7 Best Campfire Grill Grate: Make Your Outdoor Cooking Fun 2022

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Camping in mountains, hills, or near beaches is fun and exciting. Whenever you plan for a campfire, it is incomplete without a perfectly barbecued bratwurst or grilled tomato.  The aroma coming from the smoky BBQ chicken or zucchini indeed increases appetite and camping thrills.

However, your outdoor cooking can be annoying and time-consuming as well. When you get the best campfire grill grate, your camping and cooking experience will enhance greatly. This simple tool lets you put your favorite food on its top and use the fire underneath to bring the authentic flavor and aroma eventually.

We have researched and picked seven simple yet outstanding campfire cooking grill grate to meet your food craving the outside, near a patio, or any location.

7 Best Campfire Grill Grate Reviews 2022

When you decide to cook outdoor, mouthwatering and flavorful food is everyone’s craving. The grill grate perfectly meets your craving necessity.  All the picks for the outdoor fire pit grill grates are sturdy, durable, and easy to carry to ease out your burden.

1. Camp Chef Lumberjack Over Fire Grill

Camp Chef Lumberjack Over Fire Grill

Outdoor camping and cooking adventurists would find the Lumberjack 36″ fire grill a perfect option to test their BBQ skills. Also, it is our top pick because of its durability, reasonable pricing, and impressive outlook.

The manufacturer has used a heavy-duty still gauge to manufacture the outdoor grill grate. Once fully opened and correctly positioned, it offers an 8″ to 10″ ground clearance for the gas fire pit or ground fire you have prepared for the cooking session.

 It has a 36″ length, and the fully opened grate covers 648 square inches of area. It is enough to prepare food for several people. So, whether you plan for a group dine-out near your outdoor patio or camps, this tool is ready for all purposes.

You can cook in seconds as the grill grate comes ready direct out of the box. All you have to do is set it up in a proper location and lit up the fire underneath. When not in use, the foldable legs will allow you to store them quickly.

The foldable legs also mean it has a compact size, which further allows quick and comfy storage. Also, the heavy-gauge construction is lightweight to support comfortable carrying in distant places. Lastly, its sturdy steel construction will outlast time.

Its diamond-patterned mesh structure on the top looks impressive too.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 36″
  • Grilling Space: 648 square inches
  • Weight:  14 lbs
  • Measurements: 36.5 x 19 x 2″


  • Large 648 square inches of cooking space
  • Stainless steel construction is highly durable
  • Ready for use without any assembly
  • Foldable and sturdy legs sit on most surfaces


  • You will find difficulty in hauling it inside a backpack

PRO TIPS: If you plan to cook for groups or several guests at one time, pick the Lumberjack grill grate without a second thought.

2. TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Adjustable Campfire Swivel Gril


TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Adjustable Campfire Swivel Grill

Enhance your savory wood fire recipes to the next level with this Titan Great outdoor adjustable fire pit grill grate. It is large enough to cook for a group. Yes, its 576 square inches cooking surface is no joke at all. You can use it to prepare up to 20 chicken stakes, 4 lobsters, or a dozen of medium-sized hotdogs in one go.

With this swivel grill grate, you won’t have to cook for hours in multiple sessions to meet the guests’ appetite. The product also features excellent qualities and remarkable after-sales service to consumers that brings peace of mind.

The adjustable feature ensures that you can lower the legs to use on an open fire pit whenever necessary. Also, it is usable for stakes and sausages with premium perfection. The grate even comes with a spiral handle.

So, you can flip it with one hand. The handle has quick cool-off technology to prevent fire burns. It, thus, ensures your delicate fingers remain safe and sound.

The steel chosen for the campfire cooking grill construction is treated with solid cold-rolled technology. It will outperform most grill grates and withstand the harsh environment to maximize your camping experience and mouthwatering food.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 60″
  • Grilling Space: 576 square inches
  • Weight:  26 lbs
  • Measurements: 28.5 x 25 x 4 inches


  • Cool-off technology for the handle ensures the safety
  • Swiveling and adjustable height to adjust with the fire
  • Ideal grill grate for medium to large groups
  • Cold-rolled sturdy steel design will survive harsh conditions


  • You might find the 26 lbs weight slightly on the heavier side

PRO TIPS: Your hands will remain safe from burns, thanks to its cool-off feature in the handle. Also, a wrought-iron handle facilitates easy swiveling for comfy cooks.

