12 Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella 2021 Reviews And Buying Guides

A right patio umbrella can enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor time, add to the visual and audio experience, and furthermore, it can protect from the UV rays and light rain.

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Depending on the climate that you live in, it is very important to choose the appropriate product that can withstand all weather conditions intact while simultaneously fulfilling all other needs of the buyer.

When deciding which one to bring your home, you want to consider all the features that might be important – the height of the pole, size of the base, of the canopy, if there is tilt mechanism, air vents, etc. Most of the merchandise will meet the requirements, but what makes it distinctive and special? Read 10 best cantilever patio umbrella reviews below to make a well-educated decision.

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Here we offer a review of the cantilever umbrellas with lights. They are very attractive features that can add liveliness to your patio space, giving it a bright or soft light-touch, all while using the eco-friendly solar panels for charging the lights and other electricity-demanding features. 

If you encountered any cantilever umbrella problems, we have got a Q&A section as well to examine the most encountered situations and hopefully, find the answer. In case the lights attract mosquitoes while you are enjoying your patio umbrella in the evening, we have some tips on how to get rid of them.

BrandBest FeaturesReviewImageDetails
1. WUFF StoreFive-layer Protection★★★★★learn more
2. Wikiwiki Offset UmbrellaFive-layer Protection★★★★★learn more
3. Le Conte Offset UmbrellaFive-layer Protection★★★★★learn more
4. Greesum Cantilever Patio Hanging UmbrellaEasy to assemble★★★★★learn more
5. Tangkula – Best cantilever umbrella for windWith Solar LED Lights★★★★☆Tangkulalearn more
6. PHI VILLAWith Solar LED Lights★★★★☆PHI VILLAlearn more
7. Homall 10 Ft Patio Cantilever Umbrell7Big Space★★★★☆learn more
8. Grand Patio Deluxe NAPOLI Umbrella240G UV protected★★★★☆learn more
9. C-HopetreeWith Solar LED Lights★★★☆☆C-Hopetree 10' Offset Cantilever Hanging Umbrellalearn more
10. Best Choice ProductsWith Solar LED Lights★★★☆☆Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Umbrellalearn more
11. FLAME&SHADE360 degrees + With Solar LED Lights★★★☆☆FLAME&SHADE 10' Cantilever Umbrellalearn more
12. Devoko 10 Ft Patio Cantilever UmbrellaMultiple height★★★☆☆learn more

1. Brand: C-Hopetree

This piece of outdoor furniture will perfectly complement your patio space. It’s 10 foot wide and it has dual lighting options – you can turn on the warm white rib lights or central light, or both together if you want. Don’t worry, the battery is solar and rechargeable, so this can save you a lot of costs down the road. Frame and rib components are made out of steel.

C-Hopetree 10' Offset Cantilever Hanging Umbrella

It has got 40 rib and central lights which give out a very bright light suitable for spending evenings on the patio. The batteries are rechargeable, and they are included in the package. The umbrella has a strap that makes closing and storing it much easier. Users say that the set-up is effortless and quick.

Doesn’t come with a base and protective storage cover, so you have to buy them separately. Some users got the solar panel that’s not compatible with the pole.
A user also reported that the pole snapped in half when there was a slightly stronger wind and that lights stopped working after around 8-9 months of use.

2. Brand: Best Choice Products

This patio umbrella has 24 built-in lights that gather power by solar panels. The panels are placed on top of the pole, and they are perfect for energy saving. The pole is aluminium, and the fabric is UV and fades resistant. Battery charging time is around 6-7 hours which means that it doesn’t take a lot of time to charge during the day.

Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Umbrella

It comes in a variety of colors, so it’s an ideal fit for any patio. The hand-crank lift and easy-tilt system are implemented, which allows for easy and stress-free use.

Doesn’t come with a base and the pole height is 6.5ft which is short compared to other products on this list. If you have a height-restricted patio, then this feature might be good for you!

