6 Best Copper Fire Pits: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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Fire pits are a nice piece of furniture that you can add to your yard. Now that fall is here, and winter is just around the corner, you’ll need something to provide you with heat and warmth during social gatherings on these cold nights out. Therefore, copper fire pits are the product we recommend.

Just as the gas fire pits, these fire bowls will also do the job right. First of all, they’ll provide enough heat to keep you and your family warm during a chilly night. Secondly, they will bring an additional touch of style and elegance to your outdoor space with their rustic red-brown color. You can always add more furniture around the pits and choose from our list of chairs that you use to sit around and enjoy the flames.

Is there something that makes these fire pits stand out? Besides the previous features, a very important advantage is the material, which these bowls are made of. Copper is a type of material that will serve you for an extended period. It also has a high point of melting, and the resistance of rust makes these products even more special.

So, for these reasons, we have decided to place the best 7 products on the market and review each one so we can help you make a better decision. Also, do not forget to go through the buying guide, as it will help you determine your priorities before purchasing.

Let’s Take a Look at Our List:

Before going through the reviews, take a look at our list of products that we think will suit you and your yard or patio best:

  1. 40 inches Titan Copper Outdoor Fire Pit
  2. Sunnydaze Copper Fire Pit Bowl
  3. Fire Sense’s Barzelonia Round Copper Fire Pit
  4. A Round Iron-Copper CobraCo Fire Pit for Outdoors
  5. Genuine Copper Fire Pit for your Outdoor place
  6. John Timberland Copper Fire Pit 
  7. A Copper Outsunny Round Fire Bowl

Review of the 7 Best Copper Fire Pits:

Our list is made to help you make a proper decision to buy a copper fire pit. We have placed 7 products, reviewed each of them, and pointed out each product’s good and wrong side, and now it is your turn.

Even though some of the products do not include a pits’ cover in their original package, you can always take a look at our list here and choose one, so you can keep your fire pit safe, and it will last for an extended period.

Also, copper fire pits are not recommendable for wooden decks, so we advise you to check our list with fire pits that will fit better. Now that we established the important facts, go ahead and treat yourself:

1. 40 inches Titan Copper Outdoor Fire Pit

40 inches Titan Copper Outdoor Fire Pit

Our list’s first product is this amazing titan fire bowl, which is made from real copper. Furthermore, this fire pit will add elegance to your outdoor setting with its colors. The material which this fire pit is made out of is very durable, and you won’t regret buying it. What is more important to note is that this tough metal can tolerate high heat and all-weather types, which means that it’s resistant to water and won’t rust. The construction of the whole product is solid. You can use this 40 inches Titan Copper fire bowl to warm yourself during the cold winter nights, or you can also use it during the cool summer evenings with your friends and family.

This product comes with a steel fire iron, which is 27 inches long. As we mentioned, the fire pit is 40 inches and 13 inches in height. The steel grate is 21 ½ inches in diameter, and the bowl is 3 ¼ inches in depth. The diameter of the fire pit base is 25 inches.

Further, as a precaution, we do not recommend the titan to be put and used on flammable or wooden decks because it may cause a fire. So be careful where you put this fire pit.

  • Let’s Review So Far:


  • High quality material that guarantees durability
  • Strong construction
  • It will give elegance to your yard


  • There is no cover included
  • Also, there are no accessories for construction

2. Sunnydaze Copper Fire Pit Bowl

Sunnydaze Copper Fire Pit Bowl

Another best copper fire pit that will add a nice look to your patio or garden is this Sunnydaze Copper Fire Bowl. This is a very elegant fire pit that you can gather around with your family and enjoy a cozy night out watching the flames. It is made from solid and long-standing steel construction. More importantly, it is painted with black paint for high temperatures, which adds additional elegance and longevity to the product. It is a product that uses wood to make fire and heat. It is perfect if you use it like a campfire in your own backyard, gather your friends and family with chairs around the pit and have a nice evening.

In the product, there are included: a fire bowl, which is almost 30 inches and has a height of 24 inches, a pedestal base, a sparkly screen, a wooden grate, and a 20-inch poker. It only weighs 25 pounds, so it’s not heavy. It also comes with a warranty and manual to set it all up. The firewood is additional, so you have to buy your own.

