10 Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner Review and Buying Guide 2021

An above-ground pool comes with multiple benefits. It permits you to kick off your fitness with swimming, soothe the body during summer and entertain family and friends. However, a filthy pool is harmful for health and reputation too.

Unfortunately, these above-ground pools aren’t self-cleaner. So, you need to find a way to remove the dirt from the pool water. This review focuses on the ten best above-ground pool robotic cleaner to make your pool water cleaning and maintenance job easier.

These robotic cleaners are easy to use than the standard pool vacuums. Also, the robotic cleaner will clean the pool in a relatively short time. So, you can jump into the water without worries during the scorching summer days.

We will describe the application of these robotic cleaners, their benefits, and expose the disadvantages too. Finally, we have an in-depth pool automatic cleaner buying guide and elaborative FAQ section to answer all of your questions on the related topics.

So, continue reading the review to keep your above-ground pool clean and pleasing.

Product Name Feature Description
1. Dolphin E10The best mid-budget robotic cleaner
  • The robotic cleaner is ideal for residential use
  • It features a sit-on-top filter for comfortable cleaning.
2. Aquabot APRVJRBest for quick cleaning
  • It comes with a powerful suction pump
  • Collect the micron level debris in the shortest possible time
3. Dolphin EscapeBest potent and versatile cleaner
  • Smart navigation to detect the pool surface and walls
  • 90% energy-efficient.
4. AIPERBest for pool wall climbing
  • Its TPE brush has a detailed cleaning capacity.
  • It has three various cleaning schedule settings.
5. Hayward RC9740CUBBest for detailed cleaning
  • It can reach the pool surface, walls, and cove for detailed cleaning.
  • It covers up to 50ft pool size.
6. PAXCESS Automatic Best for software-controlled use
  • The robotic cleaner has a 2X cleaning capacity with 4 premium sponges.
  • You can control its navigation and timer settings from far away.
7. OT QOMOTOPBest for wireless and battery-powered functions
  • It comes with a large 5000mAh battery.
  • The smart technology detects the battery power to save it from damage
8. Paxcess Cordless Best for slopes
  • It can work on 15-degree slopes.
  • Also, it catches the tiniest debris at ease
9. MAYTRONICSBest for energy efficiency
  • The robotic cleaner only needs 4 cents of electricity to clean the large pools.
  • It also has smart navigation for convenience.
10. Nu Cobalt Best for software based intelligent control
  • It has 26ft long cord for reaching capacity.
  • It equips with a jet-powered motor for detailed cleaning.

When it comes to pool cleaning, everyone opts for the pool filter. These filters work great, no doubt, thanks to their incredible capacity to remove debris and microbes from the pool water. However, it can’t work on the pool surface, walls, waterline, and coves to remove the large debris, gunk, and other particles.

A pool cleaner comes forward in such cases. These are commonly known as pool vacuum too. You will see four types of pool cleaner or vacuum. These types are-

The manual cleaners have two parts. The primary portion holds the cleaner, and the second portion is a long pole. The pole connects with the pool vacuum. You can grab the pole and stay outside of the water while moving the vacuum inside the water to remove the debris, gunk, and other particles. The pool filtration pump comes with suction, and the manual cleaner is attached to it. Usually, it comes at the lowest price and needs immense labor to clean the pool.

Robotic pool cleaners are energy efficient and usually the best pool vacuuming options. It doesn’t connect with the existing pool filtration. Instead, it has a separate chamber to accommodate the filter and is often self-programmed to work on the pool surface, walls and waterline. Robotic cleaners can be wired or wireless and offer the most detailed cleaning. The tradeoff of these vacuums is the costly price tag.

It connects with the existing pressure side of the pool filtration pump. It needs water pressure to generate the force for moving around the pool. Also, it often requires a booster pump for proper operation. The booster pump, in general, increases the water circulation in the pool. These are priced mid-budget range, but the addition of the booster pump often makes it a high-end investment. Nonetheless, it collects and keeps debris inside its bag, which is a great relief for the actual pool filters.

