7 Best Fire Pit Covers in 2021 With Buying Guides

All these calls for huge fire pit maintenance, part of which depends on the pit cover. Once you own the best fire pit cover, the maintenance becomes almost a breeze. It happens because the fire pit cover provides extreme safety against the strong wind, snow, and visible debris to keep it clean. Furthermore, it prevents the ash from flying away from the pit bawl to untidy the patio and backyard. 

Depending on the fire pit size and shapes, the covers are also available in various shape, size, material, and outlook to meet your requirements. If you are looking for the most appropriate fire pit covers now, read on the following segments. 

We have reviewed the seven most unique and active covers for fire pit with a detailed buying guide to help you in the cause.

To put it simply, an outdoor fire pit cover means any kind of conceal that you use to cover the fire pit top when not in use. It can be made of a variety of materials such as regular polyester or nylon or synthetic ones. 

They can also be zippered or non-zippered. It functions as a protection of the fire pit from cold and wind. Also, it provides safety from rain and UV-rays to keep the pit usable anytime.  Also, these are available in broader color variation to suit fire pit and outdoor home décor. 

Mainly fire pit covers are necessary during the offseason when you don’t use a wooden outdoor fire pit to keep the surrounding warm.

Top 7 Best Fire Pit Cover: In-Depth Reviews

Likewise grill and patio furniture, fire pits are prone to damage. An outdoor fire pit cover is a must-have accessory to prevent such unwanted and costly damage, as it is for patio furniture covers.

1.Porch Shield Fire Pit CoverPorch Shield 600D Waterproof Fire Pit CoverYeslearn more
2.Duck CoversDuck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Round Fire Pit CoverYeslearn more
3.Gas firepit CoverQuick Flame Square Gas Fire Pit CoverYeslearn more
4. Sunnydaze Outdoor Round Fire PitSunnydaze Outdoor Round Heavy-duty Fire Pit Cover Yeslearn more
5. Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit CoverLandmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit CoverYeslearn more
6. Classic Accessories Round Fire Pit CoverClassic Accessories Water-Resistant Round Fire Pit CoverYeslearn more
7. Stanbroil Round Fire Pit CoverStanbroil Full Coverage Round Fire Pit CoverYeslearn more

1. Porch Shield 600D Waterproof Fire Pit Cover

Porch Shield 600D Waterproof Fire Pit Cover

Do you want to enjoy the convenience of fire pit during winter, spring, and even in summer without storing it? If yes, brace the improved Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover. Also, it an excellent replacement for the original fire pit cover- mainly because of its affordability. 

The cover is available in both square and round shape. So, it will easily fit any fire pit shape without giving much trouble to you. From the constructional side, the cover enjoys extreme premium-ness. 

For instance, the cover pit is made of 600D polyester. The waterproofing capacity of the polyester keeps rainwater at bay. There’s even a laminated water-resistant coating for further assurance. All these ensure that the fire pit remains dry all time. 

Next, we noticed air vents on either side of the cover that helps in keeping wind lofting away. Also, it has mesh lining barriers. It comes handy for breathability to keep the inside moisture-free during steamy days. 

Air vents have heavy-duty double-lined ribbon weaving makes the cover removal easy. Additionally, seamless double-stitching features strength for long-lasting performance. Don’t forget it has 3-years of warranty. 

Lastly, the 36 x 36 x 20 inches square fire pit cover is possible to fit into the pits with proper customization. It is made possible with the included bottom strap and elastic corded hem. 

What to Expect:

Thanks to the 600D polyester fabric, the cover for fire pit protects rain and UV-rays to keep the fire pit secure. Also, custom fitting is possible with the electric cord hem that adds to the overall convenience. 

2. Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Round Fire Pit Cover

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Round Fire Pit Cover

Is the scorching sun threatening the fire pit endurance, or you are just tired of wiping the dew and debris from the fire bawl?  Then, quickly get rid of this annoyance with our Duck Covers fire pit concealing. 

The large 50 inches by 24 inches diameter of the cover offers premium protection against rainwater, dews, sunrays, and dirt. Also, the polyester fabric has UV-stabilization that successfully keeps the harmful UV-ray at the far end. 

The waterproof cover has been the buzz in the city, thanks to its premium build quality. Firstly, the high-quality fabric ensures extreme endurance. Secondly, the material has a breathable mesh feature to remove additional moisture. 

For a custom fit, the cover equips with a locking strap. You can adjust the fittings easily since it has Velcro attachment. The tight joints of the pit cover also give high-quality endurance against windy weather. So, you remain tension free. 

Another exciting prospectus of the outdoor fire pit cover is its 2-inches long hook with the looped straps. It makes the cover removal easier than you might anticipate. 

What’s more, the seams of the cover have been crafted with sealer tape. It makes water penetration through the seams literally impossible. All these features add to the overall durability of the cover that enjoys a 2-years warranty. 

What to Expect:

The cover has brilliant color coordination with the nearby patio furniture that suits most Duck Covers Elite and Essential series. Also, lightweight design helps periodical cleaning. 