3. Brand: WUFF Store

The umbrella comes with 10ft circular shaded space and offers you 42-54 square feet of shaded space. It has an aesthetically pleasing outlook to complement most patio decors. It is lightweight and the iron frame has powder-costing. Thus, it promises to last long. Also, it features Grade-4 colorfastness ensuring that its color remains intact for a longer period. So, it is a perfect solution to add extra shade and protection to your lawn or canopy space.

The sturdy construction of the offset umbrella is appreciable. Also, it features an easy crank system with adjustable screws. So, it offers a satisfactory mounting and performance.

The patio umbrella doesn’t come with any lights. So, you won’t get to illuminate the patio area at night with this umbrella. At times, it might feel annoying for you, especially if you are a nightcrawler.

4. Brand: Tangkula - Best cantilever umbrella for wind

This patio umbrella also has a crank system for easy set-up and it has got a detachable, steel pole. That kind of pole is good for areas with stronger winds. The Dual Wind Vent makes for a great cooling system and it’s got 24 led lights that are solar-chared. It’s UV resistant and waterproof. The set up is very easy, thanks to hand-crank lifting system that makes the usage of the umbrella easy and user-friendly. The red and cream umbrella make for an elegand addition to your patio.


Users are satisfied with the overall look of the canopy colors and the lights. It makes for great shade.

The users report that the umbrella is swaying in the wind and that the wires detach.

5. Brand: PHI VILLA

This wonderfull umbrella with a polyester canopy comes with the cross base and thirty-two led lights! The base is equipped with holes that allow you to screw it in the ground for additional safety. The canopy provides up to 99% UV protection. The crank and slide & lock system make it easy to adjust and get the desired effect that is enhanced by the lights hanging from the ribs, giving the out bright white lights ideal for evening leisure time like dinner, barbeques and other social gatherings.


Cross base is included, it’s easy to set-up and operate. The LED lights are bright.

The users reported that the plastic elements of the product, the locking mechanism, and the top hinge, became soft in the sun and that the top of the umbrella is too heavy for the pole which resulted in the bending of some parts.

6. Brand: Wikiwiki Offset Umbrella

This modern-looking umbrella is adjustable easily with the moving sun. The crank system is made comfy with the handle. Also, you can quickly adjust and lock the tilting point as the sun moves. Its polyester fabric has 5 layers for protection against wind, fading, and weather. Similarly, the frame is made of powder-coated iron for durability. Also, the solid beige color looks impressive and can be positioned in any outdoor location.

The umbrella is made of environment-friendly material. Also, it protects you from rain, wind, and UV-rays offering an extensive range of usages. It provides the perfect shade for two pool lounge chairs or a medium table with up to 8 people.

You might find it a little bulky while carrying. Also, a few customers reported missing components inside the package. So, be aware of these facts.

7. Brand: Homall 10 Ft Patio Cantilever Umbrell7

This cantilever umbrella from Homall comes with a 360-degree rotation facility. So, you can quickly open and close it. Also, it has a wind vent that permits cool airflow inside for a breezy feel. Its base has a cross design with an iron pole to maximize durability in rough conditions. Powder-coated frame and UV-stabilized polyester fabric made it an all-weather umbrella for outdoor space.

You have six color options to choose from for the patio umbrella. It has sturdy construction with up to 50 square feet of shaded space. Also, easy mounting is made possible single-handedly. It shows resistance against rust, corrosion, and peeling too.

The patio umbrella frame is at times breakable in high winds. Also, it has no lighting facility which limits its use in night or dark conditions.

8. Brand: Le Conte Offset Umbrella

The brick red color of this umbrella is one of the most engaging colors and look in the market. You also get four other colors to choose from including beige and pine wood. Besides, the crank is super-easy to set up and features five adjustment levels to meet the sun’s movements. Finally, it promises 30% better protection against wind thanks to its 25% thicker iron pole with power-coating.

The commercial umbrella has a practical controlling system. Thus, it is easy to set-up and adjustable for the perfect shading. It features color fading resistance up to Grade-4. So, the cantilever umbrella promises a lasting service. It resists wind up to 20+ MPH.