These pool cleaners, likewise the pressure-side cleaner, attaches with the suction-side of your existing pool pump filter. It doesn’t collect the debris in its bag (it doesn’t have a bag at all). Instead, it uses the pool filter to dump the accumulated garbage from the pool water. It uses the suction power of the filter to move through the surface and clean it from debris. It is the second-most cheapest option for pool cleaning. However, the cleaning result isn’t as impressive as most pool owners would expect.

10 Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner Reviews

When it comes to cleaning the above-ground pools, robotic cleaners outperform standard suction or pressure cleaners. Furthermore, robotic cleaners enjoy an enhanced lifespan of the pool’s filters as it doesn’t depend on a filter to clean the pool water.

Now, take a look at the ten most popular and reliable robotic pool cleaners of the age.

You can say goodbye to the pool dirt and residuals forever with the Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner. It is stunning pool cleaner equipment within a mid-range budget. So, it suits all homeowners at ease. What’s more, it indeed provides satisfactory cleaning performance on most pool surfaces. So, you won’t have to worry about your pool type with it.

Easy use:

It comes with all accessories, including the required filter basket. So, you only need to insert the necessary filters in it and connect with the nearby power outlet to let it go. It means the Dolphin E10 is a plug and play robotic cleaner.


It also comes with a good quality 40 feet power cord to reach the power outlet at ease. It can go deep up to 30 feet for the above-ground pools. It is sufficient for most above-ground pools at homes. Also, it can work continuously up to one and half hours to clean the entire pool.

Quick cleaning:

It brings peace of mind knowing that it can work for such an extended period. Furthermore, the filter basket sits at the top. So, you can easily remove the filter and clean it when it completes the pool surface cleaning. It is helpful as you won’t have to challenge your filter cleaning skills with it.

Enhanced Durability:

Lastly, its overall built quality is more than satisfactory. It will easily last for few years with proper maintenance and cleaning. Thus, Dolphin E10 is a perfect solution to pool debris and dirt for an incredible cleaning capacity.


  • A good choice in the mid-budget range.
  • Can clean up to 30ft above-ground pool
  • Simple plug and play operating system
  • Easy filter basket cleaning with sit-on-top position
  • It looks aesthetically pleasing near the pool


  • The handle needs to be held carefully while storing

The Aquabot robotic pool cleaner offers the cleanest and healthiest pool water with its micro-dirt cleaning capacity. Thanks to its micro-filter facility, it catches the smallest dirt, contaminants, and other residuals. Also, it uses the least chemicals inside the filter and so offers the healthiest above-ground pool cleaning.

Versatile use:

Besides, it has a remarkable ability in handling various above-ground pools also. The robotic cleaner can work on rectangular, oval, or round-shaped above-ground pools with a flat surface. So, it is a perfect pool cleaner for most residence.

Plug and play operation:

Moreover, the cleaner is entirely automatic. It comes with everything, including the filters necessary for the pool water cleaning. You just need to plug it with the power source, and the cleaner goes deep inside the pool water.



Powerful motor and usability:

It also doesn’t need any hose for working. It is a great benefit. The motor has a 24-volt capacity, which provides both jet propulsion and vacuum suction capacity. Furthermore, these options work with the touch of a button. The pool cleaner is thus easy to operate.

Quick and detail cleaning:

Thankfully, its powerful motor works pretty fast and can clean a standard above-ground pool in less than an hour. So, you won’t have to wait too long to see the pool water debris-free and jump in it during the weekends. It has an auto-shutoff timer at 2 hours. So, it will shut down automatically even if you forget to switch off the power outlet. It enhances safe to use.

Swiveling facility:

The wheels are extra-wide, and the power cord has a tangle-free operation. It is made possible with the E-Z swivel application. Lastly, with sturdy yet simple construction, this Aquabot pool cleaner is a perfect above-ground pool cleaning solution for most residences.


