5 Best Lounge Chair For Sunbathing Reviews & Buying Guides 2021

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Sun, sangria, and sunbath are what you need on a hot summer day. And when you have the best lounge chair for sunbathing, it can motivate you, even more, to spend time outside rather than being indoors. About 40% of Americans prefer to be on the beach on the summer holidays and enjoy sunbathe rather than being anywhere else. Even if you are not among this 40% of the Americans, you can still relax and soak in some Vitamin D inyour backyard on your favorite sunbathing chair.

However, when it comes to picking up the most suitable sunbathing lounge chair for you, it might be quite a chore to match between your necessities and the features each one of them offers. But then again, with our list of the best lounge chair for sunbathing, it would surely get easier for you.

5 Best Lounge Chair For Sunbathing

Among all the other chairs available in the market, we came up with the best 5 lounge chairs for sunbathing that you should try right now.

But before jumping into an in-detail discussion, let’s first have a quick look at our 5 favorite one to understand how they differ from each other.

1. Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair

Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair with Backpack Straps and Storage Pouch
  • Folding design
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Features a storage pouch
  • Unlimited reclining positions

If you are looking for an incredibly portable chair for your next beach trip, then you must check out this folding lounge chair from the mighty Rio Beach. This amazing chair folds into a compact size and has adjustable backpack straps incorporated in it so that you can carry it easily to wherever you go.

Additionally, as the straps are thickly padded, this chair won’t hurt your back, even if you carry it for long hours to reach your destination.

Moreover, its weight also adds greatly to its portability. Weighing just around 9 lbs., it is arguably the lightest lounge chair in the market, and hence, can be carried around effortlessly without feeling any extra burden.

Besides the weight, another thing about this chair that makes it the perfect choice for the beach is its quick-dry fabric. Covered with polyester fabric, it will never let you rest on a drenching wet chair after a surfing session.

Also, keeping in mind the users’ convenience and comfort, this beach chair offers you unlimited reclining positions. From lay-flat, completely reclined position to normal seating posture, with this chair the functionality is endless.

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to carry around whenever needed
  • Ensures easy access
  • Color options available
  • Might feel a bit uncomfortable

2. GYMAX Beach Lounge Chair

GYMAX Beach Lounge Chair
  • Removable pillows
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Breathable fabric
  • Foldable design

Lounging beside the pool on a lazy summer day is fun and relaxing. And with this lounge chair from GYMAX, you can add the comfort factor too. It comes with more than a few removable padded pillows to make the chair extremely comfortable for your sunbathing sessions. These pillows can be used however you like, as headrest or other support purposes, to make it even more relaxing and resting for you.

Another thing that ensures absolute comfort is its 600D breathable Oxford fabric construction. This incredible fabric is not only skin-friendly and offers incredible ventilation but is also weather resistant. Even if it rains or the chair burns in the hot summers, this oxford fabric won’t tear or suffer from damages anytime soon.

The steel-made frame also makes sure that your chair lasts for years to come. Featuring a round edge design and connected with metal components, it can bear up to 330 lbs. of users’ weight and therefore, doesn’t break off easily when you are resting on it.

What makes it more special? Well, its “face hole” design. GYMAX used a unique face cavity on this chair so that you can lie on your stomach and tan your back too. Also because of this face-down design, you can even enjoy massage sessions for ultimate relaxation while lounging by the pool.

  • Extended weight limit
  • Provides stability and durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • A bit heavyweight

3. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Lounge Chair

Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Yard Pool Folding Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair (1 Pack, Beige)
  • 7 recline positions
  • Functional design
  • Textilene-woven mesh fabric top
  • Water and oilproof

It doesn’t matter if you are on a camping trip or just lounging beside the pool or patio at your home, this multifunctional chair would really come in handy if you are looking for comfort and convenience packed in one. Featuring an ergonomic design with a padded sling seat, this piece of outdoor furniture redefines comfort like none other. It comes with 7 adjustable back positions so that you have the freedom to pick the most comfortable position and posture for your body and rest peacefully on it.