You have to purchase the weights for its base separately. Also, it feels slightly on the pricier side compared to other options in our list.


This piece of outdoor furniture offers the tilt rotation of 360 degrees and Offset design with infinite vertical tilt control. The rotatability and tilting ability make it a great candidate for every space that needs shade but has special spacial restrictions. The Crank Winder makes it very easy to switch between open and close, and foot lock makes it even easier to operate the whole system by locking the system in the desired position.

FLAME&SHADE 10' Cantilever Umbrella

The Velcro Safety Storage Strap is attached to the canopy, aluminium and steel components make the structure very sturdy and withstanding. The base comes with a package.

The users say that some of the packages came defective and that the lights stopped working after using them for the few months.

10. Brand: Greesum Cantilever Patio Hanging Umbrella

The Greesum umbrella features a user-friendly design. You can easily crank it up and the tilting arm is flexible. So, you can quickly adjust it with the moving sun. For décor, you get to choose from multiple colors to suit your home decor perfectly. The overall construction is durable and designed water and UV-ray proof. It can accommodate two lounge chairs or a mid-sized dining table for a perfect evening time with families and friends.

The umbrella assembly is made easy for all. You can mount and assembly it without any helping hands. Also, its cross-base design offers greater stability and it can withstand over 24+MPH of wind. Thus, it is made for rough weather conditions.

The assembly guideline isn’t clear. Some users complained that its color faded away sooner than they anticipated.

11. Brand: Devoko 10 Ft Patio Cantilever Umbrella

This beautiful piece of patio furniture is made for versatile outdoor applications. You can use it to get shade on the patio, lawn, garden, or near the poolside area. Its crank design is innovatively made with an easy tilting facility for multiple shading facilities. Furthermore, you get a cool feel inside with remarkable mesh venting. You will love to seat underneath it and enjoy the lovely evenings.

The umbrella is made water, UV, and wind-proof. Also, the pole is made of powder-coated iron for rust and corrosion resistance. You also have the luxury to choose your favorite color for the shading from multiple colors.

It doesn’t have any lighting underneath the umbrella. It is a big setback and limits usability at nighttime. Also, some units are reported to come defective.

12. Brand: Grand Patio Deluxe NAPOLI Umbrella

This umbrella is absolutely the definition of luxury. You get great lighting with it with three modes for the light. So, you can choose the ambiance according to your mood. Also, the curved shape of the iron pole provides a different aesthetical look. It further has an air vent to maximize the ventilation to keep you cool inside the umbrella with multiple shading facilities.

The umbrella has adjustable tilting with an auto-lock mechanism. Its base has wheels hidden underneath for quick and easy movement. So, you can easily move to the location where you want to set-up for some fun time.

This is the priciest patio cantilever umbrella on our list. So, you should be ready to pay a hefty amount for the umbrella.

What is a Cantilever umbrella?

The canopy is suspended in the air and attached to the bar that is furthermore attached to the pole through a number of joints. The pole is located sideways in regards to the canopy, not in the center of it, which was the goal of the cantilever or offset design. The canopy is also supported by the ribs that keep it stretched, and the whole system is attached to the pole, giving the shade to whatever place you need without restricting it in any way while also giving it a more open feel. You can place it next to the pool and be able to use the whole surface of the canopy for shade, instead of the half that you would be restricted to if you were using a regular instead of a cantilever one. If you want to use it above the table, it is much more practical to get this type of parasol.

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There are many places where it’s convenient to place such a source of the shade – above the table on the patio, above the pool, on the street shops where people have to sit or stand exposed to the sun for a long period of hours. They are also often seen as the furniture of outdoor cafes.

Here is an example of a regular (center pole) and cantilever case:

1. Regular
regular cantilever

Image Source: kingyes

This is an example of a regular patio umbrella that requires a hole in the table if you want to suspend it above, or you can put it next to the table and have the base cover a certain amount of patio space, potentially giving it a clutched feel and being an obstacle to people that want to use the table also potentially causing someone to trip over it if they aren’t careful.

