10 Best Fire Pit for Wood Deck: Reviews & Buying Guides in 2021

A proper wood deck fire pit works excellently to bring your outdoor home closer to heart. Imagine a free evening, your loved ones are around you and maybe someone roasting a turkey or marshmallow- the aroma, the buzzing of beautiful peoples and the memories. With a proper fire pit for a wooden deck, all these imaginations will soon turn into reality. 

But its easier said than done. Buying an appropriate fire pit for your wood deck isn’t a walk in the park. It should be beautiful and bold to express your personality. Also, it should bring calmness to home décor, and then again, it should be safe, durable, and high-performing. 

To speak the truth, finding a perfect match for all this isn’t easy. But our review on the top ten best-rated, safest and beautiful wood deck fire pits will turn your outdoor into a cozy palace. 

Aren’t you interested?

A wood deck fire pit is a lovely outdoor place for soothing and relaxation. But not just any regular wood deck fire pit can bring such calmness and comfort to your outdoor home. For this, you need absolutely the best fire pit for wood deck without minimal compromise in any crucial factors. 

But how do you pick the ideal one for your wood deck? Will you test all available models in the market? Come on, mate, this isn’t going to be possible. And even if you made it possible, you will probably grow older. 

Hence, we wanted to lessen your work. Also, being one of your trusted outdoor decorative furniture reviewers, an in-depth review on the wood deck fire pit was long overdue. Therefore, we came up with this intriguing and bias-free fire pit review. 

We have included ten fire pits suitable for a wood deck, discussed their overall features, highlighted the most useful ones along with pros and cons. So, you should find it easy to pick the one that will suit your home décor the most. 

Also, our fire pit buyer guide will help you to know what factors to consider when buying these fire pits. So, let’s see what this review offers to you.

1. Sunnydaze Wood Burning Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Décor specializes in making fire pit and has received positive reviews from customers across the globe. If you think the reviews and appreciation they receive are a hoax, we urge you to get this Cosmic 42 inches extra large fire pit. You will soon get to know what magic happens when quality and appearance meet together. 

If you want a beautiful rustic looking wood fire pit to warm you amidst falling temperature, the Sunnydaze Cosmic is your premium go for the option. It is a 42” wide and 10” deep bowl made of long-lasting steel with enamel coating. So, it is rust, abrasion, and corrosion-proof. 

The design adds an artistic charm to anywhere the fire pit bowl is placed. Its moon accent with die-cut stars brings unique aesthetics to the patio, outdoor backyard, or in the veranda. Therefore, it is one of the most impressive fire pit ideas for the wood deck you will get at present with a unique celestial design

Moreover, its 10” bowl thickness and steel construction are ready for heavy-duty usage. With a weight of around 36 pounds, the fire pit bowl also allows portability. So, you can transport the fire pit anywhere you want to create a cozy surrounding and spend some quality time with your gang. 

Also, the three 5” iron made leg keeps the bowl stable under all conditions– from wooden deck to concrete pavement. Additionally, the fire pit bowl comes with two built-in handles for convenient movement. But make sure the handles are cool; otherwise, you may burn your hands. 

This high-end Cosmic fire pit runs with wood to create a brighter radiant and heat to keep you and your gang warm even when the temperature is freezing. What’s more, there’s a spark screen with poker to safeguard you from the wood embers. 

But the sunny side of this brilliant fire pit doesn’t stop here. Its installation is super-easy. You will only need to set up the rim and three legs to enjoy the warmth. Also, it is priced so reasonably that sometimes you will feel that Sunnydaze must have gone crazy while fixing the price. Yes, it’s that affordable.

Bottom Line

At about ten inches thickness and three feet actual fire space, the Sunnydaze Cosmic fire pit bowl is capable of holding enough wood ember to spark and create heat so that your whole gang remains warm. Also, the simple rustic look adds a difference in home décor. 

2. Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit Stars and Moon Black

This fire pit from Landmann USA is a promising fire pit to keep your friends and family members warm and feel cozy even if the temperature is below 0°C. The Landmann 28345 comes with a large moon and big stars cutout that delivers a beautiful celestial design

With such a fantastic design, this Landmann USA built fire pit will surely lift your home décor to a whole new level of crispness and attractiveness. But it’s not only the design; customers worldwide praise its endurance, premium-built quality, quick assembly, and safety measurements. 