The ingeniouslydesigned aluminum frame and Textilene mesh fabrictop also ensure the users’ relaxation like none other. It allows you to sit back on this lounger chair comfortably without feeling any pressure on your muscles and joints whatsoever. The padded armrests add more to it.

Moreover, keeping in mind the convenience of its users, Kozyard installed a detachable cup tray on one of the armrests so that you can place your coffee cup, juice glass, or even beverage bottle on it safely while relaxing on the chair. Because of this tray, you don’t have to get up and leave your cozy place if you get thirsty or feel like having your favorite beverage while lounging.

Moving on, let’s talk about the feature that makes it suitable for home use as well as camping trips too. Thisoutdoor chair is lightweight [weighs just 13.2 lbs.] and features a quick folding design too, which means that you can convert it into a compact size and take it easily to anywhere you go to enjoy unmatchable comfort.

  • Extremely lightweight yet sturdy
  • Foldable; can be stored easily
  • Easy, effortless maintenance
  • Not the brightest color

4. Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair-Black
  • Lockable reclining system
  • Comes preassembled
  • Stay-cool seating surface
  • Padded headrest and armrests

Stressed body? Get this Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair for sunbathing right now. As the name suggests, this piece of outdoor furniture is specially designed to provide a weightless seating experience to its users. It features a lockable reclining system thathelps your lounge chair to transition from an upright seated position to a lay-back reclined position effortlessly for a full zero-gravity feel. This chair adjusts comfortably to your body and ensures a “no stress” feel.

Because of the comfortable sitting posture of this chair, you can not only reduce the stress on your muscles and body successfully but also overcome back pain while lying under the sun.

Besides the zero gravity design, another factor that adds more to the comfort feature is the padded headrest and armrests. While the cushioned headrest makes sure that your head doesn’t get hurt during lounging, the slightly contoured armrests provide phenomenal support and comfort.

The Textilene fabric of this chair also ensures extraordinary comfort for the users. As this top material is breathable and doesn’t retain any heat whatsoever, it remains cool and comfortable even during a hot summer day.

  • Effortless transition
  • Offers breathability and comfort
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Available in color options
  • No built-in cup tray

5. Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chair

Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chairs Outdoor Beach Patio W/Utility Tray (Light Blue)
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 300 lbs. of weight capacity
  • Cup holder tray
  • Multipurpose use

It doesn’t matter where you are sunbathing, garden, patio, balcony, beside the pool, in the middle of the forest, or on the deck of a ship, with this Reclining Lounge chair, your experience will be even more comfortable and relaxingregardless of the place you are at.

So what makes it so comfortable? Well, there are several features. Let’s start with its design. Goplus adopted a unique “zero gravity” design for this lounge chair so that you can let go of your stress and unwind on it easily. This design helps you to sit or liedown in the correct posture so that you don’t feel any stress or strain on your muscles and hurt them in any way. Moreover, as it reduces the uncomfortableness in your back that is imposed by gravity, this specially designed chair manages to take pressure off from your lower back to ensure unmatchable comfort.

That’s not all. Goplus also incorporated an adjustable headrest to this multifunctional chair so that you can enjoy your unwinding session to the fullest. You can move this head support anyway you like to make the most out of it.

In addition to being multipurpose, this chair is also weight-inclusive. As it features an aluminum frame with sturdy steel leg posts, it can hold up to 300 lbs. of user’s weight effortlessly. This makes this lounge chair suitable for all potential users.

  • Easy storage and portability
  • Strong, sturdy frame
  • Comfortable sitting posture
  • At 30 lbs. weight, it is difficult to carry

How To Choose The Best Lounge Chair For Sunbathing – Features To Consider

Finding a chair for sunbathing is easy. However, finding the best lounge chair for sunbathing could be troublesome if you don’t know what to look for. Let’s discuss the factors to consider before buying one sunbathing chair for your patio or poolside.

