7 Best Chairs for Around a Fire Pit: Buying Guide & Reviews 2021

If you love spending your winter around a fire pit, you will need a proper seating arrangement for that. And only the best chairs for around a fire pit can help you achieve this. Moreover, these chairs look gorgeous and add spice to life with their appearance and function.

Nonetheless, with tons of options available, the task of selecting the best chairs for the fire pit sometimes might feel daunting. Therefore, for you, we have selected these top-rated seven chairs to sit around the fire pit and enjoy your weekend.

The chairs for a fire pit we are going to review are all high-rated, affordable, and comfortable. We have discussed the mainstream features, highlighted the specifications along with the pros and cons.

BrandImageFeaturesShort Comment
Lakeland MillsLakeland MillsBest Eco-friendly and RenewableThis comes with renewable Cedar log construction with a wide love chair and slight curves for relaxation.
Outdoor InteriorsOutdoor InteriorsBest for Comfort and SustainabilityThis Adirondack chair comes with a built-in ottoman for the footrest and also forms a slight pinking appearance over the time with UV-protection
GloDeaGloDeaBest PortableThis natural lounge chair is lightweight and so features super-easy portability. It also looks impressive with a rustic appearance.
Patio SensePatio SenseBest Budget-friendlyThis wicker fox chair comes with treated material that doesn’t need extensive maintenance. Also, it includes a weather-proof beige cushion for comfort.
Lifetime LifetimeBest-Selling and RelaxingThis Lifetime Adirondack chair boasts of its impressive design, quality faux construction, and reclining head position for relaxation.
GiantexGiantexBest for DurabilityGiantex includes four chairs in the package and features flat-folding for transportation. Also, it comes with a breathable mesh for added comfort in summer.
Christopher Knight HomeChristopher Knight HomeBest Faux WickerThese four pieces chair set from Christopher Knight Home is the true legend in the fire pit chair industry with an impressive wood-like look in faux wicker. It is equally durable and sturdy.

If you love spending your winter around a fire pit, you will need a proper seating arrangement for that. And only the best chairs for around a fire pit can help you achieve this. Moreover, these chairs look gorgeous and add spice in life with their appearance and function.

Nonetheless, with tons of options available, the task of selecting the best chairs for fire pit sometimes might feel daunting. Besides, the modern-day people lack time to investigate all of the features for a proper fire pit chair. Therefore, for you, we have selected these top-rated seven chairs to sit around the fire pit and enjoy your weekend. 

The chairs for a fire pit we are going to review are all high-rated, affordable, and above all, comfortable for sitting. For your convenience, we have discussed the mainstream features, highlighted the specifications along with the pros and cons.

Lastly, the verdict section will allow you to know the most appealing features of the chair to make your selection quick and easy. 

Now, let’s take a look at each of these fire pit chairs in a detailed manner. 

1. Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Love Seat

Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Love Seat

If you love to decorate patio or fire pit surrounding with a gorgeous appearance, elegance and still want to contribute to the saving environment- take this Lakeland Mills made Love seats. Made from a renewable source, the chair is wide enough for cuddling and expressing love. 

In this world of pollution and plastics, the natural Cedar log creation of the chair will mesmerize everyone. What’s more, Lakeland Mills has used the byproduct form the reputed log industry to present you with this beautiful chair. Hence, no more wastage, utilize everything, and save Ecology. 

But the mesmerizing facts about the fire pit furniture doesn’t stop here. The natural cedar log used to make this love seat is insect and weather-resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about wastage after dumping your chair around the fire pit. 

Its 30 x 48 x 39 inches seat is slightly curved for achieving more comfort and convenience. With such width, you can enjoy a short nap on it. However, the chair weighs almost 59 pounds, which disallows users to move it- but suitable for windy days. 

Now, take a look at its cleaning easiness since it will be in the outside, and will take lots of dust and grime collection. Thankfully, the natural cedar log construction is stain and water-resistant. Hence, you can use a dampened cloth to wipe off the grime and still find a shiny and glowing fire pit chair after years. So, say tata to the grimes and enjoy roasted Turkey on it as you gossip with friends. 