From veranda to outdoor patio and from camps to your backyard, you can carry the lightweight wood deck fire pit everywhere without much trouble. It’s possible because of its 26.7 pounds weight, which is one of the lightest in the industry. The lightweight design is supported well by a safety ring with a full dimeter and convenient handle for easy transportation

Some may think that since it’s made lightweight, the fire pit may not be as sturdy and durable as the counterparts. Thankfully, the reality is far from it. Landmann has used superior quality steel to construct the 23.5 inches rounded fire pit that creates enough hits to keep you warm. 

The steel bowl comes with a black finishing for heat-retention. Also, the included porcelain grate for cooking is heat-proof that makes your roasting or BBQ easy. How about roasting a marshmallow? 

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Landmann is generous enough to include even a poker to stoke the fire. Also, the inclusion of spark screen ensures that wood ember doesn’t go near you or any people. The beautiful cutouts also allow proper air ventilation to keep the wood-burning for an extended period. 

Are you worried about its set up? Wake up, mate, and give a smile. Yes, you will be delightful to know that the fire pit features a straightforward assembly. Just stuck the three legs, place the fire bowl on it, and off you go. 

Bottom Line

With a 23.5 inches large bowl space, this fire pit delivers just about the right radiant to keep you and others warm with a 360° angle. Also, the porcelain grate allows you to cook your favorite BBQ to enjoy a beautiful and lovely evening. 

3. Catalina Creations Cast Iron Fire Pit

Catalina Creations, launched only a year ago, specializes in making the most trustworthy, high-performing, and good-looking wood deck fire pit. And guess what? This 29” fire pit from the manufacturer has set fire in the market and selling in a blitzkrieg way. 

And why wouldn’t it be so popular? After all, it delivers just about everything a customer wants. The 29.5” diameter of the fire bowl with around 20” height holds sufficient wood ember to keep you and others around it warm for a prolonged period. Winter days would become nicer once you sit beside this beautiful cauldron shaped wood deck fire pit. 

The cauldron shape is a perfect match with its decorated ribbon-like legs for resting. Also, you can maneuver it with a cradle that also looks premium. Both the leg and the bassinet are made of high-quality steel. On the other hand, the fire pit is crafted from cast-iron, which is sturdy and rust-proof. So, it will endure more wear and tear than most other fire pits. 

Also, the giant moon and starry cutouts look fashionable. The fire glow coming out of these cutouts also creates a wonderful night ambiance. Moreover, the cutouts help air ventilation to help the woods ignite the fire for an extended period. 

Catalina Creations has ensured fire safety of this heat-resistant bronze-color cauldron with a mesh wire spark screen. It prevents embers from flying to keep everyone safe. Also, with an included log grate, you may be able to cook on the fire, but this isn’t recommended. 

However, it weighs almost 45 pounds, which limits its portability. But, with a rustic bronze finish and cauldron shape with ring decorated legs, the fire pit is ideal for backyard and patio. 

Bottom Line

This beautiful and bold fire pit will create a new tradition of luxury and comfort in your home backyard with its look and larger fire arrangement. Its sturdy elegance and superior performance will transform your cold evenings into memorable moments. 

4. Christopher Knight Home Propane Fire Pit

Christopher Knight Home has a long and proud history of making some of the most brilliant and widely acclaimed household décor furniture. Over the years, they have specialized in making some of the best fire pits for wood decks, and this Crawford propane fire pit is an example of their brilliance. 

Also, note down that Crawford is itself another home furniture builder who stretched their hands with Christopher Knight to present the customer with this visually appealing, high-performing, and great value for money fire pit table. 

At about 32-inches length and width, this fire pit is made of high-quality steel and magnesium oxide for superior durability. On top of it, the legs of this fire pit table are made with magnesium oxide. The magnesium oxide is known for h0gh-endurance against the gas that enables the fire pit work for years. 

But it’s not all about the unique construction, and you will also love its rustic and stone finish design. This stone finish brings a hilly feel at home, which isn’t bad at all. 

The next thing you will notice about this excellent and the best gas fire pit for wood deck table is its enormous 40,000 BTU flame power, which is simply beyond imagination. So, it will probably cover all corners of your home backyard or patio to keep everyone warm. 