  • A fully automatic robotic cleaner with an auto-timer facility.
  • It uses the least chemicals in the filter for a healthy cleaning
  • The cleaner can catch 2 microns of dirt and contaminants
  • It can work with 70 gallons of water per minute with powerful suction
  • The cleaner works on most surfaces effectively


  • The filter basket is at the bottom and might be difficult to remove and clean
  • It is an expensive unit

Dolphin Escape is the most efficient and powerful above-ground cleaner according to most experts, including our opinion. And it is one of those rare robotic pools cleaner that indeed personifies its marketing hypes into reality.

Large debris filter:

To begin with, it comes with an over-sized debris cartridge. Thus, it can accommodate up to 60% more debris, which means it needs the least cleaning. Also, a large-sized debris cartridge means it works fine with the large above-ground pools. Thus, it serves equally for both residential and commercial poll spaces.

Hyper-brush technology:

Also, its debris cartridge is easy to clean instead of the debris collecting bag. So, you won’t feel the burn to clean the cartridge. It is a better option for lazy owners. Next, its cleaning capacity is also unmatched to the most standard robotic cleaners. It comes with Hyper-brush technology. It continuously scrubs the pool surface to make it the cleanest in no time.

Smart navigation:

Dolphin Escape also comes with smart navigation technology. So, instead of moving aimlessly, it cleverly detects the pool walls and surfaces to collect the dirt and debris in a relatively short time. Additionally, it uses only 180 watts of power for its two motors. So, you save a tremendous amount on electricity.

Energy efficient:

The two 24-volt DC motors are 90% energy-efficient. Also, its Hypergrip tracks keep the wheels clean as a whistle for the fastest cleaning. You will indeed love its rugged build-quality and smart cleaning facility in all types of an above-ground pool.


  • Its top-loader filter basket collects 60% more debris
  • Smart navigation increases cleaning efficiency
  • The build quality is impressive and durable
  • Up to 4000 GPH suction range for large pools
  • It operates quietly with the least noise


  • Ideal only for up to 30ft above-ground pools
  • The power cord isn’t long enough

Aiper robotic cleaner has a design that looks like an alien robot that came from the Galactic universe. Yes, its first glance impression is remarkable. We found the pool cleaner one of the most ruggedly built pool cleaners out in the market. Its beautiful finish and sturdy handle makes it one of the most durable robotic cleaner and customers also reviewed the same.

Detailed cleaning:

It comes with sponge brushes instead of TPE brushes. So, the cleaner can attack the debris and contaminants better than most robotic cleaning units. Thus, it can clean leaves, dirt, debris, and other garbage up to 50 feet above-ground pools. Also, its sponge brush offers the most efficient cleaning results. Indeed, you will love its pool cleaning capacity.

Wall climbing capacity:

The Aiper robotic cleaner’s best benefit is that it quickly climbs on the walls and wash the finest dirt at ease. You won’t have to worry about its falling on the ground thanks to the anti-rollover technology. It lets the wheels stick on the walls and remove the most pool residuals quickly.

Self-timer setting:

Also, its long power cord won’t tangle. It makes the pool cleaning smoothest. Furthermore, you can set the pool cleaning timers at 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours interval. The ability to set-up the cleaning time lets you remain calm. You won’t have to switch it on and off while you enjoy the pool during the weekends. It will self-cleaning the water according to the set timer.

Easy cleaning features:

The filter facilitates a large space with a top-loading facility. So, it can accommodate more cartridges and is easy to clean as well. The robotic cleaner comes fully assembled and is built lightweight. So, you will find its plug and play function comfortable.


  • Uses sponge brushes for the cleanest pool surface
  • Anti-rollover technology permits it to walk on the walls
  • Can work up to 50 feet above-ground pools
  • You can set the cleaning timers at 1, 2, and 3 hours interval
  • It facilitates in-ground assembly and easy cleaning


  • The power cord is relatively short

If you are not afraid of investing money to keep your pools clean and hygienic, then go for the Hayward robotic pool cleaner. Although it is primarily an in-ground pool cleaner, it is equally efficient for cleaning above-ground pools also.