Lastly, with a natural Cedar, the chair brings back the memory of the sweet old day when the aroma of wood and its rustic feeling made us laugh loud and then louder. 


This sturdy American made real wood chair is ideal for use near or around the fire pit, patios, garden, and lawns. Also, made from byproducts, the chair helps us to make a better world. 

2. Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

Thomas Lee, back in 1903, created the first Adirondack chair to create a cozy seating arrangement in his summer home in New York. His design gained popularity with leaps and bounds and resulted in one of the most intriguing histories of fire pit chairs. 

And today, its worth mentioning that Lee is thriving as people worldwide love this Adirondack chair from Outdoor Interiors. Made from solid eucalyptus, this chair is treated with best-quality materials for rust and UV-protection. 

Hence, you can keep the chair uncovered even outdoor without worrying about its lifetime. Also, eucalyptus is hard enough to sustain years of wear and tear without any issues. So, unlike other outdoor fire pit chairs, you won’t have to invest much for its maintenance. Occasional cleaning with regular soaps and dishwashing liquids will do a world’s a favor to keep the shiny appearance of the wood on it.

Also, the eucalyptus construction will turn to take a stylish pink-brownish tone over the time that would make your neighbors envy of your fire pit and patio. People will also get jealous with the durability of this brilliant seating arrangement. 

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, this chair is probably the Zeus of the fire pit chair industry. Yes, with a slight curve and space for footrest, this Adirondack chair brings the ultimate satisfaction to your power naps. 

You will also love its compact 20 x 23 x 15 inches dimension as it won’t eat up much space. So, there’s more space to accommodate more people. Also, with a built-in ottoman, the package personifies luxury, elegant look, and best-quality fire pit chairs. 


The chair personifies elegance at home while the lightweight design is durable enough to make others jealous. Your patio or lawn around the fire pit will take a majestic look with this sustainable wood made beautiful fire pit seating tool.

3. GloDea X36 Natural Lounge Chair

GloDea X36 Natural Lounge Chair

The first time you see this wood fire pit furniture, you would start gazing at its beautiful color scheme and leaning design. Its rustic appearance looks much contemporary than many other chairs around the fire pit. 

Glodea has made its X36 Natural Lounge Chair with solid pine wood. They have then added stainless-steel hardware for assembling the fantastic chair that adds durability. 

What’s more, the manufacturer has applied for a sealant and stain protection before they ship the chair. Hence, you can place it outdoor throughout the year. Therefore, you can remain worry-free about the chair wastage. 

Most customers complain about the fire pit chairs that these are heavyweight and lacks portability. It hampers rearranging the fire pit seating arrangement from time to time. Luckily, this lounge chair is only 19 pounds weight, and the dimension is 26 x 19 x 29.5 inches allowing super-easy portability. 

Also, its easy flat folding makes transportation easy, so you can store it, in case you are out of the station for a long time. Also, the 19 pounds weight is sufficient to keep the patio furniture upright even during heavy wind or storms. 

With a 12” height from the ground, the chair enables everyone to lean on it and stay relax as they enjoy the fire. Also, with the optimal closeness to the floor, this chair is a perfect match for the beach and poolside seating arrangement. 

You will also love its natural Yellow Pine wood manufacturing that, with natural knots, adds a soothing appearance. However, if you don’t like the knots, there’s an option for a customizable knot-free wood selection for this beautiful chair. 

We are reviewing the prominent alligator green color here. Still, the chair is also available in the bride’s veil (whitish color), vintage American flag, buffalo wing (organic), light gray, honey, light brown, sky blue, wild black, purple berry, and bright finish color to choose. 

The wide range of color variance gives you the liberty to pick any color scheme suitable for home décor. Also, you can create a rainbow effect by selecting more than one color around the fire pit. It will help you refresh the mind better. 


Glodea used Yellow pine to manufacture this loving, practical, and impressive chair in the USA. Moreover, the eco-friendly chair can be your very first step towards saving our Planet while adding beauty to outdoor home space. 