What’s more, its propane gas runs feature also comes with a fire igniter. So, you can ignite it from a distance, which is excellent for safety reasons. On top of it, the included lava rocks, the propane run fire pit, will continue to heat your surroundings for up to 12 hours without a rest. 

The manufacturer has included another brilliant feature that you will appreciate once you buy the premium propane fire table on the wood deck. Yes, I am talking about its auto on/off knob that you can also use to adjust the flame height for added comfort. Indeed, a nice feature! 

The last thing I must mention about this fire pit is its no assembly feature. You can just place it anywhere, and you are done- no screws, no tightening, and also no adjustments. Similarly, the refueling is made super easy. However, with a weight of about 155 pounds, it’s not something for portability. 

Bottom Line

This Crawford fire pit table will be a premium edition to your backyard and patio. With 40,000 BTU thermal power, it will keep you warm even when it’s freezing outside. Also, it’s three flame settings will let you choose the most suitable one for you. 

5. Outland Living Fire Pit Table

Outland Living, despite being a relatively new manufacturer in the industry, specializes in making cost-effective yet superior quality fire pit and fire tables. As part of the company’s legendary run in the market, they brought this super-impressive, visually appealing, and top-quality fire pit for your home backyard and patio. 

The Outland Living Series 401 is your ultimate go for choice if you are already bored with the smokes coming out of your fire pit. Thankfully, the propane run gas fire pit will keep you warm and happy without causing fumes and smokes in the surroundings. 

The first thing people notice about this fire pit table is its design. Its high-density polyethylene wicker matches perfectly with the tempered glass to give this fire pit table a spectacular appearance. Also, the beautiful coffee color theme is suitable for most home décor. So, it’s no wonder why the Series 401 propane fire table on a wood deck has won the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS (IDA) for best looking outdoor patio furniture in 2016. 

The design of this fantastic fire pit rectangular table is bolstered even more with a UV protected polyethylene wicker that comes with heat-resistance as well. Its UV protection means that the fire pit is functional under the all-weather condition without much of a trouble. Besides, its wicker made stylish look will draw relaxed attention from everyone. 

At 44 x 32 x 23 inches dimensions, this breathable mesh made tempered table delivers 35,000 BTU thermal power that is ideal for keeping your whole gang warm amidst cold. The fire pit comes with a convenient auto igniter for safe fire ignition. Furthermore, there’s a chrome pull ring attached with the doors on either side to get easy access to its internal compartments. 

However, there are tons of other features still undescribed of this great deck fire pit. For instance, it comes with a Protective Wind Fence Glass Guard that protects the fire during high-wind. Additionally, there’s also a tampered glass-built glass lid to transform the fire pit into a serving table. Both add an attractive ambiance to your overall fire pit and patio setup. 

Still not satisfied and want more? Then let me tell you that the Outland 401 series comes with a decorative set of glass rocks from arctic ice that allows everyone to witness the dancing flame- like a free light show. 

Bottom Line

The espresso coffee-colored 401 fire pit table will be a perfect match for your backyard, a poolside party, patio, and even at the garden corner. It will bring a cozy vibe with all the requirements for a party mood. You can keep yourself warm and also turn it to a full serving table with a glass lid while may store some useful utensils in the compartment.

6. Solo Stove Yukon with Stand Fire Pit

Let’s cut short and be informed that this super lightweight and portable fire pit from Solo Stove will deliver just about the precise requirements that you want. The Yukon combo kit indeed features some of the most high-end fire pit facilities that you can only expect in an expensive fire pit set up but, this product comes at an incredibly affordable price-tag. 

Most customers love its almost smokeless function, which is rarely seen in a wood fire pit, even in the most impressively built ones. The smoke-free operation ensures that you can enjoy the warmth of this fire pit without any painstaking experience for eyes caused by fumes. 

Solo Stove has made this best fire pit for the wood deck with double walls curved from super-durable 304-grade stainless steel. Furthermore, its heat and rust-treated for convenient use even after years. 

The small holes in its bottom part ensure convenient breathability and air ventilation, which decreases the smoke. What’s more, it’s 16” tall with a 30” diameter, which will deliver a larger fire flame suitable for extreme cold. 

With a weight of about 62.6 pounds, you can transport a Yukon fire pit anywhere. Thus, the fire pit combo is ideal for traveling, camps, and backyard use.