2. Cantilever
offset Patio Umbrella

Image Source : P&Gmarket

This products’ relation to the space it is covering is like the relation of the frame and the painting. It is very important, and it makes the whole place pop up and gives it a finishing touch, and more, all while being extremely practical. You can walk freely around the table or the pool without the fear of tripping over, the pole that you have to avoid or the base taking up the place right where you need it.

Patio Umbrella Buyer’s Guide

Patio reviews will help you pick the appropriate product by educating on how to recognize important features and explain what they mean in terms of product performance. When you know what you are looking for, you can plan accordingly.

Here is the layout of the necessary information, followed by the discussion of some important parameters.

Types of the umbrella

Do you want a center-pole-umbrella or the cantilever one? We have already explained the design, perks, and benefits of a cantilever parasol – Its canopy is suspended above the ground, but the pole is located on the side.

With a center pole, the canopy is placed directly on the top of the pole, and it can be placed in the middle of the table or it can stand next to it.

-Canopy shape

The canopy can be round, square, rectangular, and some umbrellas (“twin”) have two canopies merging in the center, with one pole bearing them and covering the almost double surface.

Canopy round shape

Image Source: ebay.com

Image Source: Arlenes

Canopy Rectangular shape
Image Source: Amazon

Twin canopy:
twin canopy shape
Image Source: wayfair

-Material options

You want to consider canopy materials and frame materials. The parasol can be made out of canvas, which is used, for example, cafes, but it has not seen very often on a patio umbrella, the canvas wears out more quickly, and it is harder to clean. 

The most often used material is polyester because it is durable, waterproof, very easy for cleaning. It offers UV protection, but the better option regarding this problem is polyester with a vinyl coat – it will offer a much better UV protection.

The materials that make the frame are usually aluminum and steel. The pole is aluminum and sometimes the ribs are steel. Very rarely, the pole and the ribs will be made of steel, but that makes it harder for the item to be moved around the patio because the steel is a lot heavier than aluminum. 

The steel needs to be painted to avoid rusting and other issues, while aluminum does not encounter those kinds of problems. Meanwhile, aluminum is not as durable as steel, so if you aim to buy a big patio umbrella or your area is very windy, it is worth taking time to think about steel ones; otherwise, the aluminum will do just fine. Ribs can sometimes be strengthened with fiberglass – also a good option in a fight against the wind. The fiberglass also lasts a few times longer than the other materials.

The wooden frames exist as well, and they are appreciated for their natural look, but they are not as strong as other materials. Furthermore, they need special care to last longer, and the cleaning procedure is different. 


Keep in mind that brighter colors make the dirt more visible, while darker colors are more likely to look faded.

The brighter colors make space seem bigger, while darker makes space feel smaller but more elegant. It’s not to say that the one is better than the other, it’s just a question of the effect that you want to achieve.

-Opening systems

The most often encountered opening system in this niche is the push-up system that requires you to reach underneath the closed canopy and push the hub (meeting point of all ribs and pole) upwards, resulting in lifting the ribs and stretching of the canopy. When you reach the ideal hight, take the pin and lock the hub in the place.

The pulley method functions like the previous one, but it has a rope that you need to pull down so that the hub would be lifted. Locking the system in place is also achieved with a pin.

Patio Umbrella Falling Over And Spinning | How To Solve

The method that is preferred by many, crank opening method, is the one where you use the handle that is placed on a pole to lift the umbrella. The handle is most often centered halfways up the top or lower, and by rotating it, the system inside the pole lifts the hub and stretches out the ribs.

-Tilt and rotating systems

Tilting is achieved when the upper part of the pole, the one above the tilting joint, is leaning on one side. When the umbrella is open the joint is placed underneath the hub. Tilting can be achieved through various systems, for example, A button system – by pressing the button, you can tilt the canopy in two positions.