3. Quick Flame Square Gas Fire Pit Cover

Quick Flame Square Gas Fire Pit Cover

The Quick Flame square fire pit cover waits to get a place at your home if you own a gas fire pit. The cover is a versatile one and will fit easily to most fire pits. Thus, it offers incredible protection to fire pits of Hiland Gas, Bond Lari, Blue Rhino, and XtremePower US. Also, it is usable for any other brand you can think of at any moment. 

It has a good 33″ size that will conveniently and tightly fit into all 31-32″ gas fire pit. So, you expect perfect fitting for the pits. Besides, the black color easily supports every kind of fire pit and home outdoor décor. 

The outdoor fire pit cover also provides extreme protection to the fire pits, thanks to its brilliant built-quality and fabric. Firstly, the NAPSA material used to make the fabric for this cover supports heavy-duty usage. Next, the fabric is thicker than nylon or polyester that adds to the overall endurance. 

Also, the linings are totally waterproof. So, it stops water dripping to protect the fire pit. Also, the best fire pit cover protects UV-rays and strong wind for further safety purposes during every season with perfection.

What to Expect:

Surprisingly the fire pit cover is affordable despite having every premium feature. Plus, the 5-years warrant boosts buying confidence. So, it lives up to clients’ expectations to safeguard their gas fire pits for an extended period. 

4. Sunnydaze Outdoor Round Heavy-duty Fire Pit Cover

Sunnydaze Outdoor Round Heavy-duty Fire Pit Cover

Did you notice the manufacturer’s name? This heavy-duty best fire pit cover is from Sunnydaze Décor. So, straight out of the bat, you know what you are bringing at home to cover the favorite fire pit. Its durable, polished, aesthetically eye-pleasing and does the job correctly- for what it is built. 

The covering offers superior protection to firs pits with a flash of brilliance regarding the 300D polyester material. Add the PVC backing, and you know that it genuinely fights against every demanding weather along with the wear and tears. 

The rounded 12X30 inches covering is used to protect wood-burning fireplaces and propane fire pits. So, you enjoy a good versatility with the concealer. Thus, your fire pit outdoor, patio, or backyard remains safe. 

You will also love the cover placement and removal since both are made easy with the included toggle and drawstring enclosures. These ensure the cover won’t fall even when the wind is blowing strongly. 

The black covering has an exquisite appearance. So, you can expect some elegant appearance around the fire pit with the Sunnydaze cover. In fact, the beautiful appearance of the fire pit cover cooperates with any décor that eases your purchase decision. 

What to Expect:

Give your fire pit and bawl total protection with the 300D polyester engineered outdoor fire pit cover. Know that, it provides year-round protection. 

5. Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit Cover

Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit Cover

Sometimes simplicity is the best thing that you can choose for home-usage. At first glance, ardently it might not seem a good idea. But when you do so almost immediately, you will realize the effectivity. And this is a similar case with Landmann USA fire pit cover. 

Made in the USA, the prolific cover for fire pit truly represents why simplicity is never a wrong choice. It is a black covering that offers excellent safety to every kind of outdoor fire pit. Also, the black cover easily suits every décor that is favorable for the outdoor spacing. 

It is made of high-quality material that comes along with standard safety requirements. Firstly, the content is water-resistant that will keep the slashes away. However, you can waterproof the fire pit cover with a commercial sprayer. 

However, it lacks UV-ray protection, but that’s considerable compared to the affordable price tag. 

The next significant feature that we noticed about the cover is its perfect 30″ diameter. It will quickly protect most 28″-30″ fire pits. Furthermore, the cover has an ideal elasticity. So, both the put on and removal is made easy. 

The elasticity also ensures that once put on; it fits the pit properly.

What to Expect:

The Landmann USA fire pit cover is favorable to you if you look for a quality cover at affordable costing. However, don’t anticipate extreme performance from it. 

6. Classic Accessories Water-Resistant Round Fire Pit Cover

Classic Accessories Water-Resistant Round Fire Pit Cover

Are you tired of dragging your fire pit to secured storage in every summer? Or do you see bugs and dust reigning over your favorite fire pit even after stored in a perfect location?

If these are the regular happenings, take a break from such a nuisance- bring our favorite Classic Accessories Fire Pit Cover. It’s so good that even your neighbors would appreciate your sense of safety and fashion, at the same time. 

The cover is made from sturdy premium material. It also has superb water-resistant backing—all these blends to protect your fire pit from UV-rays, rainwater, dirt, and snow. Additionally, the cover doesn’t crack even during the extreme cold, thanks to the breathable vents. 

These air vents successfully stop wind lofting and condensation. Hence, your fire pit remains ready for instant firing- no more boring waiting game. 

Moreover, it has an appropriate 30″ X12″ cover that will easily fit into most standard-sized fire pits. There’s even a drawstring that you can adjust to fit the cover with perfection. Finally, the bottom hem features an elastic cord to help you with the custom fit of the cover.

What to Expect:

Once you bring the Classic Accessories fire pit cover, you will see the fire fit look like new for an extended period. Also, it will require less maintenance. 