Bottom Line

If you are planning for a winter camping, Yukon will be your most trustworthy partner out in the dense forest to safeguard you and others from getting cold mummies. Also, with a grate, you can roast marshmallow or BBQ chicken for a delightful dinner. 

7. Outland Living Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

If you love going out in campfire or travel around the countryside with your RV, you must get an Outland Firebowl Cypress fire pit. This top-quality fire pit is a hot selling item among customers, and it’s for no ordinary reason. 

First off, its clean propane based fire creates smoke and ash-free glowing ambiance around you. So, your average nighttime will soon turn into a romantic vibe with this beautiful looking lovely lady (in both senses). 

Also, propane is cost affordable than the firewood while it lasts longer as well. So, you will get an extended period of warmth and coziness in lesser investment. With such fantastic convenience, the fire pit is ideal for beach camping, RVs, trips, and backyard patios. 

Thankfully, the fire pit bowl comes with 25.5 pounds weight that makes it one of the lightest in our review. Hence, transportation is as easy as anything. Also, Outland Living has included beautiful porcelain finished lid and a carrying kit for convenient transportation. Additionally, you can also purchase a carrying bag. 

From a construction point of view, the Firebowl enjoys excellent sturdy, and stable construction. Outland has used premium stainless steel to make this fire pit. Also, the enamel-coated finish looks impressive. Lastly, the gas burner is also made from stainless steel. So, it’s ready to survive years even after harsh use. 

The cleaning of this premium gas fire pit for deck use is made simple due to the enamel finish. You will also love its included 10 ft hose that lets you keep the propane tank away for safety reasons. What’s more, you can adjust the flame height to meet your requirements with the knob. The knob comes with a chrome finish to ensure longevity.

Oh, did I mistakenly forget to tell you that this dwarf-sized 21”x21”x 9.5” fire pit creates up to 58,000 BTU of thermal power? So, you rest assured to get comfortable warmth with the whole of your gang for a tailgating party.

Whenever we talk about the patio party, we can’t think anything without a tasty roasted marshmallow or Turkey or delightful kebabs, right? No worries, mate. With a grate, you can use Outland Firebowl to cook all these items. But leave the wobbly things such as boiling water or milk. 

That’s being said; the fire pit is heck of an item for your backyard patio, poolside or beachside campfire. So, hurry up! 

Bottom Line

This Outland Firebowl is a signature best fire pit for wood deck for those who want to enjoy an outstanding lifestyle with friends and family. The premium built-quality, accessible transportation, and 58,000 BTU thermal generation make this fire pit perfect solution for your winter days.

8. Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit

The fire pit is genuinely the first portable charcoal and wood-burning fire pit. It may not look as impressive and beautiful as some of the high-end fire pits in our review list, but it does the job perfectly for what it is made. Yes, I am talking about creating a warm and cozy environment around you. 

It’s a pop-up fire pit. It means that the fire pit is more compact than a camp chair. So, you can carry it anywhere anytime. The portability is made convenient with an included carrying bag. 

But that’s not all. The fire pit weighs only 8 lbs, which even your kids can carry with ease. And when you pop-up the fire pit, it unfolds into a 24 x 24 x 15 inches aluminum bowl to hold the wood or charcoal on it. 

You may think that since the aluminum holder comes directly in touch with the burning wood, the bowl will remain heated for a long time, making it tough to carry. But that’s not true. The aluminum holder will cool down in less than 90 seconds once you put out the fire. Similarly, pop-up machinery needs only 60 seconds to unfold. So, no more waiting game. 

Moreover, the wood burns on its stainless-steel mesh, ensuring proper airflow. The mesh can hold up to 125 lbs of charcoal or wood for a brighter and warmer ambiance. Also, with 576 sq. ft burning area and 3.5 inches side meets the fire pan safety requirements for Forest Service and BLM regulations. 

Hence, the pop-up fire pit is ideal for temporary use in camping, beach or backyard party, and patio. And once done, you can store it to save your valuable space. 

Bottom Line

The Fireside Outdoor creates a beautiful ambiance and perfectly warm for cozy moments. It’s merely the size of a campfire chair and transforms in a briefcase-size when closed. So, you are free to take it everywhere for warmness. 