Large cleaning capacity:

It works remarkably well for polls up to 50 feet and is a perfect solution to clean and maintain the residential pools. It effectively cleans the pool surface and walls. Its wider wheels walk on the pool walls without any mess. Thus, you won’t have to clean the walls additionally. It further reaches the coves and waterline for the cleanest pool water you can imagine getting.

Efficient cleaning:

The sit-on-top filter basket can accommodate large filters for cleaning large pools with the less frequent cartridge change. Also, the filter change and maintenance are made easy. Since it comes entirely assembled, you enjoy a plug and play operation with the robotic cleaner. It only needs 2 hours to clean the entire pool surface, wall, and coves. It seems a bit slow but compensates with the efficient cleaning capacity.

Smart navigation:

You can use two filters with the fine-porosity facility to clean the microns from the pool water. Also, the steering has stunning control of walking through the surface with smart navigation. So, it doesn’t waste electricity by moving aimlessly on the pool surface.

Robust Construction:

It has a low-profile and sturdy design. So, it will last for an extended period. The only setback of the robotic cleaner is its heavyweight. It weighs over 40 pounds, and so you will find storing and moving the robotic cleaner a bit challenging.


  • Its low-profile design accesses the coves and waterline at ease.
  • It is made of high-quality components with a rugged handle
  • Powerful motor with bristled brush collects dirt and debris with perfection
  • Its smart navigation saves energy with quick cleaning and mobility


  • The robotic cleaner works a bit slower
  • It is massively expensive

When you are worried about pool water hygiene, bring the Paxcess automatic pool cleaner at home. It is efficient and easy to operate. It comes with the latest computer-based software control for the perfect pool cleaning.

Multiple preset schedules:

You can preset the cleaning schedules at three various timing. These preset timers are 1, 2, and 3 hours interval. Once set, the Paxcess robotic cleaner will start auto-cleaning the pool according to its schedule. So, you won’t have to worry about the pool hygienic anymore with this automatic cleaner.

Boosted cleaning facility:

Also, automatic cleaning means you won’t have to supervise the wall and surface cleaning with the unit. It comes with 4 pieces of premium sponge filters to give the pool a thorough and deep cleaning. It has 2x cleaning power and leaves no space for the dirt and debris to hide in the pool. And guess what the result is? You get an adequately cleaned and hygienic pool where you can jump and relax with friends and families anytime.

Hassle-less maintenance:

Furthermore, its satisfactory adsorb-ability makes the pool cleaning cycles hassle-free and faster. It is indeed a great option for busy homeowners. It reaches up to 12m in the in-ground pool, which is sufficient for most pools.

Swiveling power cord:

The power cord has a swiveling facility. So, it won’t tangle or twist during the operation. It is ideal for an easy process. Lastly, the powerful suction with plug and play operation makes it one of the best above-ground robotic pool cleaners presently in the market.

Lengthy hose:

Its 15 feet hose reaches deep inside the pool and provides a more than satisfactory cleaning result that you will love. It is a bit expensive but with its added benefits are worthy of the investment.


  • The automatic cleaner is built sturdy with a rugged handle
  • You can preset the cleaning schedules at 3 different times
  • Its computer-based smart navigation is easy and comfy
  • Ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Swiveling power cord offers tangle-free operation


  • The robotic cleaner is expensive

The QT robotic cleaner has the broadest wheels to work on the pool surface smoothly. Also, it is made for working on both even pool surfaces and with 15-degree slopes. So, it works fine for both the above-ground and in-ground pools. It is also easy to operate and comes with surprising benefits. Thus, you will thank us for recommending the pool cleaner for your residential applications.

