5 Best Lounge Chair For Sunbathing Reviews & Buying Guides 2021

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Sunbathing has been associated with relaxation and vacation for a long time. Having the best lounge chair for sunbathing can be a great motivation to make you start spending more time outdoor. Many people don’t remember to find time for sunbathing even when they know the benefits. With the rise of the internet, all of the things had become available by a click of a mouse.

This has greatly reduced the need for people to move and leave the house, which in turn has left the impact on the number of hours we spend outside. Having the best lounge chair outdoor can mean a big difference both for your mental state and vitamin D production. The sunning lounge chair comes in various designs and colors which can be easily implemented in a wide variety of exterior sceneries.

If you are still trying to find your “why” to persuade you to invest in lounge sunbathing chair, remember that there is a wide array of health benefits that come with regular sunbathing, some of which correlate to a reduced risk of Parkinson’s and MS, to name a few.

BrandImage Dimensions (inches) Weight (lbs) Weight Capacity (lbs) Frame MaterialFabricFoldable Headrest Pillow CuptrayPrice
1.Rio Beach PortableRio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair with Backpack Straps and Storage Pouch 72 x 22 x 108250 Rustproof steelPolyesterYesNoNolearn more
2.Blumfeldt CaliforniaBlumfeldt California • Zero Gravity Lounge Chair • Adjustable Pillow • Resistant Polyester Cover • Outdoor, Beach, Patio, Pool • Green 56 x 38 x 30 19.6250SteelPolyesterYesYesNolearn more
3.Kozyard Cozy AluminumKozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Yard Pool Folding Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair (1 Pack, Beige) 30.3 x 24 x 6.6 13.09260AluminumTextileneYesYesNolearn more
4.Sunjoy Zero Gravity ChairZero Gravity Chair-Black 26.4 x 70 x 4811250SteelTextileneYesYesNolearn more
5.Goplus Folding ZeroGoplus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chairs Outdoor Beach Patio W/Utility Tray (Light Blue) 35.4 x 25.2 x 43.3 15.9300AluminumTextileneYesYesYeslearn more

It might appear like a simple task, but finding exactly what you necessitate requires a meticulous quest for it. Don’t neglect to take into account all of the dimensions of a chair: height, length, and width. If you plan on purchasing more than one don’t overlook to estimate the space available for the required number, as well as the space separating them. As you already know, a fitting piece of furniture can provide much more than merely their appearance and comfort – it can ontribute to peace of mind as well.

1. Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair with Backpack Straps and Storage Pouch

Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair with Backpack Straps and Storage Pouch

With Rio lounge Chair you can enjoy your outdoor sunbathing while having back lie flat or while it’s set-up at ninety degrees, depending on whether you want to read a book on the beach or get tanned. Its backpack straps and large storage pouch makes it easy to pack and carry on the back while leaving your hands free for children, bags and possible beach/outside accessories.

The material is rust-proof steel and the weight of the chair is 8 lbs. Its weight and backpack straps make this chair a great  for outdoor trip accessory and a convenient portable sunbathing chair. The fabric is made out of polyester which is known to be durable and to dry fast. Furthermore, it adjusts to your body shape making the chair comfortable. It’s a good overall plastic sunbathing chair for easy lounging in nature, yard or on the beach.



2. Blumfeldt Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Blumfeldt California • Zero Gravity Lounge Chair • Adjustable Pillow • Resistant Polyester Cover • Outdoor, Beach, Patio, Pool • Green

 The Blumfeldt California chair may be a good option if your main aim is to get a comfortable lounge chair. It features adaptable headrest support which you can slide up and down the backrest to find the position that will be suitable for your neck. Armrests and recliners make this chair even more adjustable.

Materials used to make it are weather-proof: Steel frame is powder-coated to promote durability regardless of the weather to which the chair is exposed. The padding of the chair consists of quick-drying foam which is easy to clean. If you plan on using the chair in a variety of places, this piece of furniture can be a good fit for you. It weighs 19.6 lbs, it’s easy to set up and remove. Its design makes it a suitable option for garden, backyards, patios. Its corrosion resistance and water-repellent fabric also make it a relevant part of camping gear.



3. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Yard Pool Folding Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair (1 Pack, Beige)

Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Yard Pool Folding Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair (1 Pack, Beige)

This elegant beige lounge chair is very light – it’s made out of the aluminum frame and Textilene fabric. The backrest can be set in five different positions. Ergonomic design features the padded seat which will allow you to enjoy the physical ease while sunbathing. The Textilene is water-resistant, durable material.

The chair is foldable and fit for being stored for a lengthy period. All of those characteristics make Kozyard lounge chairs suited for use on the beach, pools or outdoor cafes. The oil-proof feature makes it a sound sunbathing lounge chair – it won’t get stained or altered by the oil at all which makes cleaning it way easier.



4. Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair-Black

Zero Gravity Chair-Black

Zero Gravity Chair is an elegant, black chair that can be effortlessly included within a wide array of settings. Its ergonomic design is accented by a detachable pillow that can be customized as you find fit. Having a chair that has a lockable reclining system is a feature that most people tend to look for when it comes to comfort.

Chair frame is built out of steel and mesh is UV-resistant – those traits notify about endurance and sturdiness of the chair. When you first buy a chair, it comes assembled. If you are short on storage space, this chair is perhaps a good option for you – it can be folded compactly and it’s simple to transport. It’s available in six neutral colors.



5. Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chairs Outdoor Beach Patio W/Utility Tray (Light Blue)

Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chairs Outdoor Beach Patio W/Utility Tray (Light Blue)

The Goplus Lounge Chair is another solid choice for those who are primarily in the search for comfort. Its cup holder tray is a distinct addition, especially if you are the kind of person who prefers to drink juice or cocktail while sunbathing or favors to have a book or mobile device at an arm’s length.

The headrest is detachable and adjustable. The weight capacity of the Goplus Lounge chair is 300 lbs which makes it an item with most weight capacity on the list. It’s foldable in the third of its original size. The seat is made out of aluminum and legs are made out of steel. The fabric that is used is Textilene, a material that’s easily cleaned. There are eight color options to choose from.



How To Choose The Best Lounge Chair For Sunbathing – Features To Consider Before Buying

# Frame material

A sturdy frame is a must-have for every lounge chair. The materials that frames are normally made of are steel and aluminum. Steel is known to be sturdy, but aluminum can be firm too. The difference is that aluminum bars weigh less and hence are suitable if you plan on moving chairs often from place to place.

# Fabric material

Fabric materials should be taken into consideration: are they easily washable? Will oil from the sun protection creams and lotions affect them? When having in mind those things, make sure to pick lounge chairs whose mesh or fabric is Textilene or polyester-based. These materials can be treated to last longer, they are quickly washable and aren’t influenced by the water.

# Resistance

  • Rust: Having a rust-proof coat can be beneficial for the durability of the chair if it’s going to be exposed to the waves, rain or pool water. Furthermore, it will save you the inconvenience of having your bikini or clothes damaged if the rust forms since it can leave traces on your garments.
  • UV and Weather resistance: Weather resistance should be a feature that each chair for sunbathing should possess – it’s surely going to be exposed, at least, to the sun, and the possibility of being exposed to other weather conditions is also big. This characteristic can make a significant difference in terms of the durability of the chair. Keep in mind that this feature is mandatory, especially if you live in an area where the weather frequently varies and there is a great possibility that the chair will be exposed to the rainy-sunny weather.
  • Oil: If you are planning on getting tan, don’t forget to check the chair’s interaction with lotions and oils to avoid stains in the long run. 

# Design​

Lounge chairs are very desired kind of patio chairs. Most people have the desired appearances in mind when they ponder about their patio chair, but there are a few more elements to consider. Lounge chairs for sunbathing come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they consist, most often, of metal frame and polyester material. Having a chair that looks industrial is a good choice for the beach, camping, cafes, and outdoor events.

Their design is uncomplicated. The sunbathing lounge chair can also be spotted featuring a more modern design where ropes, strings or cord hold the fabric connected to the frame. They are regularly used as backyard or patio furniture. Another point that’s worth considering is portability – what are dimensions of the chair when it’s folded, does it fold and open easily and what’s the weight of the chair.

# Ergonomics

Depending on the amount of time that you intend on spending sunbathing and whether you want to use your sunbathing chair only for those purposes, keep in mind ergonomics and additional features which chair can offer. Consider the angles and positions in which the back of the chair can be set, think about whether you would like to have additional pillows, leg support or a tray, cup or phone holder.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Sunbathing?

Answer: Sunbathing is an activity that implies spending time exposed to the sunrays. You can do it while sitting or lying. The purpose of sunbathing for a lot of people is to get tan. While sunbathing, our body produces vitamin D which can be difficult to get through nutrition. Some of the benefits that you experience while sunbathing include: boosting the immune system and getting more vitamin D thus influencing calcium absorption which makes your bones stronger. Sunbathing also lessens stress and influences serotonin.

2. Which season is perfect for Sunbath?

Answer: It really depends on the goal. Tanning depends on the UV index, and the UV index depends on weather, latitude, etc. If your goal is to spend more time in the sun for the sake of relaxation, spring and autumn may be a good choice for you. The sun is not as strong as in the summer, but you can catch very pleasant sun rays in the morning or afternoon at optimal temperatures. If your goal is to get tanned, the best chance you have is by doing it in the summer – but beware of the harmful sun rays.

3. How long is a lounge chair?

Answer: The length of the lounge chair can vary from type to type. Considering that backseat is adaptable in angle, it’s also sometimes hard to accurately point out the specific dimensions. Ordinarily, the dimensions are somewhere on the spectrum between 70 and 80 inches, whereas the seat normally takes up around 40 to 50 inches of the length


Sunbathing is a simple activity that doesn’t require a big investment but you can reap numerous health benefits. You can sunbathe in the backyard, on your balcony, on the beach, in nature or at the poolside – the possibilities are vast. People have become aware of how important sunbathing is when the number of kids that have vitamin D deficiency has risen significantly during the past decade due to the popularity of sedentary lifestyle, video games, TVs and other perks that electrical appliances offer – but none of them require going out of the house.
Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep in mind how office hours affect our health.

Don’t make excuses for not getting enough sunlight and make your health a priority! Motivate yourself in numerous ways, one of which can be choosing the best lounge chair for sunbathing. That way, you will know that not only can you have fun and be comfortable, but you can also improve your health.

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