9. Hiland Propane Fire Pit

Having a patio enables you to extend the home outside for enjoyment close to nature. But having said this, you also need proper patio furniture to help guests feel at home even when the temperature shrinks below zero degrees. This patio heater from Hiland does the same thing- keeps everyone warm and cozy even during the freezing time.

The Hiland Fire Pit will be a perfect match for every patio layout with its sleek design and contemporary look. It’s finished with a hammered bronze (the coffee color almost) comes with a fantastic rustic look that looks impressive on any patio. 

 The praiseworthy design also blends perfectly with the fire pit construction. The mainframe is made of sturdy stainless steel that will last for years with rust, corrosion, and heat-resistance. Moreover, there is an included thermocouple flame device to control flame failure in case any unwanted things happen. So, the fire pit is extremely safe as well for convenient usage. 

Furthermore, its brilliant design enables users putting a fire pit on the decking of ease. With an elegant looking transparent cover of fire glass, the patio burner certainly adds aesthetics to the outdoor patio. The concealing of the 20 lbs propane tank is made easy with an open door with stainless steel handles. So, you can now hide the container that also adds a soothing effect to your eyes. 

This high-end patio heater from Hiland comes with propane run enormous 40,000 BTU thermal power that is sufficient to heat even the most considerable patio and outdoor area. What’s more, at 45 pounds weight and 30 x 30 x 24 inches dimension, the fire pit is also portable. 

So, now turn your patio or backyard garden into a beautiful looking restaurant, invite your guests and enjoy the chilly winter with a roasted marshmallow. Life will just become beautiful with this top-quality and beautiful Hiland fire pit. 

Bottom Line

The Hiland patio heater may not look as impressive as some others, but it delivers just about the right performance to outperform most of its contenders. Its rustic finish, transparent fire glass and included antitilt safety measurement ensures you enjoy a warm and cozy evening at a reasonable price. 

10. Outsunny Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

Almost 100 out of 100 times, Outsunny Outdoor patio fire pit will win your heart, thanks to its sleek design, beautiful look, sturdy construction, and feature pack performance. 

This wood deck fire pit is made of high-quality stainless steel with a powder coating. Hence, it is corrosion, rust, and heat-resistance for long-lasting, reliable performance. The firewood holder basin is also heat-resistant and so ready for years of serving. 

The metal accent, thanks to the powder coating and stone engraved design, adds a contemporary look to the heater. With square shape and modern look, this fire patio will soon draw attention from everyone and become the focal point of any backyard or patio. 

On top of it, the 32” tabletop serves as drinks and food serving options to your guest. You can also put ice in the basin and place your drinks on the ice to keep them fresh during summertime. Furthermore, with an added charcoal grate, you can cook on the fire pit also. How about roasting a Turkey? 

And during winter, enjoy its efficient thermal power generation to keep you warm. Also, with a 360° view of the open fire, your backyard ambiance will surely turn into a beautiful dreamy condition. While you may enjoy the dream, you must be thinking about safety also. 

Don’t worry; its breathable mesh safety cover will keep wood embers locked inside the basin. Also, the breathable mesh ensures proper airflow for a long-lasting fire. What’s more, there’s a log grate underneath for ventilation too. The removal of the fire lid is also convenient with a reinforced hanger. 

Lastly, during monsoon, you can safely store the fire pit with an included rain cover that is waterproof. The 28.3 x 24.4 x 7.5 inches fire heater weighs 24.5 pounds only, which is also excellent for secure storage. One more thing before I wrap up the product review is that the fire pit comes with a fire poker for safe fir ignition from a distance. 

So, this ultra-durable and convenient fire pit tabletop will make your winter delightful with all premium requirements at an affordable price than you can only think of in another universe. 

Bottom Line

Bold, beautiful, convenient, high-performing, and reasonable price. I will just run out of adjectives to describe the Outsunny Outdoor fire pit for the wood deck. Unless you buy one of them, your backyard or patio furnishing will remain incomplete. 

Best Fire Pit for Wood Deck: An In-depth Buying Guide

Let’s admit the fact that fire pit for a wood deck is an excellent addition to our backyard and patio. It doesn’t only keep everyone surrounded warm but also adds aesthetics to home outdoor décor. This being said, buying the most appropriate wood deck fire pit isn’t an easy task. 

You have to consider a hell lot of things for putting a fire pit on the decking with safety. Hence, for your convenience, we put up all the requirements for a proper fire pit on a wood deck. 