4. Patio Sense 61469 Coconino Wicker Chair

Patio Sense 61469 Coconino Wicker Chair

Until now, this review article has included all-natural and reliable wood fire pit chairs for reviewing. But its time to introduce you with one wicker chair. And guess what? That’s also the name of this exceptionally budget-friendly fire pit chair. 

This chair is adequately comfortable, sturdy, and also has a stylish look to bring a different flavor to home décor. At about 35 x 34 x 34.5 inches measurement, this chair may take space, but that’s not an issue. After all, do you bother about space for a perfect patio chair like this? 

But if you ever wish to remove the chair, you can since it weighs only 22 pounds. It’s thus the second lightest chair in our list. However, the chair is out and out an outdoor fire pit furniture with an all-weather resistant wicker construction. 

But be careful. You may earn envy around the neighborhood once you bring this Mocha finishing beautiful chair at home. Also, Patio Sense has added a beige cushion to add comfort as you sit and relax on the chair to enjoy the warmth of your fire pit. 

The beige cushion is also weather-proof for durable usage. And then its wicker material brings joy during relaxation. But, please be patient as not to expect high-end luxury and durability from this budget fire pit chair. 

The lower end chair is also perfect for outdoor usage since t doesn’t ask for professional assembly. In fact, you will require only 10 minutes effort to assemble this stylish and optimal comfortable chair for around the fire pit. 

Lastly, customers loved its low-maintenance and admired the facility with high aspirations. 


Despite being a lower-end budget chair, the chair with optimal comfort, durability, and a contemporary look is ideal for outdoor fire pit use. Also, no maintenance means you can use the money to add another chair in the fire pit area. 

5. Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair

Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair

Lifetime is committed to bringing people with a lifetime worth experience, and they do it as they bring people together with their unique seating arrangements. Lifetime like numerous occasions has once again rocked the pit fire and patio chair industry with the addition of this Faux Wood Adirondack chair in the industry. 

At present, this Adirondack chair is one of the top-selling chairs in the market that you can get in an incredibly affordable budget. With little over 700 positive reviews in Amazon, you can bet on its quality construction, comfort, and durability. 

But when it comes to design and appearance, the Lifetime fire pit chair earns a thumping victory over its counterparts. It looks classic and so transforms your outdoor patio and fire pit area into an aristocratic medieval palace-like relaxation area. Its faux-wooden design will pop-up easily to catch everyone’s eye out in the lawn or patio greenery.

The chair is slightly reclined and has an optimal adjacency with the floor to become a perfect match for poolside and beach uses. At 16.7 pounds weight and 43 x 7.8 x 22.5 inches measurement, you can drag the fire pit rocker chair anywhere. So, you can sometimes take it home inside for extra seating space. In fact, it’s one of the lightest fire pit chairs you will ever find. 

As you read its name, you have already grasped its building material- faux wood. Since faux wood is weather and stain treated, you won’t experience any annoying blisters on it. The cleaning is equally mad easy with a simple swipe. 

However, for some unforeseen reasons, squirrels have developed a romantic love relationship with faux would. So, don’t keep the chair out of sight unless you want to feed the rodents with a delicious meal. 

And before wrapping up the Lifetime Adirondack review, let’s take a look at its comfort. The fire pit chair comes with slight reclination, spaciousness, and ergonomic handle for superior relaxation. After a long working day, a short power nap on it may rejuvenate you like a new-born baby. 


Talk about affordability and premium look at a single fire pit chair, and this Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack chair will win people’s hearts again and again. You will love the way this chair transforms your home outdoors into a luxury resort.

6. Giantex 4-Pack Patio Folding Chairs

Giantex 4-Pack Patio Folding Chairs

As you get through the name, these Giantex chairs are extremely portable, thanks to its comfortable folding facility. Also, these are primarily built for patios. With a 4-packs of chairs and a reasonable price, this set is a real win-win deal for homeowners. 