Ideal for residential pools:

It is made for small to medium-sized pools up to 860 square feet pools with 6.6 feet water depth. It should be more than enough for most residential pools. Its bottom has two powerful suction cups equipped with a brush in the middle. Thus, collecting the debris and dirt has been made easier with the least monitoring. The filter tray comes built-in and easily removable to replace the cartridge. Therefore, you won’t find the filter replacement painful now.

Wireless functions:

The best part of the robotic pool cleaner is its wireless function. It operates with a lithium battery of 5000 mAh power. It can work for continuous 90 minutes. However, it takes 5-8 hours for a full charge, which is a laidback of the wireless function. Nonetheless, you won’t have to find any power outlet nearby the pool with the QT QOMOTOP robotic cleaner. It is indeed a brilliant advantage.

Durable construction:

The entire cleaner and battery are made waterproof with an IPX8 rating. So, you remain sure of the fact that the cleaner won’t get damaged underneath the water. Also, its handle moves following the cleaner movement. So, you can easily catch the cleaner and store it after removing the debris.

Smart technology:

Finally, the auto-shutoff has intelligent and smart technology. It detects the battery power and will lean against the wall if the batter signals low. It enhances the battery life. Also, the overall construction is made durable with premium materials. The larger wheels can move through the round, rectangular water surface at ease too.


  • Ideal for medium to large pools of both types
  • It detects low-battery and stops working with smart detection
  • The powerful suction facility collects micro-dusts effectively
  • Wireless operation is convenient for outdoor uses


  • The battery takes colossal time for recharging
  • The plastic handle doesn’t appear very sturdy

This is our second selection from Paxcess, and you will love its benefits in cleaning the pool water effectively. We strongly recommend the robotic pool cleaner for those who prefer wireless functions inside the pool.

Detailed Cleaning:

The pool cleaner is made compact and modern-looking for smart homeowners. The cleaner comes with two suction cups and a heavy sponge brush in the middle. Also, it equips with a powerful and effective filter. All these facilities attribute to the trapping of the smallest leaves, dirt, and residuals for a hygienic and crystal clear pool water. You won’t be able to resist the temptation to dive into the clean water with the Paxcess pool cleaner.

Great effectiveness:

You will love the stunning cleaning performance of the robotic cleaner. The cleaner weighs only 12.1 pounds. It is lightweight and so moves easily over any surface. Furthermore, it works fine on 15-degree slopes too. It means the pool cleaner is effective on both slopes and bare surfaces.

Cordless operation:

The pool cleaner has a cordless feature with auto low-battery detection. It means it will stop working and lean against the pool wall whenever the battery power goes beyond the standard level. The robotic cleaner’s only setback is that it can’t move on the walls to clean them. Nonetheless, it works for up to 90 minutes continuously to keep the pool clean and tidy.

Durable and easy to use:

Most users also loved its sturdy construction. It has remarkable durability and easy operation. You don’t need to be an expert janitor to operate the cleaner.


  • Lightweight, convenient, and cordless operation
  • It works fine on slopes of the pools too
  • Low-battery power detection increases efficiency
  • The handle follows the cleaner wheel movement


  • Not workable on pool walls

The recharging time is very long

This Maytronics Dolphin DX3 is the best above-ground robotic pool cleaner in a mid-range budget. It doesn’t claim to have additional features. But, it does the pool cleaning job with incredible smoothness and efficiency.

Three types water maintenance:

The robotic cleaner performs three types of pool water maintenance. These services are filtering, vacuuming, and scrubs. Thus, it ensures maximum pool cleaning facility with reliability. It works fine for above-ground pools sized up to 40 feet. It is sufficient for the most standard pools at residential spaces for cleaning and maintenance.

Effortless and detailed cleaning:

Its brushing performance is extraordinary too. It effortlessly and effectively collects the leaves, debris, residuals, and contaminants from the water and its surface. The large basket contains the waste for easy removal once you are done with the cleaning process.

Self-program operation:

Furthermore, it has a self-program installed inside. It auto-detects the debris with the detailed scanning. It also has low energy consumption. It only needs 15 cents of electricity to clean a 40 feet sized above-ground pool. Also, the robotic pool cleaner is lightweight with durable construction. Thus, you can easily move and store it when not necessary.