A Strong, Sturdy Frame Matters

Even though you mostly lay flat on the lounge chair while soaking in the sun, a strong, sturdy frame is still important to ensure your safety. While surfing for the best one for your patio or poolside, look for chairs that are made of robust steel or aluminum material. This is because, these material are super strong and durable, and therefore, doesn’t break off easily causing any unfortunate events.

Although both these frame materials offer incredible strength, aluminum chairs are much lighter than the steel ones. If you plan to carry your lounge chair for your trips, it would be a better choice to pick an aluminum-made chair rather than a steel one.

Besides the type, don’t forget to look for rust, oil, UV, and weather-resistant materials. These features add more to the durability of your sunbathing chair.

The Frame Design Is Crucial

While choosing a lounge chair for your sunbathing sessions, never overlook its design. And while we are talking about the design, we are not talking about the color, print, or texture of the chair, rather we are discussing the adjustability,recline, and posture.

To enjoy comfort and relaxation at the highest level, choose a lounge chair with a “zero gravity” design for your sun-soaking sessions. These chairs are specially made for the right posture and relieve stress and tension from your muscles and body.

Also, look for a higher number of incline positions in your chair. The higher the incline positions, the more customizable and comfortable fit you can enjoy.

Taken Into Account The Comfort Level

In addition to safety and great posture, you must also consider the comfort factor while zeroing in a sunbathing lounge chair for you. Cushioned backrest and headrest, breathable fabric, padded armrests ensure incredible comfort for you when you lie back and enjoy the sun.

Also, make sure that the fabric used on the chair is water-resistant or, at least, quick-dry. This feature is important because you wouldn’t want to rest and relax on a chair that is drenching wet- it is downright uncomfortable.

Don’t Overlook the Portability Feature

Besides the comfortable design, make sure that the chair frame is foldable too. This is because, first of all, a foldable chair is easily portable. If you want to get some vitamin D on the beach rather than lounging on your patio, you can carry it effortlessly without facing any difficulties.

Also, if the chair has integrated straps, it would be a plus. With the folding frame and straps, you can carry them as a backpack wherever you go.

While talking about foldability, let’s mention that besides portability, a folding lounge chair is also easy to store.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Sunbathing?

In most bookish words, sunbathing is an activity where you sit or lie under the sun to soak in some Vitamin D in your body. Even though most people prefer sunbathing for getting tanned, there are more than a few that get it for health purposes also.  From maintaining healthy bones to reducing stress and strengthening your immune system, a sunbath can be really beneficial for your health.

2. Which season is perfect for Sunbath?

Summer is perfect for sunbath. But then again, the perfect season for you actually depends on the result you want to get from soaking in the sun. For instance, if getting a gorgeous tan is your goal, thenthe summer sun would be just the right one for you- the temperature would be high and you would be a tanned skin easily.

On the other hand, if want to enjoy the sunlight and relax without darkening your skin, spring and autumn may be a good choice for you. The sun is not harsh in these seasons and gives you just the right environment to chill and relax outside.

However, don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen before getting a sunbath. It will protect your skin from getting burnt.


Sunbathing is a simple activity that doesn’t require a big investment but you can reap numerous health benefits. You can sunbathe in the backyard, on your balcony, on the beach, in nature or at the poolside – the possibilities are vast. People have become aware of how important sunbathing is when the number of kids that have vitamin D deficiency has risen significantly during the past decade due to the popularity of sedentary lifestyle, video games, TVs and other perks that electrical appliances offer – but none of them require going out of the house.
Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep in mind how office hours affect our health.

Don’t make excuses for not getting enough sunlight and make your health a priority! Motivate yourself in numerous ways, one of which can be choosing the best lounge chair for sunbathing. That way, you will know that not only can you have fun and be comfortable, but you can also improve your health.

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