Nonetheless, the chair isn’t only about price or portability. Instead, it brings exceptional facilities and performance at your home outdoor. First of all, its 26.8 x 23.2 x 37.4 inches dimension won’t eat up spaces so much. That makes the chair set ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

With a weight of about a few pounds moving the chair is extremely easy. Hence, you can use the chair in your patios, backyard, balcony, or even in the dining room. And wherever you use the chair, it’s ready to deliver you smooth and comfortable relaxation. 

Thankfully its Textilene makeup comes with a pseudo fabric that will stretch to increase your comfort as you sit on it. Furthermore, these Giantex chairs also have a breathable fabric that lets you sit on it for hours without any sweating. 

However, the breathability may affect your comfort as cool breezes will frequently hit the back. But sitting in front of a fire pit, the cool breeze is a boon disguised.

Just as its comfort and coziness, this chair delivers picture-perfect construction that is flawless. The mainframe is made from heavy-duty steel. It adds to the overall durability and stability of this brilliant seating arrangement. 

Furthermore, Giantex has used a neutral grey color to outfit the chair that will quickly adapt to any home décor. 

Lastly, customers also praise its slight tilt head position with ergonomic design for a fatigue-free relaxing session. The stretchable fabric also ensures you enjoy peaceful relaxation after long office hours. 


Those who love traveling and also want to carry a convenient seating arrangement for relaxation, this chair set is meant for them. The solid structure of the chair is ideal for use around the fire pit, patio, or camping. 

7. Christopher Knight Home 300390 Livingston Outdoor 4 Piece Club Chair Set

Christopher Knight Home 300390 Livingston Outdoor 4 Piece Club Chair Set

This premium fox wicker chair set of four pieces is so elegant and comfortable that no adjective is sufficient to describe its high-performing features. People worldwide love Christopher Knight Home for their premier products, and this fire pit chair set is no exception. 

Since this chair set also includes a compact fire pit, you are going to get a complete fire pit seating arrangement plus a fire pit- that doubles the joy of purchase. 

The fire pit furniture is made from premium quality faux wicker, which gives an almost wood-like feel without the maintenance hassle of the wood. So, you will be adding an elegant and aristocratic look at your home outdoor with this fire pit arrangement. 

The chairs are supported well with a pair of cushions set that is made with water and weather-resistant fabric. So, you won’t need to worry about its durability in the outside. The 100% polyester made cushions come with a neutral dark grey finish that suits in most home décor. 

On the contrary, the chair comes with a mixed black combo color that looks impressive with the brown fire pit. The three all-together make a perfect blend of classy home décor that would make your neighbors envy. 

The chairs are spacious enough with a good backrest for relaxation and lounging for a whole day. Also, the cushion perfectly matches the softness and stiffness to provide you with a comfortable seat. On top of it, the fire pit creates a breezing environment to turn your outdoors into a family get-together. 

Hence, you will enjoy the seating arrangement and love spending more time on and around it than anywhere else. Don’t blame us once you find that you have spent the whole night on it, sitting idly and gazing on the starry sky. That’s how beautiful and cozy this Christopher Knight chair set is! 


If you don’t like buying a fire pit and then looking here and there for the seating arrangement, this fire pit plus a chair set is your best option to go for the fire pit seating arrangement. This package brings a resort-like feel at home without the cost. 

How to select the best fire pit chairs? Buyer Guide >>

Having a proper fire pit in the home backyard or near the patio is a beautiful thing. You can invite friends and also, family members to enjoy some quality time. However, as we frequently barbecue or roast our favorite bird to enjoy a delicious meal around the fire pit, we often make a mistake. 

This is because we do not focus on the fire pit chairs as much as we are concerned about the fire pit and grills for roasting birds. This often creates an annoying moment when you can’t give your invitees a proper seating arrangement. 

So, keep calm and read through our buyer guide on the factors to consider while buying the best fire pit chairs for your home. 


The first thing you would not want is that the chair you purchase for the fire pit doesn’t suit your home décor or looks somewhat dull. So, at first, carefully examine your home décor, especially the yard where you want to place the chairs around the fire pit. 