The crank system: It’s the same small handle from the previous paragraph, but in this case, it can be used to tilt the canopy up to the desired degree by rotating the crank handle. A ring system – The ring, a little bit wider than the pole, is placed around it. It’s usually placed in the middle of the pole as well, and by rotating it clockwise you tilt the umbrella to a certain level.

The rotating system: A rotation by a foot pedal system is a frequent system used to achieve the rotation. It’s very easy and effortless.When you press the pedal, the umbrella will start rotating and stop when you release the pedal.

Now that you are familiar with different types of product, it’s time to also consider some of these factors.

Other Factors

1. Budget 

Take into consideration the amount of quality you will get for the money that you want to spend on your targeted product. Make an educated decision, so you don’t end up spending more money on fixing the product that you have bought than you would if you were buying a quality one. It also saves you time by not having to wait for a replacement part to come, or for the replacement product to arrive just to set it up all over again.

2. Surface covered and Number and size of tables in the patio

Ultimately all the factors that are mentioned are interrelated- for instance, having more tables in the patio will mean that you will have to invest more in your parasol.

You can buy a few smaller ones (about 6 ft), or you go up to 11 ft if you need to cover few smaller tables or one table of significant diameter (60 in) Here comes an important rule: The shadow cast by the canopy has to be at least 2-3 feet wider than the table and the canopy size should be at least two inches wider than the table.

3. Pole height and diameter

You have to take into consideration how high you want your pole to be, as well, in case you have height restrictions on your patio or around it. Additionally, if your living area is windy, you should aim for the lower pole, since it has a lower chance of being blown over. Pole diameter is a variable that can be an important factor.

4. Base

You have to take the weight of the base into account. More specifically, bases vary in weight, and even their transport can sometimes be tricky.

The weight of the base correlates with the pole’s height. On the other hand, if you live in a particularly windy area, you’d want to buy a heavy item that isn’t necessarily too tall or too wide. This will prevent the wind from lifting it in the air. The cross-base is a good solution for windy areas and they are the most often used bases. They offer stability because they have two “legs” that intersect. In the case of cantilever umbrellas, the legs don’t intersect in the middle but closer to the pole.

5. User-friendliness 

Finally, user-friendliness is something that should be taken into account when you are purchasing your patio umbrella. It’s important that you are able to enjoy it and not be irritated by its functions. That’s why you should take into consideration umbrellas that have mechanisms for easy manipulation and the ones that are easy to set up and move around the patio if necessary.

FAQs About Cantilever Umbrella

You have to pay attention to the height of the umbrella. The higher the pole, the more weight you will need to keep it secure. Sometimes the manufacturers will advise on the weights that should be used for their product. Here is a table to help you determine how much weight you need:
5 feet – 50 lbs
6 feet – 70 lbs
8 feet – 80 lbs
You get the drill. For every feet add the 10 lbs, or for every 0.5 feet add 5 lbs.

First and foremost, use the weights on your base, according to the chart above. It’s the most prominent step you can take, and also, some parasols have a base that can be mount on the deck, and they are worth looking into. Secondly, follow the instructions that come with purchased items and don’t use it when the wind speed exceeds the tolerance limit or when you don’t actively sit under it and use it. Better safe than sorry!

It’s important to take care of your outdoor furniture to ensure it’s durability. That said, you should take some time to consider getting an outdoor cover.

For a less thorough clean, you can vacuum in the dirt, dust, and leaves that have fallen on the canopy or got stuck somewhere between the parts.

The cleaning method depends on the material that the canopy is made of, and you should be able to get the cleaning products from your nearby furniture store.

If you want to make your solution, the liquid detergent for laundry and mildly warm water is a good combination. Take the wide bristol brush and wash the cloth with it using circular motions and making sure to rinse all detergent after it stayed on cloth for 15 minutes. After you rinse it all out make sure that you put the canopy or the whole object in the sunny area so it dries out.

Look for the information in the product guide or in the instructions – some of the fabrics are removable and can be washed in the washing machine.

I hope that this guide helped shed light on some of the present issues, problems and questions that you might have.

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