3. Adjust-A-Grill Camping Grill

Adjust-A-Grill Camping Grill

This is the best campfire grill for individual uses and two to three people. It comes with a simple assembly and smooth finish to prepare the stakes, BBQs, and roasts of our favorite meat pr vegetables.

The campfire cooking grill grate offers 196 square inches of cooking space. So, whenever you crave some delicious chicken wings or smoky hotdogs with a wooden flavor, get your hands on this grill and see its magic.

It weighs less than 9 pounds and features a compact size for easy carrying. In fact, it will quickly find storage inside the backpack. It includes even a 10 oz canvas bag for quick transportation.

The cooking grate is entirely adjustable. You can rotate, lower, or raise the product easily. Hence, adjusting the fire becomes brisk with it. Moreover, it features temperature control. It enables the food to cool down quickly. So, you won’t have to wait too long to taste the mouthwatering brats or burgers.

Although it is a brilliant grill grate, we suggest a few customizations for even a comfier cooking experience with it. For instance, you might use a pipe to steady the attached pole. It will allow the stick to stand on the fire pit and be grounded for an extended period.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 24″
  • Grilling Space: 196 square inches
  • Weight:  8.71 lbs
  • Measurements: 18 x 18 x 10 inches


  • Ideal for individual and family use
  • Easy assembly with quacking hammering on the ground
  • Temperature control and fully adjustable feature for perfect BBQs
  • Lightweight design with canvas bag support comfy transportation


  • For swiveling it, you will require a pipe
  • The durability could have been slightly better

PRO TIPS: Want to enjoy brats, barbecued tomatoes, or anything else? Grab your hands on this easy setup, durable, and lightweight grill grate.

4. Texsport Heavy Duty Barbecue Swivel Grill

Texsport Heavy Duty Barbecue Swivel Grill

Texsport has become a household name in the grilling industry with its multiple unique and outstanding cooking grates. The heavy-duty BBQ swivel grill grate has kept the Texsport fame intact. Once you start using the swivel grill, you will thank us for recommending it for your dine-out in the grill gazebo.

It has many impressive features. But we will start with the 360° swivel action. The rounded swiveling prevents the cooking items from extra heat and flames. So, no chicken pieces or lobsters are over or underdone.

You can confidently go on an outdoor open campfire with this heavy-duty grill grate. Thankfully, it is welded from premium stainless steel. The metal construction means it won’t rust off soon with the powder-coating.

The cooking grate is adjustable in any length up to 17″. So, rest assured of perfectly cooked stakes or BBQs with it. The adjustability is made super-easy for convenience as well.  Also, the pole is steady and grounds steadily on the open fire pit for a long time.

You will get a 28″ vertical stake length and 384 square inches of cooking space. So, it suits medium BBQ sessions surely. It will allow you to prepare items for 10 members in a single-use.

Also, at a little over 10 lbs weight, this grate is highly portable. So, you will appreciate its lightweight yet sturdy construction.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 28″
  • Grilling Space: 384 square inches
  • Weight:  10.05 lbs
  • Measurements: 24 x 18.5 x 3 inches


  • A perfect grate for 10-12 members cook
  • 17″ height adjustability for convenient use
  • The assembly and dismantling of the grate is super-easy
  • The welded steel construction ensures lasting service


  • The pole is hollow and might break down

PRO TIPS: Its built-in clamp offers 360° rotation for delicious and savory meals. This grate offers a lifetime lasting with a little maintenance and cleaning.

5. Coghlan’s Heavy Duty Camp Grill

Coghlan's Heavy Duty Camp Grill

Are you planning a romantic dinner with your favorite person? Why not present your loved ones with your hand-cooked sausages, cheese slices, and a hot dog roll to impress him or them? Well, all such strict recipes are made easy with the Coghlan’s Heavy Duty Camp Grill.

It has 384 square inches of cooking space. So, on one corner, you can put a couple of lobsters and put brats on the other side. Use the middle portion for frying zucchinis and tomatoes and see the authentic aroma to increase appetites and LOVE.

