastered the knowledge of crafting the best outdoor furniture at a bargain price. And you will understand why they are held so high in the market once you get this counter height bar stools from the manufacturer. 

The set comes in a pack of two or four bar stools and offers three attractive color options to ardently choose from depending on your choice and décor suitability. 

It is a set of best patio bar stools that offers a sturdy and durable design without being weighty. In fact, we found each bar stools super-lightweight, and so, you can move them even with one hand. Doesn’t it sound great?

The seat and backrest of the bar stool are made of Textilene fabric that offers a classic yet fashionable look. Also, it has breathability that ensures your family members or invitees enjoy the comfort they want and deserve. 

The arm and leg rest will also increase your coziness with the bar stool set. 

For the frame construction, Crestlive has used aluminum with powder coating. Hence, the overall bar stool design is the weather, rust, rain, and UV-proof that will surely add up to its incredible longevity. 

All in all, the classic look and premium comfort of the outdoor bar stool set make it an ideal choice for garden, yard, patio, or porch.

3. Flash Furniture 30'' High Backless Outdoor Barstool

 Flash Furniture 30'' High Backless Outdoor Barstool

The Flash Furniture outdoor and indoor usable bar stools come in a pack of 4 sets. Each bar stool set looks trendy and is a perfect complement for any modern outdoor décor. So, you can blindfold pick the bar stool without having a 2nd thought about the décor. 

Furthermore, the set is available in a variety of attractive and fun colors that everyone would love. So, invite your guests and friends with confidence once you have the bar stool set in our patio, backyard, garden, or even in the kitchen. 

For durability, the Flash Furniture set is made of high-quality plastic. So, it won’t damage under scorching sun or rain. Thus, the weather-resistance makes it a perfect choice for outdoor use both in summer and winter. 

It is a simple bar stool without any back and armrest. It may seem unconvincing, but when you surf Instagram or Pinterest, you will see that this type of bar stool is trending everywhere. 

The bar stool set has a 30″ height and is fully stackable for secure storage. Another benefit of the outdoor bar stool set is its floor gliding. Thus, it won’t scratch the home floor. 

4. Pub Swivel Pub Style Bar Stool

Pub Swivel Pub Style Bar Stool

Do you want a contemporary style bar stool at your home? If such is the case, we recommend you to have a close look at the Nova Microdermabrasion made pub style outdoor and indoor bar stool set. It encompasses a modern appearance and has all the features that make it worth the investment for your hard-earned money.

The set comes with a pack of four and has 360° swiveling capacity. So, you can interact with everyone without moving away from the comfort of the bar stool. 

The seat is made of ABS material and has a semi-circular backrest. So, you can comfortably lean on it and enjoy the surrounding. The standing frame is made from quality steel with a chrome-plated finish. 

Its chrome finish is a perfect match for the dark brown color of the seat. Thus, it brightens up the décor that everyone would love. Therefore, the flaring modern-style bar stool set seamlessly fit the outdoor yard, patio, outdoor ottoman area, and the indoor pub space. 

The final thing that impressed us is the underneath rubber ring to prevent scratching on the floor. Also, a comfortable lift handle permits you to adjust the chair height from 24-inches counter to 32-inches bar style. 

5. Sophia & William Outdoor Swivel Bar Stool

Sophia & William Outdoor Swivel Bar Stool

If you want to invest in an all-weather usable, classic yet contemporary set of bar stools, then look no further than the Sophia & William Outdoor Bar Stool. It is a nice combo of everything that consumers love to have in a bar stool and nothing that they dislike.

We could speak a ton about it, but let’s first focus on the 360° swiveling capacity of the outstanding bar stool set of 2 patio chairs. It is made lightweight and sturdy, making the limitless movement easy. So, you can face any direction during a chat without much of an effort.

The frame is made of steel with powder coating to prevent rust and UV-rays. On the contrary, the seat is made of Textilene with a brown finish. Both the seat and frame are highly durable against water, sun rays, and any other affairs you can think. 

Both the back and armrest are slightly curved to fit your body shape even more realistically. So, you enjoy better comfort with the reclining facility. Also, the breathability keeps sweating far away. 

The combination of black and brown color pattern looks fantastic.  Thus its classic rustic look is a perfect complement for every home décor- indoor and outdoor space. 