Check them out so that you don’t end up buying the wrong fire pit and later feel sorry about it.

Firepit Design: 

Although not probably the most important thing to look for in a fire pit, the composition determines your taste and personality. The fire pit design needs to incorporate with your home décor. The last thing you wouldn’t want that fire pit looks ugly. 

Hence, we recommend you to go for a contemporary look with visual aesthetics like the fire pits we reviewed here. These all are good looking and long-lasting. You can also opt a neutral color like grey or ash that suits most home décor. 

Fire Pit Construction Material: 

Fire pit materials should be heat-resistant, durable, and corrosion-proof. Also, they should cool down quickly so that you don’t accidentally end up burning your hand.

The most popular construction material for backyard wood deck fire pit includes:

  • Stainless steel: This sturdy material features a high melting point and abrasion-resistance. Also, stainless-steel is rugged and supports heavy-duty tasking. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is lightweight and used mainly to make the mainframe of a fire pit. Additionally, aluminum is a great conductor for heat, which helps in quick warming. 
  • Cast iron: Cast iron is ideal for fire bowls with unique deformation and rust-resistance. It also comes with excellent heat conductor and so radiates heat for quick warming. 
  • Resin: Resin wicker is made of high-quality polyethylene and features extreme durability. It is the lightest material that manufacturers use to construct fire pit. 

Fuel Type: 

The next big thing you need to consider seriously is the fuel type of the fire pit. This factor will determine how your fire pit will perform overall. There’re many types of fuel for fire pit, but people mostly prefer wood, propane, and natural gas as a fuel source.

The wood-burning fire pit is the most conventional fire pits you will see. It is also suitable for cooking and comes with a lovely ambiance. But wood ember is often expensive and creates smoke. 

Propane run fire pits are nowadays the most popular fuel source. People love its smoke-free operation, and it also comes at a relatively low price. Moreover, the propane tank comes in a variety of sizes, and you can adjust the flame as well. 

Likewise, propane, natural gas is also economical and safe to use for fire pit. But it brings a slight odor like a rotten egg, which is disconcerting often time. 

Portability :

Although fire pits have initially been built to heat your outdoor backyard or patio, with time, it has seen extreme shifts in design and function. These days, people also like to take their fire pit or bowl for picnics, outside camping, and beach party. If you are ardently one of them, then you must consider buying a portable fire pit. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the different kinds of fire pits for wooden decks?

In general, there are three types of fire pits for wooden decks. First off, the traditional fire pit tables. These fire pit tables allow flame adjustment and enough place for your foods and drink. Then there is the chimney style fire pit. It comes with mesh for air ventilation and also comes in a wide variety of design and construction. Lastly, the fire bowls are ideal for creating a campfire effect at home backyard. This fire bowl type fire pit is portable and priced reasonably also.

Q2. What you need to put under a fire pit on a deck?

If you are planning to use a wood deck fire pit, you must think about the safety of the wooden deck at first. For this, you should use a fire pit mat specially built to handle wooden floors. It would safeguard the wood from catching fire and other damage.

Q3. How to build a fire pit on a wood deck?

At first, locate your fire pit place, then construct the fire pit sides using cinder blocks. Then add mortar on each side of the cinder blocks and level them perfectly. After you are done with the 1st layer, similarly, add the 2nd and third layer.

After that, add rebar on the top layer to hold on the grate. The grate would keep the wood that you will fire up. You can then decorate your deck with veneer or whatever you would want. Additionally, you can add some stone bocks around the fire pit for aesthetics.


The best fire pit for wood deck is an opportunity to keep you warm in freezing cold while showing your personality to others. That’s why it should come up with every possible requirement. 

It must be beautiful, visually attractive, high-performing, and durable. Also, there are safety measurements that one must consider for fire pits. Given all these factors, selecting the ideal wood deck fire pit isn’t a walk in the park. 

Hence, as your trusted home décor partner, we are committed to bringing the most popular, top-rated, and reliable fire pits for a wood deck, and this review does the same. You will love the ten fire pits reviewed here. All these are premium, reasonably priced, and will last for your lifetime. 

And, trust us, these promising fire pits for a wood deck would make your neighbors envy. So, say bye-bye to your old ugly looking fire pits and brace one of these contemporary warming tools. Give your home something to rejoice. 

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