The heavy-duty freestanding grate is perfect for large camping. Also, the standard size is recommended for family use. So, you are never short of choices with this camp grill.

The steel frame is durable and sturdy. It accommodates diamond-shaped iron mesh for some flavorful food items. If you want to feel the open and over-the-fire BBQ experience, this heavy-duty campfire cooking grill will be the perfect escort.

Furthermore, it is featherweight, and so, transportation is comfier than you might have anticipated earlier. Lastly, its compactness allows you to tie the grate with backpacks, set for extremely tough trails, and enjoy the BBQ.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 24″
  • Grilling Space: 384 square inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Measurements: 23 x 9 x 15 inches


  • Adequate ground clearance for a perfect open fire camping and cooking
  • Very sturdy construction with iron mesh for durable use
  • The legs are heavy-duty and sit easily on the uneven surface too
  • The iron mesh is made stable to accommodate 10 peoples recipes


  • Lacks height adjustability

PRO TIPS: When you purchase the Coghlan’s grill grate, determine how many people you will barbecue mostly. Then select from the heavy-duty or standard grate accurately.

6. Pioneer 18-Inch Campfire Grill

Pioneer 18-Inch Campfire Grill

If you live alone or a couple only, the best campfire grill grate for you in our recommendation is the Pioneer Campfire Grill. It comes with a compact 18” diameter and is perfect for preparing beef stakes or Parmesan cheese stuffed chicken BBQs to satisfy your hunger.

The camping grill is made of solid steel and is one of the most reasonably priced grill grates right now. So, it offers you maximum flexibility in terms of usage and pricing. The sleek grill grate has two parts with 36-inches in total length.

So, you get space to cook various items in one go. Also, its 8.53 pounds weights mean you can carry it to any camping ground without any burden. It even comes with a nice carry bag for comfortable transportation during camping days.

Its double-raised edges mean the cooking items won’t get burnt as it happens with many grills. So, the stakes, or prepared items remain juicy and flavorful. Moreover, the screwing between the grill grate and stand is made super-easy.

Hence, it is easy to assemble. The package includes a hot pad and gloves to deal with the hot grill without risking hands’ burning issues. With all these incredible benefits and easy application, this Pioneer campfire grill is the go-to choice for chefs.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 18″
  • Grilling Space: 284 square inches
  • Weight:  8.53 lbs
  • Measurements: 19 x 19 x 3 inches


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy storage and transportation
  • Raised edges prevent cooked items from getting lost in the fire
  • Solid steel construction ensures a lasting service for years to come
  • Ideal for individual or small group camping and patio dinner time


  • Small grills not suitable for large meals
  • The height isn’t adjustable

PRO TIPS: Outdoor men and women will love carrying the Pioneer Campfire grill with them and enjoy delicious meals with the least effort.

7. RedSwing Portable Folding Campfire Grill

RedSwing Portable Folding Campfire Grill

Another remarkable outdoor fire pit grill grate that deserves accolades for its high-quality design and convenient cooking is the RedSwing campfire grill. One of the most incredible benefits of this grill is its folding feature.

When not in use, you can fold the legs and easily put them inside the backpack. It weighs only 3.18 pounds and won’t waste additional space in the backpack. Thus, it is a perfect campfire grill for distant and tough routes.

It is made of alloy steel and is welded with rustproof material. Therefore, you rest assured that it will serve several years of application. Also, alloy steel doesn’t stick with cooked items. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you coat the grill with slight oil for best BBQs or stakes.

The steel-mesh top is large enough to cook food for 4-7 persons at ease. So, you won’t have to prepare food in multiple sessions. What’s more, its sufficient ground clearance means you can use it to cook on the open fire.

You can quickly boil water or prepare coffee or pancakes with it. The foldable legs won’t take more than 10 seconds to unfold and stand on the ground. So, you are also free of boring assembly every time.

Key Features

  • Stake Length: 16″
  • Grilling Space: Not known
  • Weight:  3.18 lbs
  • Measurements: 16.9×12.2×0.79 Inches


  • Versatile cooking grill for backpack campfires
  • Foldable legs support quick carrying and assembly
  • Rust and oxidation free mesh grill design for durability
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry and store


  • Limited cooking space

PRO TIPS: If you look for a cooking grill that won’t require you to break the bank and is easily portable, this RedSwing made cooking grill is your ideal solution.