6. EMERIT Outdoor Swivel Bar Stools

MERIT Outdoor Swivel Bar Stools

This best outdoor bar stools set with a light brown seat and powder-coated black frame will fit in a variety of space and occasions. The minimalist design is a treat to eyes and will even make neighbors envy of your premium choice. 

With a reclining and slightly curved backrest, accompanied by a suitable leg and armrest, most people will love resting their bodies on the bar stools set. The Textilene fabric is highly breathable and supports all-weather use.

Additionally, the steel frame is coated with powder. Therefore, it prevents rust, rain, and sun rays. It ensures you will get years of premium service. 

The frame bar stools set is a package of two and each accommodating up to 300 lbs. So, even the heaviest person can comfortably sit on it. The sturdy frame will easily hold him with ease. 

Another marvelous benefit of the bar stools set is its 360° swiveling capacity. It offers you smooth movement and fun. You can quickly face any direction which is supported better with the outdoor high stools lightweight design.

In short, the bar stool set will be a joy in your home, both indoor and outdoor, with its light brown appearance. 

7. ZENY Set of 4 Metal Bar Stools

ZENY Set of 4 Metal Bar Stools

Are you looking for a bar stools set ready to be used right out of the box? If such is the case, we cannot help recommending you to seek for the Zeny Metal Bar Stools set of four. The high bar stools set has a 26” height that suits almost every indoor and outdoor spacing, including the office. 

You can store the bat stools set when not in use since it is made fully stackable. The frame is heavily made of metal with an X-brace to give the bat stool stability and durability. 

The top is made from Elm wood. First off, it enhances the durability quite considerably. Next, the natural wood color with a polished finish, it brings excellent aesthetics at the place you keep the bar stools. 

With such a fantastic appearance, the bar stools set quickly fits in every décor- from the contemporary to the rustic old. 

Thus, you can use the bar stool in café, bar, bistro, restaurant, backyard, patio, and where not. Besides the wide application, the bar stool set is also comfortable to sit. It has a nice leg rest to help you feel comfortable even after hours of sitting.

Lastly, the lightweight design helps 360°swiveling and movement from one place to another. Thus, with such incredible features, Zeny outdoor bar stools set will make others envious of your choice. 

8. PHI VILLA Swivel Bar Stools All-Weather Patio Furniture

PHI VILLA Swivel Bar Stools All-Weather Patio Furniture

This is another best outdoor bar stools in our review that has everything you would like to get in relatively reasonable pricing. The swivel bar stools come with two pieces set and enhance comfort to the fullest. 

The outdoor high stools are made of wicked Textilene sling fabric. Hence, the outdoor sling bar stool has incredible breathability. It keeps you cool even when the conditions are sweaty. Also, it has a curved armrest that won’t let you feel the ache.

Even the backrest is slightly curved to fit your back without any strain and added pressure. So, whether you use the patio furniture chair at bars or indoor or even in the backyard, it ensures you enjoy the luxury of a premium accessory. 

It also has a nice leg rest to keep your feet in case you need to use the chair set for a long time. 

Apart from the comfort, the manufacturer has also focused on the durability of the item. Hence, they have sued the metal frame for the base. It has powder-coating for rust and water-resistant. Also, it holds 300 lbs of weight- the highest in our list. 

9. Yongchuang Metal Bar Stools Counter Height Stools

Yongchuang Metal Bar Stools Counter Height Stools

You will rarely find the best patio bar stools comprising of every quality. Luckily, the bar cum height stools set of four features everything. 

Firstly, it has a nice backrest. So, you or your guest can lean on it and still enjoy the surroundings with great comfort. However, if you don’t like resting your back, you can quickly remove the backrest. It is an ardently great addition that allows you to choose your comfort zone. 

Also, you are free to choose from there various stools heights, such as 24″, 26″ and 30″. The ability to pick the favored height permits you to use the accessory at any place, kitchen, workstation, minibar, or with outdoor ottoman sets

The cushion is crafted from engineered wood to give you a premium feel. Also, a hardwood seat means you won’t feel backache.  The base frame is made of durable metal with a coating that works as an extra layer of protection. 

Its legs are covered with a rubber cap. So, it won’t scratch the floor that is a great relief for hardwood or plywood floor owners. 