It is portable, and this copper fire pit has two holes at the bottom that actually allow drainage and make it easier to clean it all up.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Positive

    • Made from high quality material and black paint
    • The package includes all the necessary accessories that you need for setting it up
    • Not heavy and easy to carry around


    • If you don’t store it properly and leave it on the open for a longer period it may rust
    • It only has copper finish, which may fade in a period of time

    3. Fire Sense’s Barzelonia Round Copper Fire Pit

    Fire Sense’s Barzelonia Round Copper Fire Pit

    Our next pick for you is the amazing 26 inches coppe look like fire bowl pit. It is made to give a soothing touch to your outdoor setting. Get together with your friends and have a fantastic relaxing night around the Barzelonia fire pit. The construction is made out of steel, which is very decorative, and it is painted with black high-temperature paint. It is a product that will last long so that it will be a good investment. A spark screen is included in the product, which will guarantee more safety when used. There is a screen lifting tool that comes with the fire pit as a safety lift off the lid so that you won’t get burned.

    The bowl is large enough, so you’ll have enough space to put a larger amount of wood that will last for a longer period. However, there are no drain holes, so the water goes up to the bottom.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Positive

    • Made from a material that will last for a long period of time
    • It is very to everything together
    • There is a screen lift
    • The bowl is large so you won’t have to fill it up very often


    • There are no durian holes
    • There is nothing to support the base so it has to be set up on the surface

    4. A Round Iron-Copper CobraCo Fire Pit for Outdoors

    A Round Iron-Copper CobraCo Fire Pit for Outdoors

    Our research has led us to another best copper fire pit which will add an additional spark of style and warmth to your patio or garden. We present the CobraCo Iron-Copper Fire Pit. Its bowl is made from bronze copper, held on metal legs with a black steel construction base. This product will fit perfectly in your yard, and it is just amazing for family gatherings.

    Also, what is important to point out is that it is very light, it weighs only 22 pounds and can be transported easily. The bowl is 30 inches and 19 inches in height, which is very suitable for small outdoor spaces. Also, there is a vinyl cover included in the package. This cover will help you protect the fire bowl from any weather type, and it can help you transport the bowl more efficiently. Also, there are no sparks and some so that you can light up the fire very quickly and clean it up afterward, it is very easy to tilt the ashes into the container. 

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    For safety reasons, never use the fire pit indoors, on wood or flammable surfaces.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Positive

    • The bowl has a nice depth, so you won’t need to put wood very often
    • Made from durable material and construction
    • It comes with a vinyl cover
    • All the necessary equipment to set it all up
    • It does not weight a lot so it is easy to carry and also to clean up


    • It may be a bit difficult to set it all up and maintain the fire

    5. Genuine Copper Fire Pit Outdoor

    Genuine Copper Fire Pit for your Outdoor place

    Our list goes on with another deep bowl fire pit- the Genuine Copper Fire Pit. A 30 inches copper bowl and 11 inches in height, this product uses firewood to start a fire and produce flames for heat.

    What is more important is that it is made from real copper and has a durable lifespan. The bowl’s depth is 8 inches, and the whole construction is from handmade hammered copper. The bowl is also being held by steel legs that are decorative and add more elegance to the fire pit.
    Further, the package includes a heavy mesh screen, safety poker, and PVC cover. The same measures for safety apply here and use them in large patios or yards and avoid any flammable places.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Positive

    • It is a fire pit that can fit in small outdoor spaces
    • It is easy to carry around
    • There is a PVC cover included in the package
    • Has a long lasting fire


    • It may be too small if you are a big family or plan to have more friends over

    6. A Copper Outsunny Round Fire Bowl

    A Copper Outsunny Round Fire Bowl

    Our last pick is this nice and rustic Outsunny round fire bowl, ideal for your outdoor space. It is made from metal with ancient copper paint color and has a black frame that adds additional class to the product. It is just amazing for family gatherings, as you’ll enjoy a good night out in your yard or patio. You should also know that the bowl construction is made out of powder-coated steel, which helps with lifespan and rust resistance.

    You can use wood to lighten up the fire. Also, there’s a mesh screen, so there are no sparks or debris to worry about. Also, there is poker safety. It is very light and easy to carry around, so you can place where you wish and keep in mind the safety precautions.

  • Let’s Review So Far:
  • Positive

    • Easy to carry around
    • Very good and durable construction
    • You can easily put it all together
    • There are no sparks or debris getting out


    • There is no cover included in the price

    Copper vs Steel Fire Pits:

    The two most common metals that are used as a material for making fire pits are copper and steel. Actually, some of the products on our list contain a combination of both copper fire bowls with steel construction. However, these metals can always be found on their own, meaning they are used as individual materials to make the pits. As they are so popular and often used, let’s take a closer look and compare them.