7. Stanbroil Full Coverage Round Fire Pit Cover

Stanbroil Full Coverage Round Fire Pit Cover

Whether you have a mobile or permanent fire pit that shouldn’t be allowed to freeze, the use of the Stanbroil fire pit cover will be unthinkably beneficial for you. Also, it is a rare collection of those fire pits which covers from top to bottom of the unit. 

The best fire pit cover measures 50″ in diameter with a 24″ height. So, as we mentioned earlier, it quickly covers the entire length of the fire pit. 

Stanbroil has used high-quality reinforced vinyl fabric to manufacture the cover. It is a heavy-duty fabric that will surely last longer than one might anticipate. Also, the vinyl fabric is water and sunrays proof. So, your fire pit remains safe from rainwater, UV-rays, debris, and windy weather. 

As a user, you will also enjoy the bottom hem that is compatible with adjustable drawstring. So, you get incredibly custom fit for relaxed putting on and removal of the cover. 

Another great feature of the Stanbroil cover for the fire pit is its combination of black and cream color. These together bring a refreshing and aesthetics vibe around the patio space.

What to Expect:

The Stanbroil fire pit cover is sure to improve the lifespan of the fire pit. Also, you can use it to cover your round table in the patio center. 

The Best Fire Pit Cover Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

A fire pit is a brilliant way to add entertainment scopes to backyards. Once installed, you get a few years of service with the least maintenance provides you cover the unit with a proper outdoor fire pit cover. However, as diverse as the fire pit world, its covers enjoy even a broader universe. 

These covers vary exclusively in shape, size, materials, and fittings. Thus, the following segment will help you find the most appropriate cover for the fire pit. 

Determine the Fire Pit Shape:

The fire pit has a diversified universe, and broadly, you will find two types of the unit. These are-

  1. Round fire pit
  2. Square shape fir pit 

So, firstly, look for the shape of your outdoor fire pit. Is it round or square? Then make the selection for the cover accordingly. In some rare cases, fire pits are available in rectangular or hexagonal shapes too. If this is the case, ardently check if the round or square fire pit cover can conceal the unit. 

Selecting the Right Diameter and Measurement:

Carefully use a measuring scale to find the right diameter of the outdoor fire pit. Once you know the proper size of the fire pit, seek a cover that will provide full coverage for the unit. 

Remember that the fire pit cover measurement has two things to look at eventually. Firstly, the height and secondly, the diameter of the cover. Ideally, the most cover has a diameter between 24” to 50” whereas, the height varies between 12” to 24”. 

Also, note that with higher height, chances are more that it will cover the bottom too. 

Fabric Material:

Next, you need to seek for the cover fabric material. It should be water-resistant and stop sun rays, rainwater, dust, and debris from keeping the fire pit clean. Some expensive models, however, have waterproof and UV-rays protection. 

You are at liberty to choose from vinyl or polyester fabric with variable thickness and weight of the materials. For instance, some will use 300D or 600D polyester or reinforced vinyl. 

Also, the fabric links with the endurance of the cover directly. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial. 


The last thing you wouldn’t want is a loosely fitted cover that blows away with a strong wind. The custom fitting is achievable in various ways. For example, drawstring closure provides extreme fitting. Also, some use Velcro attachment or hem weaving for such seamless fittings. 

Fire Pit Safety Measurements:

Although an outdoor fire pit cover’s primary purpose is to provide safety to the unit, you also need to practice some other safety requirements too. These are-

  1. Always attend the fire pit before putting it off for a long time. Make sure there’s no fire in it. 
  2. You should use a fire pit in a wide-open area. It is essential to provide proper air ventilation and stop fuming. So, never set-up a fire pit close to canopy, awning, or underneath a patio. 
  3. When you install the fire pit, ensure that the base is non-flammable. So, install it in a concrete area. 
  4. When in use, cover it with a mesh canopy to prevent the amber from flying away from the bawl. 
  5. Use a shovel to remove the ashes and down the flame. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Question: How to cover a fire pit?

Answer: When not in use, covering a fire pit or fireplace is essential for its safety. You can purchase a proper fire pit cover for the purpose or built a DIY cover using quality fabric. It should be easy if you know weaving and use of hem technique.

2) Question: Can fire pit glass cover the burner?

Answer: Yes, the fire pit glass can entirely cover the burner. For it, install the burner with holes that face up to ensure consistency of flame. Also, the fire pit glass shouldn’t be more than ½” above for a propane fire pit. However, for natural gas, it can be a bit higher.

3) Question: How to cover a gas fireplace?

Answer: To cover a gas fireplace, you should firstly remove the chimney. Then use the right fire pit glass screen protector to cover the fireplace. While you use it, make sure the furnace isn’t linked with the gas tank to avoid accidental firing.


Owning the best fire pit cover will ease off the maintenance of the fireplace. Hence, you may not need to go through unnecessary and expensive repair. Also, the covers will fight the water, sun rays, and debris to increase the longevity of the fire pits. 

Hence, you get the fire pit in a readily usable condition throughout the year. The review has picked the seven most fantastic outdoor fire pit covers and each purposeful feature brings incredible performance. Simply choose the cover that suits your requirements and style preference. 

Then- enjoy the warmth of the fire pit during the winter and pass happily with loved ones. Rejoice! 

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