Also, you should consider buying a contemporary looking seating arrangement. As a general guideline, try to buy a neutral color as this will suit in most home décor conditions. 

However, if you want something bold and different, you may decorate your fire pit with various styles and colors of chairs. 


The next thing you need to consider ardently to purchase a proper fire pit chair is your comfort. Ideally, the chair should be comfortable to sit and lean on it. 

Most fire pit chairs, these days, come with a slight reclining facility to facilitate people with a relaxed setting. Also, some chairs even feature a tilt head position to help rest your head with ease. Then some chairs come with breathable mesh to allow a fresh breeze to touch your back and add a layer of calmness. 


Since a fire pit chair will remain outside for most of the year, it is more prone to damage, crack, oil spills, and raindrops. So, ideally, the fire pit chair needs to be treated with all-weather and waterproof materials. 

Moreover, real wood such as Pine or Cedar adds aesthetics to home décor. However, faux wicker is durable. So, decide what you want- engaging visuals or long-lasting service? 

Furthermore, if your chair or sofa set comes with cushions, these need to be waterproof as well. In this case, manufacturers treat real wood and faux leather with waterproof material. On the other hand, chairs made of faux wicker come with polyethylene material that is waterproof anyway. 


Would you not feel bored seeing the same seating pattern around your fire pit? Just like eating the same sausage burger or veggie sandwich every time creates nausea, seeing on the same seating pattern makes life dull. 

So, it’s almost compelling that you sometimes rearrange the seating arrangement in the fire pit area. And for this purpose, the fire pit furniture should be moveable. This means the chair should be light to medium weight so you can move them from time to time to create a different look. 

The lightweight chairs are easily transportable, and sometimes you can use them in your dining, drawing, or other places as well. Also, remember that the portability is connected with the chair’s folding capacity. A flat, folded chair is more portable than a half-folded chair. 


The price of a fire pit chair is a crucial issue since these chairs are available in a wide range of price tags. From merely 50-60 USD to well over 200 USD. So, you must carefully notice the price the chair offers and how much performance it is ready to deliver at the price range.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How far should chairs be from the fire pit?

Answer: Although there are debates about the ideal distance between a fire pit and the chair, most people, as well as experts, opine that a chair should be around 3-5 feet distance from the fire pit. Also, if you place the fire pit around a patio, it should maintain a 5-7 ft diameter.

2) Do fire pits need drainage?

Answer: Since a fire pit is often placed in an open area, the rain will be most likely to wet eat and may clog water around it. Clogged water will cause severe harm to the fire pit. So, you must include a proper drainage system around the fire pit. Ideally, a steel pipe with a 3-6 inches dimension should work as an appropriate system of drainage. Also, use a regular shower cap to keep the drain pipe free from debris and grime for optimal performance.

3) What do you put in the bottom of a fire pit?

Answer: Now, this is a tricky question since the right answer to this question will break a long time grown myth. For the most time, people think that they can use sand, gravel, or hard rock at the bottom of their fire pit. But these materials will get hot over time and may cause an explosion of the fire pit. So, we recommend you to use lava rocks or beads underneath the fire pit for safety reasons.

4) What should you not burn in a fire pit?

Answer: A fire pit is a delicate place, and it needs special attention for maintenance. One of such care includes avoiding burning dangerous things in it. It is recommended that you must avoid burning trash, paper, cardboard, poison ivy, oak, treated wood, and lighter fluid. Also, you must not burn food scraps and yard clippings in the fire pit.


A fire pit will only become enjoyable when you can sit around it comfortably and relax. This brings the real significance of the best chairs for around a fire pit

So, we came up with these seven best fire pit chairs that will fit everyone’s budget and personality. If you love the environment, you can choose the Lakeland Mills, for breathability Giantex is ready to serve you and if you want something on a tight budget, go for the Patio Sense. 

To speak the truth, all these seven chairs come up with unique qualities to fulfill everyone’s requirements. So, what are you waiting for?  Pick one of these chairs and transform your backyard into a luxury resort.

Enjoy your wintry nights.

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