    As we previously mentioned, a copper-made fire pit offers elegance and beauty with its attractive red-brown color with a rustic touch. What makes copper unique is that this metal oxidizes when exposed to moisture and will add a greenish tint to the bowl. When it comes to durability, as we mentioned, copper is a very long-lasting material that won’t leave you disappointed. It’s tolerable to high pressure and heat, and the material won’t break even if it is stretched thin. 


    On the other hand, we have steel, one of the strongest materials and metals used. The fire pits, which are only made of steel, come with black high-temperature paint. As opposed to copper, the steel pits are prone to rust, which is considered as a downside. But you can always reapply the black color that you find in any hardware store. Also, they are durable and will last a long period. They come in many designs, and these tough fire pits offer more products that you can choose from. Additionally, they are less expensive than copper fire pits, and the steel can be combined with many other materials as well.

    To conclude, both materials are chosen for a reason, and we pointed out their best traits. Further, you won’t be disappointed choosing a combination of both metals into one fire pit. Each offers a long lifespan, and these fire pits will be an investment that you won’t regret.

    Buying Guide: Tips to Know Before Purchase:

    After the review, the buying guide with all the important tips you need to know. Make sure that you keep in mind these facts before your purchase. Even though there are many types of fire pits, which come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, it is hard to choose which is also very normal to have a dilemma and be confused about which product will be the best investment that you make. You wander around, not knowing which product will suit you best. For those purposes, we have placed all the essential facts and factors that you need to know. This buying guide will help you determine your priorities and help you decide that you won’t regret it.


    The material is always important, so make sure to choose something that is made out of copper. The color, warmth, and durability are always guaranteed for these fire pits. Also, it is a material that will keep your fire pit safe from rust. It is powerful and adds a glimpse of elegance to your yard or patio.


    Copper fire pits last longer than the other types. Copper is a type of material that can last even for decades. It is so strong that it won’t break, and it has a high heating point, which will keep you warm during a cold night out in the open. 


    If you want to consider buying a copper fire pit, you have to consider your budget. Even though they might cost a bit more, they are an investment that will last and satisfy your needs. Don’t worry if you have to spend more than you plan; you won’t regret it because these are fire pits that last for a very long period. They also need TLC so take good care. 

    Size of the Bowl

    Always make sure to establish what size your bowl needs to be. This is important because it depends on how many people you plan to accommodate. Also, another factor that depends on the size is the space that you have in your yard. We have three types of bowl sizes, so make sure that you buy the one that best fits your outdoor space and needs:


    A large bowl is suitable for spacious yards and patios. If you have enough space to place it, then the large-sized bowls will be right for you. Also, these bowls’ advantage is that they can even hold more wood, so you won’t have to worry about that part. It can keep you and your company comfy and cozy.


    Again everything depends on the space that you have. So these medium-sized bowls are ideal for both spacious and smaller areas. Plan where you’ll place it and measure if you have enough room. They will also keep you warm, and you can enjoy a good night out. Also, a fair advantage that these bowls have is that they are lighter, and you can also carry them around.


    Lastly, small-sized fire pits are useful if you have little room and your yard or patio is not that spacious. They can also fit better in your car if you are planning a campfire outside of the home. But the downside of the small copper fire pits is that they are not suitable if you plan on inviting many people over or gathering the whole family. It will only serve as a decoration, and it won’t provide any heat enough to warm everyone up.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1) Question: Is it better to buy a copper fire pit?

    Answer: Actually, these fire pits, which are made from copper, are very long-lasting. The material is so strong, which makes these pits a bit better than the others. When it comes to fire pits, those made from real copper will not rust, are durable, and develop a patina through the years of use. So this means that you won’t regret it if you buy one.

    2) Question: Are fire copper pits long-lasting?

    Answer: Yes, they are. This is because copper has a very high melting point, so it lasts way longer than the other materials. No one has ever heard of a copper fire pit to break or prone to rust. These products are ideal for outdoor space and nice for warming up.

    3) Question: Can copper be used as a fire pit?

    Answer: It is actually ideal for an outdoor fire pit. Copper is a strong material, and copper fire pits have an excellent construction that will last. Also, copper is known to transmit heat, so it’s perfect to be used as a fire pit to heat you up.


    All in all, we hope that our best copper fire pits list will help you make the right choice. Moreover, we know that it is hard to choose, and there are many things to consider before purchasing, so that’s why there is a buying guide to help you determine your needs.

    Go through the list again, keep an eye on each product’s pros and cons, and make up your mind. We assure you that whichever product you’ll choose, you won’t regret it, and it will serve you for an extended period.

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