Pro Tips on How To Buy the Best Campfire Grill Grate

Although a grill seems a simple cooking tool, buying it isn’t the same. You need to take care of a few factors with immense caution. Thus, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide to help you in the campfire grill grate buying.


The size of the grill grate immediately refers to how much cooking space you will get. Firstly, define the number of people you will be cooking for most with the grill grate. Then you will have to determine the grate or stake size for it.

Larger grills would allow you to prepare food for a large group. The large grills are often sized over 300 square inches. On the contrary, if you want a grill grate for individual and small family usage, get a product having 150-200 square inches of cooking space.

Types of Grill Grate:

You will mostly see three variations of grill designs in the market. These types are-

  1. Tripod hanging grill grate: The grill surface has a mesh finish and is supported by three legs underneath. The legs are collapsible when not in use. It features a chain or lever to quickly adjust the grill height.
  2. Foldable and flat grill: If you plan for a fundamental BBQ using your existing fire source, the foldable grill grate will be a perfect edition. You will only need to place it on a cooking surface and start barbecuing. It is convenient to use and loved by most campfire lovers for a reason.
  3. Rotisserie grill grate: If you like slow-cooked food, the rotisserie grill with its detailed and slow-roasting cooking technique is your best bet. It comes with a metallic rod in a horizontal position and works as a skewer. So, you can flip over the food frequently and enhance the delight and flavor considerably.

Grill Grate Construction:

The construction of the grill includes its mesh grate, legs, and mainframe or structure. Ideally, the frame and mesh need to be made of stainless steel, cast iron, or cold-rolled iron. The frame and leg must be rust, corrosion, and scratch-resistant with heavy-duty usage.  Remember that the cast-iron frame is used mostly for fireplace grates.

Also, an additional porcelain or enamel coating on the lids, kettles, or cooking pot will serve as a nonstick feature.

Portability and Adjustability:

The portability of the outdoor fire pit grill grates is a major issue. It must be lightweight and compact for quick transportation. Some grill grates come with foldable legs and small enough to carry in the backpack.

The larger grates need to be carried additionally. Look for those grill grates that offer a carry bag if you want to get the large ones. Also, the adjustability will allow you to control the heat as you can adjust the height from the source.

Heat Controlling Feature:

The heavy-gauge stainless steel mesh features impressive heat retention. The heat retention allows you to keep the stakes, or BBQs warm enough for serving even after a long time. Also, some grill grates come with air vents to control the airflow and thereby, the heat. It offers you freedom at cooking the barbecue as you like.

Extra Features:

The campfire cooking grill has seen great innovation and design modification in recent years. Hence, many manufacturers are providing additional yet practical features for the grill grates. These extra add-ons are-

  • Ash disposal tray to collect the ash during the BBQ time.
  • Wheel bearing with the attached post or leg to carry the grill comfortably.
  • Lid-locks come with multiple locks to help to generate steam for cooking.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Question: Is it safe to grill on rusted grates?

Answer: No, it is not safe to use the rusted grill for cooking food. Loose rust might stick or get mixed with the food and cause several health complications for you. If a grill grate contains small rust, you can use a commercial cleaner to remove it. Remember that cooking regularly on a rusted grate will slowly affect the intestinal system.

2) Question: What to use to soak grill grates?

Answer: The standard method of cleaning grill grates is to apply brushing and burning. However, you must soak it a few times yearly to prevent rust production on it. You will need a few dishwashing soaps to use with a bucket full of water to soak the grill grate. Additionally, you will have to pour a few pinches of baking soda and allow the grill to soak for at least a couple of hours.


Campfire is a brilliant and thrilling outdoor activity. You can do it alone, with family or friends. But for all the fun and excitement, you would want to enjoy the freshly cooked meal on the campsite. You can help yourself with the best campfire grill grate to satisfy your appetite.

All of our mentioned best campfire grill items are transportable and some even come with height adjustability to offer you maximum comfort during the campsite cooking time. You will love the juicy and flavorful delight of the BBQs while staying close to nature. Also, these grill grates are usable in your backyard, close to the patio, and where not!

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