Rugged construction:

The handle is made sturdy, and the overall construction is solid too. So, you won’t have to think about its durability at all. Just know that this MAYTRONICS Dolphin DX3 cleaner is the perfect solution to your pool maintenance and cleaning with the least effort. Also, it is not as expensive as most other robotic pool cleaners are common.


  • It works for pools up to 40 feet large
  • Uses the least electricity to clean the pool
  • Reasonable pricing for budget homeowners
  • Auto-scanning facility for the pool residual detections


  • It needs 3 hours to clean the pool
  • It doesn’t work on the walls

Whether you have an above-ground or any flat surface pool in your home, the Nu Cobalt robotic cleaner is made for all pools. So, you won’t need to worry about the pool type while buying the Nu Cobalt automatic cleaner.

Intelligent control:

Moreover, the pool cleaning device comes with many practical benefits that you will love to have. First off, it has intelligent control. The smart computer-based controlling has built-in logics and sensors for guided operation. Thus, it navigates through the flat pool surface and scans every inch of the pool. It helps in the best cleaning experience for the pools. It further has gyroscopic motion control that quickly detects the walls. Hence, it climbs on the waterline for a proper pool cleaning.

Built-in filter:

The pool cleaning robot has a built-in filter basket. It enables you to accommodate the type of filter you want to keep the pool water hygienic. It has both the scrubbing and cleaning capacity. Firstly, it uses the brush to wipe off the gunk and then vacuum the debris and dirt.

Jet-powered motor:

It works on the patented jet-powered motor. So, it uses the least electricity while not lessening the efficiency at work. Also, it is usable for pools with 18 feet circular shape and 4 feet water depth. It means the pool cleaning robot is ideal for all residential above-ground pools.

Long cord length:

The robotic cleaner is made sturdy and has a 26 feet cord length. So, it will easily reach the nearest power outlet. You will appreciate its durability and ergonomic controls too.


  • Smart navigation with gyroscopic control for smooth cleaning
  • Works on various types of pools at home with efficiency
  • Impressive overall built-quality ensures durability and servicing
  • Easy rise on the waterline with remarkable smoothness


  • Moves in one direction only

Buying Guide For the Best Above-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

In the new normal era, robotic cleaners aren’t rare. In fact, more homeowners are using these robotic cleaners than regular vacuum cleaners. We have reviewed ten incredibly practical and beneficial above-ground robotic pool cleaners here, following the trend.

Aren’t you convinced?

Then, read-on our buying guide on robotic pool cleaners to quickly find your best options. It would help you get the top-rated cleaner for the pools in the best budget.

Size and shape of the pool:

Ideally speaking, pool shape is less important than the pool size. Above-ground pools are found in rectangular, round, and oval shapes mainly. Luckily, most robotic pool cleaners are highly adept at working all these pool shapes.

Thus, the main point comes down to the pool size. It is essential because the robotic pool cleaners are only equipped with a specific cleaning capacity. Most robotic cleaners will work for 30 feet to 50 feet in length without hassles.

So, check your pool size and purchase the pool cleaner accordingly.

Water depth:

Likewise, the pool size and water depth in the pool are also crucial for above-ground robotic pool cleaners. Most robotic cleaners will handle up to 7 feet pool water depth and not more than this.

Therefore, you must check the water depth and pick the right robotic cleaner for the pool accordingly.

Cleaning coverage:

You shouldn’t think that a robotic pool cleaner will cover the entire pool. A particular robotic cleaner is made to work on different styles and thus, has various cleaning coverage. For instance, the standard pool cleaners will cover the surface mostly. Other types would cover the coves and corners.

On the contrary, some high-end in-ground pool cleaners will also work on the walls. These robotic cleaners have a wall climbing facility and thus, work correctly on the walls.