10. FDW Metal Bar Stools

FDW Metal Bar Stools

The bar stool set is perfect for those who would prefer convenience and usability over beauty any day. Yes, the FDW metal bar stool set comes with four pieces and boasts of high-quality metal construction. Thus, it will be a perfect match for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The backless patio stool bar set is stackable. Hence, you can store the item at ease when not in use. It thus saves your space while adding convenience. 

The bar stools set is made of metal and has a matte look. Henceforth, it will easily fit into any décor- modern or classic. Furthermore, the metal design brings rust-proof design into function. It even has a high-quality painting that protects the item from scratch and external harms. 

The workmanship of the bar stools has gone one step ahead with the added X-brace that provides extra support for the frame. Besides, the leg rest has been cleverly positioned to give you a comfortable reach whenever you feel like relaxing. 

Lastly, each of the legs has plastic mats to prevent accidental slippage. So, your floor remains in tiptop state all the time.

The Best Outdoor Bar Stools Buying Guide:

When you get such an incredible list of best patio bar stools, it is natural to become confused with tons of factors and considerations to make. Thus, we understand your urgency to know which factors to give importance during the outdoor bar stool purchase and which element to ignore. 

Don’t worry. 

We have piled up all the crucial factors that you might want to look at the time of purchasing a quality and stylish outdoor bar stools. 

The Number of Sets:

Let’s admit it- the primary function of a bar stool is to entertain people during a cozy evening or dinner party. So, you have to decide first how many people you will mostly invite at home. Then, select the number of sets accordingly. 

For instance, a large family will be beneficial with a set of four pieces of bar stools. On the contrary, a couple or single can choose two or one-piece set.

Style and Comfort:

The outdoor bar stool ideas are the incorporation of style and comfort. The style is dependent on appearance and decors. For instance, you can choose from classic to contemporary design for the bar stools. Also, you will see variations in design and material.

Next, you must get a set with premium comfort. Comfort relies on three underlying factors-

  • Leg rest
  • Armrest
  • Backrest

While only a few bar stools will provide the three luxuries, you can get leg rest and backrest on most bar stools. The comfort also comes from the material used for cushions. PU or faux-leather cushions are soft and comfortable. However, some people might choose a plank of wood made seats as well. 

Swiveling Capacity:

Since a counter stool is mostly used in bars, cafes, or during parties where you meet with gangs and families, you might want to talk with everyone. At this point, you can get an accessory with accurate swiveling capacity. 

It lets you reach everyone without moving away from the stools set. 

Quality and Durability:

You want an outdoor bar stools set that has a good look and premium quality, right? Hence, you need to get a set that has rust, weather, and water-resistance. It is crucial since you are going to use it in the outdoor space. 

All these qualities attributed to the overall durability of the item too. The added cap in the leg is a bonus to protect the floor. 

Height Adjustment:

The height adjustment capacity is a staple feature for bar stools. While some high-end accessories come with multiple height adjustment facilities, some have a fixed height. The stationary height tools, however, comes with various available heights that you can choose from depending on your preference. 

Those having height adjustment needs to be comfortable too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: How to recover outdoor bar stools?

Answer: Sometimes the outdoor bar stool cover might get damaged. You can quickly recover it. Firstly, remove the bar stools top by unscrewing it from the base. Then carefully remove the screws and stitches if there is any. Then replace the cover with a new one and stich it. Alternatively, you can use a glue gun to stick the cover with the top. Then reinstall the lid on the base and screw the nuts. That’s it. 

2) Question: How to clean outdoor bar stools?

Answer: At first, dampen the bar stool cushion with a wet cloth. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the cushion and let it sit on the cover for 2-3 minutes. Again, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off the baking soda. As you do so, it should get rid of the debris. The frame can be washed with a dampened cloth with ease. 


An outdoor bar stool is a brilliant addition to your outdoor style and luxury lifestyle. It lets you merrily spent time with your favorite persons or work on a kitchen counter or heightened workstation. Hence, you must accommodate yourself with the best outdoor bar stools. 

In this case, our review list covers all you require, from contemporary to modern-day design and from a rustic appearance to a sparkling look. Also, the height adjustment on most items along with extreme endurance makes sure you can enjoy the stools service for a long time.

So, take your stylish lifestyle to the next level with our nine outdoor bar stools. Rejoice! 

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