Smart navigation capacity:

The modern-day robotic cleaners should have smart navigation capacity. It should have controlled gyroscopic movement. Smart navigation with intelligent sensors will detect the debris, surface, and walls accurately.

Also, smart navigation directs the cleaner appropriately and avoids going through the same path twice. It saves energy and fastens the cleaning speed. A robotic cleaner without smart navigation will walk through the same space again and again.  Thus it might miss covering the entire surface. So, forget about these old-fashioned robotic cleaners.

Scrubbing facility:

Only the vacuum cleaning isn’t enough to clean the pool surface and walls properly. The vacuum cleaning won’t be able to collect the large debris and gunk. Thus, you must check the scrubbing brush of these cleaners.

The scrubbing brush will work on the hardened debris and algae to soften them. Thus, the vacuum would get hold of them at ease for the best cleaning results.

Weight and construction quality:

The weight of the robotic cleaner would determine how easily you can handle it. Also, it determines the storage facility. If the pool cleaner is heavyweight, you will find it to put in inside the pool water and remove after cleaning.

Thus, you should check the compactness of these robotic cleaners. Also, it should be made of rugged material with rust-resistance. It is essential since it will work underneath the water in challenging conditions.

Swiveling cord and length:

If you are using a corded robotic cleaner, make sure the cord is long enough to reach the nearby power outlet. Thus, check the power cord length. You should consider the pool water depth and the distance of the power outlet from the pool surface.

Also, the cable should be braided and have a swivel feature. A cord with swiveling facility won’t tangle or kink. It makes the cleaning jobs easy.

Filter accommodations:

Robotic cleaners are available with either a top-loading or back-loading basket filter. The top-loading basket filters are easy to clean. Thus, you won’t have to turn the cleaner upside down. Also, it allows you to remove the debris from the filter basket at ease.

However, the top-loading filter baskets for the robotic cleaners are expensive. Thus, you can opt for the back-loading filters if you are on a limited budget.


Make no mistake that robotic cleaners are an expensive investment. So, you have to check the pricing and make sure the benefits match the price. Otherwise, you might not get the best services with such massive investments in above-ground pool cleaners.

Maintenance Tips for the Above-Ground Pool Robotic Cleaners

Robotic cleaners are far better than the standard pool vacuum or cleaners. It cleans the pool surface and walls effectively and cleans the pool in a relatively short time. But you should make no mistake that these robotic pool cleaners are expensive.

Since robotic cleaners are highly costly, you would want them to last as long as possible. Thereby, you have to maintain and clean the robotic cleaners with proper procedure and care. We have thus, included several automatic pool cleaner maintenance tips for your convenience.

Understanding the cleaning application:

The maintenance of the robotic cleaners starts with the realization of the cleaning necessities. You have to understand that not robotic cleaners will clean all types of pools. If you fail to pick the right automatic cleaner for the suitable pool cleaning applications, it will affect its efficiency and durability.

Also, make sure the robotic cleaner adequately meets the pool water depth and size. These maintenances actually begin even before you purchase the cleaner.

Basket and filter cleaning:

The basket sits on top or underneath the cleaner. All the debris and pool residuals will gather on the basket as the brush and vacuum collect them. You must empty the basket timely and make sure the debris doesn’t overflow its capacity.

Next, you have to clean the filter cartridge timely. It is essential to properly clean and remove the debris from the pool surface and walls. You have to realize that the filter is the heart of these robotic cleaners and so, keeping it in tiptop condition is essential.

The cleaners will start getting slow down when the filter becomes dirty. If there is too much dirt inside the filter, the cleaner might even stop working. So, clean it properly. Also, you should rinse off the pump and motors following the user-manual.

Rinsing the entire unit:

When you want to store the robotic cleaner, you must rinse off the entire unit, including pumps, motors, and wheels, accurately. It is crucial because pool water contains chlorine that will damage the wheels or plastics if not wiped off correctly.

So, you should clean the entire robotic cleaner unit in normal water with detergent to remove the chlorine and other harmful materials. It helps the robotic cleaner last long.

Visual inspection:

When you clean and store the above-ground pool cleaner, you should visually inspect it. At times, there can be large particles inside the pool water. These can damage the wheels often.  You need to observe the brushes, wheels, and tracks to ensure everything is in good condition.

Sometimes, the connections might get loose. You should tighten the connections in such cases. Also, you need to replace the damaged wheels or brushes if found during the visual inspection.

Inspect the power cable:

You must make sure that the power cable is working fine and doesn’t have any leaks or damages. When you drag the power cord around the sharp edges of the above-ground pool, it might wear and tear. And any damage to the power cable can be deadly since it goes inside the pool.

Thus, you must inspect the wire regularly. The best practice is to observe it whenever you connect it with the power outlet. Also, you should remove any tangling of the cord, if there’s any. Maintaining the power cord is crucial because it deals with the electricity and goes into the pool water. So, any damage to it can be lethal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best robotic cleaners must be durable and have the maximum motion-sensing capacity. It should feature a smart navigation system so that it can differentiate between the walls and pool surface. Also, the robotic cleaners with both scrubbing and vacuuming facilities are more practical choices. It is because scrubbing will wipe out the large gunk and debris for easy vacuuming. Lastly, the robotic cleaner should be easy to clean and accommodate multiple filters to keep the pool water clean. We have considered all the facts and included ten top selections for the above-ground pool cleaners. You can choose from Dolphin Nautilus CC, PAXCESS Automatic, Dolphin E10, etc., to clean the pool.

A robotic pool cleaner should last for four to six years without issues if you maintain and care for it properly. Some users have claimed that their pool cleaners have lasted for even eight years with the right upkeep procedure. In general, expensive models will last longer too. Nonetheless, even the cheaper models can last for 3+ years with the proper care. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about the durability of the robotic pool cleaners at all.

Although robotic pool cleaners are expensive, they are undoubtedly, worth the investment. These automatic cleaners come with maximum efficiency to keep the pool water clean and hygienic. They collect both large and small dust, debris, and even micron-level dust particles. What’s more, you can use the cleaners to circulate the pool water in case the primary filter stops working. Furthermore, these units will clean and scrub pool surface, walls, and tile lines for the pool’s total cleaning management. And with four to six years of service life, robotic cleaners are worth the investment.

Although you can leave the above-ground robotic pool cleaners in the pool, we don’t recommend it. It is because keeping the robotic cleaner 24X7 in the pool will drastically reduce its waterproofing, corrosion, and rust-resistant facility. Also, corrosive materials such as chlorine will damage the robotic cleaner’s plastic body by reacting with its particles. Thus, the robotic cleaner’s exterior will get discolored soon, and similarly, its longevity will reduce too. But we understand that most people will leave the robotic cleaner inside the pool, and it has become a common practice.

When it comes to selecting a useful and beneficial robotic pool cleaner, you have to consider a few factors with extreme importance. First off, determine the pool size, length, and water depth. It is crucial because each robotic cleaner model is designed to work efficiently for a specific pool size and water depth. Also, check its filtering capacity, cleaning coverage, scrubbing facility, and additional features. We have discussed these considerations for robotic pool cleaners in our buying guide right on the above sections.

Final Words

An Above-ground pool is an excellent addition to any residence for family time. You can also swim after the tiring office time and keep yourself fit for the next busy day. But for all these benefits, the pool water must remain clean and hygienic. The use of the best above-ground robotic pool cleaner will make your pool maintenance task easier and comfier.

We have reviewed ten top-rated, highly-durable, and user-friendly robotic pool cleaners here. Some of these units are even usable for in-ground pool cleaning too. So, you almost get to use these robotic cleaners for all pool types. Furthermore, these devices work on rectangular, round, or oval-shaped pools with equal efficiency.

Therefore, these robotic cleaners are ready to serve your pool maintenance purpose with greater efficiency and satisfactory performance. So, will you dare to be next to Michael Phelps?

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